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Who knew taking your turn at washing the dishes could turn sexy? That’s exactly how it started as Janet squirmed up close to me, wrapping her arms around me from behind and pressing her chest against my back. I might not have had hands on my back but I swore I could feel her stiff nipples poking me.

“Hey baby?” she cooed, kissing the nape of my neck and sending shivers up and down my spine. “You know how I sort of like it up the butt?”

“Yeah,” I said, feeling a sudden desire to grind against the lip of the sink but not wanting to block her reach if her hands decided to roam farther down my body. Within moments, that turned out to be a good decision as her hands just did precisely that.

“I mean, I have to be really worked up and you’re the only man I would ever let do that.” Cupping her hand over my hard cock, she began rubbing my erection as I tried to focus on not dropping the soapy plate from my slippery hands.

“But?” I asked without trying to make a pun.

“No, but,” she replied without giggling over the obvious pun. “Except I sometimes wonder what it would feel like to have it both ways at once.”

“One in your backside and one in your front?” I asked, making sure we were on the same page. Using toys, we had simulated that sensation for her with great results.

“Yeah,” she purred, gently biting my earlobe. “I wonder if it would feel different if it was you and someone else doing it instead of you and a toy.”

I stiffened and I don’t mean my cock stiffened. My cock was already as hard as it could get. “Like you, me, and another guy?”

“I guess,” she said, easing her grip on my cock and I could tell by her tone that she was afraid she had overstepped.

Drying a hand on my shirt, I reached behind the two of us and grabbed her ass, pushing her against me. “And what about me? Am I allowed to do anything with this imaginary other guy?”

She tugged harder on my cock. “Mm, do you miss doing that?”

Squirming, I shoved both hands into the bottom of the sink in search of anything I had missed. How to answer that question? My bisexual past was known, but seldom a topic of conversation. If I brought it up, she always seemed to enjoy talking about it. “Sometimes,” I hedged. “I had fun back then.”

Back then had meant while in the Army before I headed off to college and before “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” was a thing. In a story longer than I’m going to tell today, I had a roommate who found out I went both ways, much to his pleasure. While Chris had zero interest in sucking me, he took full advantage of my mouth and ass for the entire three years we were stationed together. If that made him bisexual or at least a little gay, he didn’t see it.

“Horny is horny. It’s not gay if I’m not the one doing it.”

I knew what he meant. In a round-about way, he was calling me gay for doing it. I didn’t care. Loving pussy had never stopped me from liking (and licking) cock, too. For three years, I fucked women when I could while both fucking and sucking Chris whenever he wanted it. And he wanted that a lot.

“I wish you had kept in touch with Chris. Do you think he would have liked me?”

“Definitely,” I assured her although I knew Chris preferred big titted blondes instead of skinny, flat-chested brunettes like my wife. It wasn’t a big stretch. If Chris was willing to let another guy suck him off, he would fuck a girl outside of his usual preferences. Some guys are just horn-dogs like that.

“I wonder what it would have been like to see him use you like that.”

“Or for him to use you like that?” I asked, sensing that might be closer to the truth.

“You use me like that and I love it,” she purred, rubbing against my back while still rubbing my front.

“Most guys aren’t bi.”

“Only the sexiest ones.” She gave me another squeeze before pulling away. “I’m heading to the bedroom. Come find me, baby.”

I waited until she left the kitchen before pulling the stopper on the sink. Although all the dishes were done, I didn’t see a reason to rush. I used the sprayer to hose away all the bubbles, dried my hands, and forced myself to give her a full five minutes before I walked down the hall. My hard cock led the way until I stood in the doorway admiring my sexy wife laying naked on our bed. “Looks like you started without me,” I said, clutching my hard-on.

“Show it to me,” she cooed, caressing her nakedness. “I want to see how hard you are.”

Without stepping into the room, I disrobed, starting with my slightly wet t-shirt and finishing with my shorts and boxers. Remaining at the doorway, I began stroking myself. “Show me how you like it.”

“How I really want it?” she asked, rolling over and opening her toy drawer. She pulled out two dildos. The first was a big, thick, meaty dildo with some real heft to it. That particular flesh-colored dildo beat my average-sized cock in both length and girth. In her other hand, she held a slimmer, blue, jelly dildo. After applying a bit of lube to the blue toy and her backside, she slipped it inside her butt.

