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Chapter 4: Dating and meeting people

I showed up at Martha’s house on New Year’s Eve. There were quite a few people there. Lee (Martha’s husband) came over and handed me a beer. I thought about telling him I was only twenty but decided, to hell with it. I was going to have a good time.

Most of the people at the New Years party were probably in their thirties on up. I recognized a few people from work and even a few regular customers that I have seen at the store. It seemed as though most people were couples but I also noticed a few without wedding rings. I saw Linda there and she came up and gave me a hello kiss. At first I was a bit embarrassed but her date didn’t say anything.

I was introduced to everyone but was lucky to remember a few names. Even though the women were older they looked good. I think most women look pretty good after going through their rituals on getting ready for a night out. I remember my Aunt Trudy would take two hours getting ready whenever she was going out. For an average looking woman she always looked pretty nice to me.

I did see a couple of younger couples, probably in their twenties but they all had on wedding rings. Marge introduced me to a woman and said it was her sister Sandy. She lived in Michigan but came down to visit and join in the New Years party. I’m guessing she was in her early thirties but I’m not all that good with ages.

The music was blaring out and Sandy asked me to dance. I told her I was just an average dancer but she said at parties nobody really cared. It wasn’t long before I had my arms flailing and feet moving with the best of them. I was having the time of my life. Nobody cared that I wasn’t a great dancer. I think I did as well as most of the guys out there.

After a couple of beers I switched over to the punch. I wasn’t used to drinking. No one told me the punch was spiked and I was dinking it like water. Marge came up to me and told me I might want to slow down on the punch or I might not make it till midnight

That’s when I found out it was spiked. I did switch over to pop after that but the damage was done, the booze was in my system. The party was great and I ate a lot, danced with a number of women including Martha and Linda. When Linda’s date wasn’t looking she grabbed me by the ass and smiled.

I looked around and Martha was smiling at me. Later when I danced with her she told me Linda said that I was quite the lover. To say I was embarrassed would be an understatement. Martha told me not to worry about it, a lot of women talked about the guys they’ve been with.

“You mean to tell me women talk about their love life?”

“Not all but some do. Linda does and she said you were something else. Don’t worry, I’m not after you, Lee and I have a good marriage. Hope you’re having a good time at the party.”

“I am but I might have drunk too much and might need a ride home later.”

“We have a couch down in the basement you’re welcome to use. That way you can party longer. You need to have some fun.”

I thanked Martha and switched back to the punch. Since I was staying the night I didn’t have to worry about driving. I started spending more time with Sandy. I had found out that she was divorced for about a year. She was married for ten years but it didn’t work out. According to her they got married too young and her husband cheated on her. They had two kids who were to spend New Years with their father so she came to visit her sister.

She worked as an office secretary for an auto firm in Michigan. I do have to say she was a good looking woman and seemed really nice. I loved slow dancing with her. She liked to put her arms around my neck and my arms around her waist. The more we danced the closer we danced. At one point we took a break and I went to get us both a glass of punch. While I was waiting I saw her talking to Linda. I had to wonder what they might be talking about.

They had a mistletoe hanging in one of the doorways and whenever a man and woman went under it together they kissed. It was all in fun and I must have kissed a dozen women. Sandy at least four times. At midnight they had the countdown on with Dick Clark. At midnight everyone yelled Happy New Year and every one kissed the women and shook hands with the men.

Linda and Sandy added at little extra when they kissed me. Lee gave everyone a small glass of champagne and we made a toast to the new year and sang Auld Lang Syne. I have to admit it was fun. After that we went back to eating and dancing.

Some people were getting ready to go home. By two in the morning most everyone had left. The only ones left were Martha and Lee, who lived there and Sandy and me. We put the food away and Martha said we could clean up the rest of the mess in the morning.

I thanked her for a wonderful time and headed down the basement where she had a pillow and blanket for me on the couch. I took off my clothes down to my undies and lay down on the couch. I noticed they had a bedroom in the basement poker oyna also. I kind of wondered why I was on the couch.

