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Astronomy 2 – Flagrante

… sequel to Astronomy 1 – Eclipsus

Jane’s stunning emerald eyes opened ecstatically wide as the waves of orgasm began to course through her body. Her legs tingled, her insides quivered, her breasts swelled, her nipples hardened while her pussy oozed warm creamy come. Until recently she had never really had much of a thing for masturbation. Now, she could barely let a day pass without enjoying its magnificent release. This time, for the first time, the inspiration for her intense compulsion was with her.

Closing her eyes again for just a moment Jane visualized herself but two Sunday’s back. Sitting on a high stool in her kitchen, her elbow leaning on the counter, a half-eaten slice of toast in her hand, she stared contentedly out into the early-morning warmth a freshness of her lovely garden. Dreamily she recalled the previous day at the village fete. With a single prize – a Fender Stratocaster Patrick had persuaded a dealer in Brighton to donate on a promise of a year’s sole rights to market his new Aria range – she and Helen had raised £500 for Medicins Sans Frontier. Of course, the chance of owning a pure piece of America for just a £5 ticket and support one of the world’s great charities was attraction enough for most men. But just to make sure Helen had persuaded her that they should dress as quintessentially Carry-On nurses. So, for the best part of six hours she and her new best friend had laughed, giggled and wiggled in matching short, very short actually, white coats she borrowed from a lab at college and black stockings. Jane had, in truth, really not felt comfortable about the idea when Helen first suggested it, but Patrick encouraged her slowly she came to think – yeah, that’s the kind of fun people expect. Then, when the rector’s wife told her that her party-piece was even more burlesque – for her ‘Buy a tart from a Tart’ stall – she packed away her inhibitions and went for it, in a black bodice and side-split skirt.

All that was but the background. Sitting their idly enjoying the soft breeze creeping in through the open door Jane could not stop thinking about Helen. About how funny and chatty she was, how much fuss she made of all the lecherous old men who now more wanted a Stratocaster than a box set of hip-hop, how much she teased the teenage boys, how at ease she was with women of all ages. But more than this, she could not stop herself thinking how attractive Helen was, how lovely her face, how perfect her figure, how good she looked as a naughty nurse … and more even than that, how stunningly sexy she looked semi-naked. Before packing up their stuff they had slipped into the WI tent to slip on jeans and shirts. Almost before she was out of sight Helen had unbuttoned her lab coat which she tossed on a chair. With an uncontrollable obsession Jane stared at Helen’s body – her pale unblemished skin, her slender arms, her narrow waist, her toned legs, her curvaceous hips and her beautifully round breasts, their pale skin and ruby red nipples hazily-visible through the lacy cups of her black bra. Seemingly oblivious to Jane’s staring eyes Helen turned her back and leaned down to rummage around in a small holdall on the floor. Unblinkingly Jane’s eyes glided over Helen’s bottom, her black silk panties stretched tight across her upraised buttocks.

As if sent by the Sapphic goddesses to add a final impulse to Jane’s reverie, a warm breeze drifted up her naked legs and inside her loosely tied gown to caress her pussy. Hmm, she sighed whilst casually, unthinkingly, letting her legs fall slightly apart. Hmm, she sighed once more as a second, more powerful breath of air caresses her inner thighs, creating a frisson of excitement between her legs which was amplified as her memory replayed over and over a moment of pure sexual and lustful awakening. Slowly, as Helen rummaged around in her bag, Jane’s eyes focused more and more intently on the tightness with which the black silk caresses and revealed the plumpness of her friend’s pussy mound and labia. She had sighed with excitement at the time, though she barely understood why, but now, alone in her kitchen with the breeze caressing her own güvenilir bahis sex Jane was in no doubt as to why. Never before had she had anything like a lesbian desire, but right there and then she was completely smitten by intense feelings of love and desire for Helen, for her sunny personality, but more than that, for her body … and her pussy.

Confident of her desires and the fact that Patrick would be out on his bike for at least another hour, Jane had untied her gown, caressed her body gently for a few minutes before devoting all her physical attention to her already wet pussy and all her mental attention to imagining the sight, the smell, the feel, the taste of Helen’s. Shamelessly, openly, she had masturbated there for the birds and bees to watch, coming so powerfully and wetly that she could not stop herself carrying on, sliding her fingers deeply inside herself, enjoying her own sticky wetness until her self-penetration made her come again.

