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A quick note: My stories aren’t for everyone. If you don’t like very petite women with really huge breasts, mother-son and mother-daughter incest (or the use of the word “mommy” in a sexual context), totally unrealistic scenarios, or extended foreplay, they might not be for you. If you like those things, great! Vote and leave a comment if you want. If you don’t like them, go elsewhere. Thanks. (All characters are over 18 years old.)

Extra note: This one is a bit of a departure for me, in that it doesn’t contain literal mother-son incest. But it gets pretty close and all the other usual themes are there. I’m hoping to do one final chapter. 🙂 Enjoy!


After cumming twice within less than half-an-hour, I was sure I would be spent. But as Becky and I sat panting on the couch after an epic fuck session, I was still rock-hard. Why? Becky’s mother, the most gorgeous, wildly voluptuous woman I had ever seen, was sitting next to me, lightly stroking my arm.

“Wow, that was amazing,” Becky mumbled, massaging her huge tits with both hands as my cum slowly seeped out of her swollen pussy.

“It certainly was,” her Mommy said. “Brian, I must say, I’m quite impressed. As I am by that large penis of yours. And it’s still hard!” She inched toward me and, her mouth just a couple of inches from mine, said, “Becky, do you mind if the three of us have some more fun?”

“No, Mommy, not at all. I’m still super-horny, and I’m sure you must be too. I mean, just look at your giant breasts!”

Wait, what? The young mother arched her back, thrusting them out proudly. I mean, her breasts were indeed massive — round, with just a hint of sag to indicate how amazingly real they were, with small, puffy pink nipples, an amazing amount of forward projection… and now that I was really staring at them, they did look sort of swollen. But what did Becky mean?

“You must be confused, Brian. What Becky is referring to… well, I have some unusual physical qualities — even besides the obvious. First of all,” she said, tweaking one distended nipple, “my breasts are full of milk. That’s right: I’m lactating. Becky still suckles from them occasionally, but that doesn’t really explain it. To be honest, I’m not sure how to explain it. Nor am I able to explain why when I get horny, my breasts get swollen. When I have a big penis — like yours, for example — inside of me, they get even more swollen. And when I orgasm — and, like Becky, I have *very* intense orgasms — they probably grow a full cup size. I have no idea why any of this happens — I’ve thought about going to the doctor, but none of it is really a problem, so why fix what’s not broken, right?” She giggled, her giant, milk-filled teats wobbling as she did.

“Anyway, I’m sorry — this must all be very overwhelming for you. I have an idea. Why don’t we all head to the bedroom and we’ll, um, explore some more.”

I watched as the mother and daughter joined hands and swayed to the bedroom, noting that I could easily see the mother’s breasts from behind — her torso was that tiny and her tits were that massive. I felt my cock expanding, and it wobbled as I followed them, slowly my progress.

When I arrived at the bedroom, the mother and daughter were already making out, their huge chests pressed up against each other obscenely. Each was quietly moaning. They were so visibly horny, it was truly unbelievable. I stood there, watching them kiss and fondle each other, my cock hardening even further. I instinctively started to stroke it. What a scene: a lucky teen standing there, masturbating to the real-life image of his voluptuous dream girl and her even sexier mother molesting each others bodies.

The erotically-proportioned mother beckoned me over and we stood there, the three of us, them massaging their busty, swollen bodies against mine, sharing the task of my gently stroking my penis. I alternated kissing each of them, sometimes groping the other’s huge chest or ass as I did.

“Come,” the mother finally said, withdrawing from her daughter and moving toward the bed, where she sat, her muscular legs extended. Becky plopped down next to her, her legs tucked under her adorable butt. They were each so wildly beautiful. The mother patted her lap.

“Come, sweetie. Come put your head on Mommy’s lap.”

I climbed onto the bed and laid down with my head just under her giant, swaying tits. It was the most amazing view I’d ever had.

“Do you want to suckle, sweetheart? Do you want to suck milk from Mommy’s huge bosom?” she asked, plumping her tits for me, then tweaking the nipple closest to my face; a drop of milk appeared almost immediately.

“Yes, Mommy,” I squeaked.

“Good boy,” she said. She barely had to move to position the stiff nipple against my lips. “Go slow, now. First nibble a little, wash over it with your tongue, then you can start to suck.”

“Mommy,” her daughter said, “look.” She was pointing to my cock, which was, of course, rock-hard. “Maybe I should, um, take güvenilir bahis care of that?”

