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The involuntary successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that form my dreams are embellished by a sense of touch and arousal emanating from my groin. As the fog of my subconscious clears the sensation becomes more prominent and I awake to a hand gently but firmly stroking my erect cock. “Just thought I would try my luck,” I hear Lucy say, “It always seems such a pity to let these morning woodies go to waste.”

My body lies half-awake but my cock stands to full attention as Lucy straddles me and lowers herself guiding me into her wet pussy. Immediately she begins to move up and down, eagerly seeking her own pleasure while at the same time giving me a bird’s eye view of her tits bouncing up and down. As she moves on top of me I focus on moving with her and keeping my cock embedded in her pussy. With her hands on either side of my shoulders, her back arched and her head flung back, her tits flash past my face with every thrust and counter thrust. She continues to drive towards her own climax and quickly utters a gasp as her orgasm takes over; her body shudders and she collapses onto me. I reach around her, wrap my arms around and pull her towards me before rolling so that I lie on top, still impaled in her pussy.

As I raise my weight and support it on my outstretched hands Lucy wraps her long and supple legs around my waist driving her feet into my back to stop me from withdrawing from her. I quickly thrust in and out of her before passing my arms behind her legs and bringing them up onto my shoulders. She is now fully open to me, her pussy on full display with no defense against the plowing of my cock into her. We look into each other’s eyes before looking down to watch my cock alternately plunge in and pull out of her. Her inner lips wrap themselves around my shaft as I move in and peel away as I move out; the tip barely reaches the outer edge of her pussy before desperately plunging back. The sight of those long, full strokes stimulates both of us, the contact between our bodies extending only along the outer surface of my cock and the inner surface of her pussy.

I feel Lucy reach around me with both hands and caress my butt, pulling me into her with each thrust. Her hands pull my cheeks apart and she slips a hand in between my buttocks and allows a finger to pass along the crack of my ass. She seeks out my butt hole and starts to run her finger around the rim while gradually circling in on the crinkled opening. With every thrust I make she presses the tip of her finger on my butt hole; the nerves connecting the tip of my cock with the rim of my asshole are alive, stimulated in unison as if directly connected, sensation at one end matched by sensation at the other. My rhythm picks up and Lucy continues to rim my hole stimulating every accessible nerve ending before I reach the point of no return and plunge deep into her. At the first spasm Lucy pushes her finger past the outer rim of my butt as if pushing me deeper into her. The added stimulus causes my cock to spasm with more vigor as I empty myself deep into her and another cry of satisfaction comes from the beauty that lies beneath me. We lie together, wrapped in the warmth of our union, motionless in the moment of our climax.

The cascading light of the morning sun travels across the covers, shades of light and dark providing a template for our intertwined bodies. Lucy is the first to stir from under the covers and shortly after, I rise to the sound of the shower. On opening the door I see the shapely outline of her body through the shower door, eyes closed, back arched, breasts thrust forward as her hands rinse water through her hair. Not seeing me, she reaches up and grabs hold of my razor, extends her leg and supports it on the shower ledge before slowly passing the razor along the length of her leg. Instinctively my hands drop to my groin; left hand massaging my balls, right hand stroking my extended cock. Bending slightly, she changes angles and draws the blade over the inside of her thighs stopping only as she reaches the top of her leg. Pulling the lips of her pussy to one side, the skin around her upper thigh tightens and she pauses, carefully tracing the edge of her pussy with the razor making sure to cover the area up to the outer lips of her pussy. Having finished shaving between her legs she changes her attention to the arrow of pubic hair just above her pussy, slowly trimming each edge to reinforce the arrow, its direction and its instruction.

Without changing her direction of view I hear her say “Are you just going to stand there playing with yourself or come here and let me take care of business?”

