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As surprising as it may seem, the girls didn’t talk much for a couple days after Alexis had her first threesome. But on the third day, Alexis agreed to meet Ashley for dinner, wondering with cautious anticipation what her sister might have in mind next.

“So, you seem to me enjoying your, um, experimenting do far,” said Ashley as the girls sat down on her couch with Chinese takeout. Ashley, once again, wore a top that showed half her stomach, and Alexis had even decided to wear a top that exposed a couple inches of her belly and a fair amount of cleavage. Ashley would make her change into something more revealing if she didn’t show a little skin, Alexis had reasoned as she picked out her outfit.

Alexis still couldn’t believe how slutty her big sister dressed – or how slutty she acted, for that matter. Thinking back, she couldn’t remember the last time she saw Ashley in “normal” clothes. Well, the crop tops were normal for Ashley. She could probably count the tops she owned that were long enough to cover her belly button on one hand.

“Yeah, it’s been – it’s been a lot of fun,” replied Alexis finally.

“Yeah, you’re starting to become quite the little slut,” said Ashley with a wink. “There’s still a long way to go, though, you know?”

“Yeah,” replied Alexis.

“I mean, lots of stuff you haven’t tried yet. I was just wondering where you are with all of it and wanted to see if you’re ready to experiment a little more.”

“I don’t know Ashley,” said Alexis. “I’ve done a lot lately. Would it be OK if I had some time – maybe during Christmas break I could think about it some and then see what we want to do. You know, I have to study for exams anyway.”

Ashley, convinced that Alexis had learned enough for one semester, nodded and agreed.

The girls finished their dinner and Alexis left uneventfully after catching up on the latest gossip and recalling the sexual encounters the two girls had experienced that year.

Of course, Alexis continued to give the guys a show from her dorm window two nights a week or so. She would get so stressed studying that she would just rip her clothes off and fuck herself hard, fucking her pussy and ass and sucking her dildo clean every chance she got. She was really attracting an audience, and she always covered her face.

Ashley, meanwhile, continued to serve as a slut for whoever she could pick up at a club or fraternity party, always willing to open her legs, always dressed to please.

Christmas break came and the girls went home to live with their dad for a month. Nothing eventful really happened during the first three weeks, except Alexis continued her ass-to-mouth exploits with her dildo and Ashley occasionally went to a party, always dressed like a whore, always coming back late, always winking at Alexis when she asked how her night was. She always seemed to leave some sort of indication that she was out getting laid, whether it was the smeared makeup or messed up hair or cum-stained clothes.

The girls went shopping one day, too, and Ashley again wore a top that left lots of her stomach exposed. The girls sat down and had lunch, and Ashley’s thong rode up well above her jeans in the back. Alexis, of course, told her about it, but Ashley just smiled and said, “I know,” afterward, Ashley bought a similarly short top for Alexis and even convinced her to change into it and walk around the mall wearing it.

“You don’t find it humiliating? Wearing stuff like this? Ashley, I’ve never seen you really covered!” Alexis said, laughing.

“Yeah, maybe a little.”

“Well we are home now – not in college! I’ve seen people I know and stuff – what are they thinking when they see us like this? They’re going to think I’m a slut! Especially this time of year!”

“Yeah, Alexis – if you hadn’t figured it out yet, lots of people know I’m a slut. I actually kinda like it – it turns me on.”

“Yeah, that sounds just like you, Ashley,” replied Alexis. The girls laughed and continued to walk through the mall, Ashley strutting her body and Alexis slowly becoming more comfortable in her attire. The girls finished shopping after a few more stores, and Alexis was relieved to only be seen by one person she recognized, other than Ashley of course.

The girls left the mall and stepped out into the cold. Alexis folded her arms across her bare stomach, shivering. Ashley, on the other hand, adjusted her hair, allowing her shirt to ride up and show even more skin as the hem flapped in the cold breeze.

A few days later, while the girls’ father was at work, Ashley left to go see a friend, leaving Alexis home alone. Seizing the opportunity, Alexis pulled out her dildo and began another ass-to-mouth performance, hoping to finally satisfy the urges that had plagued her for the last couple days. She was on her fourth round of switching from her ass to her mouth when Ashley barged in the bedroom unannounced.

“Ashley!” Alexis shouted.

“Whoa, you are really going at it!” Ashley exclaimed, laughing.

“Damn it, I was so close!”

“Come on, güvenilir bahis it’s not like I’ve never watched you fuck yourself.”

