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First let me set the stage for you. I’m a 43 year old happily married man with bi-sexual fantasies. Those fantasies had never been realized until this day.

I arrived home early from work on Friday. My wife was still sleeping from working the night shift the night before so I decided to let her rest and occupy myself until she woke. My job as an over the road trucker had my back and legs sore and tight and I really wanted a swim. Since it was early January in northern Ohio my outdoor pool was useless. I decided to go to the local YMCA and have a quick work out and swim there. After doing some light lifting and stretching I hit the pool for a well-deserved soak. The water was uncomfortably cold for some reason so I had to cut the swim short. I went to the front desk to complain and the attendant had a great idea for me. “Why not give the sauna a try it’s great for loosening tight muscles and relaxing frazzled nerves.” So I grabbed a couple of towels, dropped my swim trunks at my locker and off the sauna I went.

I poured a couple of ladles of water on the lava rock and got a nice head of steam going. I climbed to the second level of benches and laid out a towel to sit on, lie back, and let the heat and steam work their magic. It had been a pretty stressful week but I soon was relaxed and thinking of my sexy wife at home and what I hoped we would be doing later in the evening. It wasn’t long until I noticed my cock had risen and formed a tent under the towel over my lap. I reached down and stroked my cock a couple of times to let the foreskin uncover the swelled head. An involuntary moan escaped my lips and the next sound I heard shocked me back to reality. A deep voice said “If you think that feels good try this.”

I whirled around and realized I wasn’t alone after all; a large very well built black man emerged from the cloud of steam a couple of rows above me. He had a cock in his hand that closely resembled a roll of summer sausage. It was absolutely huge! “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said with a laugh. I began apologizing and saying I didn’t realize anyone was in here when he stopped me short and said.

“No worries man the sauna has the same effect on me.” He stuck out his giant right paw and said “Hi I’m Steve.” I shook his hand and replied güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri “Bryce.” He took a seat one row above me and to my left and laid back to relax again saying “We just came in to enjoy the steam and relax.” The “we” part sailed right past me but more on that later. He closed his eyes and laid back and I couldn’t help but notice his magnificent body. Huge chiseled pectoral muscles and a six pack stomach you could do laundry on. His thighs were the size of small tree trunks and led down to equally toned calf muscles. Definitely a football player I thought to myself.

I had always thought of myself as being straight but this guy had the body of a dark Greek god! The most amazing part was that cock though. It lay over on his left leg and even though it was only semi erect it was easily nine inches long and very thick. He was uncut and the chocolate skin covered a bulbous pink head that just peeked out from his foreskin. His balls were equally impressive. They looked like large walnuts suspended in a brown velvet sack. I had fantasies of sucking a man’s cock from time to time and my wife had mentioned it during sex saying how much it would turn her on to see me suck another man’s cock. But no fantasy had ever presented something this impressive.

“Do you like it?” I heard a voice in the distance say. I just shook my head yes while still staring at this massive package. “Go ahead, give it a try.” Was the reply that shook me back to reality. “Oh no, I’m not…” He stopped me short again by saying “You may not be gay but that cock is curious.” Only then did I realize my cock was so hard it ached and it had found its way out from under the towel that had covered it earlier. He moved to the right placing one large tree trunk on either side of me and there I sat staring at the biggest cock I had ever laid eyes on only inches from my face. My hand had a mind of its own by that point and reached for his cock. I could feel his pulse as my fingers closed around the warm flesh and I began stroking the first penis I had ever touched besides my own. I could feel it swelling in my hand watched it grow to its full glory eleven inches long and as thick as a soda can. I continued stroking and watched as the foreskin finally stretched over the head and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri retracted, I moaned again as did he.

I felt his large hand slowly pulling my head towards him and he said “Go ahead, you know you want to.” He was right and I could smell his musk it drove me crazy with lust. My mouth opened and I began to lick the head of the first cock I would ever suck. The taste was indescribable but it drove me to explore more. I swirled my tongue around his head and licked the sensitive underside of his glans. He shuddered in response and pulled my head even closer. My mouth opened and I took the head in my hungry mouth. He was so large that only the head and an inch or two of shaft would fit but I did my very best to please him. I moved back and licked the entire shaft up and down like a man possessed. I stroked his cock as I moved down to mouth his beautiful balls. First sucking the right one into my mouth then the left. I tried to take both but couldn’t do it. I worshiped his nutsack as best I could while stroking that monster cock. Finally I moved back up and resumed working on his manhood.

I thought of my wife and what her reaction would be seeing her husband devour this man’s genitals. I continued to suck him while I began to stroke my own cock again. Suddenly my hand was pushed out of the way and another hand replaced mine. I jumped but never let loose of Steve’s cock. Another man had his hand around my cock and was stroking me. I looked up at Steve and he said “That’s Marcus, my half-brother.” Remember the “we” I missed earlier? I looked back at Marcus as he smiled and said “How ya doin?” I reached for and found his cock as well and there I was sucking the cock of a black god and stroking his brother as he stroked me. Marcus began massaging my anal opening with his fingers while stroking me with his other hand. I thought I might come at any moment. My wife had played with my ass before and even fucked me with her dildo a couple of times so I knew how good this could feel. Marcus spat on my ass and began working a finger inside me. I was going insane by now and tried my very best to take even more of Steve’s cock in my mouth. Bobbing my head up and down on that massive member like there was no tomorrow.

Marcus was taller güvenilir bahis şirketleri and skinnier than Steve but his muscles were equally well defined. His cock was not as large but still about eight inches long and thinner. He was doing a number on my ass while I sucked his brother like a starving man at a steak dinner. Suddenly he let go of my cock and withdrew his finger from my ass. I moaned in protest but Marcus said “Hold on I have what you need right here.” I heard the snap of latex and I knew Marcus had just put on a condom. I looked back at Marcus with a frightened glare but he said “Don’t worry, I’ll go slow.” I turned my attention back to Steve and moved myself to the edge of the bench for Marcus. He placed the head of his cock at my opening and began to apply pressure. The head finally surged through my opening and I cried out in pain. Steve stroked my head and said it would be ok while pulling me back to his cock. Marcus was merciful and waited for me to get used to the invader in my ass.

He began to move slowly in and out and the pain slowly was replaced with pleasure. He slid more and more inside me till he hit my prostate. That produced a guttural moan from me and I pushed my ass back to get more of his cock inside me. He took the hint and began to stroke in and out with a steady and deepening rhythm. I was completely overcome with lust at this point and began sucking Steve as hard as I could. Taking his cock to the back of my throat and back while stroking what wouldn’t fit inside me. Marcus yelled he was coming and his hips went into overdrive pounding me which pushed me to take Steve deeper and deeper. Finally I felt a pop and Steve’s cock was in my throat. I felt his pubes tickle my nose and realized I was deep throating him. I backed off just as I felt Marcus unload his come into the rubber that separated us. I took a deep breath and forced my throat back down around Steve’s cock just as it began to pulsate. The first load went deep in my gullet. I backed off again as the second volley of cum hit the back of my throat. He continued to pump more and more into my hungry mouth while Marcus engulfed my cock in his mouth. Steve finished just as I screamed in pleasure and pumped my load into Marcus’s hot mouth. I had never came so hard and passed out almost immediately.

I woke up some time later and thought to myself it might have been a dream. As I gathered myself and stood up my sore ass took that thought away. The phone number written on my hand with the names Steve and Marcus only served to reinforce that. I wonder if my wife might join us the next time….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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