As I step into the flowing water she pulls me to her and plants her lips on mine, our bodies meet and water flows over and between us. Lucy steps back, reaches down and takes my now fully swollen cock in her hand, pulls it to one slide and in a swift, deliberate and careful movement runs the razor down its full length. Rotating the handle she repeats the action until she has covered the full length before turning her attention to my balls. With the palm of her hand she eases my cock off to the side and stretches poker oyna the skin of my sack allowing her to glide the razor over the tight skin. With careful movements she covers the remaining area of my sack leaving me hairless along my shaft and balls but with a remaining “moustache” of hair directly above my cock. She continues to massage my balls, squeezing and rolling them in her right hand, her left hand stroking my cock along its full length only stopping at the tip to explore the slit that is now oozing precum. The sensation is incredible, the increased sensitivity associated with her touch of my now defenseless skin swiftly brings me to a climax and I splash ropes of cum over her wet, silky smooth skin only to see it gently wash away in the cascading water. I reach for her support, our tongues intertwine, hands roaming over each other’s body, water collecting in the ridge between our connected bodies.

Over a late breakfast consisting of an omelet, toast, fruit and fresh coffee we fail to resolve the problems of the world but do eventually agree that dinner will be a slow cooked casserole made from whatever we can find in the fridge and freezer. Never being one to follow recipes this is yet another chance to make something up as we go along. Steak, onions, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes are all liberated from the fridge and Lucy cuts the steak into cubes and seasons with salt and pepper before browning in in a casserole dish containing hot olive oil. I begin sautéing the potatoes, carrots, onions and mushrooms with garlic, ground pepper and a pinch of dried thyme, when browned I add them to the casserole dish. Add some Californian merlot until it covers the ingredients, place the top on the dish, put the dish in the oven, set the timer and hey presto, dinner for two with a reservation for 7pm.

My eyes catch Lucy’s and we hold each other’s gaze, emotion passing wordlessly between us, longing openly displayed but not spoken. She turns and reaches down to put some dishes into the cupboard, the long shirt she is wearing rides up over her waist and in the absence of any other clothing gives a clear view of her delicious butt, with that ever so tempting pussy framed between the round cheeks and her upper thighs. As she rises I step up behind her, slide her hair to one side, place my lips gently on her neck and start nibbling towards her ear. My hands eagerly reach under the shirt, fingers trace over her ribs and without the constraint of a bra my thumbs circle her nipples causing them to become firm and erect. With continued motion I pull the shirt over her head revealing her reddening breasts topped by hard nipples pointing directly out. As my lips continue their journey along her neck and my hand roams freely over her breasts, I gently ease my shorts down so that my rigid cock presses against her back. Lucy responds by pushing back into me forcing my erect cock between the cheeks of her butt.

While keeping my cock lodged between her cheeks I bend round her body, gently lower my mouth to her breast and swirl my tongue around the firm tip of her nipple before gently pinching it between my lip and teeth. Lucy takes a deep breath at the unexpected sharpness of the meeting of mouth and breast but instead of pulling away she actively forces her breast towards my open mouth as if asking for more. I continue to massage her breast with my mouth, tongue and teeth as she encourages me by holding my head to her body.

The signals from my scrambled brain are crystal clear: fuck this woman now. And so in a swift movement I position her with her back towards me, my swollen cock once again between the cheeks of her rounded ass. I push her forward and force her to bend at the waist so that her forearms support her on the counter, her breasts hanging freely down and her butt thrust back into me. She instinctively spreads her legs apart, I place my feet inside hers and position my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Motivated my simple desire for my own pleasure I spread the lips of her pussy and push my cock forward into her in one movement. Surprised by the wet greeting I find, I continue to push deeper until my pelvis meets the firm flesh of her butt. I withdraw and repeat the penetration this time with more force. With each thrust my cock plunges deep into her, my pelvis strikes her butt causing her lithe, supple muscles to vibrate with each impact. As the forward progress of my pelvis is halted my balls continue to swing and strike Lucy’s clit; the impact against her butt forces her body to move forward but her breasts lag behind causing them to stretch and swing in the opposite direction to her body. Each thrust forcing my cock deep into her, each thrust stimulating her clit, each thrust forcing her tits into motion.

With each movement Lucy takes a deep breath holding a position to ease my entry, waiting to accept whatever comes next. My sole concern is my satisfaction and so I increase the speed and force of my thrusts, taking her as fast, hard and deep as I need until the tension in my groin releases and my cum is forced deep into Lucy. Despite my climax I continue to move in and out of Lucy’s pussy, easing my canlı poker oyna cock through a mixture of Lucy’s juices and my hot cum, gently making sure that I continue to pump whatever fluid I have into Lucy’s willing body. As my cock deflates I gradually pull out and watch as cum drips from her open pussy along the inside of her thighs, Lucy’s hand reaches back between her thighs and gathers up the drippings on her fingers before sucking them clean. She straightens, turns to face me, gives me a deep kiss and asks “I’m still hungry. Is there any more where that came from?”

