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I look at her in amazement, unable to believe this beautiful creature was really mine. A siren, perhaps? But I do not think I am dead… A dream? Figment? Will I awaken upon attempt to touch her?

She stares at me with intense brown eyes. I’ve known her forever yet do not know her at all. How can one really “know” a person? And I think, ‘I know you. I walked with you once upon a dream.’ I know that I have had her dreams before. She knows that she is all my dreams consist of. Will I awaken?

I reach out, yearning to feel her and yet hesitant to touch. Please, do not vanish!’ ‘Whatever you do,’ I tell myself, ‘don’t wake up.’

My hand slides beneath her shirt, onto the soft skin of her sides. Her presence is reaffirmed by the silent sigh she secretes, throwing her chin up slightly and stretching her neck. I grasp the skin, the muscle between my fingers, pull her closer to me. ‘God, you are incredible,’ I think. ‘Oh God, I want to make you the happiest girl in the world. And even then, you would still be the second happiest, because I would be so overjoyed to have made you smile that your happiness could not equate to mine. ‘

She takes a small, graceful step closer to me and I slide her shirt up her waist slightly, leaning in to kiss her flat stomach. I feel her body move as if I have tickled her, her breath slow and audible. My tongue leaves my mouth and lightly kisses her again, moving up her sides as I continue to glide her shirt up.

She leans her head to one side, exposing for me her neck and collarbone. I so eagerly accept the invitation, slightly nibbling on her neck even, and then on her earlobe. She touches me now, slides her hands around my waist, and I become lightheaded. A small sound leaves my lips and she tightens her grip, and it is now that I realize she is steadying herself on me.

‘But I myself am not steady!’ I think. ‘So come, let us hold each other as we lose our balance in this whirlpool of lust and let us drown hand-in-hand in my love!’

Her forehead rests on my shoulder now as I continue to bathe her with my kisses. I think about how I would like to find pure gold lipstick so that perhaps my mouth could be worthy of the fair skin it touches. I run my hands across her back, holding her tightly, wanting her frail body against mine, wanting to be so close that her illegal bahis frail body is mine, so that we have only one body between our one soul.

And with this, I slide her shirt off of her body and drop it to the ground that is not worthy of my beloved’s steps. Her breasts are small and pert, her nipples erect and as perfect as the rest of her. Her long black skirt is left hanging about her hips gracefully, accentuating her figure as she leans more to her right leg. I sit on the bed behind me, and she stands before me allowing me to kiss her stomach again, brushing up against her breasts. I feel her long fingers slide down my body and take hold of my shirt, pulling it up and over my head quickly and nimbly. Her hands return to my stomach, nails scratching lightly into my skin.

I guide her down to the bed with me, beside me, moving my lips to hers, feeling my entire existence numb as my tongue begins to dance with hers. Leaning her back, laying her gently onto the soft sheets, the feather pillows, my lips never leaving hers, our tongues in nearly constant contact. I put my palm onto her hip, slide it up her side, over her stomach, up her breasts, to her chest, coming to rest finally behind her head, feeling her shaved hair beneath my palm. And still I kiss her. ‘And I know this is making love, I think, this simple act of kissing, this gaze that we are holding, this feeling inside. I know that after such a fulfilling sequence of events, we could lay together in bed, in each other’s arms, and sleep soundly.’

But the night is nowhere near over yet.

I leave her lips and glide down her chest, to her stomach, settling on her hips, kissing and biting softly, listening to her breathes, the winds of Hawaii during the colorful sunrise do not compare to this; and I reach my hands beneath the slits of her skirt; her legs are so strong, yet they quake with each bite I put into her side.

I easily slide the skirt from her body, taking a moment to breathe in the beauty emanating from her pores. ‘I want to be that,’ I think. ‘I want to be your breath, your sweat, your smell. I too want to seep from your mouth, your pores, your body.’

I slide my hands from her calves now to her arms, taking hold of one of her hands and with my other, holding the small of her back as she arches slightly with my kisses.

I illegal bahis siteleri lean over, whisper something into her ear, and she smiles and looks up at me. Squeezes my hand.