“Yeah, but I was – “

“You were really into it. I heard you all the way down the hall.”

“Did you hear me moaning, or – “

“I heard everything. The moaning, the begging, you calling yourself a filthy slut – I bet you really want someone to watch you right now don’t you?”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe – “

“Don’t be all prudish on me! So you like to be called a slut – I like it too. I love it, actually. And I know how much you love being watched.”

“So what, you’re just going to sit here and watch me fuck myself and listen to me tell you what an ass to mouth slut I am?” Alexis noticed at that exact moment that she had completely stopped masturbating, but she was still more horny than ever.

“You would just love that, wouldn’t you? Well guess what, I have to go shower.” Ashley quickly unzipped her low-rise jeans and slid them off along with her panties, stopping to dip two fingers into her pussy. When she pulled them out, Alexis could see that they were unmistakably covered in cum. Before she could ask, Ashley began to explain.

“I just went to meet a couple of guys for a quick fuck,” Ashley said. Slowly, she lifted her fingers to her lips and began to lick off the remnants of her slutty day. She sucked her fingers for a few seconds, teasing Alexis as she swallowed the cum. “See, I can’t watch you – I have to shower.”

“Ashley, wow,” said Alexis.

“What, are you jealous? There are plenty of guys out there who would be up for a quick meet and fuck. Go find some if you want it.”

“No, I just want someone to watch. I don’t want to fuck guys around here. I feel like I’d get a reputation!”

“Yeah, that you’re easy and a slut? You think everybody doesn’t know I am? Come on. And if you really just want someone to watch, open up your computer and let somebody watch!”

“Wh- what do you mean?” Asked Alexis.

“Come on, you know. There are websites where you can get naked for a stranger. Show your tits, show your pussy, even fuck yourself for them. Whatever you want to do.”

“Oh – wow – really? Can you show me? Is it safe?”

“Sure.” Said Ashley. She opened up Alexis’ laptop and brought up a site and clicked a few buttons and keys. Within a few minutes, there was a guy on the screen chatting with Alexis, who was in bed completely nude.

“You can type to him,” said Ashley. “You have no idea who he is or where he is. And that’s half the fun!”

“Wow…” Alexis’ voice trailed off. “Ok, I’m going to show him how I have fun.”

“Go right ahead. I’ll be in the shower.” Alexis turned to the computer and began typing some words.

“Wow, you’re already naked!” The guy had typed.

“What do you expect?” Alexis typed back. “Isn’t the point to be naked?”

“Yeah, but some girls will barely flash you their tits before they run away. So what do you like to do on here?”

“This is my first time,” typed Alexis.

“First time and already naked!”

“Yeah, my sister showed me this site just a few minutes ago.”

“Is your sister there? Is she naked too?”

“Haha. She’s in the shower.”

“Oh. Well you have a really sexy body.”

“Thank you,” typed Alexis, blushing. She moved the laptop to show her face, as she realized her face wasn’t in the screen.

“Wow, and your face too!” The guy said. He thought about telling her that most girls that use the site don’t show their face, but he thought better of it and said nothing.

Slowly, Alexis built up her courage and began to rub her pussy lips with her right hand.

“You like that?” She asked, stopping for a moment.

“Oh yeah. Want to do it together?”


Alexis plunged her fingers into her pussy as the guy brought out his cock and began to stroke it.

“This turns me on so much!” The guy wrote after a couple minutes of watching each other masturbate.

“Me too! I love being watched!” Alexis wrote back.

“Yeah. And I love watching and shooting a load of cum on a hot girl!”

“Want me to make you cum? I love ass to mouth and I want to show you something…”

“Wow, definitely!”

Alexis needed nothing more. She grabbed her dildo and plunged it deep into her ass, becoming more aroused with each thrust as she slid the dildo deeper and deeper into her ass. Looking at the computer, she could see him stroking his cock to her as she fucked her own ass.

“Wow, just wow,” he typed.

“Do you like watching me fuck my ass?” She responded, pausing for a moment.

“Yeah, that’s so sexy!”

“Well I like you watching me. I’m really just a little slut and want to show you.”

“You like being watched?”

“I loooove being watched. And being called a slut. ;)”

“You really are a little slut”

Alexis thrust the dildo deep in her ass and pulled it out. Positioning her face in front of the webcam, she slowly slid her dildo out of her ass and into her waiting mouth as she began türkçe bahis to type, holding the dildo in her mouth with her lips.