“Damn that’s hot,” I moaned, illegal bahis adjusting my grip so I wouldn’t cum on the spot. I don’t know why, but I loved watching her play with her ass. Laying on her back, her knees bent and legs open, she positioned the bigger, near lifelike toy against her pussy and whimpered as it slipped inside.

“You’re so hard,” she moaned.

“You make me this way,” I assured her, staring between her long legs. “It’s so hot seeing you like this.”

“Open?’ she asked.

“Open. Exposed. Raw. It’s sexy as hell.”

“I only do this when you’re watching.”

I bit back the suggestion that came to my mind. I wasn’t about to ask her to trade holes with her toys. This was enough. This was more than enough.

“Come closer.”

I stood alongside the bed, still watching her intimate play while she stared up at my hard cock. “Are you going to cum for me?”

“Can I cum on you?”

“Only if you lick me clean.”

“Promise,” I said, kneeling on the bed so I wouldn’t miss.

“Do it between my legs,” she suggested, her voice already ragged with lust.

This is new, I thought, crawling between her legs where I had an even better view of her two toys sliding in and out of her sexy body. I couldn’t hold back. Tugging on my hard, aching cock, I aimed it directly at the junction of her toys and let nature take its course. As my orgasm emptied my balls, my creamy-white spunk splashed and splattered against her hand, the big toy, her pussy, and her stomach. I watched with glee as a long strand of it landed on the toy and slipped inside her pussy, too.

With the final spasm of my orgasm barely completed, I fell to my stomach and shoved my face against her cum splattered pussy. My eager tongue licked and lapped at pussy as I licked and cleaned her at the same time. Running my tongue up and down the fat toy, I felt its near lifelike ridges and moaned.

“Yes!” she cried out, bucking and cumming against me. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Sated, she collapsed on the bed and I showered her face and lips with kisses.

Once she caught her breath and calmed down, she wrapped her arms around me and held me close. “We need to do something like that in real life.”

“But that would take two extra guys, wouldn’t it?”

“Maybe,” she allowed, kissing me deeply before asking, “Do you want to eat that much cum?”

“Yes,” I moaned, kissing her just as deeply as I felt something shift in our relationship from fantasy into a potential reality. “You know, your birthday is coming up. Maybe we’ll give it a shot.”

“Give what a shot?” she asked, urging me off of her. She fed the fat toy to my mouth and it still tasted like her. “Giving you a chance to do this in real life?”

“And the rest of it, too,” I said, half wishing she would let try sucking on the other toy, too. “Especially the part where you get to experience a DP.”

Smiling, she kissed me hard and I knew I had to make it happen, even if it was just a one-time thing, I had to let it happen at least once.

* * *

One of my best and oldest friends, Mark and I had become buddies during college. After college, we had found jobs working for the same company. Several months back, he unexpectedly had put in for a transfer to our Wichita office and that had ended his visits to the house. I knew Janet liked him. “Mark’s cute,” she giggled. “And I like that he doesn’t live nearby anymore.”

“And I trust him to keep his mouth shut,” I added.

“Does he know that you go both ways?”

I shook my head. “And I’d rather he didn’t. This isn’t about me, it’s about you.” Janet accepted my limit without protest. “Let’s just play it straight this first time.”

“Are you sure he’s interested in me? I don’t look anything like his ex-wife.”

“That’s probably a good thing,” I assured her, putting on my shoes. I squeezed her ass while kissing her lips. “If it doesn’t feel right, then I’ll just have a drink or two with him and come home.”

* * *

Mark and I laughed enough that other people stared at us. We didn’t care. “I miss you, bro,” he said, raising his glass. I asked if he was dating anyone in his new town. “You know me, I’m always dating someone.”

Mark had the philosophy that every man had three women in their lives at a time. The woman you used to fuck, who could still call for a hook-up. The woman you were currently dating and the woman you were putting together next. As long as the three never met, you were golden.

We had already talked about work and solved most of the political problems in the world before he asked how Janet was doing. “Is she still as hot as hell?”

“Hotter,” I grinned, seeing my opening. “We’ve been talking about opening up our marriage.”

“Dude!” he cheered, offering me high-five. “How the hell did you talk her into that? Have you done anything yet?”

Grinning, I shook my head. “But I’m thinking we need to change that. We’ve talked about starting with giving her a threesome.”

“Who’s the lucky girl?”

Still smiling, I shook my head again. “Not that kind of threesome.”