Still kissing her, I slide my hand from her back to her legs. I can feel the heat radiating from between them, I can smell her excitement, and with this mine grows.

Slowly I part her lips with my finger, soaked immediately with her arousal. Her mouth opens slightly and she sighs, throwing her head back a little more. I find her clit and slowly run my finger over it, feeling it swell a bit. I lean down to her breast and take her nipple in my mouth, sucking it slightly and then leaning my head against her chest to listen to her heartbeat. I close my eyes for a moment as I continue to rub her clit.

I move my finger down slightly, to her opening. She takes a deep breath as if to prepare herself, and I immerse my fingers in of her taut body. She squeezes my hand and I begin to move my fingers rhythmically in and out of her, feeling her muscles try to hold me. Soon she is moaning and sighing, singing her treasured siren song, and it works so well. I am falling down, down, into this bottomless orifice of love that I will never be able to climb away from. ‘You will be my death, little girl. And I will love it.’

I kiss her still, sighs escaping from her mouth into mine. ‘I live for this,’ I think. ‘I live to breathe your breath. I would offer you my pulse…’

Her body squirms gracefully at my fingertips, and her scent becomes stronger. I realize that I want to taste this girl, this beautiful angel with her tortured, loving eyes, her insecurities escaping through the movements she does not think I notice- the way she moves her arms, the way she holds her legs. ‘All the more perfect in my eyes, you inconceivably phenomenal creature. Do you not realize that your beauty alone is enough to kill me?’

And with this, I kiss my lips away from hers, return her fingers to her hand as my own trickle down her body, settling once more on her back. I gently kiss her inner thighs, licking them slowly and nibbling them occasionally. Her aroma reminds me of a strong French parfum, overpowering yet distinctly lovely, and I want it now.

And so I selfishly take her, run my tongue up and down her slit, tasting the heaven canlı bahis siteleri that she produces. I feel now like an unworthy dog, faithful to a fault, in love with love, licking up every drop of anything that tastes good. She purrs at her end, hands looking for something to hold onto before settling on my hair, her statuesque fingers combing through and then holding me securely to her.

Her clit is swollen and my tongue finds it easily, playing with it and flicking at it with a zealous amusement. I take it between my lips and suck slightly. She arches her back and a high pitched moan escapes. ‘Sing it again,’ I think. I do it again, a bit harder this time. I flick my tongue ring against it, cold metal on her hot kitten. My fingers are still keeping rhythm and her body is dancing as well as singing.

‘I could hear your heartbeat in a different room right now,’ I think; and then I realize that it does not matter, because whether or not I hear it, I always know how her heart is beating. I know when she is holding her breath. I know if she is having a nightmare. I know when she is thinking of me.

‘Dance for me.’

I watch her intently, tasting her with every movement of my tongue. Slowly, I remove my fingers from her sweet snatch and she cries out in emptiness. Shhh, I tell her. Relax…

And with that I slide my tongue inside of her, licking her inside, feeling her muscles pulse now around my tongue, try to pull me deeper into her. I move my wet fingers to her clit and pinch it lightly, rub it a bit. Her moans are almost deafening, heavenly. Some believe that if you hear the voice of God it will kill you because it is so sweet and beautiful, and I move my hand away from my siren’s clit for an instant to pinch myself. I am still alive.

With this she wraps her legs around me and I can feel her toes curling against my back. Her grip in my hair tightens, and I feel her kitten open to me before tightening in a torrent of emotion and pleasure, wave after wave pulsing through her like small electrical shocks. Her nails move down into my neck and I shriek, surprised at the stabbing. But as her orgasm subsides, her fingers nimbly rush to the spot and rub it sweetly, making me purr at her touch.

She pulls me up to her, next to her. I settle my head onto her shoulder and turn my body into hers, wrap my arms around her and twist my legs in with hers. She picks my chin up, has me look into her gorgeous crystal eyes. I am suddenly shy and crack a nervous smile, but she forgives me and smiles in understanding.

‘I love you, too.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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