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She, Betty Watson, had been eighteen when one day, her parents had left her alone at the lush mansion they called home. The two young black maids, both of them about the same age as herself, had always eyed her in a way she couldn’t quite figure out. On that hot afternoon, she finally did.

The maids were both gorgeous and slender, their breasts perky and seductive, their bottoms lush and inviting. Betty got to know them as such when she found them on her parents’ bed, naked and locked in a sideways 69 position, their tongues teasing and licking each other’s most intimate parts. The youngest was called Dalila, 18 years old. The other maid was a year older and her name was Zalika. They looked a lot alike to Betty’s eyes. Until that day, she had always thought of them as sisters. Or perhaps she still does.

They caught sight of her standing by the open door, and they smiled and called her over. She wasn’t sure why she didn’t run. She definitely wasn’t sure why she shyly walked over to the bed and let herself be pulled into their arms.

Three minutes later, her white blouse had become unbuttoned and she had a black girl’s lips around each of her young, pink nipples.

Five minutes later, they were kissing her stomach and sides and her hips, as they pulled down her stockings.

Seven minutes later, she was lying back on the bed with her thighs spread, two tongues taking turns wriggling around her budding clitoris. They would also dart down to probe at her vaginal opening, their lips suckling on her soft labia. She bit her bottom lip to stop herself from moaning.

But after the thirteenth minute, when the maids made her lie on her stomach and their long fingers spread her bottom, she moaned when they licked slowly up and down between her parted buttocks.

Betty had stopped counting time around then. She remembers the maids putting her bottom up in the air, while they sat on each side of her. She remembers their fingers spreading her rear further and their tongues licking at her hole, sometimes both at once. She remembers how their illegal bahis fingertips kept spreading it, and how they kept licking deeper into the opening, until she let out a yelp and experienced what she later identified as her first anal orgasm.

They helped her bathe then, dazed as she was, and helped her back in her clothes well before the parents came back home.

It never happened again. Although she did catch them touching one another several more times.

One time, she spotted them in a quiet corridor, only two doors away from the lounge, where her parents were receiving guests. Dalila was pressed up against the wall, facing it, while Zalika knelt behind her, pulled her cotton panties down and spent a long time licking her bottom.

Zalika’s hands parted the younger maid’s cheeks, who was already panting with excitement. Fingertips of both her hands gathered in the middle, encircling the small muscle, and carefully splayed it, further exposing Dalila’s anal opening, allowing the pink tongue to explore it even more intimately.

Young Betty watched from around the corner, nervously keeping half an eye on the doors, for fear of getting caught. And even for fear of the maids interrupting their play, which captivated her so.

Several times again, Zalika applied her fingers to Dalila’s budding sphincter, spreading it further and bringing the sensitive pink to the forefront, like helping a small flower into blossoming. The youngest maid gasped as the tongue licked slowly around and inside her exposed opening, paying special attention to the inside of the sphincter, the wet tip nudging and teasing that area until she sighed with pleasure. Dalila had to put a hand to her mouth in order to silence herself. Zalika smiled, speared the tip of her tongue and sent it far up into the smooth anal muscle. Slowly and sensuously snaking the tongue to and fro, rotating it along the walls of the sphincter, she brought the stimulation of the younger girl’s anus to a fever pitch.

Bit by bit, the fingertips on the outer rims of Dalila’s illegal bahis siteleri little muscle continued ushering the flesh further outward. Zalika’s tongue probed deeply into the anal opening, diddling the wet tip up, down, left and right against the sensitive inner membrane.

Dalila gasped as her chest went limp against the wall. A shiver of pleasure ran up her legs, while Zalika slowly swirled her tongue around, merely pausing to lick the tip up and down in the narrower back end of the anal passage, flicking across all the sensitive sides.

Betty was startled by the sound of a chair shifting in the other room, but though she kept her panicked eyes fixed on the door for tense moments, nobody opened it. Warily, she turned to look back to the maids.

Dalila panted as quietly as she could muster, letting the elder maid’s tongue swirl away at the deep of her sphincter. The young black maid’s lips remained parted, her eyes almost closed with breathless ecstacy. Zalika let her long, agile tongue probe the most sensitive parts of the anal membrane, teasing the fleshy walls with the tip by flicking it up and down. A soft restrained moan escaped from Dalila’s lips while the tongue tip diddled away at the inside of her asshole.

Eventually, Zalika wetted her forefinger and began rubbing Dalila’s sphincter with it, steadily pressing inward, until the small muscle gave way and the fingertip probed its way in deeper. The beautiful negro girl stifled a moan as she stuck out her bottom a little further and let Zalika’s long finger delve inside. Her full lips parted in ecstacy and she caressed her titties with one hand as the fingertip traced slowly and deliciously around her rectal walls.

From her corner, Betty was imagining Zalika’s finger sliding into her own bottom. And she dreamt she had the courage to join the two of them, right there and then.

Zalika continued exploring Dalila’s bottom, rubbing her fingertip up against different zones of the rectal lining, top and bottom, left and right, in order to see which provoked the most canlı bahis siteleri noticeable reaction. For a while, she swirled her finger around the channel, which made Dalila moan softly. The wiggling finger in her bottom seemed to be everywhere at once, stroking all sides of the rectal sheath.

Dalila’s own fingers had slipped between her legs and urgently rubbed herself there, while she steadied herself against the wall with her other hand. Zalika slowly and deeply pumped her finger in and out of the younger maid’s anus, steadily circling, twirling and curling it around. She bit her lower lip in concentration, her eyes fixed on the dark brown buttocks in front of her.

Betty kept watching and saw a second finger enter Dalila’s backside. It didn’t take long then till the youngest maid trembled and started having short, sharp spasms. Zalika’s fingers went deep into the girl’s bowel and slowed their actions down to a sensuous stirring, while the rectal walls reflexively tightened themselves around them. She carefully stood up, still rotating her two fingers very slowly and very deeply, and kissed the panting younger girl’s neck.

Almost inaudibly, soft, wet sucking sounds accompanied the sensuously massaging fingers in Dalila’s rectal sheath. The steady gyrating motion had almost slowed down to a full stop by now. Zalika licked the back of Dalila’s neck in time with her two fingers’ last rotations, slow as molasses.

Eventually, the fingers slipped out of Dalila’s twitching anal opening, and the flushed young maid turned around to face Zalika. The two embraced and kissed each other deeply.

Curious young Betty realised that her own panties had become wet, without her even having touched herself. Also, she was sure that Dalila had caught a glimpse of her when she had turned away from the wall. So she rushed up to her room, locked the door and found herself aching to be touched by someone, something, anything.

She lay back on her bed, lifted her panties over her legs and played with her vagina. It only took her about a minute to reach her climax.

She kept longing for the maids to come for her. She dreamt they’d enter her room at night. They would find her naked under the bedsheets, spread her young legs wide and let their amazing tongues loose on both her entrances.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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