Mark illegal bahis siteleri leaned close and lowered her voice to ask, “Another dude?” I nodded and he started smiling. “You cool with someone else fucking your wife?”

That earned a shrug. “I think so. I know she wants to try it. She’s not really bi. She’s more into dick.”

“I have a dick I would love to put in her,” he joked.

Swirling my drink, I studied the amber liquid in the light. “And you don’t live here anymore.” Swirl, swirl, swirl. “And she likes you.” Swirl, swirl, swirl. “And I trust you not to steal her from me.” I tossed back the last of it while he paid our tab.

* * *

We weren’t drunk when we hit the door, but we were wound up with excitement over the idea of the evening with Janet. To his credit, he played it straight instead of pushing himself on her. She squealed as soon as she heard his voice, running to the door to greet us. “Janet!” he squealed back, sounding like a thirteen-year-old girl instead of a fully grown man. Giggling, they embraced and I tried to imagine them doing that naked. I couldn’t do it at the time, but that would change soon enough.

The three of us sat on the couch with drinks in front of us. Mark and I barely touched ours while Janet soon needed a refill. With Mark on one side of her and me on the other, we played catch-up. Janet needed to hear all about his new place, who he was dating, and if it was serious or not. Eventually, the conversation turned into matters of the moon when Mark mentioned using a dating website.

“We’ve been thinking about doing that, too,” I said, watching my wife’s reaction to a secret about her was revealed.

“That’s hot,” Mark said, gracefully accepting news he already knew with respect and genuine curiosity. He even revealed doing something similar with his ex-wife, something I didn’t know. He asked about the online ad we hadn’t built yet, offered some good suggestions, and even volunteered to be our photographer.

We laughed at the last suggestion before Janet said, “We have taken a few pictures.”

“A couple,” I confirmed, pulling out my cell phone and tapping in the password for a special, encrypted folder where I kept the pictures I had taken of Janet along with the ones she sometimes sent me. There were easily a couple hundred pictures inside that folder. Clicking on the first of a series I had taken of her stripping outdoors, I held out my phone so he could see it. Janet swiped my screen, changing the pic away from the first couple until her top was gone.

“Don’t stop there,” Mark chuckled.

“We didn’t,” I assured him, feeling an odd thrill creeping into my pants as I shared naked pictures of my wife with one of my best buddies right in front of her! Catching a tiny squirm from Janet, I knew she felt the same thing happening. The series continued until she was completely naked.

“Damn, you’re hot,” Mark told her. Blushing, Janet still found a smile.

“You know, I’ve never seen her kiss another man,” I suggested. “Not a real kiss, anyway.”

“Is this okay?” he asked, caressing the side of her head. She gave a tiny nod before he leaned in to cover her lips with his. A tiny kiss was followed by a longer one and the longer one became deeper until he finally pulled away.

“Damn, you’re good at that,” she said, touching her lips as if she couldn’t believe what they had just done.

“See if I’m as good as he is,” Mark suggested, nodding at me. Turning her head, Janet and I took a turn at kissing, too. Our kiss started as a deep one.

Feeling like it we were high schoolers playing a game in a basement, I nodded that she should kiss Mark again. She turned and they did. This time, she laid on hand on his chest, caressing him ever so subtly. While they were distracted, I tugged on the front of my jeans and found more room for my growing cock.

“That’s really nice,” she told him, turning back to kiss me again. As we did it, I raked my hand across her chest. She didn’t pull my hand away from her tits or tell me to stop. Instead, she grabbed my knee and squeezed it. I wanted her to squeeze much higher.

As she kissed Mark again, my hand remained on her chest. I found stiff nipples poking through her thin bra and delighted them in the ways I knew she liked best while wondering how it felt for her to feel a stranger’s lips on hers while a very familiar hand caressed her breasts with the knowledge of an experienced lover.

When we kissed again, my fingers deftly worked buttons on her top and her hand moved up and down my inner thigh. I broke our kiss. “His turn,” I whispered. Staring at me, I saw the fire burning in her eyes before she turned again as I pulled open her top. Without being told, Mark’s hand touched her exposed flesh and I watched as he caressed her bra covered tits. As soon as he touched her tits, her hand moved between my legs.

“Keep kissing him,” I whispered in her ear, moving her hand from my crotch to his thigh. She accepted the suggestion and caressed his inner thigh. I pulled off my shirt and opened my jeans.