“That’s a very good idea, Becky. But go slow. We don’t want Brian ejaculating again just yet,” she said, beaming down at me as I started to gently lick her nipples.

Becky pulled a bottle out of the nightstand — “‘edible massage oil’,” she read off its label, “perfect!” — and oiled up my cock. “I’ll be gentle, Mommy, I promise.”

I moaned as I felt her small hands slowly jerking me off. Now I began to suck in earnest and was rewarded with a stream of sweet mother’s milk in my mouth — and a groan from Mommy, who was clearly getting turned on.

“Good boy,” she said. “Suckle at Mommy’s huge teat. It feels sooooo good. Uhhhh, fuck.” She started to squirm a bit. Supporting the giant breast that I was suckling at with one hand, she wriggled the other down between my body and hers and began to masturbate. “You don’t mind, do you sweetie?” she asked her daughter. “Mommy needs to cum too.”

“Of course not, Mommy. If I wasn’t using both hands to pleasure Brian, I’d be diddling myself as well.” They both giggled.

I was getting more and more turned on and now began to grope Mommy’s other gigantic breast with my free hand, squeezing and tweaking her nipple. Milk was both squirting into my mouth and running down my hand and arm. I soon switched breasts and began suckling from the other one.

“Oh my god,” Mommy moaned. “Keep doing that. Mommy’s going to cum soon, sweetheart.” She began to quicken the pace of her hand, presumably rubbing her clitoris, as I suckled with ever more vigorousness. Becky, who I could just barely see was staring lustfully at the debauched scene, started to jerk me off a bit more quickly and then said, “Oh god, I can’t help myself” and swallowed my throbbing prick whole. As she bobbed up and down on my cock, her busty mother began to head toward an orgasm.

“Oh god, here it comes… I’m going to cum, baby! Mommy’s going to cuuuuuum!!!” Instinctively, she pulled me further into her giant tit as she rose to a climax, smothering my face; I was surrounded by breast-meat. Her body shuddered violently and I lost contact with her nipple. Milk sprayed everywhere. I somehow staved off an orgasm, even as Becky sucked my cock with increasing vigor.

“Becky, stop,” the mother said. She pulled her mouth off my cock with an audible pop. “Awww,” she said, disappointedly. “How come?”

“It’s time for Brian to fuck Mommy.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. This goddess of a woman was asking me to fuck her in front of her own daughter — who clapped her hands like a little girl receiving a gift. “Yay! Brian, I’m so excited you get to fuck my Mommy! And look at her tits! Don’t they look a little extra swollen to you?”

Sure enough, despite having been just drained, the huge tits did look even bigger than before.

“That’s because I’m so fucking horny. Climb on top of me, sweetheart,” she said, scooching down the bed a bit.

I hovered over her for a moment, staring first at those massive breasts, and then up at her gorgeous face. She smiled up at me. I leaned in and we made out for a moment.

Becky, who had already started masturbating, leaned in and whispered into my ear, “She likes it slow and gentle at first and then hard. Really hard. God, I can’t wait.”

“Put your penis at the entrance to my vagina, Brian. Rub it up and down my labia. I think you’ll find I’m already extremely wet.”

I did just that. It felt amazing, but I was dying to sink my big cock into her.

“Mommy, please. Let me fuck you.”

“Ok, sweetie, you can push your big penis inside of me. But go slow.”

I did, and it was an amazing sensation. Inch by inch, my cock was enveloped by her warm, wet pussy. I reached bottom and slowly began to fuck her.

“UHHHHHH,” she moaned, arching her back and in the process thrusting her tits toward my face. This of course only encouraged me, and I picked up the pace slightly. I suddenly felt light kisses on my cheek and turned my head, only to find Becky’s mouth planted onto mine. We made out as I slowly fucked her sexy mother.

I turned back to Mommy. “You can start going a little faster now,” she panted, “fuck Mommy a little harder.”

I started to do just that, fucking her with more vigor now. I leaned down and took a nipple into my mouth, sucking milk from her JJ-cup tits, which — to my shock — seemed even more swollen than just moments before. She let out another deep moan. “YEEESSSS! That feels so good. But fuck me harder now, baby. Really start rutting into me.”

Again, I did as I was told, fucking her quite hard now. The sounds of our genitals slapping into each other filled the room. Becky again leaned into me and whispered into my ear: “She likes to really be fucked hard.”

Oh my god. This family… these women were like little sex-toys.


