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Reading the earlier chapters will get you up to date on what is going on. Strong sexual content.

It was Saturday morning and when Pat awoke she found she was alone in bed. She heard loud laughter in the kitchen and remembered that Jack and April were leaving this morning. She managed to get her newly partially paralyzed body into her wheelchair and into the bathroom. She peed, brushed her teeth and ran a comb through her short hair. Back in the bedroom she found one of the new sun dresses she had bought with Ann and managed to get it on with nothing underneath. An elastic band in the top of the dress was all that held it up over her recently augmented large breasts. She was ecstatic with how she looked and felt along with her new paralyzed right leg and hip with no feeling in it. She decided she would not put her HKAFO brace on yet and rolled her wheelchair into the kitchen. Everyone was there and welcomed her. Food was just being placed on the outside patio table and she joined the other three wheelchairs around it. Ann, Jack and Keith were in their wheelchairs also.

There was a space along side Jack and she wheeled into it. They gave each other a kiss on the lips and Pat quietly asked if she was ok for him last night. With all he had done for her, she let him be her second male sex partner to fuck her. Keith had been the first. He told her she was fantastic and thanked her for her kindness to him. She said anytime, you were great also; obviously I have never been with a bilateral hip disarticulation amputee before. It was very unique and fantastic. Next time I will know more about my paralyzed right side and would like to be on top. Deal Jack said.

They all had a great breakfast, shed a few tears that Jack and April were leaving and followed them out to their van and they took off. Keith and Sue said they would clean up the meal and for Ann and Pat to do whatever they needed to do. Ann said that Pat had asked her to move in with her and she thought they would go and see her condo. Pat and Ann went into Ann’s bedroom to get ready. Ann helped Pat get into her HKAFO right leg brace and back into her wheelchair. She still had only the summer dress on. Ann put a stump sock over her empty right shoulder area and then her prosthetic hook arm on. She changed into short shorts and a blouse that only had spaghetti straps on it. Her braless large breasts filled it out and she only buttoned two buttons. Almost the entire prosthetic arm showed with the open top. The short shorts emphasized how much of her left hip and buttock area was gone along with the leg. Ann got into her electric wheelchair and they looked each other over good. Pat had pulled her dress up over half way above her knees. The lust was very obvious in both their eyes.

Pat told Keith and Sue that they would find something to eat for dinner while they were out so they could relax after all the happenings that had gone on for the past several weeks. Pat and Ann wheeled out to Pat’s van and Pat showed Ann how to work the lift. She was nervous the first time but made it in ok. Pat got in after her and moved to the transfer seat at the steering wheel. After she got behind the wheel she asked Ann if she wanted to transfer to the passenger seat or should she have it removed later so she could pull her wheelchair up into that space. Ann said she thought she would like to have it removed later. She could see from sitting just behind Pat how the hand controls worked as Pat turned around in the drive and they headed to her place.

About 10 minutes later they arrived at Pat’s condo. It was in an 18 story building and she was on the 16th floor. They got on the elevator and up they went. Pat opened the condo door and went on in holding it for Ann. The place was spacious, no carpets, just beautiful wood floors, and the first place they came to was the kitchen. Most of it was built for someone in a wheelchair with a few counters at normal height. It was large enough for both wheelchairs to be in at the same time. The living room was large with floor to ceiling windows and a great view. It also had a gas fireplace. Next were the bedrooms, the master with a king bed and the guest with a queen bed. Both had large roll in closets with plenty of space. A large bathroom separated the two and it had a roll in shower with a wall bench for two. Out of the showers double sinks that were lowered with room underneath for wheelchairs. The john was in a corner with great hand rails. A built in washer and dryer finished off everything just outside the bathroom.

