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Now that School was finally finished for me and I felt I was ripe for the pickings, that’s what I had thought. I was eighteen, young and naïve, and always horny. I thought I had left my shy insecure side behind me at High School. I had a few girlfriends and I had just had sex with this one girl. It felt good for me but not her so much for her. I was clumsy to eager and fucked her like a jackrabbit when she needed a jackhammer. I loved girls and usually fantasies about them, Then there was me, I still have that insecure side of me.

Although my sexual experiences up until this stage were limited. The gap between twenty and twenty-two change me. I had sex with a couple more girls and I loved them, but a tickling in my mind has always been there since I was a kid. Sex with guys, that didn’t me I was gay but by the time I was twenty-two, I preferred sex with guys.

My mom knew before I did, I was gay or bisexual, especially with events that unfolded after I turned twenty-one.

Reminiscing about, how I arrived at the thought of loving cock, let alone being a cock hungry fag.

Mind you I still like the odd female romp but my urge is for the almighty cock.

It all began years ago for me.

The seeds of my faggot-like tendencies were sewn many, many years ago. From playing innocent games“Doctors and nurses” as a kid. I would always want to operate on the boy’s cocks.

This is probably why at school I developed stage fright in the public toilets. I would only pee in the cubicles and often than not be seated to pee.

It was that anxiety that stayed with me throughout school, and the start of something queer happening to me too my mindset.

Once I hit my 20s I saw what went on inside some of the public toilets. By the time I was twenty-one, I began to venture to these same toilets and parks to watching guys pee, observing and looking for signs. By now, the sight of a cock made me giddy and anxious, eventually, I gave into my faggy urge and wanted cock, age was no obstacle nor was girth. I knew by now I was gay or queer but I still love women but not like cock.

The only thing that made me hard was seeing a men’s cock and men naked, but I hide it from people close to me. I showed no signs of being anything but being a masculine tuff guy. Mom knew better and I knew she knew.

I regularly went home with guys I hooked-up with at some public toilet. poker oyna Sometimes they fucked me in the toilets, sometimes they fucked me all night long while watching porn and playing with toys. Mom could see the lights on in my bungalow and the see the strangers leaving. She never preached to me, she was a swinger some kind of 60’s beach camp in her youth.

One day I went to a club with an old guy, who I picked up in a toilet and he took me into a sling room. There I was naked trembling in a sling with wrists and ankles strapped in, with my asshole exposed. He was in his 50’s chubby and had a fat cock. There he worked over my asshole with a variety of toys, before fucking me in front of a double-sided glass room. It felt awesome, I cum like a train for him. It was after he’d finished that things turned crazy.

I had just left the venue and was walking through the car-park when some freaky-looking dude approached me. My first thoughts were that he looked like a freak and to stay away from him. He offered me a ride to the train station. I should have declined, but didn’t.

His car stunk of cologne or perfume. As we drove away in his car, he gave me some sort of X-Rated Gay magazine to look at. He passed my station and ignored me, and drove to a strange warehouse with a loft.

When we arrived at his place, he invited me in. The moment I stepped out of the car and entered the building, my masculinity died. We went up a loft elevator and into an apartment. I sheepishly looked around before sitting down on a sofa. He gave me a drink of bourbon and left the room. Not long later, after taking a few sips, the room began to spin and my eyes rolled back into my head. The bastard had put something in my drink, then everything went blank.

When I woke up, I was facedown and naked on a bed. I had a headache and the room was still spinning. I lay there motionless and trying to regain my thoughts. I heard laughter and talking in another room. This perv had jammed something up my ass, I tried to pull it out and felt my hole twitch as I did, a very large dildo slid out. That’s when a heap of cum came oozing from my sore asshole.

Then it dawned on me, he’d drugged me and fucking raped me. So much cum oozed out that it couldn’t have been from just one person. It made me a bit mad but also made me feel horny, at the same time.

I stumbled to my feet and walked like I was drunk. As I canlı poker oyna staggered around, I passed three other guys in the kitchen drinking, as I stumbled inside his toilet. That’s when I knew, I had been drugged and gang-raped. Instead of losing my mind at them, the simple thought about it made me horny.

