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Finally it was Wednesday. A day off. Like many women, trying to balance being a wife, mother and full-time worker stretched Pat thin. Having a half-day off to herself was a luxury that she looked forward to. Twice a month Pat got a half day to herself before she had to pick up the kids from school. Last time she thought she’d loaf at home, but ended up working around the house.

Pat wasn’t going to let that happen this week. Married 12 years, mother of two, Pat had hit a point in her life where things weren’t quite like she’d hoped. Marriage, motherhood, work… it all seemed like a pointless, draining grind at times. Things weren’t all bad, but they sure weren’t all good either.

Which is why Pat decided that she was going to treat herself to something at the mall. Damn, most everything went into bills, kids, food, and big boy toys for her husband. It was way past time to do something nice for herself. No kids distracting you, no huffy husbands rushing you… four glorious hours to do whatever she wanted.

After parking at one end of the mall and spending two hours window shopping, Pat had made her way down to the food court. Maybe some ice cream would help the shopping go better. Pat stood in line at the Dairy Queen, eyeballing the menu, but knowing she’d probably settle for a cone.

There were a surprising number of folks in the food court. Lots of mommies with little ones in strollers, mall employees on break, kids cutting school, retirees out just wasting time… Some kids were roughhousing nearby. Pat wondered if she acted like that when she was fifteen, but that was so long ago. Hmmm… maybe its time for something more than just ice cream. But what to eat?

Getting ready to scan the various food court offerings, Pat took a couple of steps backwards. Pat realized she’d made contact with someone behind her. Turning around, she saw a man trying to keep his balance and not sit down in the stroller parked behind him.

Realizing what she’d done, Pat reached out and caught the man by the inside of his right elbow with her right arm. To keep his balance, he’d grabbed her back, and the two held each other and pulled, with predictable results. They ended up quite a bit closer than anticipated.

Embarrassed about almost dumping the man over, Pat flushed. He was handsome, in good shape, and dressed well.

Pat said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I just backed güvenilir bahis up and didn’t see you there. I can’t believe that I did that!”

“No problem, I really appreciate the nice catch.”

Pat looked at the man- he was gorgeous! Deep eyes, and a smile that seemed to light her up inside. Speechless, she stood there for a few seconds, and blurted out “Any time,” all the while checking the man out. She then realized that he was in no danger of falling any more, and let go of his arm.

While walking away, Pat couldn’t resist, and turned around to take a second look at the man. She spotted him, and he was watching her too. He gave her a grin that made her flush again, and she hurried on her way.

Pat thought to herself, “My God, I can’t believe I just did that” First she’d just about body checked this guy over, then she’d swooned all over him. The thing with the arm was awful! Why didn’t she let go of him? “Any time?” I must have sounded like an incredible flirt. And finally, why in the hell did she look back at him? Pat could feel the warmth of her blush, and thought that it just couldn’t get more embarrassing than this.

She walked into the nearest department store, head still slightly spinning, and decided to get back to shopping. There was no way she was going back to the food court now. Calming down some, Pat made her way to the dress department and began to browse.

Some therapeutic shopping would be just the thing… Pat went from rack to rack, not having anything special in mind, just browsing. She spotted a summer dress with a nice print in a style she liked. It buttoned down from the neck to the waist, a comfortable looking cotton that would be good for both casual and church wear. After finding her size, Pat pulled a couple of dresses off the rack, trying to decide whether she liked the lighter print or the darker one better.

“The red one would look best on you” came a voice from behind her. Pat turned to see the man she’d just about knocked over in the food court. “It’s a nice fabric, and you’d look great in either one, but I think the darker print would set off your eyes better.”

Pat felt light headed. Maybe she’d waited too long to eat. Still hadn’t bought anything, her day was flying away, and now this. She couldn’t believe this guy was actually hitting on her, although it wasn’t all bad. “With my luck it won’t fit right, türkçe bahis but thanks for the compliment.”