She was so horny that her hips started to buck up toward mine, wanting türkçe bahis more and more of my cock. I could feel her pussy begin to spasm around it. She wrapped her legs around my ass, encouraging me to fuck her harder.

“Oh my god,” Becky squealed, “I’ve never seen her cum this fast!”


We were fully rutting like animals now. Her hands were on my chest, and she began to bang her fists against it. I stared down at her tits, which were getting increasingly swollen and was shocked to see milk began to spurt from her nipples.


Her pussy was fully spasming around my cock, trying to milk my sperm out of it. But despite the wildly erotic experience — perhaps because I had already cum multiple times that day — I found myself able to stave off another orgasm.

Becky was still diddling herself and she, too, began to cum. “UUUGGHHH, I’M CUMMING TOOOOOO!”

I was surrounded by two gorgeous, wildly sexy women, both orgasming. It felt like a dream. A very, very erotic dream.

As the mother, now covered in a sheen of sex-sweat, began to come down from her intense orgasm — milk still dribbling from her huge, engorged tits — I withdrew my cock with a plopping sound.

I flipped over her tiny body, and put a pillow under her tips, positioning her pussy at just the right height for more fucking. Again, I entered her, but more roughly this time, evoking a huge groan from her, and again I began to fuck her hard. Her big bubble-butt rippled slightly with each thrust, and I grabbed onto each ass-cheek as I fucked her even harder.

Becky positioned herself just next to me and pulled my hands up onto her huge tits. “Feel me up while my Mommy cums on your big dick, Brian!” she squealed in delight. I groped the teen’s big breasts, feeling both her rock-hard nipples and the spongy but firm tit-flesh beneath. Again I was able to hold off an orgasm, despite the amazing sensations all around me.

Soon, the mother started to shudder. “Going to cum again, baby! Cumming on your big penis!”

Before she could, I pulled out and flipped her over. I wanted to see her squirt. I rubbed her swollen, oversized clit and she arched her back, again thrusting her massive tits into the air, and began to scream in pleasure.


As she felt up her massive, wildly swollen tits, fuck-juice squirted out of her spasming vagina, dousing the bedsheets. Becky looked on in amazement.

“Wow! I’ve seen Mommy cum lots of times, but never like that. Brian, don’t you think my Mommy is like a little fuck-machine?”

“You both are,” I responded. “Like my two little fuck-toys.” I pulled the teen’s head into mine and we made out as her busty mother came down from her intense orgasm. I then took her hand and pulled her to her feet. “Mommy,” I said, “please sit on the edge of the bed. It’s time for your glazing.”

The mother, still dazed from her orgasm, did as she was told.

“Becky,” I said, “please get behind me. Make sure I can feel your breasts pressed up against my back.” She, too, did as she was told.

I turned back to the mother. “Are you my little fuck-toy, Mommy? I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes,” she said, almost slurring. “I’m your little fuck-toy. Please cum all over me. I need it.” She hoisted up her giant tits — as big and swollen as I’d ever seen them — offering them to me.

Becky instinctively reached around my body and grabbed my erect penis, still slick from being inside her mother, as well as the pre-cum that was dripping out of it. She started to jerk me off, and as soon as she did, I knew it wouldn’t be long. The combination of feeling her tiny-but-busty teen body pressed against mine and the view of her even bustier, absolutely gorgeous mother, presenting her massive, round tits for me, so horny that her body was twitching with excitement — I knew I wouldn’t last long.

“Come all over her, Brian!” Becky said excitedly. “Cover her with your cum!”

“YES!” the busty little mother yelled. “CUM ON ME, SWEETHEART!”

I felt my orgasm building. “AHHHH!” I screamed. “CUMMING ON YOU, MOMMY!!” Long ropes of cum started to spurt out of my cock, first criss-crossing her face. Becky then pointed my cock down slightly and I glazed her massive chest with yet more hot cum. A full minute later, my orgasm subsided. The tiny, cartoonishly voluptuous mother was covered in my cum.

Becky took her hand off my cock — finally gone flacid — and sat down next to her mother, licking cum from her face and heaving tits. “That–” LICK “–was the sexiest–” LICK “–thing I’ve ever–” LICK “–seen.”

I wasn’t going to disagree. How could things possibly get any better?



