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Cathy liked baby-sitting for the Anderson’s. Michelle was a lovely woman and the kids were sweet and generally well behaved. They had their moments, but all kids did at some stage. And Brian, Michelle’s husband, was a hunk. She adored him. He was fun and flirtatious, but never went beyond the line of what was proper.

When asked if she could sit one Friday night and sleep over, Cathy didn’t hesitate. Even though she was nineteen and had the chance of a date, she let it go. The Anderson’s did pay well, after all.

Cathy fronted up at the Anderson’s place around eight. By eight-thirty Michelle and Brian had gone and Cathy was watching a DVD with the two children. Nine-thirty rolled by and the children were in bed asleep, and by ten-thirty Cathy had retired to the guest room and was also asleep.

The night was peaceful. Nothing disturbed the sleep of Cathy or the children. Even Michelle and Brian returning in the early hours didn’t disturb the household’s peaceful slumber.

Cathy woke at six but snuggled down for a bit longer. Soon she heard some noises from the master bedroom and, guessing Michelle and Brian were up and about, Cathy sighed, stretched and got out of bed.

Deciding a shower wouldn’t go astray Cathy wandered over to the bathroom and walked in; just in time to see Brian, in all his glory, drying himself.

Cathy stood for a moment stunned, and was about to stammer an apology when she was taken aback a second time. Before her startled eyes, Brian’s cock seemed to suddenly swell, stretch and stand tall, gently waving at her.

“Michelle likes the en suite to herself in the morning,” said an amused Brian. “That’s why I always use this bathroom.”

“Oh! Oh, my god, I’m sorry. I didn’t think. I should have knocked,” stammered Cathy, desperately drawing her eyes away from that intriguing erection.

She started backing out of the bathroom when Brian stopped her.

“Don’t you usually shake hands on first acquaintance?” he teased her.

“Wh-what?” asked Cathy confused, and then blushing as Brian dropped his eyes down significantly.

“Ah, um,” dithered Cathy, not quite believing what he was daring her to do. Gulping nervously she reached out and took hold of Brian’s erection, holding it firmly. “Now what?” she wondered.

“There again, seeing you’re a woman, you probably give a quick poker oyna kiss when meeting a friend,” came the laconic observation.

He was kidding, surely, thought Cathy. Teasing brute. She decided to call his bluff.

“You’re quite right,” she cooed, sinking down onto her knees and moving her mouth over to drop a quick kiss on the head of his cock.

“You’re old enough to open your mouth when you kiss someone, aren’t you?” came the teasing prompt.

Cathy flicked a glance up at Brian, noting the laughter on his face. “Laugh this off,” she muttered to herself.

Opening her mouth Cathy moved down upon his cock, taking hold of it orally. Then she started teasing it. It was bloody obvious to Brian that she’d done this sort of thing before. He gasped as her head bobbed up and down, her tongue teasing him, her teeth lightly grating across the head of his cock.

It only took a few moments and Brian found himself sweating lightly. If she continued like this he’d be coming in her mouth before he’d really had any fun. Time to see how deeply she was willing to play.

“OK. Enough of that,” Brian said, pulling away from Cathy, and she rose gracefully to her feet, smiling triumphantly. She’d called his bluff and he’d backed off.

He just hadn’t backed off very far, she found out. Brian reached out and took hold of her pyjama top at the waist. His hands moved briskly in opposite directions, popping the buttons as he tugged. While most of the buttons just popped open, at least one came right off, pinging against the mirror on the wall.

Brian held Cathy’s pyjama top apart, admiring her breasts. While Cathy watched, in a case of mild shock, he let go her top and captured her breasts. Now it was his turn to tease.

Cathy saw Brian’s head bend and then his mouth was suckling on her breast. She gasped, her hands clutching his hair, wanting to pull him away but enjoying the feeling too much to do so immediately. She gasped again as his hand squeezed and stroked her other breast, while his teeth were gently worrying her nipple.

Cathy was breathing hard when Brian finally raised his head. Her breasts felt swollen, and she was acutely conscious of the fact that she was a woman and that he was a man. And naked.

