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We live in what is a typical western town of the day I suppose. Big enough that you wouldn’t know everyone, yet it seemed somehow that everyone managed to know what everyone else was doing. The railroad finally reached us a few years back and moved beyond. Business was expanding faster than the sawmill could make the boards. So many new people were arriving every day there was hardly place for them. And of course along with them came the undesirables with their saloons, drinking, fights and bawdy houses. The churches tried to keep up but there was only so much that could be done other than petition the town council to keep them in the lower part of town. Not to say there wasn’t a good side. So many things we needed now came on the train. New bolts of material, furniture, and other wished for goods that we have done without for so long.

Many wonderful people arrived and new jobs were everywhere. Sam Wallace, the owner of the General Store was building on to his business. Elizabeth, his wife, is my dearest friend. She is much stronger of will and steadfastness. My husband, Thomas, an excellent carpenter, was doing the work and had more work impatiently awaiting him when that was finished. Buildings were going up faster than men and supplies were available.

We both had sons that had just finished learning their numbers and letters and would now be leaving school, ending their further education against my most ardently spoken wishes, and joining their Fathers in their business.

Oh my, I am prattling on. I believe in good faith, should I have any yet to appeal to, that I write selfishly looking for a reason, some excuse perhaps, to forgive myself, to elucidate these new feelings with some desperate hope of stifling or repressing them. I cannot continue. Yet, I fear I cannot stop them for in leisure moments from my housework, they consume me. My dear Elizabeth, my confidante, tries to console, advise, yet she has her own… aberrant feelings, velleity… I suppose, to suppress. She has grasped the cross, yet I willingly followed in our folly. Oh what our penance for our meddling.

As I have already said my husband, Tom, is putting an addition on Sam’s store. I walked down to the store taking chance of the dust and the sun with my parasol as I am fragile and fair of skin. I had need to pick up some flour and cinnamon and thought I might tarry to see my dear Elizabeth. Oh, yes, I am Anna.

I believe here I must step back and let my fingers, pen and inkwell continue this alone as my thoughts are fraught with the emotions all this has brought about. It is as best as I perceived it to have happened knowing the events as I do now.

As I came upon the dusty boardwalk it was quiet of hammering and I stepped into the front door. There wasn’t anyone about and I walked to the drygoods counter. Hearing voices from the back I walked closer and, I must make clear without intent or purpose, overheard Sam talking to my Tom.

I stepped back hearing mention of earlier sexual adventures of which I had no part and no wish to hear of. I believe I am no prude and I bear up to all of my husband’s wishes. Though I fear I did not feel the intenseness that he does, his goodness and devotion to his family has earned my most willing submission to his needs whenever he wishes. He is my husband… and admittedly I take some inner pride in acceding to and providing for his pleasure.

Yet, at the sound of them speaking of my son I stepped closer.

“Tom, them boys are growed up now. They’ll be startin work with us. They’re done with their schoolin now and I think we ought to give ’em a little celebration to make ’em men. What do you think?”

“Sam, I think Tommy’s ma would skin me alive if I figure what you’re thinking.”

“Yeah well, her and Elizabeth don’t need to know now do they. Me and you, Tommy and Jimmy, we could make a little party out of it. Play some cards, have a few drinks and I’ll get a couple girls from one of the saloons over at Carsonville. It’s a big town and nobody will much know us or them. Hell Tom, we’ll have it right here in the back room of my place after closing and dusk. I got a couple good feather beds in the loft I can bring down and put in the new store room you built. It’s still empty.”

“I don’t know Sam, I’d sure hate for Anna or Elizabeth to find out. There would sure be hell to pay. You know them two are thick as molasses. They’ll both be wantin to get them boys married off in a few years.”

“You let me take care of that Tom. We’ll set it up fer next Saturday night. Elizabeth and your Anna will be at the Women’s Club meetin.”

Anna quickly slipped out the front door and scurried to see Elizabeth.

“ELIZABETH… ELIZABETH… oh my God we have to stop this,” she cried breathlessly.

Elizabeth looked up from her kitchen table curiously as Anna hurried through the screen door.

“For heavens sake, sit down sit down. Stop what Anna?”

“Oh Liz,” she cried in a panic. “Our husbands, you won’t believe what they are about to do. Our sons, oh my God our dear babies, they are going to poker oyna get them mixed up with some saloon floozies. I overheard them at the store. It’s to be this Saturday when we are at our meeting.”

“What ever for Anna? Why would they do such a thing?”