I woke up at home in a daze. Had that all really happened? Did the hottest girl in my high school actually invite me over güvenilir bahis siteleri to her house, where she and her mother spent all their time nude? And did I really have an epic day of sucking and fucking her AND her mother, the sexiest, bustiest, most erotic woman I’d ever met? And did I embrace the challenge, cumming three times and taking more and more control of the situation as the day went on?

It all felt like a dream, but yes, as I emerged from sleep, it was clear: It was all real. I got dressed and went to school.

Almost as soon as I got there, I spotted a vision. It was Becky, running down the hallway toward me. But she was no longer wearing her usual oversized flannel shirt and baggy jeans. No, she was wearing a regular button-down shirt — which she unbuttoned as she came toward me, revealing a skin-tight t-shirt that read “FUCK TOY,” the word distended by her huge, jiggling tits, which bounced as she ran, and a flared tennis skirt. Breast-meat pushed out the top of the too-tight t-shirt, threatening to overflow. She wrapped her arms around me, pressing those large tits into my chest, then leaned up and planted kisses all over my face and neck, finally settling on a long, wet kiss on the mouth.

“Thank you thank you thank you, Brian!” she said excitedly. “Thank you SO much for fucking me and my Mommy yesterday. It was AMAZING.”

I looked around. We were basically alone in the hallway, but someone could have walked by at any moment.

“It was, uh, my pleasure.”

“I bet!” She giggled and winked. “Seriously, I’ve never cum like that. You were incredible. Oh, do you like my outfit?”

She took a step back and twirled for me, the skirt riding up enough for me to tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties. The t-shirt was so tight, and her breasts were so big, that it pushed out slightly, revealing her slightly muscular midriff. I couldn’t believe she was getting away with wearing the outfit to school.

“I wore it just for you. Mommy helped me pick it out. I know the t-shirt is a little silly–” She pushed out her chest, emphasizing the size and shape of her mighty breasts. “–but I thought you’d like it. Here, feel.”

She grabbed my hands and pushed them up *under* her t-shirt. Using her hands, she encouraged me to grope her huge tits over her bra. “Mmmm… that feels good.”

“Becky! Someone might see us!”

“I don’t care. You’re my boyfriend, after all, right?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess I am.”

“You are. And I’m your girlfriend. Your sexy, fuck-toy girlfriend. And I say you get to feel me up whenever and wherever you want.”

“Uh, maybe we should go somewhere… more private?” I had class in just a few minutes but… this seemed more urgent.

We found an empty classroom. I moved a desk in front of the closed door — but still, anyone could have pushed it aside and discovered us. I turned around, and Becky was peeling off her t-shirt to reveal her lacy push-up bra.

“Come, Brian. Come fuck your girlfriend.”

“Take off your bra.”

She reached behind and undid the bra, then, with a smile, did a little burlesque number as she slowly removed it, revealing those huge teenage breasts. I walked over to her and started to feel her up. I was again amazed at not just their size but their sensation: like her mother, her breasts were simultaneously spongy and firm. I squeezed them gently in both hands, lifting them up and letting them fall. Tweaking her nipples. Running my fingers along their impressive width. Treating her, in effect, as my fuck toy.

She had been whimpering with horniness the whole time, but had reached her limit. Leaning up against a desk, she fished my cock out of my pants and, without any further ceremony, guided it into her wet, waiting pussy. “UUHHHH!” she wailed. I put a hand over her mouth. “Shhh! Someone might hear you.”

“Sorry! I’ll be quiet, I promise. Just keep fucking me.”

And I did, ramming my cock inside of her, watching her tits jiggle and bounce as I did. After a few minutes, I flipped her over and took her from behind, her big ass slapping into me. She was moaning, but being a good girl and not squealing and yelling as she normally did.

But the desk we were up against was rocking and banging with the rhythm of our fucking. I reached forward and began to knead her huge tits from behind.

“Uhhhh, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” she said softly. “Fuuuuuuuck.”

I was getting close, too, and worried about us getting caught, I figured it was best to wrap things up.

We came together, and I collapsed onto her back, as we both panted. She turned her head and we kissed deeply. She smiled up at me.

“I’m not sure how we’re going to ever go to class,” she said. But we did — knowing that our time together after school was going to be something extra special.

A thought occurred to me as Becky was strapping on her huge bra.

“You know what?” I said. “I’m supposed to head off for a pre-college trip next week. But I think I’ll move in with you and your Mommy for a while instead. What do you think of that idea?”

Becky responded by squealing and running up to me, kissing me hard on the mouth and grinding her body into mine. “I love that idea!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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