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Chapter Eight: Bimbo Wife DPed
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

The fume hood roared as I worked with the chemicals in it. I had an idea for how to make the intelligence serum last longer than an hour. It required just the right combination and percentage of chemicals so the solution didn’t burst into a toxic cloud. Hence, the fume hood.

I sat on my stool in my private lab in the bowels of BT Chemicals. It was wonderful to have my own lab to do my research. I squirmed on my stool, my busty body jiggling beneath my lab coat, my naked tits swaying against my arms as they worked. The air sucked past me and into the fume hood, an-oven like piece of equipment with a strong fan at the top and an opening, like a narrow, oven door, along the bottom for my hands to stick through. There was a small place to work beneath the fan, including a built in hot plate.

“Okay, let’s see if solution 23 is the one,” I said.

“Yes, Dr. Alice,” the hunky baritone of my boytoy, Carmanjelo, said. I shivered. He sounded so strong. He stood nearby, wearing his own white lab coat and nothing else, his yummy, ebony body on display. He was all muscles and hard cock.

Such a hard cock. It thrust from him. He was modified with the same chemical as Frank, letting Carmanjelo have all the stamina he needed, but I added the beta-male compound so he was submissive, doing whatever I said.

That big, thick, ebony dick made me so wet. I clenched my pussy. I was a bimbo and even with the intelligence serum giving me my normal faculties, my body was aching to fuck. That yummy itch pervaded every inch of me, my cunt always wet, eager to fuck the biggest cocks I could.

And none were bigger than Carmanjelo’s monster. I loved Frank’s dick, and it was a respectable size, but there was something special about a big, Black cock fucking into my pussy, a strong, ebony body pressed against my busty, ivory flesh. It was so naughty, so wonderfully wrong.

And made me so wonderfully wet.

“I hope it’ll be a success, Dr. Alice,” he said. God, his voice was pure sex. That rumbling baritone promising such relief.

My husband didn’t mind my boytoys. After all, he had a harem of bimbo wives, and even now was testing the pussy suppository on volunteers, seeing if it would work as a viable a delivery method. If it did, he would be fucking all those bimbos, enjoying their bodies. So if he got to play, it was only fair that I did, too.

I dipped my micropipette into Solution 23, depressed the plunger. The micropipette sucked up a controlled amount of the solution, the exact dosage I wanted. I had done my calculations, and this should work.

Which is what I thought about the last twenty-two.

I brought it over to the intelligence serum in the beaker. I depressed it. The colors reacted, a deep violet blossoming as they mixed. I grabbed a glass stirring rod, stirred the solution until there was an even color. So far, there was no violent reaction producing toxic fumes.

“That’s promising, Dr. Alice,” Carmanjelo said.

“Mmm, it is.” My eyes stared at his hard cock bobbing as he wrote on his clipboard. His Black monster pointed right at me. I licked my mouth. “Now we wait to make sure the reaction is stable.”

“Of course,” he nodded eagerly. He lowered his clipboard, dark eyes staring down at my naked breasts with such hunger. My clit throbbed. My thighs, crossed, squeezed tight, savoring the ache from my nub. “Do you have any tasks for me?”

“An experiment,” I purred. “To see if you can lick my pussy to orgasm.”

“We’ve done that experiment so many times, Doctor,” he grinned, setting down his clipboard on the table.

“Mmm, but to be a valid experiment, the results must be repeatable. We have to do it over and over to be sure.”

“Diligent science.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned as his strong arms swept up my body with ease.

I hooked his neck with my arm, pulling his strong face down. I kissed him hard, hungrily. Heat washed through my body. I buzzed, trembling. I groaned into his kiss, swaying. This was so wild. So hot. He turned me on so much.

I was molten. I wanted to melt right now. My pussy dribbling. I shivered, shaking from side to side as he set me down on the lap table. I leaned back, my red hair spilling off my shoulders. My large breasts heaved. They were so perky despite their size, the bimbo serum giving them such pliant shape.

It made me into the perfect woman.

“Dr. Alice,” he groaned, his lab coat falling off his dark shoulders. “I’m ready to begin the experiment.”

“Yes,” I moaned as he parted my thighs, his ebony muscles rippling. “Ooh, just devour me. I need it so badly. I’ve been working hard all morning. I need a break.”

His strong hands ran up my thighs as he knelt down. He pulled my ass to the edge of the table with ease, his lips kissing at my inner thigh. They were so hot and warm. I shivered, my hands sliding up to my big breasts.

I squeezed them. I shook them. My nipples were so hard, aching as his lips kissed closer and closer to my burning cunt. My pussy clenched and relaxed as anticipatory trembles raced through my body. My toes curled.