When canlı bahis siteleri their longest kiss yet finally ended, she turned back to me and looked temporarily started to find me topless. “Oh yeah?” she grinned before kissing me. When her hand slid down my chest to grab my crotch, she discovered my opened jeans and moaned into my mouth. Opening my eyes, I noticed her other hand between Mark’s legs and I moaned, too.

In small stages, back and forth, kisses were delivered to her while clothes slowly vanished. As they kissed, I eased off her top and unsnapped her bra, baring her teacup-sized breasts to his caress. Mark’s hands were bigger than mine and his touch rougher than how I did it. I watched as he pulled on a nipple and gently twisting it in a way I would never do to her. To my surprise, I heard my wife moan. I took off my pants.

“Keep kissing him,” Mark told him, his pants open and her hand deep inside of them. As we kissed, he worked her jeans. I felt her wiggling and squirming as he pulled off her pants.

She broke their kiss long enough to tell him, “Someone is still overdressed.” Mark took advantage of their lips being separated long enough to pull off his shirt before pressing his lips against her hard. Everything he did to her was harder and rougher than my style. Together, they worked off his pants, too.

I’m not some little dicked freak. I’m average, which meant I was bigger than some and smaller than others. Mark’s prick looked close to the same size although Janet later reported that he was thicker in good ways. Holding both of us in her hands, she would know.

Once the three of us were naked, I moved off the couch. “Baby? Where are you going?”

“Keep going,” I smiled, sitting on the only easy chair in our tiny living room. “I just want to watch for a few minutes.”

She studied me for a moment while Mark caressed her chest and kissed her shoulder. Convinced things were still good, she gave herself to him and I watched as he took her.

It’s an odd sensation the first time you see your wife or girlfriend with another man. I kept waiting for the green-eyed monster called Jealousy to attack. Instead, I found myself enjoying the show. Mark did things to her I would never do, things I had tried in the past, but things I knew she didn’t enjoy. Like how he touched her breasts. Janet has pronounced and very sensitive nipples. If you’re too rough with her nipples, she’ll shut you down. Except, with him, she allowed it as he pulled, tugged, and twisted her nipples in ways I would never do.

Just as interesting, I saw Janet touching him in ways I knew and recognized. His touch might be different than mine, but how she touched him matched the same ways she touched me. I saw her caressing his hard cock, tugging on it in the same rhythm and with the same grip. When he asked if she wanted to suck it, I smiled as I saw her lapping upwards from the base of his balls before sliding her lips down and around it. She did the same thing to me, including looking up at him during that first long, slow lap upwards.

When he went down on her, she held out a hand to me, beckoning me closer. “Kiss me,” she requested as I knelt alongside the couch. As he ate her pussy, I kissed her lips while very gently caressing her nipples. I made it a point to touch her nipples softer than ever, providing a pronounced difference between his style and mine.

While kissing my wife, I felt her first orgasm catching up with her. She moaned into my mouth while bucking from the thrill of her climax. I felt her hand tugging and pulling on my excited cock without skill or rhythm. It felt like the thrill came from simply groping me and I didn’t complain.

With his cheeks glistening from his time between her legs, Mark wiped off his chin and smiled at the two of us. “Do you need a moment or is it okay if I fuck you?”

“Please,” Janet moaned, reaching for him as I faded back into the distance. As I sat on the edge of the easy chair, I watched as my friend mounted my wife. I watched as Janet groped for his cock, grabbing and guiding it inside her pussy. I watched the way her eyelids fluttered as he filled her for the first time and I abandoned trying to stroke myself. A single stroke would push me over the edge.

Again, I experienced the strange sense of deja vu as I watched Janet making love to this other man. More than recognizing how she touched him, I also recognized how she reacted. Those moans were the same moans I had created from her mouth. I recognized how her breathing changed and the way she clutched at his ass as she neared another orgasm. Even the way she hooked her legs around his while urging him deeper inside her pussy. Everything she did was something I had witnessed before, except I had been the person doing it to her.

They came. Not quite together, but they both got off. He came first. There was no way for him to know it, but feeling an orgasm happening inside of her was a trigger for Janet. As soon as it became obvious that he was cumming, her orgasm crashed around her, too. There was something about the sensation of feeling a man’s cock twitching and throbbing inside of her that always set her off. This time, I recognized his reaction. Feeling her clutching, clamping pussy squeezing your cock as you experience your ultimate thrill felt amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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