They wheeled back out into the living room and met by the windows, side by side facing each other. Ann asked Pat how much money she wanted from her to live here. Pat said nothing, you can buy the groceries. Interested? Ann said it was fantastic and yes she was. They looked each other in the eye for sometime then Pat saw Ann start to move her torso and saw her right hook prosthetic rise out of Ann’s lap and up poker oyna to the elastic at the top of Pat’s dress. The hook caught the material and Ann started moving her torso more causing the material to pull away and down Pat’s large breast. Pat watched as it became exposed and next the hook moved up to her big nipple that was sticking out and latched on to it. Ann relaxed her left shoulder and the hooks closed around it. Both knew that the heavier rubber bands were at the base of the hooks and the pain went straight to Pat’s cunt and she felt it immediately get very wet. The pain was minor compared to how great her cunt felt. It has never felt this way before. Pat brought a hand up and pushed the hooks harder into her saline inflated breast. She did not see much give in the fluid hardness and immediately came. The next thing she felt was her nipple being pulled out as Ann moved backwards with the elbow locked and the hooks still latched on. Again a wild rush in her cunt and then they both heard the click as the hooks pulled off the nipple. Pat immediately looked up into Ann’s face and saw a big grin.

Ann backed her chair up a bit and was able to get out and kneel down by Pat’s legs. Using her only arm Ann spread the legs apart and lifted the bottom of the dress way up. Pat had scooted forward and Ann made contact with her very wet cunt and started lapping. She immediately looked up at Pat and said she tasted Jack. Pat said yes, he fucked me good last night, twice, the second time April was with them. Ann was back at her and used her hook to rub her clit. Pat came again and Ann had to stop as she only had one leg to kneel on and it was about to give out. Pat helped her back up into her wheelchair and went and got both of them something to drink from the ice box. Her dress was still pulled down from her breasts and the bottom was around her hips. Ann told her how sexy she was with her braced leg and new breasts.

After they rested Pat said she needed to tell Ann some things that were going on. First was that her period was going to start soon and she was Horney as hell. She had asked Keith to fuck her during it and he said he would. Second the receptionist at the office, Bea, (pronounced Bee) needed/wanted her legs amputated. They were badly deformed from birth defects and I indicated to her when she was hired I would do them for her. You need to do a BIID session with her and figure out at what level we should remove them. Ann agreed to do it. Third, Pat was fairly sure that Janice, the administrator at the hospital, also wanted surgery. No request had been made yet but she was very interested in what had been going on. Ann agreed with that also. Lastly one of the reasons I wanted you to come and live with me is I want to start lactating and I need your help. Ann was not expecting this and was very happy to help she said. Let’s go get started!! They headed to the bedroom.

It only took Ann a few seconds to remove her top, shoe and shorts while Pat turned the covers down. Next she helped Pat transfer to the bed. She had left her brace on and Ann still had her hooks on. The dress was on the floor. They kissed passionately for a while then Ann moved down to Pat’s big breast sticking up from her chest. She latched on to the nipple and gently started sucking and tonguing it. The nipple and areola were hard from arousal and the breast was very firm also. The saline fluid behind the areola and nipple kept them pushed out. Ann changed sides often and soon she felt Pat’s hand find her empty hip area and start rubbing and massaging it. The hip bone, left side pelvis, buttock and all excess skin and tissue were gone. It felt fantastic to her. Ann spent about twenty minutes sucking and using her hand and hooks to stimulate Pat.

Ann soon rolled over on her back and Pat followed her using her mouth to latch on to Ann’s large breasts and nipples. They were much softer that Pat’s. Soon as Pat was sucking on her nipples she had her hand down to Ann’s cunt and inserted one then two fingers. She went for her G spot and immediately Ann came. Pat asked her to turn around and put her cunt in her face as it was easier for her to move than Pat with her brace on. Ann did so and Pat had easy access to her with no leg in the way. After a couple of laps she did the same as Ann had done and said she could taste Keith. Ann said yes she got a big load out of him. Pat got Ann off twice and she turned back around and they kissed some more holding each other. Ann confided she wanted to lactate sometime also but would wait till after Pat got started.