Dropping to her knees she takes my now deflated cock and starts to lick it clean, extending her tongue down its length before turning attention to licking any residue from my balls. Once she has taken all that can be found on the surface she slowly and gently takes me in her mouth, sucks me softly paying respect to the tenderness of the end of my cock. Pushing past the purple, bulbous end she swirls her tongue around and gently massages me back to life.

With stimulation comes the return of blood flow, my cock expands and starts to occupy more volume in Lucy’s mouth. Lucy stands and we embrace, her warm breasts press against my chest and her tongue invades my mouth, clearly she is still longing for more and looking for gratification. I grab her by the waist and boost her onto the counter, with her butt on the edge of the counter she leans back and supports her weight with her hands. I raise her feet onto the edge of the counter, spreading her legs apart, putting her bald pussy on full display. The swollen outer lips frame the inner pink folds and her prominent clit peeks out forming an obvious target at the top of her pussy, fluids pour from her insides and coat the sensitive inner tissue. If there is any doubt, the location of her clit is directly indicated by the arrow of pubic hair that has been lovingly shaped on her mons pubis.

The need is obvious and my response is decisive. Bowing down I trace my lips along her inner thigh, allowing my tongue to lick the skin as I slowly move towards the junction of her legs. My tongue makes contact with the sensitive area between her butt hole and the base of her pussy; the tip barely touching her skin starts to make circles of increasing size until it touches the base of her pussy and the outer rim of her butt hole. “Ahhhhh, that feels so good” I hear as Lucy pushes her pussy further into my face. I respond by curling my tongue and pressing as deeply as possible into her; when flicking the tip I feel a reaction that suggests I have reached some part of her G spot, the response is immediate, Lucy reaches down to pull my head deeper towards her, her breathing shallows and she simultaneously issues a deep throaty roar and floods my face with fluid during multiple spasms from her climax. I continue to lap up the juices while also being respectful of her now increased sensitivity as I gently lick and explore her now satisfied and very open pussy.

Lucy continues to shudder with each touch and as I stand up she reaches forward, wraps her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist and pulls our mouths together before collapsing against me, her head on my shoulder. I reach to support her, wrap my arms tightly around her glowing body and carry her to the sofa where we lie holding each other; body on body, skin touching skin, emotions interleaved as one.

Inevitably we mold our bodies together and as we lie spooning on the sofa my hand reaches around her body to gently cup her breasts, slowly caressing them with each tender motion. My fingers tease her nipples with gentle massage, roll the increasingly firm betrayers of her reaction between my fingers and gently pinch them. With each stimulus Lucy rolls her butt into my groin, forcing my slowly expanding cock closer to being lodged between her cheeks. My hand continues to roam over her body, smoothing out non-existent blemishes and wrinkles, caressing the shapely curves of her female form, massaging the soft and supple muscles that support her structure. I linger on the curves of her butt and allow my hand to explore the crack between her cheeks, gradually going deeper into the crevice. “Let’s go where I can give you a proper back rub,” I whisper and she slowly pulls herself out of my clutches and heads for the bedroom.

She lies face down onto the bed and I sit astride her with my cock temptingly pointing straight down towards her puckered ring. Forgoing the immediate distraction I gently massage the back of her neck before spreading my fingertips and allow them to glide down her back. I reach into the drawer of the bedside cabinet and pull out a bottle of massage oil that we had put there some time ago. As I spread it over my hands the aroma fills the air providing another stimulant to the senses. At the base of her spine my thumbs approach either side of her spine and simultaneously my hands press down and up, applying pressure to the underlying muscles, massaging and stretching them from their tense state. Gradually my hands work their way up her back, concentrating on releasing the tightness in this beautiful body as it reacts to internet casino my every touch. Reversing the motion, my fingertips lightly dance over her skin during their journey back down her spine before once again repeating the massaging, lengthening and stretching of her back muscles. Over time her body relaxes into my touch, her back glistens from the infused oil, her skin radiant and smooth, the air heady with the aroma of lavender and aloe.

