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Barbara took off her panties and threw them across the room into her dirty clothes basket. It’s literally a basket. She reached into her underwear drawer and put on her tiniest, flimsiest, most see through pair. They don’t really cover anything. But she wanted to have something on under the white button up shirt that was almost all the way unbuttoned. She was going for the “no pants” look.

She walked downstairs to find her friends already gathered around, talking and drinking. Some were smoking. Barbara was fashionably late to her own party at her own house.

“Hello darlings.”

John and Jane we’re back from last year’s party. They each gave her a long kiss. Jane even groped her tits.

Barbara poured herself some red wine.

She moved over to the couch and sat in between Victoria and Harold, a nerdy young white couple who were considered hipsters in this suburb.

“Are you guys having fun? Can you two be my Dj? Here, plug this in your phone. It’s a phone chord.”

“Our phones don’t have those chords.” the girl said.

“Let me see your phone.”

Barbara took the girl’s phone and pushed some buttons and something with a lot of bass began playing in speakers through the house.


Barbara started dancing in the living room and made them join her. They danced facing each other. The music was loud.

Barbara poker oyna yelled at Harold. “Take your shirt off! Victoria, help him.”

The younger couple followed her directions.

“Do you ever suck his dick?

Barbara danced in front of Harold, rubbing against his crotch with her ass. She turned around and faced him but looked at Victoria.

“Yeah sometimes.” the younger girl answered.

Barbara danced closer to the younger girl until they are really close. Barbara unbuttoned a few of Victoria’s dress’s buttons until her breasts we’re almost out. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Are you into younger guys, Barbara?

“Sometimes. Are you?”

“Harold is six years my junior.”

Barbara was almost humping his leg. She unbuttoned his tight jeans. Victoria put her hand inside his underwear. She pulled his dick out and showed it to Barbara. The music was still loud. “Young meat!”.

She put his semi back in his pants. Victoria kept her hand on his dick as she danced and kissed her boyfriend.

Harold reaches over and unbuttoned Barbara’s remaining shirt buttons. She continued humping his leg on the name of “dancing”.Victoria kisses Barara and reaches around to feel up her tits and pull her nipples.

“You guys are making me horny” Harold said a little loud.

Barbara reached into his pants and felt his now hard canlı poker oyna dick.

“I can tell.”

Victoria reaches in and pulls Harold’s dick out. Again.

Barbara reaches under Victoria’s dress and pulls down her panties. Victoria happily stepped out of them. She danced back toward Harold and pulled up the dress to rub her now bare ass on his dick.

John and Jane walked up to the makeshift bar and Jane poured themselves two glasses of whiskey on the rocks. You can’t get a much stronger drink. After both guzzling some booze, they began having a sword fight with their tongues. John put his hand inside her bodysuit and pulled on her nipple. She bit his tongue a little. They watched as Harold was apparently fucking his girlfriend in the middle of the living room.

Barbara walked to John and Jane. “Jane, can you make me one also?”

“Sure.” and Jane poured another glass.

“Thanks everyone for coming over this afternoon.”

“We wouldn’t miss it. You only live once.” Jane said. Since we’re experimenting I was wondering if you would piss on me.”

“Ok. But you have to lick my pussy first. Do you want me to pee in your mouth?”

“I didn’t think think about that. Is it ok if I get totally naked?”

Jane was already taking her jeans off.

Barbara took her panties off but left her unbuttoned shirt on. She sat internet casino on top of the kitchen island with her legs spread. John got naked. He slapped Barbara in the face with his dick. Then he rubbed her crotch with his fingers, finally pushing his middle finger inside her vagina. Jane crouched down and sucked johns dick. She took it out of her mouth and guided his cock into their friend Barbara’s pussy.

Barbara was moaning as his dick entered and then moved back and forth.

Harold came into the bar.

“We heard you guys talk about pissing. Can I piss on you guys?”

Without really saying anything everyone seemed to be in agreement.

He pissed all over Jane’s bodysuit.

She peeled it off.

Harold pissed in Barbara’s face. She swallows some of it. Harold has an erection and Barbara puts it in her mouth while he was still finishing his stream.

Victoria is still wearing her dress. She’s the only one wearing any clothes to speak of.

Victoria grabbed the whiskey and chugged it from the bottle and chugged it some more. She pushed Jane onto the couch and poured out the rest of the whiskey onto her naked body. Then she licked it up with her mouth. Once most of the whiskey was gone, Victoria focused on licking this beautiful Asian woman’s pussy, sticking her tongue in as far as she could before curling up her tongue then repeating the pattern over and over..

Barbara was still taking a dick in her mouth and her pussy simultaneously

Victoria stopped licking pussy for a second and looked at Barbara. “Cool party!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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