“Oh, yes, run your experiment,” I moaned as his lips reached the shaved flesh of my vulva.

“Gladly,” he groaned. He took a long lick up my pussy slit. “Subject tastes spicy, her juices clear and creamy.”

“Mmm, yes,” I moaned, shivering as he licked again. “What else do you observe?”

“Her pussy lips are engorged with arousal, the flesh dark. When I part her folds, her inner depths are pink and glistening.” I shivered, his fingers holding apart my pussy lips as he leaned in, taking a long lick. “And when I touch the subject, she lets out the sexiest moans, her entire body trembling.”

“And why do you think she does that?”

He grinned at me, lips glistening. “Because she’s a horny bimbo who needs to cum.”

“Good hypothesis. Let’s find out.”

With a primal growl, he buried his face into my pussy, eager to make me cum. I gasped, shuddered, my ass clenching. I squeezed my tits hard as his tongue dived through the folds of my pussy. He licked and lapped, driving me wild with his hunger. I humped against him, grinding on his delicious face as he flailed through my folds.

His tongue was excellent. He ate me with such fever, his dark eyes staring at me with such worship. I squeezed my breasts together, blocking the sight of him as I trembled. My pussy clenched, pleasure building in its depths as I stared at waving nipples.

I licked my lips, then pulled my right nipple to my mouth. I engulfed my fat nub, sucked.

Pleasure shot through my body. It rippled down to my pussy, churned by his wonderful tongue. I groaned and gasped, humping against him as he devoured me. He lapped and licked through my folds. He drove me wild with his licking. He had me groaning, shivering, shuddering in pure delight.

He was amazing. I sucked so hard on my nipple, the nub throbbing in my mouth. His tongue dove deep into my sheath, swirling around, caressing my pussy walls. Then he lapped up to my clit. He flicked it, swirling around the sensitive bud.

Shooting pleasure through me.

“Subject’s getting so wet,” groaned Carmanjelo. “Her body twitching. The pleasure has driven her to suck on her own nipple.”

I nibbled on my nub, sucking hard. Trembles shook through my body.

“Evidence shows the subject coming closer and closer to her orgasm,” he said, rubbing my clit with his strong finger. He pressed hard, massaging my bud.

I squealed around my nipple.

He buried his face back into my pussy, lapping hard as he frigged my clit. The sparks shot through me. I bucked, moaning about my fat nub. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked on my nipple, my body shaking, squirming.

My orgasm building.

I tightened my thighs on his ebony cheeks. I heaved and thrashed, the pleasure growing as he churned my pussy to a froth with his tongue. He was so eager to please me. God, he was such a delicious boytoy. My pussy clenched.

“Yes!” I screamed and came on his face.

Rapture exploded from my pussy. It flowed through me. I bucked and shuddered, grinding on his wonderful, licking tongue. Such gorgeous delight burned through me. It had me gasping and moaning out my pleasure. My eyes fluttered. I squeezed my tits. I ground my hips, rubbing against his licking tongue.

Wonderful. Stupendous. Amazing.

“You wonderful boytoy. Yes, yes, yes. That’s how you please me!” I collapsed back on the table, shivering in delight.

“Oh, Dr. Alice, it looks like another successful experiment.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my body buzzing. My thighs relaxed. He rose, his body so strong and muscular, that monster dick thrusting before me. “Mmm, time to do one of my own.”

“And that is, Doctor?”

“How long will it take me to cum on that huge cock?” I shivered. “On your back. I need to be in control of all the variables.”

“Yes, Dr. Alice.” God, I loved that voice.

He spread out on the table beside me, his dick thrusting up over his belly, a slight curved to his ebony monster. My pussy clenched in eager anticipation. I slipped out of my lap coast as I sat up. I threw my ivory legs over his dark body, straddling him, grasping his thick shaft.

And brought it to the lips of my pussy. I groaned, swabbing his dick up and down my pussy lips. I shivered, anticipating that wonderful moment of penetration. His strong hands seized my hips. For a moment, I thought he would force me down his cock, too eager for my pussy.

But he was too submissive to do that.

“Mmm, yes, I’m ready to begin.”

“Do it, Dr. Alice,” he panted.

I didn’t impale myself down his cock in a single motion, I took my time. I savored his girth stretching apart my snatch. My bimbo-enhanced body shuddered, my large tits jiggling as I took more and more of his huge cock. My pussy walls clung to his girth. The pleasure skirted on the edge of pain as my cunt spread apart, embracing his dick. He speared deeper and deeper in me until my pussy lips pressed into his ticklish pubic hair.

“Yes,” I breathed. Every time, the same surge of pride at taking his poker oyna huge cock washed through me. I clenched on him.

And then I fucked him.

