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When I do my once a week stint with my beloved Badger it is usually on my day off, which is a Wednesday. We used to make it on a Sunday but it was the busiest time on the allotment and for obvious reasons, we wanted to keep our affair secret. Badger was happily married you see. But his sex life had long diminished. Alice had lost all her sexual prowess but, loving her husband so much, she was happy to masturbate him when the occasion arose which, he told me, that since he had met me and discovered his bisexuality, was hardly ever.

Badger had gone to great lengths to make his ‘den’ as I called it, like almost a second home. He had made up a very comfortable ‘shagging’ bench as he called it with cushions in the right places to give optimum dexterity. He built in a curve to give my butt the best position for his service and I felt especially desirable laying on it, perking up my butt for his delightful spoiling. I can tell you he really knew how to do that. It was beautiful to hear the sound of his breath increase as he grew more excited doing the things he was doing to me down there. I adored his coconut cream massages and his delightful working of my rampant ass. He had even arranged to install his own butane gas stove, so he could do us a fry-up when we took a break from our very amorous activates, and that was so nice.

He made excellent chips from fresh potatoes dug about two hours before. He said he needed to keep me fed up to get the very best out for me.

I usually teased him about that saying he was the one who needed building up; he seemed to be losing some of his libido lately. But he soon put that to rights with a good firm shag. But I was teasing him of course but it worked.

However on this particular Wednesday I had to go to my sister’s wedding so we arranged to meet instead on Saturday. Badger said that there were a few more working their plots than on a Wednesday, but we shall just have to be careful and make sure no one saw me going into the hut.

I arranged to mobile him and he would be ready to open the door and shuffle me in.

It was all very exciting really..

We soon got into our usual foreplay and I enjoyed the ravishing spoiling Badger gave me.

I had grown to know his moods and when he sucked me gently I knew his fuck would be the same, but when he sucked me hard, I was ready for a real good deep and thrifty penetration across the edge of his potting bench. That was always so invigorating.

Otherwise it was action replay on his shagging bench when he could thoroughly do all the things he loved to do with my naked body before he fucked me.

The time I visited him on a Saturday however was thwart with interruptions. He was just giving me one of his hardy shags; I was steeped over the potting bench with a cushion beneath to prevent bruising when he vigorously pumped me. We were just about in the middle of our shag, having reached the point when Badger liked to pause deep inside me so that we could both enjoy the sensation of his throb pulsing strongly inside me.

I was ready for the final surge and made myself primed for that. It was always a magnificent finale to our magical sessions and I felt so well fucked and gratified afterwards.

It was a bonus if Badger chose to suck güvenilir bahis me dry afterwards, according to his moods and if not that he would indulge me in a little light spanking which was nice too. He would usually want that when I had put my gear back on because he said my butt looked so tempting in the skin tight jeans I usually wore when seeing him, knowing just how much he liked that.

They we so tight sometimes that I had difficulty in walking; but Badger declared, the way the tightness affected my movements was so sexy and stimulating, and he often likes to simulate fucking me bent over touching my toes, which was magical, just to feel his sturdy erection pressing between my cheeks. He would touch me up at the same time and it was just magic and wonderfully invigorating, but he would get his worth afterwards when I especially went to town enjoying oral with him. It was warm and succulent and very appealing. Then he’d have me astride on my knees over his face, my ass facing his head when he loved me to sit on him and sniff me up. That came about because I usually cycled to the allotment, and he joked that he wished he was my saddle I said that we could pretend. That really got him going and he developed a beautiful hard cock good enough for a real deep throat job, and that was nice too, it took me time and practice to do that, but now I would not be without it, and of late I managed to take his seven inch length right down to the base.

He asked for me to tease his balls in a certain way when sucking him, I found the way he liked and was soon in deep concentration. His response told me just how he liked that and, if ever he was a little slow to rise to the occasion, a good deal of concentrated oral sex solved the problem.

Badger simply adored that. He told me he had always wanted that, it was something Alice could never achieve and he never forced her. She never does that anymore and I said no matter because I was happy to be of service. I just loved the taste of cock and the feel of it sliding onto my throat. It was one of the very special moments I spent with dear old Badger.

When we started his cock was limp and crinkled, but now with regular sexercise and lots and lots of enthused sucking and spoiling, and plenty of wholesome fucking he was now well primed

I loved to feel the taste of him still in my mouth when it came like a veritable tornado penetrating my ass. It was lovely.

But back to that Saturday when we were disturbed, I heard his cock pop out of me as if he anticipated we would be disturbed. It was an odd feeling being one moment full up with him and the next empty.

I froze when I heard a loud knock at the door.

“I know who it is” Badger whispered and told me just to stay where I was and not to move, because he would get rid of the caller, He forgot that Jasper always came to say hello on a Saturday.

So there was I precariously steeped across the bench hoping I would not be seen.

Badger gingerly opened the door and I heard a gruff voice say that it was unlike him to lock himself away like that.

“I just wanted a tea bag if you would be so kind”

“Okay wait there, I’ll find a couple for you mate.”

“Hey, what’s the matter Badger, you usually ask me in for a cuppa, have türkçe bahis you got some skirt in there or something?”

I heard his raucous laugh.

“I wish” Badger returned, “but I am bit too ancient for that malarkey”

“You are never too old mate, I have seen a change in you lately. I am thinking you are getting your oats again and it shows.”