My attention now turns to the two large muscles directly beneath me; my hands circle their targets, gently coating her butt with a thin layer of oil before repeating the massaging, lengthening and stretching of the muscles of her gorgeous ass. Inevitably my hands pass down the back of her thighs before traveling up her inner thigh where they are guided into the passage between her cheeks. Continued circling, massaging, lengthening and stretching eventually relaxes the muscles and a clear fluid starts to flow from her pussy.

Having achieved my intent I slip a finger between the lips of her pussy and start massaging her inner muscles. The speed of the movement catches Lucy off guard and she utters a surprised “Ahhh” before pushing back to encourage me deeper. The oil on my hands allows for easy entry through the relaxed entrance and I soon extend my exploration to two fingers that are eagerly accepted and swallowed into her inner sanctum. Circling, stretching and massaging increase the flow of fluid around my hand. With the combination of relaxed muscles and increased lubrication I slip a third finger into her. While moving in and out Lucy’s breathing shortens and her reactions become more verbal. As she starts to push back against my invading fingers I stall her drive to orgasm by removing them and giving her a playful smack on her right cheek followed by a gentle caressing of the reddening skin. To my surprise an unmistakable cry of desire comes forth, a reactive twitch from her pussy occurs as both the surprise and pain of the smack are directly connect with her pleasure center; fluid flows freely and copiously from between the lips of her pussy.

Encouraged by the reaction I push my luck by giving a slightly firmer strike followed by the same gentle, tender caress and am greeted by the same reaction. As the combination of love taps and caresses continues the sounds, sights and smells of encouragement abound. I feel the heat radiating from her skin with each caress and look down to see the area of reddened skin spreading over each cheek.

My fingers return to their original target and given the freely available lubricant I instantaneously insert three fingers directly into her pussy. Greedily they are swallowed as Lucy starts to push rhythmically against them. As they leave her body I group them together to ease the forthcoming reentry; when inside I spread my fingers, rotate them and flex them to stroke her inner wall. Each entry is greeted by a soft moan of delight as she grabs at the sheets on which she lies. The synchronized movement that we have is broken as I remove my hand and place my hard cock at the open entrance. Slowly we move together and I penetrate deep inside her, my cock coated with her juices easily overcomes whatever resistance there may be before finally bottoming out against her inner wall. Now I start to rotate causing my cock to brush all along her inner cavity, Lucy moans with delight, clenches the sheets and lets forth a loud cry as her orgasm strikes. Each spasm of her orgasm causes her muscles to contract against me, attempting to draw me into a mutual reaction but I hold myself still and fight my release.

With my cock straining inside her I reach upward and part the cheeks of her ass before approaching her puckered hole with the hand that is still coated in the combination of her juices and the massage oil. Poised over the center of her puckered ring I push my middle finger forward, spurred on by the purr of delight she issues I stop only after the first joint has been accepted. Slowly I circle my finger inside her, gradually expanding her opening and allowing me to push my finger in past the second joint. Now I am able to circle and flex my finger inside her, reaching parts that only I have touched. After continued circling I slowly withdraw my finger but before removing it completely I bring my second finger next to it and ease the two fingers in up to the first joint.

In response to the “oh, oh, oh” coming from Lucy I halt my progress and allow her to adapt to the new invasion. After a while she relaxes and starts to push her butt back onto my fingers encouraging their deeper penetration. I hold the massage oil, tip the open bottle and allow the oil to pour onto my fingers; it trickles along them and spreads over her rear entrance. Slowly my fingers move deeper until both are embedded to their fullest extent. Now circling and flexing they continue to stretch and explore her rear end, gradually moving in and out in harmony with the motion of my cock in her pussy. Lucy lies with her face down taking shallow breaths as she is penetrated through both holes, with each withdrawal she utters a desire to return, with each penetration a sigh of joy and expectation for more. As I look down I see my cock buried in her pussy and two fingers buried in her ass, each flexing and stretching her hole, expanding it further than it has been tested until now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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