As the joyous currents of orgasm rippled through her body Jane stared adoringly at her muse. Helen was quite exquisite. Maybe five foot, nine, she was as perfectly proportioned as Aphrodite or Venus or her namesake of Troy. Her statuesque beauty and pale skin contrasted majestically with her mane of gorgeous thick, curly and silky red hair which cascaded over her shoulders. Right now, as if her natural loveliness was not attraction enough she stood in front of Jane coming as joyfully as any woman could, her wonderfully delicate and inventive fingers now deep inside her pussy – fingers which only minutes before had brought Jane to her first lesbian climax, creating an unquenchable thirst for more. Jane’s submission had been certain from the moment she stepped into Helen’s car. All through the short trip to Brighton so that Helen could buy a new dress for some family wedding she was attending, Jane had found herself unable to think of anything but her friend’s body. Maybe not surprising given that Helen’s tight blouse and short skirt had offered her plenty of exciting inspiration. Having found just ‘the dress’ in no time Helen had then persuaded Jane to buy a fabulously flirty red gingham dress that made her feel so sexy she decided to wear it, together with a startlingly provocative pair of scarlet panties in silk and lace with a matching bra. As a strikingly attractive pair they had turned heads and drawn glances as they wandered The Lanes and even more so when they stopped for a salad and a glass of wine in one of the trendier pavement cafes. By the time Jane slumped into her favourite sofa to watch Helen unpack and inspect her purchase Jane felt as wanton, as horny, as outrageously forward as she had ever felt in her life. A little devil whispered that she should make it plain how much she wanted Helen, unbutton her dress, open her legs, stroke her thighs … or perhaps ask her friend to try on her new dress right there in the Sitting Room and calmly masturbate while watching.

Sadly, whilst her desire was more real and unremitting than she could bear, Jane’s innate shyness left her dumb … until Helen had suddenly turned to face her and whispered ‘oh Jane, you look gorgeous in that dress, so sexy, hmm, you make me all warm in a little girl’s place’. And as she spoke, in a single bound, Helen had leapt across to where Jane sat and knelt between her feet and whispered ‘and these panties …’. And with just a smile and a pout Helen hypnotized her into complete acquiescence. While Jane smiled submissively Helen unfastened the lowest three buttons of her dress, folded it open to reveal her scarlet panties and with a fabulously sensitive touch caressed her thighs and hips before working her clitoris through the now damp silk and lace until she came uncontrollably. Indeed, not only was her first orgasm beneath a woman’s touch so supremely wonderful as to be almost immoral, she had also found herself unable to hold back from expressing her wantonness, pleading constantly for Helen to make her come and confessing proudly her gathering wetness, her overpowering longing to soak her new panties with her come. As she came, almost crying with lustful pleasure and fulfilment, she confessed how much she fancied türkçe bahis Helen, how much she had lusted after her in the car, staring like an unashamed lecher between the folds in her blouse, beneath the rising hem of her skirt, wanting her, wanting to feel her soft skin, wanting to stroke her naked legs, wanting to kiss the tightness of her white panties, wanting to unbutton her own dress and masturbate semi-nude while Helen drove them through the gorgeous South Downs countryside.

In reply, Helen had stood and slowly, like a stripper, unfastened her blouse which fell open to reveal her beautiful breasts caressed by a white lace bra that accentuated the delicacy of her skin and the ruby-richness of her nipples. Then, teasingly at first, she flicked at the hem of her tiny dark-blue tartan mini-skirt, affording tantalising glimpses of her white panties, before lifting it rudely. Inspired, Jane unfastened the remaining buttons of her dress and caressed her breasts a moment while Helen watched and then, steering her lover’s eyes down to her pussy, slipped her hand inside her panties and began to masturbate, just as she promised to do next time they were driving. Helen fantasised out loud of tearing off her panties while driving so that Jane could lust after her naked pussy while she masturbated, and then did so, tearing the thin straps to let the now useless fabric fall to the floor. Holding her skirt up rudely she let Jane stare at her auburn-haired sex for some thirty seconds, during which Jane masturbated with frenzied devotion while moaning her complete infatuation with her friend’s naked pussy. And she meant every sexy word – right then she wanted to kiss and love and please Helen’s pussy more than anything else in the world.

With her second orgasm flooding into her panties Jane fell forward off the sofa to kneel at Helen’s feet. She watched up close as her friend finished her own masturbation, driving three fingers deep inside her wet and fragrant sex whilst her juices oozed down over her knuckles. Jane had never been so close to a woman’s sex. Helen’s was simply beautiful – lusciously scented and beautiful. Her fleshy pink labia, sticky with her juices, were spread wide by Helen’s wrist, exposing fully her swollen cherry-red clitoris. ‘Love me, Janey, love me’ Helen whispered as Jane took her first tentative taste of another woman’s come. It was divine, like nectar, like honey and strawberry, like lemonade and chocolate. ‘Yes baby’, Helen cooed as Jane’s natural desire guided her tongue and lips around Helen’s pussy, licking her and opening her and sucking her and adoring her the way she always dreamed and hoped Patrick would love her. In a mesmerized daze of Sapphic lust Jane slid her hands up the back of Helen’s legs, up her thighs, inside her skirt and onto her pert, round buttocks. Licking now like the most wanton of lesbian sluts Jane’s mind pictured again the gorgeous sight she had seen on the day of the fete, of Helen’s black silk panties stretched tight across her fabulous bottom – and with that picture in her mind and Helen’s taste in her mouth she replayed a fantasy she had come to more often than all others, of kneeling behind Helen at that precise moment, of pulling down her panties and of kissing her pussy and bottom while fingering herself. Hmm, hmm, hmm, she moaned as she lapped Helen’s sex, feeling her juices spreading dirtily around her lips, her face, down her chin. With a mixture of glorious achievement and intense disappointment Jane cried as Helen stepped away from her, her body quivering in an intensely physical orgasm.