“This tastes really nasty but I love doing it.”

“Wow, you slut!”

“Thanks. It really makes me super horny.”

“You like tasting your own ass?”

“Love it. Its nasty and humiliating and really turns me on.”

Alexis continued to suck on the dildo in her mouth, savorong its nasty taste as she did so. She sucked as she looked directly at the webcam, wanting her viewer to see the sultry look on her face and see exactly how tasting her ass made her feel.

Soon, Alexis was pounding her ass with the dildo again, turning to show him how deep she was taking it. She thrust hard, turned the dildo in her ass, pulled it almost all the way out, and thrust it in again. Alexis was taking as much as she could stand.

“You really are an anal slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she replied, holding the dildo with her lips again. “If you were here I would beg you to fuck my ass and then suck your cock clean.”

“Ohhhh that’s so hot!”

Alexis shoved the dildo deep inside her mouth, tasting her ass again as she forced it into her throat. Swallowing her ass-flavored saliva, she smiled and began thrusting he dildo in her ass again. For another couple of minutes Alexis fucked her ass hard with the dildo. Removing it, she sat up and typed again.

“I want you to shoot your cum all over me,” she wrote.

“Beg for it slut,” came the reply.

“Please, please shoot your cum on me while I taste my own ass! I love being watched while I fuck my own ass and taste it. Please, please please give me that cum!”

Alexis placed the dildo into her mouth yet again, letting him watch as she slowly licked every inch, sticking her tongue out and licking it as if she was teasing a cock.

“I’m a filthy ass to mouth slut,” Alexis said out loud to the webcam. Even though the guy couldn’t hear her, he read her lips perfectly. She placed her face near the webcam, giving him a close up view as she rammed the dildo into her throat, abusing her face for him as she tasted the nasty toy.

It only took a moment. Seconds later, he began to shoot his load. Alexis took the dildo out and opened wide, giving him a nice big target on his computer screen. He didn’t miss.

Alexis quickly thanked him and soon found another viewer to satisfy her desires. This time, she placed her ass near the webcam, moving her computer closer to her body to give the guy a show. She fingered her ass as she fucked her pussy with the dildo until she made him cum also.

Then it was on to a third guy. Alexis started right off by telling him she loved to show off and that she was a huge slut and needed to be watched. She begged him to call her nasty names, which he was all took happy to do. Finally, Alexis had a thunderous orgasm as she slid three fingers into her ass and fucked her pussy rough, showing him up close. She then sucked her dildo and her fingers until the guy shot his load onto her face.

Ashley, meanwhile, had finished her shower, put on a minimal amount of clothing, and was about to go for her second booty call of the day when she heard her sister scream from her bedroom.

“God, goooood yes I’m such a fucking ass to mouth slut and I love being watched while I taste my ass!” Ashley stopped to listen as her sister, moaning in ecstasy, degraded herself, not knowing Ashley was intently listening. She left with her sisters voice ringing in her ears, and she came hard while being roughly used by her “date” and thinking about her sister’s self-degradation and new obsession with tasting her own ass.

The sisters didn’t talk much for a couple days, mostly because Alexis was too busy showing off for strangers online and Ashley was too busy going out and getting fucked. But they did speak, and Alexis made certain to let Ashley know she had a good time online, but that it wasn’t nearly as good as the real thing. Every so often, Ashley would catch her sister moaning or even screaming, and could not help but stop and listen or even walk in and watch.

The night before the girls were going to head back to campus, Alexis came into Ashley’s room.

“Ashley – I thought about what you said, and about what we talked about.”

“About what?” Ashley inquired.

“About me trying new things and, you know – just – being more of a slut.”

“And?” Ashley stopped packing and looked at her sister intently.

“Well, I’ve been getting bored showing off online. It was fun at first but I guess I’m just getting used to it now. I’m going through five or six guys before I even get off, and that’s if I only do it once. I mean, I guess what I’m saying is – I want to be a slut, Ashley. I’m ready to try new things and everything.”

“I hoped you’d say that,” Ashley said. She stepped closer to her sister, her cropped sweater not hiding her tits or her stomach particularly well. Her thong rode up as she bent over to pick up a bag from the floor. “Here are some – some clothes I want to give you. You might güvenilir bahis siteleri call them a little slutty, but to me it’s just normal clothes. I hope you’ll be wearing more revealing clothes from now on, so I want to give them to you.”

