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This story is part of Barbarian Tales One, and follows the story Rescued by the Barbarian.

* * *

If the fine young nobleman was before me today, I confess I would still have the desire to take him long and hard. He was a very fine young nobleman, who had whatever it is a man needs to have to make me want him enough to be foolish about it. And each time I had him he caused me a great deal of difficulty.

That first day I took him in his palanquin and then back to our camp, where I fucked him long and hard until I was spent and thought I had taken him to exhaustion also. But, no. He had awoken in the night and crept off to inspect the goods that had been his and that my companions had carried off. They now sat in a tent in the camp we had been living in for the previous half moon while we raided wealthy merchants and others traveling poorly guarded on the roads to the Great Mogul’s palace.

It was a time when no poor man’s lands were safe from the grasping hands of those above him. And Siri and Uran were both dispossessed farmers who had taken their complaints to court and found themselves laughed at and kicked out and warned not to return, so that now they had no other way to live and to keep their families fed than by stealing.

When the young nobleman went to examine those goods, which had been his but were now ours, he was caught by Siri, who was roughly honest with him about the future of what had once been his possessions. The fine young nobleman was sent away to sleep by the fire without any restraints and was in a rage, for he was always most concerned with his fine possessions.

In the morning I awoke and found him gone, along with our horses and the Grand General who had been left tied to the tree. It was too late to shout at Siri for his foolishness, and the signs showed that they had escaped some hours before. So, we took the smallest and most valuable of the loot we had collected and, tying it up in bundles that we slung across our backs, we abandoned the rest. We had no choice, and we set off at a trot toward the hills, where we could most easily get lost and evade armed and mounted pursuers.

But fortune was not with us, and we had not gone far when we heard the noise of pounding hoofs approaching . At least six horses. So, we broke into a run, knowing our chances were slim of making the rocky hill trail before the horses overran us. The bundles of treasure were holding us back, but the families in hiding would not survive without them, and Siri and Uran would not let theirs go.

I understood their situation, and knowing that I should not have brought the fine young nobleman to our camp and let him roam free, I threw them the bundle I carried and turned back, as they ran on.

I quickly scaled a spreading tree that overhung the trail and drew my sword and waited.

The first rider lost his head to my swinging blade and the next was knocked off his horse. The third was ready for me, and I had to dodge his blow but was able to fall on the fourth and use my knife to silence him before I slipped to the ground and drew my sword again and stood in the path of the last two riders.

“The general wants us to take him alive,” one of the armored warriors cried out, and I stood there, my body loose, my breathing deep and steady, readying myself for whatever came next.

Meanwhile, the two warriors on their horses circled me, and the third recovered from his fall and caught a horse and remounted, güvenilir bahis so there were three of them, not knowing that all I was buying was time for my companions to reach safety.

Uran and Siri escaped, I know. But I was cornered and after tiring me, one of the circling warriors threw a net of weighted rope over me, and I was trapped like a wild animal. My sword was useless and torn from my hand, and my body was trussed up and bound, so that I could be slung on a pole between two horses and taken to the palace of the Great Mogul.

I had doubted I had long to live. But I regretted nothing. Since I became a man, I had lived wild and free, and it had been a good life. I had no regrets. I have none now.

I saw little until I was dumped into a cell deep in the palace dungeons. Then I struggled free of the net that had held me bound. And I waited. There was a small window in the door of my cell, and it opened often and faces looked in and voices muttered, but no one spoke to me, so I ignored them. Food—rough, tasteless food—was brought to me, and I ate it ravenously, I confess.

And then I slept. Another day passed during which I was fed and looked at, and again I slept. Then the next day the small window in the door had been opened, and a face looked in, and there was muttering outside, but the window wasn’t closed and then, the lock on the door was turned, making a rough creaking sound. And the door opened a fraction. I stood waiting for I knew not what.

“I am coming in,” a voice called out. “Know, though, that there are guards here with crossbows ready, and if you make any move to harm me, you shall be killed immediately. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” I said, and I did not doubt what he said. And I pondered if I might be wise to rush to my death now instead of rotting away in that hole, or worse, being taken from it and broken.

As I thought these thoughts, a young man slipped in to the opening and hesitated.

He was strong and muscular and dark haired. His body was naked above a pair of silken pantaloons and showed that he was no idle courtier, as not only was it a well-muscled body, but several scars lay across his shoulders as well. I knew him for a fighting man, and I always have some respect for fighting men.

He slowly entered the cell, and the door closed behind him with a heavy clang.

“The young nobleman the Grand General has brought back as his favorite has been foolish enough to tell me that there is no weapon to match yours, barbarian, even among the most favored in court. And I have come to see if he is lying,” my visitor said.

He was very arrogant and proud.

“I show no man my manhood unless I am showing it to him as his possessor,” I replied.

“Ho. Do you? Well, that suits me well enough if it truly is as the young nobleman says it is.” He looked me in the eye now.

I laughed at my good fortune. “Then come here to me,” I said, reaching out my arms to him.

He hesitated, and I saw a moment’s fear, which I did not think less of him for. Then he stepped toward me, and I stepped toward him, and in a moment had my arms about his waist and had pulled him in hard to me. And then I reached a hand down to his ass and moved my mouth to his.

He tried to keep his mouth closed to me, but if I can, I will have my tongue in a man, and taste him and possess his mouth before I possess him in any other way. Finally, as I squeezed his ass, his lips parted, türkçe bahis and I entered his sweet mouth and delved inside it as he gulped and reached for me.

I rubbed my engorging manhood against his belly and felt his own weapon grow, the fine silk of his pantaloons slippery and cool against my thighs.