“Turn round and lean against the bath,” Brian said softly.

“Why?” asked Cathy.

She knew canlı poker oyna why. If she did that, he’d pull down her pyjama pants, she just knew it. And with those down, would he just touch her or would he do more? She had this funny feeling that he wasn’t going to be content with just touching. Not with his cock standing out like that.

“You know why,” came the soft reply.

“And if I don’t?” Cathy wondered.

“Then I win and I’ll leave you to your shower,” came the seductive murmur, “But if you do, we both win.”

Breathing hard, Cathy slowly turned and leaned forward, bracing her arms against the rim of the bath and waiting. Hands closed around her waist and started downwards, pushing her pyjama pants before them.

Cathy waited, nerves on tenterhooks. Brian wouldn’t really have sex with her, she was sure of it. After all, Michelle was home, even if she was in the en suite. He’d just touch her up, that’s all.

She nearly screamed when Brian’s hand close over her mound and gently massaged it. Clenching her teeth let only a squeak escape, and then she giggled nervously at the sound. She gasped as she felt Brian slip a finger between her lips, probing deep within. He’d stop soon, she told herself. Very soon.

Brian continued to massage and tease Cathy’s mound with one hand, while his other came around to find her breasts. Soon Cathy found herself under assault both fore and aft as Brian teased and tantalised.

When Brian eventually removed his hand from her mound Cathy gave a small sigh, unsure if it was from relief or disappointment. Then she gave a stifled squeal as she found Brian was only replacing his hand with something else.

This is not happening, she told herself as she felt Brian pushing slowly past her lips. He’s not doing this, she repeated to herself, feeling him sliding deeper into her. Oh, god, he is. What do I do?

What she did, Cathy found, was to push back against the erection that was invading her, helping to ease it into position. Brian’s hands dropped to her hips for a moment, steadying her while he gave one last firm push, driving fully home.

Cathy gasped as she felt Brian’s groin press firmly against her bottom, his cock fully sheathed within her. She gasped again as his hands came around her to claim her breasts. She stood there, trembling slightly, still not really internet casino believing that they were doing this.

Belief came to her swiftly as Brian pulled back and drove home again, hitting her powerfully. He was a big man, a strong man, and when he put some effort into it Cathy definitely felt the results of his size and strength. She braced herself harder against the tub, and in sheer self-defence pushed back hard against Brian when he thrust home again.

If Brian had required further encouragement (which Cathy did not consider a possibility) that eager response to his thrust was it. He set to work with a will, pounding Cathy long and hard, while Cathy worked just as hard meeting his every thrust.

I, decided Cathy after a while, am going to have bruises on both my breasts and my pussy. She was starting to feel if her pussy was being deliberately tenderised by the pounding it was taking. Not that she was objecting. Her excitement levels were climbing to the sky, and she could feel the effects of Brian’s actions throughout her body. Her every nerve seemed to be reacting to his energetic love-making, screaming for more.

More was what she got, as Brian decided to turn the heat up a notch. Cathy’s bobbing bottom could barely keep up with the pace and she was gasping audibly as they moved together.

Cathy could feel her climax approaching and she was making funny little noises, mewing with need as Brian took her ever higher. She could feel him tensing up and knew what was coming; him.

Her breath left her soundlessly as she felt Brian explode inside her and then she was holding onto him desperately as everything seemed to dissolve around her. She sagged bonelessly forward, held up more by Brian inside her and his arms around her than by her own efforts.

Cathy came to her senses fast when she felt the shower pouring onto her. Brian laughed at her squeak of shock, and she glared at him as he ran a sponge over her.

“Have your shower,” he told her. “You look like you need one.”

Then he was drying himself off again and was gone, leaving her leaning against the shower wall, wondering what on earth had got into her. Besides Brian, that is.

An hour later Cathy was in the children’s bedroom, laughing and teasing them as she got them up and dressed. There was more chattering and laughter when Michelle entered to greet her children.

“I might have known you’d already be up and attending to them,” Michelle said to Cathy. “Brian was saying he was impressed at how you always seem to be willing to do that little bit extra.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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