It didn’t take me long to figure it out. Sandy came downstairs. She was sleeping in the spare room. I couldn’t help thinking about her as she went into the room and closed the door. In my mind I could picture her getting naked.

It wasn’t five minutes later when she came out of the room with a short nightgown on. She came over to me and said, “Happy New Year Joey,” and leaned down and kissed me. I mean one of those lover type kisses that Mary talked about.

We were actually swapping tongues when she reached down and grabbed a hold of my now hard cock. She wrapped her hand around it like Mary used to do and sucked on the head. I remember again Mary telling me to take care of the woman and she would take care of me.

I pushed Sandy back lightly and sat up. She looked at me a bit surprised but didn’t say anything. I sat her down on the couch and noticed she had on a near see through pair of panties. I reached up and pulled them off of her. She lifted up her hips, helping me. She still hadn’t said a word.

I got on my knees, spread her legs and buried my face into her pussy. I rubbed my face in her trimmed bush and then down to her pussy, licking her nub on my way down. She wasn’t talking but was making noises. I rubbed her nub with my thump first gently and then faster. At the same time I was licking and tonguing her pussy.

I felt her get extremely wet as she held my head to her pussy. After having an orgasm she asked me if I wanted to share her bed. Needless to say we headed into the bedroom. I remembered to stop and take a couple of condoms out of my wallet.

We began with me rubbing her shoulders and working down to her breasts just like Mary had shown me. I rubbed her breasts from the side up to her nipples. I could see them getting hard and bent over and began sucking on them.

“My God! Where did you learn to make love like this? You seem so young?” asked Sandy.

“Let’s just say a good friend taught me,” I replied.

I kissed my way back down to her tummy. She was gyrating against my hand that was rubbing her pussy. “I’m ready whenever you are,” replied Sandy.

I got up, slipped on a condom and slowly entered Sandy. It didn’t take long before we were pumping hard against each other. As I felt her orgasm starting I let go and filled my condom. I held still and waited for her spasms to stop. When they did I pulled out and went to the downstairs bathroom and flushed the condom down the toilet and wiped myself off.

When I came out of the bathroom, I notice Sandy was fast asleep. She seemed so peaceful. I gently covered her and went back to my couch, a very satisfied man.

I woke up in the morning and washed up, got dressed and headed upstairs. Martha and Sandy were having coffee and toast. When they saw me they were both smiling. I had no idea if Sandy said anything to her sister.

“Would you like some toast and coffee?” asked Martha.

“No coffee but orange juice would be good if you have any,” I replied.

“Did you sleep well on the old couch?” asked Martha.

“I must have really been tired. I slept great.”

“Partying will do that to you,” said Sandy. “I slept like a baby and had some wonderful dreams.” I still wasn’t sure if she said anything to her sister.

We sat there and I thanked Martha for inviting me to her party. I told her I had a wonderful time. Sandy smiled at me and said, “It was really nice meeting you. I hope to see you again when I come down to visit. I’m leaving to go home today.”

“It was great meeting you too. You sure are a good dancer.” I knew I should say something nice but I was rather new at this type of thing. “It would be nice to see you again also,” I replied.

After eating my toast and drinking my orange juice I said my goodbyes and headed for home. As I pulled in the driveway I had to wonder if Mary’s evening was as fulfilling as mine. It didn’t take long to figure out when I saw Henry’s vehicle in the driveway. Nancy had stayed at her dad’s last night.

Life went on and was good. Martha always smiled at me at work but never said anything about me being with her sister. Linda on the other hand asked me over a couple of times. I did go over and see her but I didn’t want to build a relationship and neither did she.

One morning as I was getting ready to leave work my boss asked me if I could make a delivery for him. He usually made it but had some important things to do that particular morning. He said it was Mrs. Green, one of our best customers. She actually lived on the ritzy part of town. She rarely came into the store but always called in her order and Mr. Chase usually delivered it.

He said he would pay me for an extra hour in my wages and she usually was a great tipper. He smiled when he said it. I loaded her groceries in my car and headed for her house. It was a big beautiful home in the suburbs. Well kept lawns, most canlı poker oyna everyone had pools. It was definitely upper class.

