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AWO09. – Business and pleasure

The imperial ladies had been much too preoccupied with their pleasure to take any notice of what went on around them. Pamela Vasquez was reclining on her chair along with the others, and had a service girl to keep her on a nice level of arousal as she joyfully took in the atmosphere of the scene… The scene she had created from her own imagination!

Because of the performance she was planning, she didn’t really want to cum yet. Just build up to – and stay at – a kind of trickling heat. But the mood could make such a position difficult to stand by at times… that was for sure! But, after all, that was what they had excellently trained service girls for, wasn’t it?!

As she recognised the beginnings of a build up towards the point of no return starting all around her once again, she found the opportunity to discretely disappear, taking Linda, one of the trainees, along with her.

Linda was ideal. She had been introduced on a similar party just a few months ago. In fact she was among the oldest of their trainees, and had a particularly well-rounded and full body – and a deliciously broad, peach- shaped bottom.

And then, as they entered the room in their new outfits, they collected gasps and exited outbursts from the hormone- heated ladies.

Pam’s costume had a design resembling that of some kind of a roman gladiator. The result was a combination of lack of historical knowledge and a desire to modify in order to increase the erotic appearance. Broad, black leather straps with scattered metal rings and buckles crossed her torso both in the front and back, with thinner straps encircling her upper arms. Over her shoulders she wore broad and heavy looking leather flaps with long fringes, connected to a black, cruel- looking, spiked iron ring around her neck.

Her tits were covered and held in place under the cross- straps by a matching golden brown coloured fabric of some kind, similar to the colour of her fingerless gloves.

The cross- straps were connected to an even broader leather belt – also with light brown fringes – buckled tightly around her waist. That belt was held down in position by thin leather straps fitted to the top edge of a pair of black leather boots with spiky high-heels, covering her legs almost all the way up to her crotch.

Even her makeup elegantly matched the colours. The outline of her eyes, and the eyebrows were painted completely black, while the eyelids had a colour matching that of the patches covering her tits, only a little darker. Her lips were dark, very fully red – though not screaming – and were outlined with light brown lines, making her mouth looking exceptionally full and sexy.

The rogue on her cheekbones was discreetly pink- reddish, ingeniously toned down almost to nothing to perfectly balance the total composition.

She had pulled back her dark brown, almost black hair in a tight ponytail, further completing the match with the rest of her costume.

The only thing contradicting the other effects was a small red rose stuck in her hair just above her right ear. Another ingenious effect adding to the impression of unpredictability about her.

The whole appearance made her look like she was just about ready to kill in cold blood!

In her left hand she held a long, wicked looking bullwhip, rolled up tightly in her fist. The other hand held a short silver chain leash, connected to a black leather collar fitted tightly around Linda’s neck. As she moved towards the centre of the room, the girl staggered alongside, bent cruelly forward at the hip by the short length of her mistress’ chain…. her hands apparently fastened behind her back with the same kind of leather- like cuffs, and her curly blond hair hanging down to cover her face. She was completely naked save for some classic roman- looking sandals and a thin, black strap around her waist.

Red welts, resembling wicked whip marks, which looked chilling genuine, cover her butt and torso with angry stripes.

The group of ladies and girls were stunned, to say the least, their heated expressions ranging from disbelief to gaping admiration.

Comforted by the fact that any kind of violence or pain was totally banned, the audience tried to grasp the skills and accuracy needed to pull off this masterpiece of both costume composition and makeup.

The couple looked beautiful, outrageous, and outright chillingly erotic. Although historically incorrect to the extreme, it had a completely breathtaking effect on the spectators. Even the service girls totally forgot their delicious tasks, staring wide-eyed as the two women stepped into the centre of the room.

For a moment everything was completely silent except some heavy breathing from indolently recovering mistresses. Pam turned to face the assembly. As she looked up, she met an array of staring eyes that for a moment looked almost comical.

She remained in character without problems though, and took hold of the silver chain with her other hand to tighten casino oyna the leash even more. A strained groan came up from her side, as the girl’s head was forced down even further. A violent tug on her collar was an immediate instruction for her to be silent.