“Dr. Alice,” he groaned, hands squeezing my hips, holding me but not controlling me. Not guiding my hips or sliding me up and down his dick. Despite his huge cock, he wasn’t a real man. Just a toy for me to play with. “Slide that pussy up and down my cock. Cum on me.”

“Oh, I will,” I moaned, my tits shaking.

The door opened and my husband walked in wearing his lab coat, looking so sexy. A dashing scientist. He was always in great shape, belying the stereotype of nerds being pasty-faced and overweight. Before becoming a bimbo, I fit that stereotype.

“Not fucking all your bimbos?” I asked.

“Test are done,” He said. “I enjoyed them all. And they’re off to their new husbands. Our investors and Director Steffen will be very happy with the results.”

“Good,” I moaned, sliding my pussy faster and faster up and down the huge, Black dick.

My husband stared at me with such lust, watching my big tits bounce, Carmanjelo’s hands roaming my pale body. It was so hot as I watched my husband’s khaki pants bulge with his hardon. He didn’t often watch me with other men.

“Mmm, there’s lube on the counter,” I purred. “If you want to join us. I could use more fun.”

“And I thought you were working hard,” he said, moving to the counter, shrugging out of his lab coat.

“We’re on a break waiting on the sample to finish its reaction,” I gasped. “I’ve been working sooooo hard today, Frank. I need this.”

“I can tell,” he said. “Looks like very hard work.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my tits bouncing as I slid up and down Carmanjelo’s amazing cock. “So hard. But I can handle more.”

He pulled off his dress shirt, kicked off his shows, and pulled off his slacks and boxers. His dick bounced out hard. It was big, not Carmanjelo big, but well above the curve. And it was my favorite cock because I loved the man it belonged to.

I watched him lube his shaft, my pussy body trembling, Carmanjelo groaning as he savored my pussy sliding up and down his girth. Frank watched me with hungry eyes. His cock glistening, he headed to the table.

“Damn, that is a perfect ass,” he groaned as he crawled onto the table behind me.

“You gave it to me,” I moaned, my butt-clenching. “Mmm, fuck my ass, Frank. See if your wife can still make you cum after all those bimbos.”

“Oh, I know my wife can make me cum,” he laughed, grabbing my hips, forcing me all the way down Carmanjelo’s cock.

I groaned, squirming, impaled on so much dick as my husband rubbed his hard cock between the cheeks of my butt, ready to plunder me. To make me cum so hard on two different shafts. I groaned as he pressed into my asshole.

In a stroke, he was all the way in me, burying with such dominating force. He wasn’t a neutered boytoy like my hunky, Black assistant. My back arched, my bowels and pussy clenching down on both their dicks.

There was so much in me. So much hard, throbbing dick. “Yes!” I moaned, Frank’s hands seizing my tits, squeezing them. “Fuck me! Pound me! Oh, my god, yes!”

“Horny bimbo,” he groaned, driving his cock over and over into my asshole.

“I am,” I moaned, squirming, stirring Carmanjelo’s cock through my pussy. “Give your bimbo wife what she needs!”

His balls thwacked into my taint, his groin into my butt-cheeks. The staccato sound made me tremble and gasp in delight. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. My fingernails clawed at Carmanjelo’s chest as the pleasure burned hotter and hotter.

Two wonderfully hard dicks. It was what I needed. My body drank in the pleasure. My pussy slid up and down Carmanjelo’s thick, Black shaft while Frank pumped his dick in and out of my bowels, fucking me faster and faster as his excitement built.

I groaned, squirmed, swiveled. I gasped, the pleasure building so fast and so hard inside of my depths. My body trembled. My eyes rolled back into my head. Such rapture filled me. It swelled larger and larger, aching to drown me. Consume me.

Frank thrust in, driving me down Carmanjelo’s dick. So much cock in me. Stretching out my holes. I arched my back into Frank’s chest. His lips sucked at my neck. Friction burned through my body, heat bursting from their dicks.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I howled, spasming. “Cum in me. Oh, yes. Oh, flood my body. Fill me with your cum. I need it. Give me what I need.”

“You heard her,” grunted my husband, driving so hard into my bowels, my pussy spasming on Carmanjelo’s dick.

“Yes, Dr. Jackson,” groaned my boytoy. His face contorted.

His cock erupted into my spasming, pussy, his Black seed flooding my White, married cunt. The idea alone sent another orgasm bursting through my body. My bowels writhed about my husband’s cock. He drove so hard into me.

And filled me.

“Damn, Alice,” Frank groaned as he pumped the last blast of cum into me. “Why is it exciting sharing you with another man?”

“Because you’re a horny pervert like me,” I laughed, leaning back into him. “Mmm, so why did you stop by?”