I could see Badger trying to keep this guy from peeking inside.

“Look Jasper, I have some pricking out to do else the seedlings will perish. Here’s you tea bags and see you later.”

“When the coast is clear eh Badger? You are up to something I can tell. Seeing your shed shaking like that, you were doing more than pricking out. Maybe pricking out of another kind eh?”

“Leave it Jasper. Look I will see you later”

I could tell Badger was getting annoyed

“You bloody have, you have got a girl in there haven’t you, just wait till IK tell Alice!”

“Just go away Jasper!”

Jasper turned out was a big stocky guy and when he forced the door open I saw him, looking a trifle shocked. I grabbed a towel and covered up. I was stuck for words.

“So this is what my old pal is up to these days. Got yourself a nice young ass eh? You are a dark horse Badger and that is putting it mildly.”

Poor old Badger looked terribly embarrassed and was livid with Jasper barging in like that. But I noticed the initial expression of shock on Jasper’s face change to an awesome grin as he eyeballed me.

He was silent for a while but then asked if Badger could energise his tea bag so they could have tea together.

Badger obeyed him and we all shared tea and a biscuit too, by which time I had managed to cover myself up below.

I could tell Jasper was interested in me. His raunchy expression said everything.

“So how long has this been going on, Badger?”

Badger explained how we had met, how I helped him on the allotment and things sort of developed from there.

“I can see that, Badger. You know how to pick ’em I will give you that. Good on you. No problem I will keep your ;little secret.”

Badger looked relieved.

“On one condition”

Then came the crunch. Jasper threatened to tell Alice if he could not partake.

“What do you mean Jasper?”

“You know what I mean Badger. You have known me long enough and shagged my Mrs. before she left me didn’t you?.”

Badger said that was over long ago.”

“But in effect, you were sharing her with me weren’t you. I reckon you owe it to me?”

Now I could see where Jasper was coming from. I was put into an awkward position to be sure. He wanted some of the action and how could I refuse at the risk of Jasper squealing to Badger’s wife if I didn’t.

The three of us knew the score and I saw the sorry look on Badger’s face. I had to face up to another penetration and that was for sure. It was quick and rough. Jasper hardly had time to unzip himself and he was inside me well and truly as he forced me across the shagging bench.

It was awesome. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as I felt him cum heavily over my butt and next thing his face was where his cock had been and he made light of sucking me out and no messing.

It was soon over thank heaven – and yet. Well it was güvenilir bahis siteleri rather nice despite the circumstances and to have felt the sensation of two cocks inside me that day was a truly nice, even though Jasper was rough with me.

Then almost as quickly as he had barged in he was gone, thanking Badger but apologising for being so abrupt, but seeing me in such a compromising position arouse him into a no turning back situation.

It was obvious that Jasper thought a lot of his mate.

“I am so sorry that happened Alex. I should have remembered Jasper always calls son a Saturday.”

“No problem” I assured Badger. I shall just have to keep to Wednesdays in future Huh?”

“You are such a nice guy, I guess that is what I like about you, now it is my turn>”

“You don’t mind that Jasper has just fucked me.”

“I know at the end of the day you are mine and lets hold onto that. At least Jasper won’t say anything to my wife else if he did, I could not have seen you anymore, that is the way I look at it.”

“But Jasper may like an action reply” I said.

“I will try and steer him away.”

I kneeled and sucked him. It was soothing to take him in my mouth again and he simply loved it.

I loved to tease his length with my fingertips as I licked his pee hole which he loved me to do very much, I liked to twist and turn it over my tongue and it felt so divine, like s sort of silky velvet sensation as it started to throb, signaling that he was ready to have me once more.

I was ready for him. I had hardly recovered from Jasper’s deep fucking but it was nice to feel Badgers penetration again. This time it was so gentle and beautiful. Badger had already seeped pre-cum into my mouth and I felt it there on my tongue as he slipped in and out of me.

I wanted him to cum inside me for once, and not to take it out at the crucial time. I yelled that I wanted that, I wanted to feel him cum inside; I wanted to feel his fuck penetrate me and hold there until the climax.

That was the way I preferred Badger’s fuck and from that moment that is how it always was.

We had some wondrous times and yes.

Strangely when Jasper had me across the bench it created another sense of belonging between Badger and I. Surprisingly I enjoyed Jasper taking me the way he did but would never have told Badger that. But when Badger himself said that strangely he enjoyed watching his mate have me, because it made him realise just how precious I was in his life, and we found yet another quality in just being with each other.

To me Badger’s touch was magical. Everything he did sexually was always so thrilling and I forever wanted more of the same, even the spanking which he wanted more of. Laying across his shagging bench, my ass propped up for his need, I succumbed and even the initial pain endured was soon numbed and created a wonderful sensation of completeness.

He said he loved to see the blush on my butt cheeks after a sound spanking. Then he was so gentle with the anticipated massage, the feel of his tongue licking the squirty cream freshly squirted over my ass. He simply loved that and it was such a pleasure to know just how much he thrilled doing all those wonderful things to me.

Jasper did approach me again, but not on the allotment. He caught me unawares in the high street and suggested a meet.

Well he was a good mate of Badger’s wasn’t he? But that’s another story because Badger is my mainstay at the moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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