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This story can be read on its own merits, but follows logically from “Angela’s Choice.” This story can be considered as ‘Angela’s Choice Chapter 2″


In Angela’s Choice, Angela met a romance author much younger than she and he saw something in her that she didn’t know existed. With his help and encouragement she has become a new woman, feeling years younger. The ‘real’ Angela has been awakened. Now what? Do they have a future? Angela’s daughter can’t believe how her mother has changed…

Anna met her mother at the door.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“It’s part of the new me.”

“Let’s go, then. Off to the bathroom!”

Angela removed her slacks and underwear and sat on the side of the bathtub, as directed.

“Last chance, mom.”

“Let’s do it.”

Anna pulled up a short stool so she could sit as she worked, and put the scissors and shaving equipment within easy reach.

“Here we go. Open up.”

Angela spread her legs open and Anna began trimming her mother’s full bush as close as she could with scissors. She then held a washcloth she had wet with hot water up against the area to be shaved.

“It’s a bit easier if we soften things up a bit first. Here, hold this against you just as I have it while I get set.”

After a few minutes Anna took the cloth and ran her fingers over the short hair, noting the direction the hair grew. She put a generous portion of shaving cream in her hand and smeared it over all the remaining hair, then wiped her hands and held the razor.

“Point of no return here. Go or no go?”

“Go. I want it. I want something like the triangle you say you have.”

“Gotcha. I have in mind exactly what to do with you.”

Anna used short strokes to gradually remove much of the remaining hair, occasionally feeling a just shaved area to check that it was a clean removal. Between strokes she rinsed the blade in a basin of warm water on the floor beside her.

“You gotta hold real still for this part. We don’t want to slice anything important.”

Angela held her breath as Anna worked around the labia, using a thumb to stretch the skin one way or another. Finally Anna sat back on the stool.

“Ta da! All done. Now let’s clean you up so you can admire my handiwork.”

While Anna wiped the area with the wet cloth Angela asked “You do this to yourself?”

“Yeah. The first time I was a little nervous and missed a spot or two. I had to use a mirror because I was afraid of nicking something, you know? After that it wasn’t so bad. I can almost do it in the dark now. I know what a clean shave feels like while I do it. I’ll teach you how to maintain it.”

After wiping her mother clean Anna rubbed her fingers over the shaved area. “Smooth as a baby’s bottom.”

Angela started to get up, but Anna had her remain seated while she fetched a hand mirror.

Angela had never really studied herself before and gasped.

“Do you like it, mom? I did it special for you.”

“But…but…I thought you were going to do a triangle like yours.”

Anna laughed. “It is a triangle, sort of. I thought it would be fun to have something a little different.”

“But…a heart?”

“It’s almost a triangle. A heart pointing right to your pussy. I bet Mike will go nuts when he sees it.”

“I don’t even know if he’ll ever see it. That was probably a one shot deal.”

“Bet ya five bucks he does see it.”

Anna traced the heart-shaped patch of hair with a finger, admiring her handiwork. When she reached the bottom of the heart she stopped and frowned.

“What? Is something wrong?”

“No, no. Nothing wrong. Just different. I didn’t notice earlier because I was concentrating on the task at hand.”

“What’s different? What are you talking about?”

“You said that Mike thought that except for our hair and eyes we looked alike. But our pussies are different.”

“What are you talking about?”

Anna stood and removed all her clothing, then said “Now you. We’re going to settle this right now. Come on, don’t be shy. I’ve seen you naked before.”

Angela hesitantly unbuttoned her shirt and removed it and her bra. Anna took her hand and tugged until Angela stood up.

“All right. Side by side, hips touching. Let’s check the mirror.”

The two women studied their images.

“Anna, for Pete’s sake. I’m sixty-one and you’re…”

“Yeah, yeah. I know all that. But look. I’ve never thought about it before. You said Mike told you that I favored you, and he seems to be mostly right. Our faces do favor one another. Look at our tits. Same size, same shape. Turn sideways so we can see our profiles.”

“But mine are…”

“Don’t you dare say saggy. Look – hardly any difference. Sure, gravity has had some effect, but wow. Who’d have thought? I hope mine are as nice as yours when I’m sixty-one.”

The faced the mirror once again. “Hmm. Areoles about the same size and color. You have bigger nipples though”

“That comes from having children. What are you doing?”

“Just checking.”

Anna felt poker oyna one of Angela’s breasts and rolled a nipple between her fingers, causing the nipple to harden.

“They’re really a lot alike, but I think yours are softer. Go ahead, feel mine.”

Angela tentatively held her daughter’s breast in her hand and gently squeezed, then repeated with her own. “Maybe.”

