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It started out as curiosity but, I mean who wouldn’t have wanted to know what it was like.

Neytiri suggested it at first. This was the first time she saw me in human form. I felt a tingling feeling standing beside her. I could not hide my arousal. And neither could she. Her eyes glistened and she licked her lips. She said we would experience a wonderful connection together that day.

She was facing me at first but after she had removed most of my clothes she turned. She was hardly wearing anything at all, which made it a lot easier for me.

Neytiri was large, compared to a human, and I had forgotten the difference in size. She told me not to worry. She then crouched down, and got on all fours. She told me this would be the most comfortable for both of us. She also told me that this was a common way for the Na’vi to make love.

She arched her back and placed her head close to the ground. She said normally we would join first, but because I was not within the Avatar we could not. She told me there was another way but first I would enter her.

She raised her slender waist higher into the air, revealing her beautiful rear end. She was so smooth and moist, the colour of her lips; slightly paler that her skin. She was ready, her genitals shining, and begging for me to penetrate her. I could almost taste the sent of her. I couldn’t help myself.

I placed my tongue and the base of her pubic hair and licked towards her butt hole. Her sweet nectar made me go wild. I NEEDED MORE. Her juices began to drip from within her womanhood.

Neytiri was getting impatient, she grabbed poker oyna my pelvis with her long arms and pulled my body towards her. In a single thrust I was in her to the hilt. She let out a yelp, which turned into a moan. I became even harder inside her.

Neytiri felt wonderful. My manhood was bathing in her vaginal juices. Slowly the waters of her womb trickled down my legs. She said she was ready to connect with me now. I asked if it was even possible. And then I felt it.

From within the walls of her vagina extended fibrous tendrils, I had experienced this before when flying…The hair-like fibers now entered the tip of my shaft, they pushed at the sides of my urethra, widening my penis. It was not painful at all. Very gentle and soothing in fact.

Neytiri smiled as she turned to look into my eyes. She told me to prepare myself for a greater sensation. This time even deeper still as I thrust into her. A thicker tendril extended from her womb. Just large enough to pass perfectly inside my urethra. I could feel this tentacle slowing going deeper inside my body. The sensation almost made me cum, but I held it in. Eventually this fibrous tube reached my testicles, I could feel it split and attached itself to both.

Neytiri was now joined with me, we were one. She was moaning in ecstasy. She tried to speak but could only smile. I could feel a heat in my balls. It was most strange, Neytiri was feeding me. This fibrous tendril was transporting organic material directly into my testis. It felt wonderful. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but it soon became clear.

My testicles canlı poker oyna swelled in size. I could feel I was beginning to produce more semen. She was feeding me! So I could cum! I was about to burst. Neytiri at this point slammed her feline rear hard against my pelvis and I shot fluids deep inside her. The fibers of her womb were absorbing my sperm and semen at an alarming rate.

The larger hairs were still injecting their nutrients into my balls. I kept cumming, it didn’t stop. I was filling Neytiri with my love. With each ejaculation I thrust deeper. Pumping my semen inside her.

Neytiri was moaning and her hips and legs were shaking. I rubbed my fingers along her asshole, She quivered with glee. I couldn’t keep up with the amount of nutrients that were entering my body. Vast amounts of semen were being produced, I just kept pumping inside her. I could feel my sperm squirting against her uterus.

I placed my hand against her belly, I could feel the motion of my penis knocking inside her. I could feel her swelling inside, my liquids filling her sacred womb. Neytiri let out a yell in her native tongue. I could feel the liquids from her tendrils flowing into my testicles even faster now. I came with all the strength I had left. I could feel the pressure from my semen pushing back from within her, Neytiri was nearly full of my cum.

Neytiri moaned in pleasure once more. I could feel her tentacles beginning to contract back within her body. Her vagina had started to seal it’s precious cargo. I felt her grow tighter, Neytiri pussy muscles sucking every last drop from internet casino my body. I was so deep inside her I wondered if I would be set free. Her tummy certainly appeared larger.

Neytiri began pushing me out from within, while her body closed in order to retain all that sperm. Her tight blue pussy lips were utterly soaked, sweat dripped from her pubic hairs. However her vagina shut tight. I couldn’t put a finger in if I tried.

Neytiri gave the biggest smile and kissed me. She tasted fantastic. I felt my energy returning. She told me it was time for another round. She resumed her doggy position. Unfortunately she said her pussy was out of access and would be for some time, as she was consuming my cum and semen.

She told me not to fret as she still had place for me. Her tight Omaticaya’n asshole was there for the taking. She was such a large woman compared to me, her size alone was enough to ensure my desire. This was almost too much. Never in my life had I seen such a perfect butt. I pressed the tip of my shaft against her soft meat. Her slippery hams granted me easy access. And once again I was inside my treasure.

I could feel a pulsating heat from within Neytiri’s rectum. A chemical reaction was taken place within her uterus. The heat of her womb warmed her asshole. My dick became rock hard. Neytiri groaned and slammed her meaty rump hard against me. I spurted hot semen deep inside her bowels. Like a torrent my cum flowed into her, it appeared that reactions were still taking place within my testis, I was producing large amounts of semen. I had to get it all out.

I lay on top of Neytiri’s back as my cock injected her ass with juices. I was becoming sleepy. We remained like this till the morn, constantly within her. Into a deep slumber we fell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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