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I swing my legs out of bed and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. The dark hair between my legs draws my eye. I languidly run my fingers through it, enjoying the slight tug on my mons as they find soft knots amongst the curls. I’d been growing out my bush over the last few months and really was enjoying seeing it again after shaving bare since I was 15. I felt like an adult, a grown woman for the first time in my 19 years!

I tweak each nipple while still looking in the mirror. My body responds instantly, and a jolt of pleasure races down to my vagina causing a brief clench followed by a light throb from my clit. My nipples stand erect atop their C cup mounds, indignant over the rude interruption.

“Nicky! Get ready before you start something!” I admonish loudly while wrapping a towel around myself. I grab my toiletry bag and headed towards the bathroom.

Steam billows from the first of the two showers and I make a beeline for the empty cubicle. The water stops in the first stall and I can hear a towel being furiously rubbed on hot wet skin shortly followed by Carmen stepping out of the cubicle.

“Morning Nicki! Sleep well?” Carmen has always been an enthusiastic morning person, something I really like about her.

“Very well thanks!” I replied, “Y… you?” I stuttered the moment Carmen’s towel slipped to the floor. My eyes widen at the sight of her naked body, something I have seen a few times but still cannot get over what a perfect specimen of female sexuality she is.

“I was in bed too early and have been up since 4 AM!” Carmen turns her back towards me and bends down to collect her towel. I catch sight of her vulva between her legs which sends a tingle to my nipples causing them to re-erect. As Carmen picks up her towel her butt cheeks separate slightly and something red and shiny winks at me very briefly. I quickly look away realizing that she is looking straight at me from between her legs!

Carmen turns back towards me, the towel once again wrapped tightly around her body. She has a strange look on her poker oyna face, eyes slightly narrowed, lips turned up in a slight smirk.

“Oh shit, she saw me checking her out” I think to myself, blood draining from my face. I cough slightly and turn to make my way to brush my teeth at the basin, my face burning with embarrassment.

“Nicky” Carmen whispers. “Did you like what you saw?”

“What you mean?” I try act casual, but I can feel my hands quivering. I quickly cross my arms to try hide it.

“You know what I mean Nicky. While I was picking up my towel, I saw you staring at me. Staring at my, …erm… , my newest piece of jewelry” she had a soft knowing smile on her face.

“I am so sorry Carmen” I say knowing there was no point in lying any further. “I really didn’t mean to intrude on your privacy! Your, …er…, jewelry twinkled and caught my eye, but I looked away as soon as I realized what I was looking at, promise!”.

“Nicky it’s really ok, I didn’t mind you staring” she says with a demur smile. “I bought it a few days ago on Etsy but today is the first time I have it in. I was curious what all the hype was about, so I have decided to try one myself” Carmen explained.

“Ah” was all I managed to say, my cheeks lighting up again in embarrassment.

Carmen giggled. “Why are you getting embarrassed?”

“I am embarrassed that I am curious about it I guess” I admit as I hid my face in my hands.

“No sweetie, no need to be embarrassed” Carmen murmured, pulling my hands away from my face. “It is natural to be curious. Healthy in fact.”

“I tell you what, once you feel brave enough to talk about it you come see me. I won’t judge you and you can ask me anything” Carmen promised.

“Ok” I managed to mutter, still feeling the shame burn high on my cheeks.

“I am in room 9A in case you forgot” Carmen says with a wink. “Later ‘gator” Carmen quipped and strides out the bathroom.

I stare at myself in the mirror as I brush my teeth. “Why are you like this” I think to myself. “You’re canlı poker oyna curious about butt plugs and yet haven’t even lost your virginity? Baby steps Nicky. Fucking baby steps!”

I turn on the water hoping the warm spray will wash away my shame. The water streaking down over my tits felt great, the water pressure is always nice this time of the morning before the unwashed masses make their way to the bathrooms scattered all over the dorm.

I close my eyes and immediately I picture Carmen bent over, her butt cheeks spread and a ruby colored stone glinting invitingly. My eyes shoot open as soon as I realize that the wetness I was feeling wasn’t all from the shower water. I was getting turned on!

“What the fuck Nicky! You’re not a lesbian!” I say out loud. I cringe hearing the shower next door burble to life and quickly finish up and hurry back to my room.

I drop the towel and search my drawers for a clean pair of panties. “You HAVE to do washing this weekend Nicky” I exclaim realizing that there was not one clean pair to be found.

I sighed heavily, frustrated and annoyed. I flopped down on the bed and layback staring at the ceiling. I felt like declaring today a non-starter and just sneaking back under the covers and hide away from the world. My skin is tingling while cooling down from the hot shower and I could feel my public hair springing back to shape as the last damp evaporates.

I absent-mindedly start running a finger through my full bush, fluffing it a bit where it’s become entangled. I start thinking about Carmen again, that shiny delight clenched in her light-colored anus. Those puffy pussy lips extending between her legs covered in a light brown dusting of springy pubes.

“I wonder what Carmen tastes like” I muse, gently inserting a fingertip into the entrance of my pussy. I feel a small dribble escape from the lips and snake down between my butt cheeks and coating my sphincter. I draw a sharp breath as I follow the wet trail down and softly touch the forbidden orifice. My anus draws tight, internet casino unused to this foreign sensation, but soon relaxes allowing me to explore further.

I reach over to my nightstand and feel around trying to find my compact. I pop it open and detach the mirror, tossing the other half to the side of the bed. Up until this point I have never been curious enough to look at my anus. I’ve checked out my pussy in amazing detail, but my ass had remained a no-go zone until today.

“Time to get to know yourself a little better my girl” I say raising my hips and spreading my legs. I feel my butt cheeks split open as I reach around my leg getting the mirror positioned. I am soon staring at my own asshole.

I did not realize how much hair there was on a sphincter. I pulled at a few of the hairs with my free hand but didn’t like the sensation. Little lines all along the wall point towards a tight knot which contracts even tighter when touched. I could feel my pussy lips starting to swell and spread, my little clit poking out ever so slightly. I dip a finger into my vagina which by this stage is drooling into my pubes. I rub my juice around my anus enjoying the slippery wet sensation. The knot seems to relax and unexpectedly the tip of my finger slips into my anus followed suddenly by my sphincter contracting and pulling my finger all the way in.

My eyes shoot open in alarm and I try to pull my finger out. My anus is wound so tight round my finger that I can barely move it and pictures of me having to explain this at the ER start flashing in my mind! I force myself to breathe deep to calm down and slowly the sphincter muscles release my finger.

“Wow” I say to the empty room. “Wow, wow, wow”. I make up my mind to visit Carmen as soon as possible, I have so many questions. I really hope her offer was legit.

“I’m late!” I shout as I catch a glimpse of the time and shoot up off the bed in a panic. I grab a black knee length skirt and quickly pair it with a white peasant top and black pumps. I soon realize again that there is no clean underwear and decide to go commando for the day because if I don’t leave now I’ll be late and get another demerit in my English Lit class. I am convinced Professor Saunders hates me and needs the littlest of excuses to dole out punishment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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