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My friend Stephan came and picked me up on a cool Friday night. We had planned on camping out at the beach that weekend. So I packed my Speedo, some towels and a change of clothes. I stand at 6’3″, normally dark brown almost black hair but I colored it green, down to my shoulders. I have hazel eyes, a trimmed beard and gauged ears. I’m pretty average in body build, not a Greek god but attractive. As for my junk, sad to say 2″ when soft but 7″ when hard. No complaints so far.

I’m sitting on the couch in some loose swim trunks and a muscle shirt when Stephan knocks on the door. I jump up to answer and there he is, smiling a wide grin. Stephan is a ladies man. He’s 5’7″, platinum blonde hair, has a mix of feminine and masculine mixed in his face and from what I have seen of him, completely hairless and a sexy ass. He and I had been best friends since we were 2, now we’re 30 and still the greatest of friends. However, I’m not sure how he’d feel if I told him I’ve wanted to make love to his sexy ass.

We load up his jeep and take off, making the 3 hour drive to the beach. Once we arrive, we seek out the secluded part, the area that lovers go or people who just don’t like anyone around. We hike down onto the sand and around the cliffs to the secret beach. To our delight, there is no one around. We pick a spot and I begin digging a pit for the canlı bahis şirketleri fire as he begins to setup the tent. I look over a few times and one of those times I see his ass over the top of his speedos. I do my best to hide my erection.

I start the fire and we cook up our dinner, then we head off to sleep after we’ve had our fill. As I lay in my sleeping bag, I look over to see him sleeping and wonder if this is my moment but I decide against it. I roll back over and fall asleep. The next day, after breakfast, we get changed into our swimsuits. I vote to change outside as he changes in the tent. I just tie off the pull string of my black and red speedo when Stephan exits the tent in his sky blue speedo. It’s so small, it barely cups his package and hardly covers his ass. Now I’m fully erect and throbbing.

We run into the water swimming around and splashing about. We climb out for lunch before laying out on the towels to get some sun. Somewhere along the way, we both fall asleep. When we awaken, I’m big spooning Stephan and humping my bulge slowly but firmly against his ass. He rolls over and looks at me with a confused look and before anyone can say anything, he pulls me in for a kiss. The warmth of our tans mixed with our rising sex drive and the sunset blanket our bodies.

I move up from behind him to laying him canlı kaçak iddaa back and resting between his legs. I part his lips with mine as we mash our hips together. I can feel my cock aching, throbbing harder, the tip of Stephan’s cock poking out the top of his speedo’s, pre leaking onto his lower abs. We smash our hips together harder, as if we were making love, as our kissing intensifies before we climax together. His seed spilling onto his stomach as I pump my load into my speedo.

Stephan undoes my drawstring, reaching into the front pouch of my speedo and scoops out a big wad of my seed. He hungrily takes his cum covered fingers into his mouth and swallows my babies. I roll him onto his stomach, grazing my hands over his speedo covered ass. I can feel my cock coming back to life. He slides his hand under him to release the drawstring, allowing me to pull down the back of his speedos. I slowly peel them down to just under his butt cheeks, sliding my hands up and spreading his ass open.

I gently run my tongue over his puckerhole to see his reaction. He moans softly and pushes back with every flick of the tongue. I rim his tight little hole before grabbing some lube from my bag. I pull the front of my speedos down, hooking them under my sack as I lube myself up and adding lube to his tight hole. I kiss and nibble on his neck as canlı kaçak bahis I press against his exit. He pushes back against me, moaning deeply as my tip penetrates him. I push in more, inch by inch I sink into his dark abyss until I’ve hit base.

We lay combined for a moment before I begin to make love to my best friend. I pull back slowly and push in just as gently. He moans softly under me, pushing up against me when he’s ready for more. I thrust harder and deeper inside my friend, our moans combining in the sunsetting night sky. He pushes his hips up into the air more, I can feel the tension in my loins building. He bounces his ass on my cock in rhythm to my thrusts, before finally we succumb to our desires and we climax. I shoot my seed inside his warm channels as he spills onto the towel.

I slowly ease out as we calm down for a minute before he lays back onto the non-cum covered towel. He raises his legs as I place them onto my shoulders. I slide back inside him, before leaning down and kissing him. He wraps one arm around my neck as he grabs my speedo covered ass with his other. I thrust into him in short but deep thrusts. We can feel the cool night air on our hot sweaty bodies as we get lost making love. 3 hours after it had begun, we laid together, still in our speedo’s, drained of all seed.

We remained in our speedo’s for the remainder of the weekend. Only removing them to use the bathroom or partially remove them for sex. After that weekend, we tried many times to make love but our desire was not there. Until we realized, we could only make love when in our speedo’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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