“Why…” Frank laughed. “Right, right, I was distracted. We’ve been invited to a party.”

“Oh?” I shivered as Frank pulled his cock out of my asshole, the tip plopping out. A moment later, his cum leaked out and dribbled down my taint. “Whose party?”

“Senator Murphy. She invited us at this fundraiser gala in Washington D.C. Wants to talk business opportunities for BT Chemicals.”

“Oh, wonderful,” I groaned, sliding my pussy off Carmanjelo’s mighty cock. I slid onto the floor, cum trickling out of both my holes. I shivered and then giggled, my insides feeling so wonderful and gooey, my thoughts drizzled with marshmallowy delight, spreading, making me feel so yummy-wummy. “Yay, I love parties. This sounds like it’ll be the bestest time!”

“Yes, it does,” I said.

“So we get to go?” I asked, jumping with excitement, my big tits bouncing. I loved my big tits. They were so amazeballs. I squeezed them together as my excitement surged through me. Yummy cum leaking out of my pussykitty and asshole. I felt so full.

“On a plane,” Frank said, reaching into the fume hood. He stared at the beaker. “Is this ready, Alice?”

That super-smart, sciency part of me, mostly buried under marshmallowy goodness thought so. “Yes, siree! What’s it do?”

“It’s the super-enhanced version of your intelligence serum.”

“Right! I am so super-smart!” I held out my arm. “Inject me!”

Frank filled a syringe with the bright pink chemical. Oh, it was so pretty. He grabbed my arm, stroking my unblemished skin. I never had marks from when I injected myself with the smarty serum. My body was always perfect.

“You’re so smartypants, honey!” I giggled.

He blinked, bringing the needle to my arm. “What? You invented this one, honey.”

“No, how my… Ouch!” Cool liquid flowed into my veins. I let out another giggle as it spread up my arm and then to my heart. I let out a wee as it pumped through my heart and shot into my brain. My giggles slowed. I blinked, feeling suddenly so foolish as the bimboness vanished from my thoughts.

“Well, it’s working,” I said. I was always embarrassed right after coming back from being an airhead. I said the dumbest things as a bimbo.

But I had so much fun.

Frank grabbed his phone from his discarded lab coat, swiped and tapped on it a few times as he navigated it. “Okay, timer’s running. Let’s see how long this dosage lasts.”

I shivered, fell to my knees, and sucked on my husband’s cock, cleaning off my sour ass. It was the best way to pass the time. And, hopefully, this version of the intelligence serum would last for hours and hours.


Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals

“Now boarding First Class Passengers for American Airlines Flight 537 bound for Washington D.C.,” announced the gate attendant.

“Is that us?” Becca gasped, my blonde, barely legal bimbo wife asked, hopping to her feet. She wore a stretchy dress of bright green, which clashed with her blonde hair. Her big tits bounced and jiggled, drawing more than a few eyes.

“Yep,” I grinned, holding Alice’s hand. She had just taken the bimbo serum, which would last more than long enough for the hour-and-a-half flight to the capitol. She had taken it three hours before we left for the airport and it was going strong. Over the last few weeks, she had put it to good use, working hard in the lab to help me refine the pussy suppository bimbo serum delivery method.

I wanted to suppository to act faster. We thought we had it figured out how and would hold another round of testing next week.

But for the next four days, we were heading to Washington D.C. on a mini-vacation. We were attending Senator Murphy’s Gala tomorrow night, then we’d to stay for the weekend and see the sites. My bimbo wives were all excited to come. Janet hopped to her feet in her red dress, followed swiftly by Nicole in her silver dress, Donna giggled in her yellow, while Veronica bounced in her seat wearing a violet dress. They were all the same, made of that stretchy material that clung to their curvaceous bodies, barely covering ass and pussy, their tits about to fall out.

Men had been drooling over them since we arrived. It was all I could do to keep my bimbo wives under control. Alice was a big help. She was a bimbo, too, so they looked to her for how to behave. Not to say there weren’t a few naughty incidents.

My dick was still wet with Veronica’s tight pussy. But I could only fit two bimbos in a bathroom stall, and Alice whispered that Becca managed to suck off two guys while I was “using the restroom.” And I was certain when Janet was pulled out of line for “additional screening” by the TSA, she was fingered to an orgasm.

“Okay,” I said, “let’s go.” I held our tickets. I had bought out first class on the flight and had plenty of money in case I had to bribe any flight attendants—I had a feeling an-hour-and-a-half flight would be too long for my bimbo wives to stay still. “Follow me.”

“Yay,” Becca beamed, moving behind me, grabbing my hips. “Grab me, Janet.”