“Ummm, thank you,” said Alexis.

“Ready to be a slut,” repeated Ashley. “Ready to have some sexy fun this semester?”

“Yeah. I mean, Ashley, I’ll be a slut at school. I really don’t want to be one here. Like, if I get a reputation there or whatever, I mean, I thought about it and I want to be a slut so that’s ok – it’s part of the deal I guess. But I don’t want to have a reputation here – I’ve heard people talking about you here. Everyone knows you’ll have sex with anybody. I don’t want that – not here.”

“Then let’s get you a reputation on campus!” Said Ashley with a wink. “There a party next weekend, first weekend back. Want to go with me?”

“Sure,” said Alexis, smiling wide. She knew her sister had something planned. Truthfully, after having a month to consider it, Alexis had realized that having a reputation for being a slut was a small price to pay for having as much fun as she was having actually being one. And the more she thought about it, the more the idea of being the “school slut” aroused her. She was actually going to do it.


Alexis arrived at Ashley’s apartment as planned on the night of the party, and soon after, the girls were on their way, walking to the scene of the event. Although it was barely twenty degrees, Ashley was dressed in her usual revealing attire – this time it was a white cropped sweater. The neckline was cut in a “u” shape, reveaing a hint of cleavage, and there was an inch-wide slit directly between her breasts, so deep it revealed the front clasp on her sultry red bra. A three-inch strip of cotton fabric was all that separated the bottom of the slit from the top’s hem. Her low rise jeans exposed her pelvic bones, and her pierced belly button was squarely in the middle of her completely exposed midriff.

Alexis wasn’t completely covered either, opting for a small, black tie-front cropped sweater, complete with a v-neck to expose her cleavage, and tight, high-waisted jeans that sat just below her navel. She also wore a short denim jacket that didn’t really cover that much, but at least it would keep her marginally warm as she strutted to the party.

“So, what are we doing tonight?” Alexis asked playfully as the girls walked.

“Just wait and see,” said Ashley.

“Being sluts?” Asked Alexis.

“Oh, you know it! Slut!” Ashley replied. Alexis couldn’t have been more excited.

When the girls arrived at the party, Ashley immediately took off Alexis’ jacket and threw it in a corner. Alexis offered no objection. The girls made their way to the kitchen to get a drink.

“Sorry, we uhh – we don’t really have much booze,” said a guy in a backwards hat to the girls as they walked in.

“What?! Why?” Said Ashley.

“First weekend back, we just didn’t have time to get a bunch. We didn’t realize how many people were coming.”

“Well maybe I can change your mind about that?” Ashley half asked and half stated.

“How’s that?” Asked the guy, a crooked smile sneaking its way onto his lips.

“Like this,” Ashley said. She reached her arms to just under her breasts and, grabbing both her sweater and bra, lifted up, exposing her breasts to the dozen or so people standing in the room.

“Wow, you really know how to do it,” said the guy, handing Ashley a beer as she returned her clothing to its original location. She had flashed for about fifteen scones, which was enough to arouse her a little, but left her wanting more.

“Go on, Alexis, you want a drink, don’t you?” Ashley prodded. Smiling a semi-reluctant smile, but knowing how much she wanted to show off, Alexis slowly untied her shirt and then unclasped her strapless bra from the back, letting her shirt fall open at her sides, exposing her perky tits. She handed the bra to the guy as she took a beer from his hand, not bothering to tie her shirt until she had quickly downed the beer and received another.

From that point forward, knowing the girls would flash their tits if it meant getting booze, the guys wouldn’t dare give either of them a drink without getting something in return. Alexis tried to keep count of the number of drinks she had, and the number of times she flashed, but she soon lost count.

An hour or do later, after probably a half dozen flashes for each girl, Ashley stepped up onto the coffee table as a dance song started playing on the stereo system. With probably thirty people in the large room, she unclasped per her bra and pulled it out of her shirt, the outline of her nipples becoming visible to all through her sweater.

“Wooooo!” She shouted. Smiling and laughing, she tossed the bra aside and lifted her sweater up, exposing her breasts to the whole room. She reached out for Alexis’ hand, pulling her up onto the table, and began to dance.

Alexis didn’t need much encouragement. After all, her new mission was to engage in slutty behavior at every opportunity. She quickly untied her shirt for the seventh time (she thought) that evening, and, not to be outdone, slipped it off over her arms and tossed it into the crowd of guys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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