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Anticipation: The act of looking forward: especially: pleasurable expectation. The saying usually goes; anticipation of sex is better than sex itself. The same can be said of waiting to get a taste of someone you really want to get your hands on. I woke up this morning with a guy on my mind that I am trying to get into my bed. He is in my mind constantly. He teases me and I tease him unmercifully. When I finally get him in my bed I’m afraid I might hurt him. This morning after a long session of emailing back and forth last night I had this scenario running in my brain and I couldn’t let it go to waste. My prospective catch is an instructor at a local school where I am a student. This guy has been in my dreams for a while but I just recently started fucking with his head. He is responding well to my teasing. Here is how I want this plan of mine to go.

After working my self and my new beau into a frenzy after a night of teasing online, I go into the school to see him. As I round the corner to his office I see him coming down the hall in my direction. He smiles and looks about quickly to see who is in the area and then abruptly grabs me by the arm and pulls me into a small conference room, locking the door behind us. I open my mouth to say what I was thinking and he grabs me by the back of my head winding his hand in my hair and pulls my mouth to his. His tongue is probing and seeking mine with a heated passion that only waiting too long for something can produce. I hungrily suck on his tongue as he places his other hand on my ass and pulls me tight to him. I can feel his cock is already rock hard in anticipation. I smash my lips to his and attempt to suck his tongue out of his head with a little gurgle of a giggle. Not to be out done he fights back by sucking my tongue into his mouth.

I didn’t plan on this turn of events but as always I am prepared for what might happen when I see him. I planned on tormenting him today as I always do güvenilir bahis with a lightweight sundress that shows my curves and is a little transparent if the light hits it right. I wore my red thong underware even though it is a light color dress just to give a hint that there is something there. I know he loves the thought of what’s under those panties. He’s seen enough pictures of it. It’s starting to look like I might get a feel of that tongue of his today the way he is sucking on my face. His hands are under my dress now feeling up my smooth ass cheeks. Kneading them like dough and dipping his fingers under the fabric. I know he can feel the wetness spreading from my pussy lips and working its way out to my thighs. My legs are feeling weak so I am trying to lean back on the conference table. Sensing my intentions he eases me back so I can lean against the table as his hands move up under my dress to my swollen breasts. The nipples are so hard they hurt. His hands are lightly pinching my nipples making them ache. Abruptly he pulls his lips off of mine and works his way down my neck kissing and sucking down to my chest. I pull down the top of my dress to expose my tits and allow him access to my aching nipples. His mouth pounces on my tit and his tongue swirls around my burning nipple licking and sucking the heat out of it. Changing to the other nipple I feel the pain subsiding from the intense pressure there.

I haven’t been idle while he is sucking me. I slid my hand between us and grasped his cock in my hand. I can feel the hardness behind the zipper. I push him back slightly and his mouth breaks contact with my tit with a loud sucking sound. I bend over and reach for his zipper pulling it down and opening his belt. His eyes are on me as I glance up to see what he is thinking. His eyes burn into mine as he sees what I am doing. His pants are down around his knees now and his burning cock is in my hand. The object of my desire is now türkçe bahis in my control. I tug it slightly to me and he groans. Bending over I lick the head and give it a few pumps as I mischievously turn my head so I can look at him to see his reaction. His eyes lock on mine. I can’t take this tension any more. To get him good and ready I deep throat him once and leave a wet trail of saliva on his cock as I pull my lips away. Not that he will need any lube because my pussy is now so wet I can feel the lips slipping apart on their own. I lay back on the table and pull up my dress exposing my panty covered pussy to him. He leans down and grasps the sides of my panties and whisks them off my legs in one swift motion burying his face in my pussy. I feel his tongue licking and his lips lightly sucking my engorged clit. I know I won’t be able to take this for too long before I cum in his face.

A finger now slides into my pussy finger fucking me. He pulls it out and licks the juice from it. I catch my breath as he slips two fingers back into me. My pussy is sucking his fingers as he slips them in and out. My juices are running down the crack of my ass. Seeing the lubrication is there he slips another finger into my ass hole. The feeling is exquisite. He adds another finger and goes down on my clit again with his tongue flicking my clit like a butterfly. I can feel the heat rising from my pussy into my chest. I can’t see, hear or feel anything but him sucking on my clit. Suddenly I can feel my legs tense as my orgasm rushes through me. My pussy is quivering and I can hardly breath but I know what I must do right now. I have to get his cock in my pussy while I’m still feeling the rush of my orgasm flowing through me.

I gently push his head away from me and roll over so I can slip my legs of the table. Gathering my dress up around my waste I bend over the table pushing my wet pulsating pussy back at him. He takes the hint and lines up on my güvenilir bahis siteleri pussy and with one stroke he is in me to his balls deep. My pussy is so wet my juices have come squirting out on his balls. I reach back and grab at his ass cheeks to pull him in harder on the down stroke. His prick is hitting my G spot just right and his balls are slapping my engorged humming clit. I can feel him tensing up. I’m sure it’s been a while for him and he won’t last long. Suddenly he stops pumping and holds me tight. I sense he is trying to hold off as long as he can in my tight hole. I could be devilish and keep pushing my pussy back on him and make him cum but I am savoring the feeling of his swollen cock spreading my tight passage. My pussy is pulsing from my previous orgasm. He starts to pump again slowly pulling his cock back out of my pussy grip all the way to the tip and slowly back in. What a feeling. My pussy is making a squishing sound as he thrusts in and out. I push back to get him back inside of me again and he slaps my ass cheek. I giggle because he is on to my tease.

He starts to massage my ass cheeks as he fucks me now. His thumbs kneading my flesh. My ass hole is staring him right in the eye. I feel the familiar pressure of a thumb pushing against that tight hole. It slips effortlessly inside and he makes little fucking motions with it. It feels so good. As if he read my mind he pulls out his thumb and inserts two fingers. I’m feeling full as he starts to piston my pussy. Faster and faster. I can hear him breathing harder and feel his cock beginning to swell. A gasp escapes his lips and he slams harder and deeper into me than before. I can feel his cock pulsing and imagine those jets of cum shooting up into my cunt. He jerks a few more times and leans over me now. I feel his body pressing into me and I lean into him savoring the moment at last we connected. Suddenly voices in the hall bring us back to reality. Some one is coming to use this room. We scramble for clothes. A quick look around and we leave the room to the questioning glances of the people in the hall. We act like we are just having a normal conversation and pretend nothing happened. Until next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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