I then fell into the toilet and threw up in the toilet, not once but twice, with cum splattering out my ass. I then had suddenly the urge to open my bowels. It was a long sloppy shit. I was in the toilet for about an hour, in that time my head felt better and the world stopped spinning.

When I came back into the kitchen, I looked at them with suspicious eyes. They just smirked at my looks and then ignored me. Then I flopped down and squatted on my knees in front of one of them. He was a stocky dude who didn’t wait long, before feeding his cock to my mouth.

This is when I came out of the closet, to an openly cock-hungry queer. I even started my girly swagger this night.

In the course of a few more hours, I took each of their cocks in my mouth, and then later one by one in my ass. They spat insults at me but I was in heaven.

By the time they were done, I was now a full-blown faggot and my ass oozed cum and my face was coated by it. My own breathe must of smelt of cock and cum, I sure tasted of it.

When they were done with me, they simply tossed me out in the street like a dog. The night lite street shone on my naked cum glistening corpse, and then tossed my clothes at me. Cum oozed out my ass as I walked holding my clothes to my chest. People walked by me and screwed up their faces at me. My response was to show them my tongue, like a whore. I then licked cum off my lips and laughing at them. I went to a water fountain in a park and cleaned up, before quickly getting dressed.

Then I cleaned myself up properly at a nearby McDonald’s, before heading straight to the nearest public toilet. I had the bug and wanted to be satisfied. I hooked up with this big fat hairy smelly trucker and his fat stumpy cock. Straight on my knees and in my mouth, it went, before fucking me in the ass against the washbasins.

It was now after 4:00 AM when I left the toilet and I headed to the red-light district as the strip clubs were closing soon. I was still on the hunt, but there was no prey. I then headed home on foot, feeling happy and fulfilled.

The moment internet casino I stepped out of that car and entered that building, and they gang-raped me, was the day I stopped hiding it to the world I loved cock and was a female born in a man’s body.

Up until that night and getting drugged up and raped, my social life was the odd blowjob or a fuck from maybe a club or toilet block, then go home. Now it’s insatiable, I can’t stop at one cock, I need fulfillment and endlessly visited public toilets, saunas, and adult book shops.

Then after I turned twenty-two another twist. By now I had gotten into drugs and routinely went on weekend benders of ecstasy pills and speed. I would go from toilet block to toilet block then an all nite sauna until I was satisfied. Then go home, shower, sleep and back out at dusk.

Until one fateful night, I got so wasted I placed my clothes near the trash and sat naked in a cubicle. Until some guy entered and fucked me hard in that cubicle and left. I was still a bit giddy sitting naked in that cubicle when I heard a ruckus approaching the toilets.

Then the worse thing could happen. A bunch of jocks from a football game appeared in the toilet block. They found my clothes, then one of them kicked in my cubicle door and dragged me out. “Hey, guys, looks like we’ve got a little faggot here.” One of them yelled, elated. Before they all beat the shit out of me. They even stomp on my balls and kicked a few ribs in. They weren’t done with me yet. They lifted my naked carcass against the entrance of the toilets and then one of them punched me so hard that I flew out of the block. I lay limp and whining, and naked outside. They then circled me like a pack of wolves and calling me “Faggot bitch,” before kicking me unconscious.

Luckily nothing else happened to me, as I later crawled back into the toilets. I then cleaned my battered and bloodied body up and then collected my clothes. Those Jocks stole my phone and wallet.

When I finally dragged myself home and looked at the damage in the mirror, I went off the drugs for a while, except for the odd weed. I copped a lecture from mom and she was right, I do need to act smart or wind up dead.

Over the next few weeks I kept getting flashbacks of being beaten, and the word “faggot,” kept ringing in my head. The word faggot should disgust me but it made me horny until I felt my tender ribs.

One thing for sure, they were right. I was a little faggot bitch and loved being it. I wished they had gang-raped me before or after they beat the snot of me.

(more to come/cum)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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