“They said to celebrate becoming men. Oh Liz, they can’t, they just can’t. Who knows what kind of awful saloon girl they’ll get. They could get some dreadful disease or something, they’re so dirty. Oh my God Liz, we have to do something. If anyone finds out, none of the good girls will have them for husbands,” she cried as she dropped into a chair holding her head.

“Are you sure? This has to be Sam’s idea. That man. It would be like him. Oh I’m so sorry Anna. We have to think of something, someway to stop this. Our Saturday meeting is out.”

“Oh please Elizabeth, you are so good at thinking of things, what can we do?”

She clasped Anna’s hands in hers, “I’ll think of something, I promise, we won’t let this happen to our boys. I know I can outwit Sam. Look, Sam will be home soon. Go home and act as if nothing has happened. Don’t worry Anna, some how we’ll take care of this.”

Anna quickly made her way home becoming furious at her husband for allowing such a thing. No flour, no cinnamon, so no desert tonight for him. Nothing else either, she would have a terrible headache. That would be certain.

Elizabeth turned to her work, fixing the evening meal. “Well Sam my husband, you devil. What have you done?” Elizabeth thought smiling to herself. Her thighs tightened as little shivers slipped through her nicely rounded hips. “There must be some way…” a wary smile on her lips as she pondered Anna’s words. Sam was a wonderful provider, husband and Father, yet she knew, there was something more… missing.

Sam closed up the store and went home. Soon enough his mercantile would be twice the size with Tom’s good work. It would be as big as the ones at Carsonville. Which reminded him of what he needed to do.

“LIZ, ELIZABETH, I’m home dumplin. What we got fer supper tonight? I’m so hungry I could bite a runnin heifer right in th..”


“Now, did you have a good day?” she asked giving him a peck on the cheek. She wiped her hands and finished setting the table.

“Good enough.” Sam grunted, thinking a man can’t say a word in his own home.

“We’re having some white beans, sweet cornbread, ham bits, green onions and some fried potatoes. I’ve made a rhubarb-strawberry pie for desert. Jimmy should be in soon. Go yell for him and I’ll finish up here.”

Sam grunted and pushed his way back from the table. He just couldn’t get over how Liz could put together somethin so good. Never figured what such a good lookin woman seen in him. Her long dark curls hiding naturally tan skin. He shook his head to clear the obvious salacious thoughts nudging in at the corners.

“Jimmy, you’ll have to mind the store for awhile tomorrow. I have to run in to Carsonville to look at some new hardware.”

“Sam, I’ll ride with you. I want to look at some things that we should probably stock in the store when Tom is finished with it.”

“Well, we’ll get there and you can go north and I’ll head south and meet up back at the wagon.”

“Oh yeah, this Saturday me and Tom and the boys are goin to go huntin while you women are at your meeting.”

The evening passed and Elizabeth hurried to Anna’s early the next morning after Sam went to open the store.

“Anna, Anna,” Liz breathed in hushed tones. “Listen, as awful as this is don’t say no right away and talk me out of it. I’ve been all night over this and I’ve convinced myself I can do it. Don’t get moralistic on me. This is not the time. The Lord knows I’ll have my days in purgatory over this. We will have to compromise our virtue but I just don’t know of any other way. I’ve worried over it all night. It will be just terrible but I don’t know what else to do. Just hear me out and if you have a better idea, please please tell me of it.”

“Sam is going to Carsonville today and I know while he is there he is going to arrange for some of those trollops to spoil our sons. I’m going with him and will espy to see who they are. Then before we return I will slip away and beseech them to keep the payment Sam has made and not to come.”

“But, but Liz, the men will be expecting them to arrive Saturday evening. What will happen?”

“Anna… sit down, please… listen, please. Do you really want to stop this? To stop our husbands from getting some saloon girls for our sons?”

“Yes, yes, Liz we must. We can’t let them do this.”

“And you’re willing to do anything we must to stop them?”

“Yes, yes I will.”

“Then the girls will come Anna. They will surely come, but it will be us.”

“What? What ever do you mean Liz? How do you mean it will be us?”

Elizabeth grasped Anna’s hands, “Us, Anna, us, you and I, it will be us.”

“But, they will know, and we can’t… oh no Liz… how? I don’t understand.”

Liz squeezed tighter and closed canlı poker oyna her eyes, “Anna, we will disguise ourselves and we will take their place.”