Alice snorted in laughter as she walked beside canlı poker oyna me. I looked over my shoulders to see a conga line of bimbos forming, Veronica at the rear, looking so excited like she never had flown on a plane before. My cheeks burned as people looked at us. The gate attendant arched an eyebrow.

“Playboy bunnies?” she asked as I handed over the tickets.

I shrugged. “Something like that. There’s a big gala in the capitol.”

The woman nodded, taking our stubs. “Okay, Mr. Jackman, you can head down the walkway. Enjoy your flight.”

I nodded, leading my women, still conga-lining, onto the plane. The flight attendant, a mousy woman with lank hair and more than a few extra pounds on her hips, blinked at the sight of us. I gave her a tight smile.

“They’re a little rambunctious, but if they cause any problems, I’m sure we can work something out.”

“Rambunctious?” she asked as we headed into first class.

“They’re so very excited for the first plane ride.”

“Wow,” Donna gasped, sitting down on her plush seat. She bounced, which made her boobs bounce. “Oh, we’re flying like royalty! Yay! We’re the luckiest wives ever.”

“Wives?” the flight attendant asked.

I gave her a smile as I sat down last beside Alice in the last row of first class seats. There were twelve of them. “Put your seat belts on, ladies.”

“Yes, Frank,” the bimbos chorused then giggled. They buckled up then dug into the seat pouches for the magazines. I had a good view of Becca’s bouncing tits as she sat across the aisle and one row up from me.

My dick throbbed.

Alice leaned over. “You’re going to join the mile-high club, aren’t you?”

I nodded my head. “Maybe I can breed Donna better with reduced cabin pressure.”

Donna was crushed when she had her period three days ago. Bimbo periods only lasted a few hours, another advantage of the serum. But its arrival meant I hadn’t bred her. Alice and I decided Donna, who was Alice’s old supervisor and made her life miserable, was perfect to bear our family’s first child.

Then she’d be our human cow bimbo wife.

The bimbos fidgeted in their seats as the flight attendants went through their preflight safety check. It was hard to get my wives to sit still for five minutes, let alone thirty minutes of boarding and now something so boring. They all had their thighs pressed together, and I was sure Janet was masturbating by the way her head craned back.

My dick throbbed. Alice had a naughty smile on her face.

The plane taxied to the runway. The flight attendants took their seat after drawing shut the curtain separating first class from the rest of the plane. I nodded my head. Privacy from the rest of the plane was one of the reasons I bought out first class. That and I was tired of flying coach. I liked leg room.

“Oh, no!” Nicole gasped as the plane roared froward. “Frank!”

“Relax,” I told Nicole. The former police officer looked back at me, her face pale. I gave her a reassuring smile.

The plane leaped into the air. I sank down into my seat. Becca threw her arms over her head, let out a whooping sound, and clapped her hands together. The flight attendant sitting in the jump seat leaned out to peer down the aisle at her.

I gave her an apologetic shrug.

My dick grew harder and harder. Janet moaned louder now, definitely masturbating her pussy. Just knowing her fingers were plunging into her tight, juicy pussy made my dick throb. I wanted to fuck right now. I wanted to join the mile-high club. If I could, I would order Donna to climb onto my cock right now.

But no amount of bribing a flight attendant would let me get away with that. I just had to be patient.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Janet moaned, her seat creaking as she fingered herself more.

“You’re so naughty,” Donna giggled, sitting beside Janet. “Oh, you’re going to be in trouble if you’re caught.”

“No I won’t,” groaned Janet. “Frank said we couldn’t have sex. I’m not. I’m playing with my pussykitty. And she’s so wet and squishy and juicy and… Yes!”

Janet thrashed harder in the seat. The flight attendant’s eyes widened, her cheeks flushing dark as Janet’s breathy moans echoed through first class. Then she whimpered and went still. She let out a fluttery moan and shifted.

“Mmm, let me taste,” Donna said. Through the gap in the seats before us, I watched Donna grab Janet’s hand and pull sticky fingers to her lips. The black-haired bimbo sucked Janet’s fingers clean one by one.

“Damn, when will the fasten seatbelt light turn off,” I groaned to Alice.

“Soon,” she giggled. “Then you can get so naughty with one of the bimbos in the bathroom.”

“Donna,” I groaned. “I want her bred. I’ve only fucked her pussy three times today. Not enough.”

“Here,” Alice said then leaned over and ducked down. My eyes widened as she unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick, and sucked it.

“Alice,” I gasped in shock, my wife’s mouth feeling so warm about my cock. What was she doing? If the flight attendant caught us…

God, it was hard to worry about that as Alice’s mouth sucked so hard on my dick. My aching balls throbbed as her cheeks hollowed. She swirled her tongue about my cock, bobbing faster and faster, hungry, eager for my cum.