I rang the doorbell and she came to the door in a robe. Her hair was still wet so I figured she must have just gotten out of the shower.

“Hello, Mrs. Green. I’m Joey from the market. Mr. Chase asked me to deliver your groceries.”

She smiled at me and asked me to set them on the counter. I had to make four trips from my car.

“Would you mind helping me put the groceries away? I put the beverages in the refrigerator in the garage.”

I had no problem helping her. She was one beautiful woman, probably in her forties.

“All the frozen foods I put in the freezer in the garage also.” I took the frozen food out for her while she was putting other groceries away.

When I walked in she was reaching up in her cupboard putting some things on her upper shelf. Her robe had risen way above mid thigh and she had one nice set of legs.

She turned around and looked at me staring at her. She didn’t look mad; in fact she looked sexy and smiled at me. “Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“Umm, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been staring at you.”

“Answer the question. Do you like what you see?” she said again.

“Yes, you are a very beautiful woman, and again I’m sorry for staring at you.”

“Joey, I like being looked at, especially by young men. Do you find me attractive?”

“Very much so,” I replied.

“For your tip I’ll either give you a hand job or a blow job. What’s your preference?”

I thought for a moment and remember what Mary had said about women like this. “Do for them and you will get more in return.”

“Mrs. Green, my choice who be to let me perform oral sex on you.”

She stared at me, I guess I caught her by surprise. “You’re a beautiful woman and I would actually like to eat your pussy.” I know that this was a bold move for me but she did start the conversation.

Without saying a word she walked into the living room. I thought she was going to ask me to leave but instead she untied her robe, opened it up and sat on the couch.

“You are a beautiful woman with a gorgeous body,” I said as I got on my knees and put my face to her pussy. She was the first woman I have ever seen who was shaved clean. No hair on her pussy at all.

I started by kissing her lower belly and worked my way down to the crack of her pussy. I started tonguing her nub and felt her body starting to tighten up. I continued down and asked her to spread her lips for me, which she did, and I drove my tongue in and out of her, at the same time rubbing her nub fast with my thumb.

“Oh, fuck! That feels so damn good,” were the first words out of her mouth.

I continued to tongue fuck her till she said, “I want you to fuck me, Now!”

I quickly got up and dropped my jeans and put on a condom. I sat on the couch and she gave me a lap dance only I was buried deep within her. I have to admit it didn’t last long but it was great. I was able to rub her tits while shooting a load deep within her. Of course the condom caught it all.

When we were finished she thanked me and said she might ask to have me deliver her groceries again. I did tell her I worked in the night stock department.

I did deliver her groceries twice over the next couple of months. The last time she did give me that blow job and I have to say she was quite the expert on making a guy hold back before coming.

Life was ok and I was having sex on a regular basis. My only problem was I didn’t have many younger friends, people my own age. Most of the women I’ve had sex with were in their late thirties and forties. I’m not knocking the sex but the women I’ve been with were divorced and had little kids. Some, like Mary had kids even older than me.

Mary and Henry were now a couple with hopes of getting married in the future. They both decided to take it slow.

I thought my twenty-first birthday would probably go by unnoticed but a few of the guys I worked with said they were going to take me out for drinks and a little party.

I went home and got some sleep and after I woke up Nancy came up and said her mom wanted to see me. I went into the house and Mary, her boyfriend Henry and Nancy all sang happy birthday to me. We had cake and ice cream and they had bought me a birthday present. It made me feel good to know they remembered.

I had to wonder what Mary would have given me if she wasn’t dating Henry. Oh well, just some old thoughts going through my head. I told them I was going out that night with a few guys from work. Mary reminded me not to drink and drive. I remember saying to her, “Yes Mom.” We all laughed.

The guys at work picked me up at my apartment and we went bar hopping. I wasn’t a big drinker and knew I was getting a little high. We went to a strip joint and my friends bought me a lap dance. The woman was at least in her twenties and built great.

I do have to say she was good and internet casino it felt great. She gave me a couple of extra grinds and wished me a happy birthday. We went to one more bar and it was a local hangout. I’ve been there a couple of times but never drank.