Pam let one of her boot- dressed feet slide a little forward.

“Get down on the floor slave, and lick my boot!” she hissed.

With her hands still secured behind her back, Linda immediately crumbled to her knees, with Pam letting the silver chain slide elegantly through her hand to allow her the access she needed to obey the order.

The second round of orgasms had left the ladies more or less powerless. Though not as devastated as they would have been after such as session with Anne, more like totally drained of their sexual energy. For the moment at least….

Although the sight of the little pink tongue darting over the shiny boot tip was extremely exciting – even beautiful in its own peculiar way – it could only serve as a pleasant background entertainment for now. Few of the ladies were very unhappy about their girl paying more attention to the scene before them, than keeping up with their prescribed duties.

Jean and Carol settled with the relaxing caressing from their slavegirl’s hands.

They actually considered these kinds of outfits and games somewhat over the line, even a little vulgar. But then again, nobody could pull off something like this with as much taste and style as Pamela Vasquez. She would never do anything that she knew was against their policy, and her imagination was positively preposterous, to say the least!

As the slave tongue continued to work its way around the tip of the boot, the amphora was carried around again, and glasses were refilled. Jean signalled to the girl to take it a little bit easy from now on. It wouldn’t do for their guests to have too much. She knew from her own experience how easily that could take some of the edge off the experience. Make an otherwise perfectly served orgasm less than perfect.

That just couldn’t be!

Linda dutifully continued her task, and in the process her heavily painted face became more visible to the others. Her eyes had broad, black stripes painted in a kind of Egyptian servant- style, and her lips had been done in a deep wine- red colour, all of it in order to emphasize the presentation of the submissive slave- like appearance. Especially when displayed in a position like this.

Anne watched open- mouthed as the girl continued tonguing the heel and then slowly work her way up to the wrist of the shiny boot. She hardly noticed Ms. Wilder’s gentle stroking and ruffling of her already tousled hair as they both followed the action with heavy eyelids.

“Do it properly child!” Pam hissed as she put her hands to her hips and assumed an even more dominating stance over the crouched girl. The rolled- up whip patted ominously against the leatherclad thigh as she surveyed the submissive performance with a deliciously cruel expression on her face.

Linda hurried to comply, increasing her effort as her blonde head bobbed around the shiny ankle. Her butt, with its network of fake, cruel looking stripes, pointed obscenely towards the audience, wiggling sensuously with the rhythm of her hard working tongue.

She continued like that for a couple of minutes until she felt a light tug on the silver chain signalling for her to move upward…. Veeeery slowly upward.

Her mistress retained the indulgent expression on her face as the girl worked herself in the right direction. The spectators, however, did notice that her breasts started rising and falling just a little bit faster with each breath as the slave girl painstakingly slowly approached the knee. Anne had noticed the patient and devoted service Pam had enjoyed while she was still seated with the others, and knew that her blood must be nearly boiling over from unrelieved passion. After all she hadn’t had any kind of release yet.

As Linda’s lips passed her Mistress’ knee, continuing its slow trek upwards, the other ladies suddenly seemed to have recovered remarkably from their state of exhaustion, and their passion was kindled once again. Gently but most urgently service girls’ heads were directed back to where they belong….. in between the soft thighs spread before them. Down to their eternal task! The eternal task of a proper slave girl.

They would have to do with the sound effects for the rest of the show.

By now Linda’s blond head was half way up the leather-clad thigh. Pam let the whip unfold from her hand, casually falling down along the girl’s back. Like a snaky caress. With gentle movements she let the black, plaited coils slide back and forth along the gracious curves of her back and buttocks. From around them the first of many faint moans could be heard, mixing with even fainter sounds of slopping tongues gently at work. Patient work. Worshipping work.

The heat was on again. On for sure!

