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It was just another boring Saturday night spent at home. My husband and I were on our computers, pursuing our own interests. I was a little horny because I had decided to go pantiless under my shorts that day so I had been sneaking a little pussy petting whenever no one was looking. Since my children were also at home, I couldn’t get the release I needed from my hubby.

I decided to browse some internet sites just to briefly satiate, or in reality, fuel my desires. I took my laptop over to the couch which sits adjacent to my husband’s computer desk. I ended up on Literotica reading about some wild one-on-one sexual encounters. I became hotter when reading these stories and while lying on my stomach, I subconsciously began rubbing my pussy against the couch.

My husband of course noticed my little problem and being the darling that he is; he quickly came over to me and began caressing my pussy through my shorts. Still, the children were at home and he couldn’t really do what we both wanted which was to get down and dirty. So he reluctantly went back to his business.

After heightening my desires by reading these stories, I really needed to have a dick inside me or I would just burst from sexual tension. I closed my laptop and returned it to my desk with a sigh. I thought exercise might help to divert my excess energy so I kneeled on the living room floor with my ass provocatively posed in my husband’s direction. I could feel his eyes burning into my back as I slid down onto the floor face first. I rolled over; looking into his eyes and saw the same volatile emotions that were churning inside of me.


Oh man, I thought. This is so frustrating.

“Can we go over to papa’s?”

“Of course you can darlings!” My husband and I locked eyes anticipating the moment güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri when our kids walked out the door to visit their grandparents next door. This is what we wanted more than anything. My kids took off like a streak of lightening.

I was still lying in the floor with my knees bent and my legs parted. My husband could see my mound peeking around my short legs tantalizing him with what he wanted so badly. I slowly eased my legs open a little farther and ran my hand down the inside of my legs. As my fingers reached my shorts, I pulled them aside and slid my finger between the lips of my pussy.

By that point my husband had unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock, stroking it slowly as we watched me play. I jammed my finger deep inside and let out a small moan. When I pulled it out, I showed my husband the juice that was waiting for his dick.

Before I could decide on my next move he was on top of me like a hungry predator. He shoved my hands above my head and rammed his dick into me like a piston working in an engine. With our clothes still on, we fucked hard for a couple of minutes right there in the living room floor.

I wanted to die from the pleasure that was coursing through my body, but I wasn’t ready to finish it that fast. I wanted to draw that pleasure out until it stretched into an endless pain.

Using my hips and all the force I could muster, I bucked him off of me and told him to get on the couch. As he fell back onto the cushion, I followed with one thing in mind. I needed that dick back inside my dripping pussy now! I climbed on his lap, pulled aside my shorts, and plowed down hard on his throbbing rod. I slowly raised myself up until his dick was almost completely withdrawn from me before quickly sliding back down again. I repeated güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri this process slowly, drawing him in then forcing him back out.

My husband was going crazy. He pressed into the back of the couch with a look of passion that I knew would soon spin out of control. I leaned back, his hands spanning my waist for support as I gazed up at the ceiling rocking back and forth.

Our moans and gasps filled the room. We needed more. I lifted myself from his dick and beckoned him to the bedroom with my eyes. As I walked to our room, I peeled my shirt off, leaving my black tank on.

He followed me pulling his shirt off as he continued to stare at me with an uncontrolled lust. The anticipation was beginning to get to us. Our breaths were coming fast and heavy and our sexual organs throbbed with unrequited release.

He sat down on the bed and I immediately attacked him. I ran my hand up his chest, curling my fingers in his springy hair and scraping my nails across his nipples as I shoved him down onto the bed. I climbed on top of him and grabbed his dick, guiding it inside me. He reached up and yanked the straps on my tank top down between my breasts leaving one hanging out on each side.

I leaned over him pushing my breasts into his face, begging for the punishment I knew he would deliver. He reached up with his lips, grabbing my nipple between his teeth. I groaned as my head fell back. He began flicking his tongue ring rapidly against my rock hard nipples, sending ripples of pleasure straight to my pussy that was tightening around his dick. His fingers were digging into my ass as I rode his hard rod. I reached back and grabbed his hands, placing them above his head. I rose up out of his reach and began riding him like a woman on a mission. He güvenilir bahis şirketleri enjoyed me using him for my pleasure and I was taking full advantage.

When he could take no more of me being in control he rose up with me still sitting in his lap. He rocked inside me as he crushed my lips against his. I held onto him, feeling my pussy grow hotter and wetter from his invading member. Without warning he stood up, our bodies still locked, and laid me down on my back.

He began pumping me hard. My body was bouncing as he pushed into me over and over. I ran my hands down between our bodies. I felt the zipper of his shorts and grabbed hold of his dick as it pressed in and out of me. I ran my hands up the inside of my own shorts and found my clit. I began rubbing it furiously feeling the familiar heat of release beginning to build. I raised one of my legs and braced it against the wall and wrapped the other around his pounding buttocks.

My head pressed into the bed and my moans became louder as our pace increased. My finger worked madly; searching for the powerful orgasm I knew would come.

And then it came. I screamed out in ecstasy, my body writhing as his dick rammed into my spasming pussy, soothing every last ripple out. My husband let out a loud roar as he felt his orgasm ripping through his body. He quickly pulled out and I yanked my shorts down so he could fill my belly button with his sweet cum.

When every last drop had been expended on my stomach, he ran his fingers through the cum and spread it onto my nipples. The air meeting the warm, moist cum caused my nipples to harden even more.

He collapsed beside me on the bed and we both lay there breathing heavily and floating in a state of complete satisfaction. We lay there for a couple of minutes before cleaning up and returning to our separate tasks. But I knew, I had to write this episode down. Perhaps we can work on more stories together soon and maybe get a little wilder. Just thinking about what happened and what may happen, has made me wet again. Maybe another story will happen sooner than we think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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