He gave her another smile and said “Any time”. Pat felt herself flush yet again, tore herself away from those eyes and that smile, and turned back to the rack to look some more. Determined not to make the same mistake twice, Pat told herself she wasn’t going to look around again. It was then she realized that she wasn’t just blushing, she was turned on by the man. She hadn’t felt this way in years- hadn’t felt the heat, the yearning…

“Oh stop it, Pat, or you’ll never get yourself anything.” After spending another minute browsing the rack, Pat took the red dress and headed towards the dressing room. The small alcove had two dressing rooms in it, and she took the one on the right. While taking off her clothes so she could try on the dress, Pat realized that she had gotten moist from her encounter with that man. “Ummmm, he was a hot one” she thought as she stepped out of her pants.

Pat tried on the dress, swirling to see how it fell on her. She was studying herself in the mirror inside the changing room when she heard a click.

The door to the changing room opened, and there he was. “I just wanted to see if it set off your eyes like I thought.” He stepped closer to her, and gently put his hand on her shoulder. Pat was mesmerized by his looks, and shocked at his boldness. This surely wasn’t what she’d thought would happen on her trip to the mall.

“I hope you don’t mind my barging in on you like this, but you did say any time…” he said as he turned her towards him. Pat felt the heat again, and this time there was no question that it wasn’t embarrassment that had her flushed.

“I did, didn’t I” she replied, wondering where this would go.

She didn’t have to wait long for her answer. He pulled her to him and kissed her. “Oh my God, what am I doing?” Pat thought. “In a dressing room with a stranger?” But she didn’t stop. His hands were on her now, feeling her breasts. Somehow he knew just how to squeeze them, hard but not too hard… His tongue worked its way into her mouth. She could tasted the Pepsi he’d just had, and pushed her tongue back into his mouth.

He pulled away after a few delicious seconds, and started kissing her neck. His hand found its way slowly down her back, and ended up cupping her ass, pulling her closer while he tantalized güvenilir bahis siteleri the sensitive area just below her ear. As he squeezed her ass, he began to rub himself against her dampening crotch.

She grinded herself back against his pushing, and he pulled her hair back to lift her chin. Kissing her deeply, he guided her right leg up off the floor and set her foot on top of the low bench in the corner of the dressing room. His hand then reached up under her dress, and found its way to her mound. He stroked her thru her panties, and they quickly went from damp to wet.

He pulled the crotch of her panties off to the side, and began to work on her pussy, all the while deep kissing her. Pat leaned back against the wall, and adjusted her hips to allow him more access to her. He immediately responded by pushing his finger up inside her. Pat moaned, slipped her tongue in his mouth, and reached for his zipper.

While he finger fucked her to an orgasm, Pat undid his pants and started to handle him. His cock was wonderful, hot, long, and thick. Pat felt his balls, and heard him groan slightly. He stood a half step back and pulled his pants down below his hips. Pat stole a glimpse of his stiff cock, and pulled him back to her.

He held his cock with one hand and Pat’s face with the other. As he leaned forward to kiss her, he put his stiff shaft against her opening. He rubbed himself against her, his cockhead exciting her clit. Pat whispered “please”, and he pushed into her.

He stroked her slowly, deeply, setting a rhythm. Pat rode up and down, feeling his cock go deeper and deeper into her hot pussy. He’d unbuttoned her dress top, and began to use his mouth on her tits. He licked her nipples, sucked them until they were hard. He gently bit her nipples, and plunged his cock all the way in her.

Pat felt herself coming again, and stifled the urge to scream. He started fucking her hard now, faster than before, using every inch of his dick on her. “What if someone comes in, and I’m caught fucking a strange man?” “I can’t believe I’m cheating on my husband like this” “Why haven’t I been fucked this way before?” Pat’s mind swirled as his tempo increased.

She felt him start to twitch inside her, and she started to cum again. He grunted, and his eyes glazed over slightly as he began to pump his hot cum inside her pussy. His load was enormous, and he pushed even deeper into her cunt with his last few fuckstrokes. Her pussy didn’t want to let go, but he pulled out of her.

“Hope I didn’t bother your shopping too much” he said, grinning again.

Pat couldn’t resist. “Any time”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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