No doubt whatsoever that slot oyna this performance – stretching the ladies imagination as far as it did – had the desired effect. Anne noted with a bit of surprise that Ms. Wilder’s hungry pussy swallowed her tongue deeply without any sign of discomfort or soreness. None at all! Quite an unbelievable feat considering the violent orgasm she had experienced just a few minutes back. But once again she had to remind herself that these were not just ordinary women. Obviously, their remarkable endurance had been a key factor for them to be included in the folds of Jean and Carol’s group. And – as Jean had pointed out to her so many times already – the lifestyle itself helped develop the endurance and also the sexual drive needed to be able to take such a level of stimulation and pleasure on a regular basis. And then – in many cases – made them more or less dependent on it.

As the moans around them steadily grew more breathless and hoarse, she lost herself in the paradise- like depths of the delicious lady pussy opening up so lewdly and lovingly to her ministrations. With her inner vision, she kept the delightful image of Pam and Linda to the forefront of her mind. For a while she also tried to follow the events by listening along, but eventually the soft thighs gradually coming in on her head began to close against her ears and cheeks, more or less shutting her out of that part of the action as well.

That part definitely continued though! Pam kept one hand behind Linda’s head as the other continued playing with the frightening whip draped over the girl’s back and buttocks. Her muscular belly and chest flexed and stretched more explicitly with her now heavy breathing as she impatiently guided the blond head towards the bald cleft of her dripping quim.

Then she suddenly seemed to loose what little grip she had on her boiling emotions. Almost brutally she tugged on the slave’s neck, jamming the adoring face up deep into her pussy…. She held her there for a long, breathless moments as she let her own head sink backwards, and her other arm slowly raise the monstrous whip high into the air.

The room became completely dead silent.

Then the arm shot down.

A deafening crack!

The audience jumped in shock.

Pam’s slave girl stiffened and let out a thin shriek into the depths of the pussy completely engulfing her face.

Jean could see the backs of the other slaves crouch instinctively and the heads ducking still deeper in between the widely spread thighs of their mistresses.

Then silence… again. Expect for the ringing in the ears from the terrible crack.

She didn’t actually…..?!? Or did she?!?

Nervous eyes scanned the girl’s lovely back and buttocks for any signs of that horrible hit. Pam’s whip arm with its fingerless glove was resting along her side, with the wicked instrument again draped across the girl’s back. She seemed totally occupied with enjoying the hard working tongue. Still bent slightly backwards, looking at some point above her with dizzy eyes. Her other hand busily urging the blonde head for still higher intensity as her hips slowly moved back and forth.

No new welt grew out on Linda’s silky skin though, and it eventually became clear to the ladies that Pam had actually cracked the whip in the air just above the girl’s buttocks. That understanding immediately triggered a new bout of moaning and groaning throughout the group as recovering pussies started to drool in response to the impact of this outrageously wild and primitive fantasy.

The moans got even more hoarse as Pam painstakingly slowly raised her arm a second time. As it reached the full height once again, she looked cruelly down at Linda, who kept her attention on the business at hand, squeezing her face even deeper into her soaked cleft. The girl’s exposed ass cheeks rolled softly back and forth in front of her as if she was eagerly anticipating the kiss of the whip. Carol thought the girl had to have an almost blind trust in her mistress’ skills with that monstrous instrument of unimaginable suffering!

The whip’s crack filled the room again! Even louder than before. Linda made another theatrical jerk of pain accompanied by a muffled scream. In her state of increased heat, she forgot all about her hands pretending to be cuffed behind her back, and reached out to grab and hold her mistress’ buttocks with both hands as she tried to dig still deeper into the wonderful pussy with her lips and tongue. And Pam met her with heavy hips as she moved to let the whip fall a third time.

The room soon resounded with ecstatic moans as joyfully working tongues rubbed ferociously over rock hard, oversensitive clits. The entire group was well off on the wild ride towards another, uncontrollable explosion. Hands and fingers tore and grabbed at tousled slave hair, and heavy pubic bones bucked persistently against hard working mouths as the heat gradually grew to fever pitch.

All of this accompanied by the now rhythmical cracks canlı casino siteleri of the whip!

Even with their extensive experience, Jean and Carol had long since been brought out of their state of sated recovery. Encouraged and excited by Pam’s extraordinary understanding of how to entertain her audience, they also passionately enjoyed the show along with the expert oral attention from their slave girls.