“ELIZABETH, NO… You mean… us… our sons? No… oh no Liz, oh my God, I can’t, we can’t. We’ll just tell them, no, they can’t, I won’t allow it. We simply cannot allow it. I will put my foot down. How could you think of such a thing?”

“Anna, oh Anna would it be so easy to just tell them, but then they will just sneak away when we don’t know. Or they will take the boys to Carsonville with them. They’re men and we can’t stop them if they insist on doing it. We only have our wiles to outwit them. It’s all we have Anna. We must.”

“Listen Anna, if you agree, I will be with Tommy, you’ll have be with my Jimmy. We’ll wear disguises and talk in a low whisper or something for our voices. We’ll try not to say much. Oh Anna, I just don’t know of another way so soon and you are the only one I would ever trust my little Jimmy with. I promise I will be so careful with Tommy. Oh Anna, I just don’t know of anything else to do. Please, help think of something else. There is so little time.”

Elizabeth bowed her head as tears slipped down her cheeks and her shoulders trembled with her sobs. Anna quickly held her to share her distress. Elizabeth knew she must take care to have Anna share in her scheme. It would be the only way to trust her silence. The imagining of being with Tommy, gave her little goose bumps and tingles inside.

“Oh Liz, I’m so sorry. I am so sorry. You have struggled with this and I have been of no help. It’s just, oh I don’t know how I will be able… how shall I face the day. How shall I face Jimmy when he is here? But I will, I must, we must. Dear Elizabeth, somehow, I will make myself do this, for our sons. What can I do to help?”

Elizabeth looked up dabbing at her eyes, `”Disguises, make us disguises Anna, while I am in Carsonville with Sam. Something to cover our eyes and noses, most of our faces. I’ll slip us some net stockings and gaudy material from the stock to make us a quick wrap. That with some make-up and we’ll look like a couple tawdry strumpets. Hopefully it will be dark enough in the back of the store… well, we have to hope. They won’t expect us until after dark anyway.”

“I have to hurry back. Sam should be ready to leave by now.”

They hugged tightly, conspiratorially, for better or worse, they had now set out upon a course.

Elizabeth fairly wished to skip with delight back to her home sure that she had Anna’s assent.

Later in the day Anna once more walked to the mercantile for the flour and cinnamon. The thought of Jimmy being there while Liz and Sam were in Carsonville escaped her.

Her hand trembled and her stomach did little flips as she looked at Jimmy over the counter. He was a young, strong handsome boy much like her Tommy. She tried hopelessly to push from her thoughts the upcoming day. On her way home her heart beat wildly and she near fainted realizing that she would have to… with Liz’s son. But as her dear friend said, there was no other way.

Elizabeth was careful, acted the indignant Mother and had little problem talking the Madam that Sam had engaged into keeping the money and not sending any girls. When she returned home she pulled the material from the store stock to make the dresses. Anna had made the masks of black material to cover their eyes, nose and upper part of their face leaving only the mouth and cheeks easily visible. The blouses tied in the front and the skirts were full and loose such that they needn’t be removed to accomplish their mission.

The week wore on with Anna trying to put it out of her mind, yet as both Elizabeth and Anna lay in bed at night, each could not completely shut out the thoughts of being intimate with the boys. Wondering how they would react or feel. How they would live with it. One with anticipation, one with dread.

Sam called Tom down from the rafters and told him it was all set up for Saturday evening just at dusk. He should bring Tommy over with their hunting rifles and he would close the shutters on the store and have everything ready.

Saturday evening Anna sat on her porch dreading what she knew she must do. After pacing the porch many times and darkness approaching she went to Elizabeth.

“Elizabeth, I’m sorry, I can’t do this, oh I just can’t.”

Elizabeth with her heart sinking took her hand, “Come with me, come in here.”

She took her to her bedroom and quickly slipped out of her clothes as Anna looked away. Anna had always thought of Elizabeth as being so lovely, with the long legs and height so many women wished for. While Anna was petite, not quite thin, but slight. Liz pulled on the skirt, slipped her arms in the loose blouse and tied it low in the front so her breasts fairly swung loose, pendulously, as she was well endowed with large well rounded breasts. She then slipped the mask on that Anna had worked so hard over. She put some make up on far darker and heavier than she ever would normally have done. A ribbon quickly internet casino tied her hair up with a much darker piece woven in.

“Anna, Anna look, look at me.”

“Oh my God, oh Elizabeth, I don’t believe I would ever recognize you, especially in dim light. Not if I didn’t suspect. Oh my God, you look like… oh Liz,” she laughed, “You look like one of those girls.”