And I was eager to explode. Once the fasten seatbelt sign went off, the flight attendants would be up and moving. How much longer until then? It didn’t take too long for that to happen, right? Maybe fifteen minutes. And how long had it been since take-off? Ten?

I grabbed my wife’s red hair, sliding her mouth up and down my dick. Her fingers found my balls, massaging them, working my cum to explode into her hungry mouth. She was such a loving wife, making sure my needs were met.

I let go of her hair and shoved my hand between her warm thighs. She parted them, inviting me to slide higher. I pushed beneath her stretchy, green dress and found her thong soaked with her juices. I pushed the thin cloth aside and brushed her shaved pussy.

She purred on my cock.

“Damn, you are juicy, Alice,” I groaned, hoping the flight attendant didn’t realize where my wife’s head had gone.

I worked my fingers in and out of her twat as she sucked so hard, moaning about my dick. Her pussy clenched on my fingers, burning with her excitement. She squirmed in her chair, the leather creaking as her tongue licked at my crown before she slid her mouth farther down my shaft.

Only to suck so hard on the way back up.

I groaned again, the pressure building in my balls as she sucked and worshiped my cock. She was so hungry. So naughty. So delicious. I loved it. I groaned again, digging my fingers over and over into her twat.

She trembled. The heel of my hand found her clit. I rubbed hard on it, bringing a low moan that vibrated about my dick. It was heaven. I grit my teeth, fighting the urge to groan as loud as possible as my dick ached, throbbed.

A ding chimed above me. “This is the captain. I’ve turned off the fasten seatbelt sign, but please keep it on while you’re sitting.”

“Fuck,” I groaned.

The flight attendant stood.

I churned my fingers faster and faster into my wife’s pussy. My balls ached. Alice’s thighs squeezed tight on my hand, trapping it as she shuddered. Her pussy writhed about my dick as she orgasmed, moaning about my cock as she sucked.

“Yes,” I groaned, eyes squeezing shut. My cum exploded into Alice’s mouth.

The flight attendant gasped.

She stared at my crotch as I grunted, my cum spurting over and over into my wife’s mouth. Alice’s pussy writhed about my fingers, juices flowing past my digits. She swallowed my cum with hungry need.

“Shit,” I grunted.

“Sir!” The flight attendant’s eyes were so wide. “What are you doing?”

“Getting a blowjob,” I panted.

The woman’s eyes were still wild. I fumbled at my pocket with my left hand. I pulled out a wad of hundreds, shoving them at the woman, not caring how much I gave her as the pleasure shot through my body.

“Don’t tell anyone.”

Her eyes widened as she clenched the handful of bills, maybe four or five. She looked over her shoulder at the curtain separating first class from coach then hissed, “Put that away. You can’t do that on the plane. At least not in the seats.”

“Yeah,” I groaned.

Alice popped her mouth off and giggled. “Mmm, sorry. I just had to suck my husband’s cock.”

The flight attendant shook her head, cheeks so red. The hundreds vanished into her skirt pocket. She took a deep breath as I zipped up.

“So, the lavatories are another matter?” I asked.

“So long as you’re discreet,” she said. “It’s not…unheard of for people to do…that”

“Join the mile high club?”

My wife giggled, face flushed.

The flight attendant gave a tight nod.

I stood up and stretched. “Thanks for the information.”

I pushed by her. She watched me as I stopped by Donna’s seat, took her hand, and pulled her to her feet. My bimbo wife had a huge grin on her face, her lips shiny with Janet’s pussy juices, her tits straining her yellow dress.

“I thought she was your wife,” the flight attendant said, pointing to Alice as I led Donna to the lavatory.

“Yep, but Donna’s our…surrogate. We’re tying to have a baby.”

“I’m going to be a mommy!” Donna giggled with excitement then cupped her tits. “And nurse Frank and Alice and Nicole and Becca and Janet and Veronica with my big udders.”

The flight attendant’s jaw dropped as I pushed Donna into the first class lavatory, my dick throbbing. Oh, the world would change once the bimbo serum hit market. I couldn’t wait for planes to be staffed by bimbo flight attendants just there to make sure all their passengers had an amazing, comfortable flight.

The door closed and locked behind us. It was tight inside, and Donna wiggled so much. She was gorgeous, like all bimbos, even if she had horrible taste in dresses. The yellow was just so bright and cheery. I grabbed the springy top, pulling it down, her tits bouncing out before me. They were so big and soft, her nipples fat and pink.

Delight shone on her round face as I hefted her tits and squeezed them. “When they’re full of milk, Alice and I are going internet casino to suckle from them.”