Panting, Helen held her hands out and helped Jane to her feet. The two women fell together, kissing with the passionate ardour of the newly-in-love. Helen held her tight as they kissed, as their tongues caressed and their juices flowed, as Helen’s come slipped into her own mouth from Jane’s tongue. As they held fast against each other Helen’s hands slipped around and down Jane’s body, gently stroking and teasing their way to the hem of her dress and them up inside, up the backs of her thighs, over her panties and then down inside them. With greater urgency and vigour now Helen squeeze and massaged Jane’s güvenilir bahis siteleri firm buttocks, sliding her fingers down between them, down past her dark hole into the wetness of her crotch and then back up and around her soft flesh. Again and again, without breaking the kiss, Helen caressed Jane’s bottom, revealing with every intimate touch the earnestness and wantonness of her desire. Gasping for breath the two women pulled apart from their kiss.

Oh angel, Helen whispered, I want you more than ever. And I want to be wanted, Jane replied, delighting in the prescience of further pleasure. Helen slipped one hand around Jane’s hips, pressing her knuckles down hard against the come-soaked wetness of her lover’s panties. I need to feel you come again, she sighed, and then taste your come and then watch you come … hmm, she breathed delightedly while sliding two fingers inside Jane’s slippery warm vagina. Oh yes, Jane cooed enthusiastically, enjoying the lustful passion of Helen’s penetration as much as any sex she had ever had, maybe more so. Clear of Jane’s uncontrollable arousal Helen sighed slow dirty thoughts while twisting her fingers artfully and languidly to keep Jane beautifully on the edge of another orgasm for as long as possible: hmm, how I’ve wanted your pussy Jane, how I’ve dreamed of feeling her come, of slipping my hands inside your panties and making her come … hmm, you smell so good, oh how much I’ve longed to be this close to you, to undress you and caress you and feel you and smell you … I want to feel you come flowing all over my fingers Jane, feel it soaking your panties … and then I want to lick you, still with your panties on, you come-wet panties … oh baby, you’re shaking, can you feel the come welling up inside you, waiting to burst all over my fingers, like a waterfall, a cascade … oh yes baby, come, come for me, do it again ands again … do it for me when I’m not with angel, day or night, indoors or out, whenever you think of me Jane I need to know you’ll stop, push your panties aside and make yourself come thinking of me … I can feel you coming now baby, hmm, so wet …

Jane came lavishly. Her body quivered in rapturous delight as her pussy tightened around Helen’s immorally wonderful fingers as her come cascaded into her lover’s palm and down onto the already come-soaked crotch of her panties. It was her third devastatingly powerful and erotically magnificent orgasm in less than ten minutes, but still she wanted more. With a ravenous desire greater than any she had ever known she wanted more and yet more Sapphic pleasure, insatiably she wanted to come again and yet again with Helen. She wanted to surrender herself fully and totally to Helen’s needs, to feel and smell and taste her while she herself came and came again uncontrollably. Full of lust, she kissed Helen passionately while slipping her hands inside her lover’s blouse, easing it off her shoulders. As the blouse fell to the floor Jane pulled down the thin straps of Helen’s expensive bra, pulling them down her lover’s arms, pulling the delicate white lace cups from her breasts. Having undressed her lover Jane broke the kiss and dropped her mouth to Helen’s beautifully plump, round breasts, massaging each lovingly with her open mouth before sucking hard on the swollen ruby-red fruit of a nipple. Helen sighed adoringly as Jane nibbled and teased her engorged nipple, begging to be pleasured whilst vowing to be hers whenever she pleased, confessing her needs whilst promising to do for Jane whatever she wanted. As she slid her mouth across to the other nipple Jane reached beneath Helen’s skirt, slipped both hands up between Helen’s legs, one from the front, one from the back, drove two fingers from each hand hard up inside Helen’s hot, slippery pussy, almost lifting her lover off her feet. Even with her mind consumed with lesbian passion Jane was amazed by the capacious wantonness of Helen’s pussy. Kissing and sucking her lover’s nipples with intense ardour Jane fingered her lover’s pussy with impious devotion and rampant lust. Within moments Helen was moaning passionately and coming wetly and profusely. Don’t stop, she cried, don’t stop, as her body writhed in ecstasy and pulsed in orgasmic rapture, coming hot and wet, filling Jane’s palms with pools of fragrant juice, filling Jane’s mind with confessions of obsessive love.

…continued in Astronomy 3 – Delicto

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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