He felt me growing, and his hand reached for my pole and tore aside my loincloth. He gasped at what he found, and I released his lips. My own hands tore off his fine pantaloons to reveal a black, glossy nest of thick hair and a fine upstanding sword throbbing above tight balls ready for spouting. My hand folded about him, and he groaned.

But I was in need of release myself after the last few days of danger and loneliness, and I quickly turned him and sank down to part his cheeks and tongue his hole so I could enter him.

He opened quickly, obviously well used, and my tongue was soon darting into him, making him spout his seed for me for the first time. I hurried then to lay a hand on his belly to keep him steady as I buried my fingers inside his channel. First one, then two, and then three.

“Oh, so big,” he shouted. “If you are going to split me, I want your weapon buried in me, not your fingers,” he cried to me, his body shaking

I obliged him.

The first entry was not so easy, but he quickly loosened.

“Yes, he was right. He was right.” he cried out, as I moved in. “Oh, the gods, you are a giant. A giant. Oh.”

He was widening himself and bent over and resting his hands on the cell wall and driving back to meet me even as I had difficulty entering him deeper. He yelped and cried out loudly so that the whole cell seemed to echo with his straining, and faces appeared at the window in the door and looked in and disappeared, to be replaced by yet other faces, and the mutterings and noises outside added to his cries and my own groans as I entered him and possessed him fully. I quickly filled him with a flood of hot seed, roaring loudly as it left me, that had him moaning for more.

Ahhhh, he had a sweet ass. And for an arrogant man he became most obliging as he lay beneath me.

“Ahhhh,” he panted as I withdrew from him.

“Ahhh,” he sighed turning to look at my weapon which I knew would hardly wither before I entered him again, as I needed to take him more than once to be satisfied.

“Ahhh, yes, it truly is the biggest weapon in the palace,” he sighed, kneeling before me and taking me into his mouth as far as he could, embracing me tightly with his lips, and stoking me with his tongue and throat.

“Ahhh,” I sighed, “You are a fine young warrior,” I purred to him as I gripped his hair and moved his head about.

Then when I was ready, I had him stand against the wall and move out only enough to give me entrance, and I entered him like that. Him tight and writhing as I enjoyed him to the limit.

When I was done, he slid to the floor, and his head lolled on his shoulders, and he looked at me in a daze.

“If I were staying here in the palace, I would hardly leave this cell,” he said and laughed weakly. “But, fortunately, I am only passing through, or I would get addicted to you.”

“But,” he said, as he stood up slowly, “I will see that you are more comfortable here, as I have another day before I leave and would prefer to be ridden on a soft bed than on a cold stone wall,” he said.

“If you wish me comfortable, good food would be more to my liking,” I replied.

He güvenilir bahis siteleri laughed. “So, food and a bed. We want you strong,” he assured me, then he turned to the door, “Open up, men. The show is over, and I am ready to leave.”

A veritable feast was brought in to me some time later, and a soft and large bed that half filled my cell. And that night the young warrior returned, and I rode him many ways and for most of the night on what was proven to be a very fine bed for fucking.

After that my life was an odd one, for though I was a prisoner, I was fed well and given many comforts and even allowed into the sun each day to work my muscles. And all this I gained by doing no more than fucking well the young men who came to visit me in my cell.

It was not the life for me, but it was a good life, and one where I lived to gain my freedom one day.

Unfortunately, after some months I met the fine young nobleman again.

One day I was surprised to have the guards enter my cell, and with one holding a lance to my belly and another a crossbow to my chest, I had no choice but to let them chain me. “We have orders to take you to the palace,” the chief jailer said to me politely. “Orders from the Grand General himself.”

“Why? Is this when I am punished?” I asked, suddenly concerned about my future, wondering if

I had been complacent for too long and missed my chance to die nobly.

He shrugged as he bolted an anklet on me, “I think we go to the apartments of his favorite—whom I think you know,” he added nervously.

“Ha,” I said angrily, “The one who betrayed me and brought me to this cell.”

The young nobleman himself has described most of what happened at that meeting. Again, I could not resist him, seduced by the way he opened his thighs and exposed his hole for me and the need and longing in his eyes. Ahhhh. Yes. He showed me such longing, such passion to be possessed. And then when the general had been, I knew I must manage an escape for both of us.

Pulling on my chains I felled the fine marble colums that supproted the doned roof,and as his apartments collapsed, he came unhesitatingly with me, over the wall and into the alleyway that led to the stables. But of course an escape was not to be. A troop of palace guards awaited us there, and I was trapped yet again and outnumbered, and the fine young nobleman fell to his knees crying, “I had no choice but to go with him. He is so big and strong.”

Ahhh. I hoped I wouldn’t see him again. He caused so much trouble for me.

I was returned to the cells, nervous for my future. Again I wondered if I should take my life, but that night a man who had visited me before visited me again and tried to reassure me that things would settle down. That the Grand General was only trying to test the young nobleman. And another came, and two days drifted by, and then three, and it seemed life might return to normal. I was still a prisoner, but I had little to complain of. I was alive, and one day I’d be free, as free as any man can be, once more.

But foolishly I begged the jailers for news of the fine young nobleman, fearful for what had happened to him. But again my misfortune had been to his benefit, as when he was dragged before the Great Mogul to be given his punishment and stripped of his titles, the Great Mogul himself took a liking to him, and he quickly satisfied that one’s needs as well as he had ever satisfied any man’s.

And then one day the chief jailer came again, and I was told the Grand General would speak with me and I was not chained when I was taken to him.

* * *

The story that follows on from this one is, Barbarian to the Rescue CH01

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