“Yay!” Donna giggled, bouncing and wiggling, such enthusiasm on her face. She was happy as a bimbo. Beside Alice, only Donna had experienced the intelligence serum. She made her choice when she betrayed Veronica and aided us in taking over BT Chemicals. “I want to nurse you and have all your babies!”

I smiled at her, bent down, and sucked on a fat nipple. My cheeks hollowed. I wished the milk streamed out of her. She groaned, shivered, leaning back in the tight space. There was hardly room to move in the narrow lavatory, my hip pressed into the sink.

I didn’t care.

She moaned and shivered as I sucked on her nipples. I went back and forth between them, leaving each shiny. I sucked so hard my cheeks hollowed. I nipped her nipples. I stretched out her large breasts as she moaned her delight, her hands busy playing with her pussy.

Her yellow skirt had slid up over her hips, the entire garment bunched around her waist. She stroked her shaved pussy lips, smearing her juices across her pudenda and thighs as she took turns fingering her snatch with each hand.

“Oh, so juicy,” she moaned. “Oh, Frank, you need to feel how juicy I am with your big cock. Mmm, I have the bestest juicy pussy.”

I popped my mouth off her nipple, grinning at her. “Oh, do you?”

“Yeppers,” she nodded, an almost serious look on her face ruined by her tongue thrust cutely out the side of her mouth. “I was a super smart sciency person, too. I know things. And I know my pussy is the bestest juicy pussy. I did expearments.”

“Expearments?” I asked.

“I shoved a pear into my pussy and measured how much juiciness coated it,” she said. “Very scientific. A real pear. I could shove it all in my pussy, not just the narrowy top part.”

As she spoke, her hands deftly undid my jeans and pulled out my cock. I was still hard, my dick still wet from Alice’s mouth. I groaned as she brought me to her pussy. I stared into her eyes, her hot folds rubbing on my tip.

“You do feel juicy.”

“Expearments never lie. Everyone knows that pears are the bestest sciency fruits.”

“Of course,” I groaned as her juicy pussy sank around my cock. “But did you test the other bimbos with the pears?”

She blinked. “No.”

“Then how do you know?” I asked, pleasure racing up my cock as I sank deeper and deeper into her fertile pussy. “Maybe Becca has a juicier pussy.”

“Oh, no,” she gasped. “When we get home, I’ll have to run more expearments!”

“Yes,” I groaned, drawing back my hips, my cock aching in her juicy depths. “You have to be thorough. We’ll record it for posterity.”

“Post-post-postery?” she blinked, stumbling on the big word.

“Means make a movie,” I groaned, thrusting into her cunt, the friction of her tight sheath sending pleasure rippling through my body.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she gasped. “We can get Mr. Director back and make another movie! That was so fun. I’m an actoress now!”

“Yes, an actress,” I panted, thrusting my cock so hard into her pussy. “Damn, Donna. You’re so wet. You’re eager to be bred, aren’t you.”

“So eager! Breed me, Frank! Breed my naughty pussy. I want to be preggers so badly! I’ll be the bestest preggers bimbo!”

“You will,” I groaned, pounding her, pressing her against the lavatory wall. I nuzzled at her neck, her black hair brushing my face. Her pussy clenched so hard on my dick as I reamed her. I grunted, my balls thwacking into her flesh.

It was so hot fucking her on the airplane. Her pussy clenched on me while outside I knew the flight attendant could hear every word. And the bimbos. I hoped Alice was keeping them under control. After I was done, she would have her pick of bimbos to take into the lavatory and fuck. It was only fair to take turns.

I sucked on Donna’s neck as her exquisite pussy clenched about my dick. A pussy I had improved. My formula had made Donna into this sex-made vixen. This horny bimbo that was eager to be bred by my cock.

“Oh, yes, Frank,” she gasped, her pussy clenching on my cock. “Oh, fuck me, Frank. Oh, you’re so wonderful. So naughty. Mmm, yes! Pound my pussy! Make me preggers! Breed me!”

Her words echoed through the small space. Her pussy spasmed about my cock as she came fast and hard. I groaned, savoring the clenching flesh eager for my cum. She wanted to be bred by me. To be pregnant. I bet she would be so sexy with a round belly.

I groaned, my body shivering as I drove so hard into her pussy. My balls thwacked into her clit as she thrashed. Her tits pressed into my chest. She hugged me tight, moaning my name, begging for my cum over and over.

“Going to flood you with baby-making spunk,” I groaned in her ear. “Going to breed your bimbo cunt!”

“Yes, yes, Preggers!” she howled. “Do it. Cum in me! I need it, Frank. I want to be your pregger bimbo wife and have the bestest juicy pussy!”