“ANNA, that’s the idea remember? Now come here and I will help you get ready.”

Giggling they quickly slipped Anna from her things and dressed her in much the same fashion. Looking in the mirror they did indeed look fairly unrecognizable.

“Oh Liz, I’m afraid my breasts just aren’t quite up to yours.”

“Oh Anna, I’ve always thought you’re just lovely. You’re so petite and pretty.”

Liz flipped out Anna’s blouse lightly ruffling the edges as her fingertips brushed across her nipple.

“Anna, you have these… My God Anna, you have really large nipples. Just leave your blouse loose and remember to bend over and twist around enough so they keep trying to see them instead of looking more closely at us.”

“Anna, we have to cover your light hair. Here, let me pull this dark piece on and weave it in abit. Here, a touch of perfume behind our ears and between our breasts and we’re ready. Oh, wait, just wait one moment. We have a little time yet.”

Elizabeth ran from the room and returned with two large glasses of amber liquid.

“This is some of Sam’s best bourbon. Drink it. I know I know Anna, don’t even… just drink it. This drink is to be the least of our sins and will be sorely needed.”

Lips turned to a grimace as they both forced the burning liquid down feeling it quickly warm their insides.

They hugged each other tightly for a moment and Elizabeth whispered trying to keep the excitement out of her voice, “Okay Anna, it’s time, it’s dark. We can do it. Be strong.”

Hands clasped tightly with each other they walked the short distance to the General Store, both feeling an unknown excitement, Elizabeth’s, an excitement of the adventure.

The men and boys had been playing some cards and drinking for about an hour or more. Several other friends had joined them to celebrate.

“Here they are,” Sam grinned. “Tom, go let them in afore anyone sees them.”

Opening the door Tom ushered them quickly into the dark store.

“Well, you two girls look good, real good. What’s with the getup?”

Elizabeth quickly stepped forward allowing Anna to slip a little behind her.

Elizabeth whispered in a low voice, “We work over in Carsonville, but that doesn’t mean we live there now does it? So, we like a little disguise. Besides… a little mystery will make it nicer… Now, where are these two young boys you want us to make men of?”

“Well, they’re in back, come on in.”

“We are here just for the boys and really must get back.”

“Uh… here… hey boys, Sam, come in here.”

They all came pouring through the counter batwings.

Anna and Elizabeth stepped back, “Wait, who are all these, no… no, just the two young men.

“Hey boys,” Sam hollered, waving his arms. “Now this is just fer Tommy and Jimmy. Let’s not scare off the nice young ladies. You all go back a playin cards. We’ll be right there.”

“Here ladies, this here one is Tommy and this one is Jimmy. Here girls have a drink. This is some of the finest whiskey in these parts. Good bourbon from Kentucky itself. Not that stuff they sell over in the saloon.”

Elizabeth and Anna looked at each other and quickly took big drinks drawing tears to their eyes.

Elizabeth whispered smiling seductively, “Well now, you two look like a couple big strong men, not a couple little boys like they described you to be.”

“Okay, we been awaitin for you so lets get these boys goin,” Sam laughed putting his hand out to steady himself on the store counter.

The women glanced at each other and took deep breaths both grateful for the darkness and the warm feeling of the alcohol coursing through their blood and now relaxing them. They knew there was no way they could have gone this far without the help of the strong drink they had both had.

Anna was feeling slightly dizzy and held onto Elizabeth’s arm to steady herself.

Jimmy looked at Tommy, “Hey, I want the tall one with the big titties.”

Tommy laughed, “I don’t care, I like the little one. She’s just my size.”

Anna looked at Elizabeth with sudden panic in her eyes, her hand squeezing painfully into Elizabeth’s.

“Aw come on boys,” Elizabeth whispered in a low husky murmur. “I like Tommy there. I bet he could really make me sing.”

She stepped closer and rubbed her breasts against his arm her lips nuzzling his throat as she pulled him away, “Come on Tommy, I think I can take care of that big problem you have there.”

“No Ma’am, I mean, I think you’re really nice but Jimmy wants you and that suits me cause I kinda have a yearnin for the little one there.”

“Well, that settles it,” grinned Tom as he stepped in and took Elizabeth’s arm and gently pulled her toward Jimmy. You and Jimmy can go over to that side of the store. Ole Sam has you all set up. Tommy and little missy here can use the new store room right over there. Sam has things set up in there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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