Through her mental dim of revived sexual arousal, Jean noted that Ms. Wilder had given up Anne to her friend Veronica Chambers – the last of the guests not to have experienced the girl’s special skills yet. The lady lay spread- eagled over her chair as she hung on to the dishevelled head with both hands. It was clear to everyone watching that Anne had initiated her special tongue thrusts already, with her usual, barrier- breaking success. And young Doreen’s head was practically jammed down into Ms. Wilder’s impatient pubes as she tumbled over to occupy the position between those abruptly abandoned thighs. These ladies sure knew how to enjoy a good party, no doubt about that!

Another stinging crack! Another painful yelp! Strained trashing and moaning from ladies and slave girls alike.

Pamela handled the whip like a circus artist, and Jean’s only concern was how her friend’s rising passion would affect the accuracy of those violent looking blows.

And that obviously must have crossed the gladiatress’ mind as well.

As her body started quivering lightly, her muscular arm rose and fell just a few more snapping times. Then she dropped the instrument of suffering and grabbed hold of Linda’s head with both hands.

Her trembling gradually intensified, with her stomach muscles bucking and convulsing as sparks of intense pleasure shot up and down her spine. Her tits swinging delightfully under those small pieces of texture cloth.

The girl’s mouth was stuck like glued to her pussy, with the tongue relentlessly rubbing back and forth over the protruding pleasure nodule. By now Linda’s own passion ran so high that her body threatened to betray her with an uncontrollable orgasmic blast that could result in a total loss of control at the time when she needed it most…. When she needed all of her energy to focus her heart and soul on the single task of bringing her wonderful mistress maximum pleasure.

Shit!! Now she felt those familiar ripples in the delightful thighs pressing along her cheeks. The hands on her head clenched into tight fists grasping full locks of blonde hair as her head was relentlessly pulled deeper into the overheated cleft.

Pam’s body trembled even harder… She slowly rose onto the toes of her high- heeled boots as she with gritting teeth sank most of her weight down on the up- turned face!

Another few gasps escaped her.

Linda desperately tried to control her own body as she prepared her lady for the final explosion with a series of extra powerful tongue flicks. The agonizing pull at her hair brought tears to the eyes, but all of that was completely displaced by the insane pleasure of bringing on a mind- bending orgasm to a stern and demanding mistress like Pamela. Her mistress!

Then the orgasm hit!

Like a final whiplash right across her back!

And the cry of pleasure was almost as loud! As her hip bucked violently she shot a massive squirt of pussy juice down into her slave’s mouth!

As Linda used all her strength to meet the heavy hips with face and tongue, she felt herself gradually loose control of her own body… just as she had feared. With her hands tightly hugging the flexing buttocks, and without the ability to touch herself at all, Linda still rushed helplessly into a climax that almost made her collapse under the weight of her mistress’ all- consuming ecstasy. With the wave of her own orgasm raging through her, and new squirts of juice filling up her mouth, she had to use all of her strength to support herself as well as her lady as she tried to keep some kind of control of her spastic hips. Hips that felt like they had taken on a life of their own down there.

Pam’s overwhelming eruption became the trigger to push the other mistresses over the edge as well. Over the next minute the entire room was filled with the chaos of bucking bodies and ecstatic screams. All the slave girls had their generous share of gushing pussy juices as they strove to stay with their lovely ladies through their heart- bursting orgasms. And they all managed to control their own pent- up passion in the process. Almost….

Jean was quite certain that Doreen’s wildly pumping hips clearly betrayed even her failure to withstand the excitement as Ms. Wilder’s mixture of cum and piss flooded her throat and threatened to drown her completely.

Doreen was probably the most hot- blooded of all the service girls, giving herself over to the task of pleasuring with a frantic submissive energy and passion that could match even that of Anne.

And Anne was the perfect one…. as always. With total control of body and technique, she managed to stay in the ideal position and contact throughout Ms. Chamber’s trembling ecstasy, drinking her juices, and tonguing her clit until the classy lady actually fell into unconsciousness from total exhaustion!

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