When we got there Linda, from work was there with her boyfriend and another woman Sylvia, who she said was her best friend. They bought me a drink for my birthday. My buddies said it was about time to head home. Bill said he told his wife he would be home by eleven.

I was getting up to leave when Linda told Bill that they would see I got home safely. I said goodnight to my friends and was finishing my drink when someone started playing numbers on the jukebox. Sylvia asked me to dance.

Sylvia was an older woman, probably late thirties, early forties. She looked nice and seemed a bit flirty. During our dance she had grabbed my ass a couple of times and just laughed.

We danced a few dances and I saw she had on a wedding ring. She told me she and her husband Earl were separated. This was her second marriage. She worked as a waitress and had two kids. They were grown and had moved out recently.

I didn’t have any reasons not to believe her; I didn’t even know her. We went back to the table and had one more drink. I was feeling pretty good by then. Linda mentioned to me that she and her boyfriend were heading out and that Sylvia would drop me off at home.

She told me happy birthday one more time and gave me a pretty hefty kiss. I don’t think her boyfriend cared much for it but didn’t say anything. I told her I would probably see her at work the following week.

I asked Sylvia if she was ok to drive and she said she only had two drinks. She was drinking soda earlier in the evening. We got in her car and she told me that Linda told her I was quite the lover. I was rather embarrassed and wasn’t sure what to say.

“You mean Linda told you about us having… umm… sex? Do women tell other women everything?”

“Pretty much especially if they are close friends.”

She started driving but didn’t ask me where I lived. “Sylvia, you’re going the wrong way to my apartment.”

“I know, I need to stop at my house for something. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you stranded,” she then laughed.

I had a feeling that she was up to something. I didn’t mind if it meant I was going to get laid on my birthday. When she opened the garage door and parked in the garage I knew it was going to be a good night.

“Come on in, I have something to show you,” said Sylvia.

This was a big house and a nice one too. I saw pictures in the living room of her grown daughter and a few pictures of her with a big burly man I figured was the man she was separated from. He looked scary in the pictures.

I followed her upstairs and into the master bedroom. “What did you want to show me?” I asked with a smile.

She quickly took off her shirt and bra. She had a nice set of tits. I was already getting hard looking at her holding her hands under them.

“So, what do you think?” she asked.

“They’re beautiful,” I responded. They stuck nearly straight out. She told me she had implants and for me to feel them.

They felt a bit different but still felt good. I started rubbing her nipples with my thumbs and she told me to go ahead and squeeze them, she liked it a bit rough.

“Take your clothes off and let’s get started Honey,” she said to me.

I got naked and placed my clothes and shoes on a nearby chair. I did take out a condom and set it on the nightstand. Sylvia took off the rest of her clothes also. She had a trimmed brown bush and a tattoo right next to it.

She pulled the covers back and got on the bed. “Like my butterfly? Want to give it a kiss.” She was now smiling.

I climbed on the bed and got between her legs and started to kiss her tattoo. I moved over and began to rub my face in her bush.

“Umm, I love it, I love it.” She said as I moved down and began tonguing her pussy. I was darting my tongue in and out of her while rubbing her nub.

“Linda said you were good for such a young man but you’re even better than I expected.”

By now I was holding both of her legs in the air and she was separating her pussy lips for better access for me.

“Fuck me, Fuck me now. I want to feel your cock in me.”

I reached over and took the condom from the end table and put it on. We both held her legs high while I was fucking her hard. She kept telling me she wanted it harder and faster, I obliged. I couldn’t hold out much longer. I buried my cock deep in her and shot my load. I could feel her pussy spasm so I knew she had reached an orgasm.

I was still buried in her when we heard the garage door open. “Oh my God, Earl’s home. You have to get out of here, he’ll kill us both.”

“I thought you said you were separated?” I remarked nervously.

“I lied, oh my God, he coming in the house. Hide in the closet.”

I was scared shitless. I still was naked and the condom on my cock full of cum. I grabbed my clothes and shoes and quickly got into the closet. I was hoping that Earl wouldn’t be able to hear my heartbeat.

“Where are you Baby Doll?” I heard Earl say.

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