“Yes,” I groaned, driving hard into her pussy. Her massaging flesh sent rippling pleasure to my balls. The pressure swelled. “Donna!”

I drove into my wife. My cum erupted into her fertile depths. She wasn’t on the pill. No birth control would stop my sperm from finding her egg. Maybe not today, but I would breed her one day. She would be pregnant with my child.

I drew back, my body shivering as the powerful blasts of pleasure shot through my body. I groaned, my back arching. My balls spewed blast after blast of cum into her depths. Behind me, someone knocked on the door.

“Sir, sir, your other women,” the flight attendant said as I growled my ecstasy and bred my bimbo wife.


Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals

Another giggle escaped my lips as Frank took Donna into the lavatory. What a funny word, lavatory. It was a bathroom. Why didn’t they call it that?

I blinked, shaking my head. I felt so hot. My thoughts were all…gooey. I felt so warm and bubbly and I just wanted to fuck. I wanted to strip naked and have a nice, hard dick slide into my pussykitty. She was so hungry. She loved yummy, creamy…

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned, shaking my head.

Bimboness was invading my thoughts. I had felt a giddy thrill as the plane climbed to altitude. I just thought it was the exhilaration of riding on a plane. It made me so excited that I did something as stupid as suck Frank’s cock. We were lucky he bribed the flight attendant.

And now…

I giggled again.

My body felt so hot. My pussy was on fire. I needed a cock to feed my pussykitty. She needed to be petted and have lots of yummy-wummy cream and…

“No, no, no.” My heart raced faster. I took the enhanced intelligent serum. I shouldn’t be reverting to bimboness right now. And, if I was, why wasn’t it happening immediately? When the serum ran out, it was a pretty fast transition into…

“Oh, my pussykitty is so hungry.” I stood up, juices dripping down my thighs.

I had to stop myself. I couldn’t give into my bimboness. Not with Frank in the lavatory fucking Donna. I could hear them moan. The flight attendant gave the lavatory door strange looks, her cheeks crimson. I gave her a big, happy smile. I wanted to make her feel good. To pet her pussykitty. I bet it needed to be stroked as much as…

“Shit,” I groaned, gripping the seat. A dizzy wave washed through me. The tide of marshmallowy, yummy delight rose in my mind. What was going wrong? What had happened to the serum? It was like my body was reacting…

I groaned in realization. The altitude. What if the intelligence serum didn’t work at the cabin pressure commercial airliners maintained? It could cause problems in people, like air bubbles to form in veins causing a thrombosis sometimes if people didn’t move around. Something like that was happening in my brain and…

I giggled. “A Black cock is what my pussykitty needs.”

“Excuse me, ma’am?” the flight attendant said, Frank moaning louder in the bathroom. He was feeding Donna’s pussykitty lots of cream.

But there were no sexy Black men in first class. Just the bimbo wives. They were all squirming, their pussykitties getting hot, too. I turned and pushed through the curtains to the back of the plane. My eyes widened as I stared down the aisle.

There were so many people. And some of them were Black. I clapped for joy, my eyes flicking around for the perfect man to feed my pussykitty. I strode down the aisle, everyone who was awake staring at my big, bouncy breasts and my yummy legs. They knew I was the hottest, bestest bimbo on this plane.

I spotted the Black man, his eyes staring at me, his head shaved bald, his lips thick and strong. He was so broad shouldered, like one of those footbally players. The big ones who do all the tackling. Oh, he could tackle me and ram his big, Black dick into my pussykitty.

“Hi,” I giggled at him, leaning over. “Want to feed my pussykitty some yummy cream?”


Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc.

I stared out the windows of my office located in Washington D.C. The Capitol Building lit up at night, the white marble glowing. The mall blazed with light before it. There was such power here. It was why I headquartered my company right in the heart of it. I wanted it. My company would be the strongest in the world.

And that disgusting Frank Jackman’s bimbo serum was the key.

My office door opened. I didn’t look away. I knew who it was. “Is everything ready?”

“It is,” came the rumbling baritone of Richard—I refused to call him Dick like everyone else—Miller. “You sure you want to do this, Ms. Savage?”

“Yes,” I answered, a smile creeping across my lips. Everything would change at tomorrow’s gala. If my scientist couldn’t reverse engineer the bimbo serum, then I would use a more direct method to gain the secret.

And Richard Miller had all the skills to pull it off. My Chief of Security was ex-Delta Force. The man had skill. I hated relying on one, but men were perfect for any dangerous and violent task. It really was the only thing they were good for.

That and their sperm. Pity biology was so…uncreative.

“Do not fail, Richard.”

“Have I ever failed, Ms. Savage?”

I smiled as he left the room. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow night’s gala. “Annalee, lick my pussy.”

To be continued…

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