After talking some more they headed to the shower. They both belted in so they did not fall off the bench. Pat was in heaven now having to move her paralyzed, unfeeling right leg around by hand all the time. Everything was much different than when she was pretending. It was much harder to do things like transfer from and to her wheelchair and she loved it. Pat asked Ann if she was able to shave canlı poker oyna her cunt and leg ok or did she need help. Ann said she could do it but it took a long time; foreplay was always welcome she laughed. They started working figuring out ways to help each other. They douched then dried each other and got back in their wheelchairs and got dressed.

The manager happened to be in her office as they headed back to the van and Pat introduced Ann and got a card key for her. She inquired if Ann was going to need a parking space and she said not right now she did not have a vehicle. After they got into the van Pat said she wanted to go by the office and check some things out. Ann said good idea she did also now that both of them were in wheelchairs. They got to the office and checked the phone recorder and there was only one message. It was from Janice at the hospital. She asked that Pat stop in and see her the next time she was there. Pat and Ann looked at each other grinning. Pat said she would do it and if it was what she thought, also tell her that you have to do an interview. Great Ann said. They experimented with various rooms and both of them being in them at the same time in wheelchairs and they had no problems. Pat said she thought she was going to have to hire a nurse for the office as she could see Ann being very busy seeing patients herself doing evaluations. There was an extra office for her to do it and they talked about installing a video camera so Pat could review some of the sessions if necessary. Pat asked Ann if she was ok with coming back to work on Monday and she said yes, she was looking forward to it. They both thought things would start out slow and they could both work up their strength. Pat also asked Ann to talk to the receptionist, Bea, and do an interview and see what she is interested in while it was quiet. Ann said she would do it first thing Monday.

They headed into the therapy room and wanted to use the parallel bars. They each took an end and Pat used the bars and Ann used a crutch that was there. When then met in the middle Ann always caressed one of Pats breasts with her hooks while they kissed. They also stripped and took several pictures of each other with their phones. They even got a good one with them together. They worked out for about 30 minutes and felt good about the progress they made. Pat crutched to a storage closet just outside the door and got a tampon and came back and inserted it saying she thought she was very close and had better be prepared. Ann said she had no idea when she would start. After she had her tubes cut and went off the pill, she was very irregular. Her only clue was being Horney, more so than usual, and have tender breasts. Pat said she was looking forward to being fucked by Keith during her flow. Ann said she would love it, it felt different, more friction, and knowing that a man wanted her then added to the stimulation.

They got dressed and decided that something to eat sounded good. Ann knew a good barbeque place that Keith had taken her too and Pat said that sounded good. They locked up and headed out. The restaurant was not that busy yet and they were shown to a table right away. Each ordered something different and they would share to get a good sampling. The food was great and they finished and headed out for a drive in the evening. It had cooled off and the sun was getting ready to go down. Pat drove to a park with a small lake and they parked and a nice handicap place with paved walk way was available. They got out and got some more exercise and found a place to look at the sunset. No one was around and Pat took hold of Ann’s prosthetic hooks and brought then up to her nipple that was stretching the fabric tight on her dress. She rubbed it all around the nipple and areola again having good impulses head straight to her cunt. It felt even better with the tampon in place. Ann told her if they could find a good way for Pat to cradle her head she could nurse longer. Pat said they could work on that tonight after they got in bed.

They got back to the house and it was quiet. Ann saw that Keith and Sue were out by the pool so they headed out to them. They were both on the same lounge and neither one had anything on. Pat called out as they approached and asked if it was ok to join them. Keith said sure it is. Pat and Ann moved some chairs out of the way and parked their wheelchairs close to the lounge. It was obvious that Keith and Sue had been having sex but they did nothing to hide the fact since all of them had been with each other at one time or another. Keith asked how their day went and Ann answered great. She liked where Pat lived and was going to move in with her tomorrow. She added you don’t know how much I have enjoyed being here and will never be able to repay you. Sue said you don’t ever have to and we have enjoyed having you with us. Pat said she had put a tampon in earlier and hoped Keith was still willing to fuck her Monday internet casino or Tuesday. Sue beat him to the reply and said he will be ready to go, he loves it then. They all laughed at Sue speaking for him but Keith was nodding his head in agreement.

Ann said she and Pat were going to go pack a few things and would let Keith and Sue get back to their fun. Ann and Pat leaned over to kiss Keith and Sue good night and they headed inside. They did get their clothes packed and the drawers emptied. They decided a trip through the shower together would be nice and helped each other get their appliances off and rolled into the bathroom. They took turns using the john and Pat pulled her tampon. It had a couple of spots on it and she left it out for now. They each transferred to the wall bench and Pat got both of them wet. They took turns washing each other and then rinsed off. Ann managed to get to the shower floor and got between Pat’s legs. She spread her legs apart with her empty shoulder and shaved Pat’s pussy and legs. Pat watched closely as Pat shaved her totally paralyzed, unfeeling right leg. She thought it was so sensuous and sexy watching it happen but not be able to feel anything.

When Ann was done she inserted a douche into Pat and rinsed her out good. After letting her drain for a bit she surprised Pat and started eating her going after her clit and sucking hard on it. As Horney as Pat was she came almost immediately. After Pat came back to her senses she said to Ann that she could not believe she did that. Ann said why, you are about as clean as you will ever get and you know how much I love eating you. Pat helped Ann back up on the bench and then got down on the floor also. She decided it was time to see what she could and could not do with her useless right leg. She shaved Ann and could not help admire the job she had done on her hip. Pat was able to use skin that did not grow hair usually to put her back together so none was growing on the amputation site. Like Ann had done, she shaved her remaining leg from foot to clit.

Pat was able to get back up on the bench without a lot of trouble and they dried and got back in their wheelchairs. Pat put a tampon in and they headed straight to bed and Pat played with the pillows trying to get them in the right spot so she could lean back against them and then hold Ann so she could nurse and both of them be comfortable. They tried a few positions then found one that seemed to work great and Ann started sucking on Pat’s big nipples. Ann had not put her hooks back on but did use her free hand to massage Pat’s firm breast as she suckled at it. Pat was in heaven as Ann did her. She was glad she put a tampon in as wet as she had become. Pat soon realized that Ann had been at it for thirty minutes and told her. Neither wanted it to stop but they did. Pat turned the light out and snuggled into Ann’s back reaching around and cupping her large breast as they fell asleep.

The next morning Pat and Ann got up to the bathroom and Pat changed her tampon. It was more saturated this time and they headed back to bed. Ann again spent time sucking Pat’s nipples and massaging her breasts. Pat had another orgasm with just this stimulation. They helped each other get dressed and they both crutched into the kitchen for breakfast with Keith and Sue. Ann did not have her arm on but the shoulder was exposed with the skimpy top she had on. Pat had some new shorts on that fit her better with the hip belt on her brace and a halter top that seemed to be straining to hold her breasts in. While they were eating Pat asked Keith if she could come over and visit him Monday after dinner. He said that would work fine. He asked her to only use a Kotex pad and not a tampon after lunch that day as the tampon would dry her out. Also don’t bother with a shower or douche. Pat agreed. Every one helped to get the dishes in the dishwasher and the kitchen cleaned up and then the girls got into their wheelchairs and with Keith’s help got Pat’s van loaded. They all knew it was not good bye, just things getting back to normal somewhat.

The girls were able to get their stuff up to the condo without any problems and it did not take long to put stuff away. Ann was using the spare bedroom and not moving into Pat’s but they knew they would be sleeping together a lot. They had talked and had an understanding that both might find a male or female partner they liked and could bring them home anytime. They spent some time on the patio naked getting some sun. The rail on the patio was just right for both of them to do deep knee bends to gain strength in their remaining good legs. They each spent time doing three sets of 20 to get started with. They took turns sitting by each other in case one of them needed help. They headed to the shower and then decided they should make a trip to the store for groceries. They both put shirts on to cover themselves a little. They still got lots of looks. They got a bite to eat and headed home and got everything put away. It was dark and they decided it was time for bed. Ann again spent time on Pat’s breasts and Pat fingered Ann off towards the end. Pat seemed to cum good during Ann’s sucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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