“He said our figures and legs were alike. Damned if it isn’t so. You sure have managed to stay slender and physically fit, and I never noticed before what great legs you have, mom. Hips about the same, too. Ooh, ooh! Turn profile again! Yes! Don always tells me I have a great ass, but I sure got it from you. I see older women at the beach with their ass cheeks hanging down to their knees, but yours is firm. Here, feel.”

Anna had Angela feel them both, and she did also. “I’m surprised. Pleasantly surprised.”

They faced the mirror once again. Anna reached over to spread Angels’s vulva.

Angela slapped her away.

“Geez, mom. I was just going to check for a difference. Okay, we’ll approach it a different way. Sit on the floor with your legs in front of you.”

Angela had no idea what Anna had in mind, but sat, and Anna did the same, facing her.

“Here, mom. Scoot up closer. Your legs go here and mine go like thus. Now we can check.”

Anna had them sitting with legs beside the other person and their bodies close together.

“Here. Let’s have a look. I can see it without a mirror, but you take the mirror and look at your pussy. Now look at mine. See the difference?”

“I…I’m not sure.”

“Have ever studied yourself before?”

“Well…not exactly.”

“Take the mirror again. The time for exactly is now. Look closely at your pussy lips. Now look at mine. See? Mine are dark and stick out and yours don’t. Now, don’t get all jumpy on me here, I’m doing research.”

Anna leaned forward and spread Angela’s vulva open, running a finger up and down between the lips. When she explored the clitoris Angela gasped.

“Damn. You may have smaller pussy lips, but you have a bigger clit. I’m jealous. Now do yourself and then me. Just to feel the difference.”

Angela hadn’t touched Anna like that since she was in diapers, but had to agree on the difference.

“I wonder,” Anna mused, “how it feels when…Mom, you say you now feel like you’re forty again. Forty and sexually awakened. Look, I know how it feels when Don eats me with my big pussy lips. How did it feel when Mike did it to you?”

“I didn’t care for it at first, I thought it was nasty, but liked it a lot later. I’m still not very experienced and don’t know how to react.”

“Here we go. Lean back and open up. We’re going to find out right now.”

“”What? You mean you want to…do that? Are you crazy? You haven’t done that with another woman, have you?”

“Well, yes. You remember my best friend in high school, Elizabeth Collins? We sort of tried out some things. We wanted to be world class kissers in college, so senior year we practiced on each other. A couple of times we even felt up each other’s tits, because that’s what a boy would do with some heavy kissing.”

Angela’s mouth fell open. “I had no idea…”

“Of course not. You sure didn’t talk to me about sex back then. It’s kind of fun now.”

Angela dropped her eyes. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you.”

“But now we’re grown women and this is far better! We can be frank and open now. It would have been awkward back then. But here’s the rest of the story. Freshman year in college my roommate was all set for a night out celebrating with her boyfriend, but he dumped her. They had dated since sophomore year in high school and had even talked about getting married, but boom. Over. And it was her birthday! What a birthday present huh? She was devastated, and sat on the bed crying her eyes out. I sat beside her and put my arms around her and said soothing things. I kissed her cheek and she turned toward me and we kissed a real kiss. She asked me to hold her, so I did. She gradually calmed down as I comforted her. We kissed some more and began to fool around with touching. She had really been looking forward to having sex with him that night, so I did with her what I did with Elizabeth – feeling her tits and all. It seemed to be what she needed.

“Gradually clothes came off and we lay together on her bed. I kissed her tits and even felt her pussy. She began to get excited and felt me, too. It wasn’t so different from what a guy did. I knew, from what she had told me during the semester, that they mostly had oral sex, so she wouldn’t get pregnant. So I figured, what the hell, and I did it with her. We did it with each other, and I thought it wasn’t half bad. I liked what she did to me and, surprisingly, I liked doing it to her. The taste, the smell – it was so different from doing it with a guy.”

Anna paused and closed her eyes for a moment, remembering. “You know, every year after that, sometime around her birthday, we did it again, like a tradition, even though I was dating Don and she had another boyfriend. Don knows about it canlı poker oyna and is fine with it. It’s one of those things you experiment with, just to know about it.”

Angela’s eyes got wider as her daughter talked.

“So, the short answer is yes, I’ve done it before and I think you need it now. I think all this handling of your pussy and tits has got you excited.”

“But we’re on the bathroom floor.”

“Right. Could get uncomfortable. Okay, come with me.”

Anna led Angela to the bedroom and had her lay back on the bed and close her eyes, pretending it was Mike with her. A year ago Angela would never have considered doing such a thing, but the new Angela, although cautious, was more than a little curious.

Anna spread Angela’s legs and rubbed over the vulva with her thumbs, gradually opening her up. Her lips were short but Angela worked on them with her fingers before lowering her head. She kissed the outer lips and thrust her tongue between them. When she spread the vulva wide open she used the flat of her tongue, leisurely licking from vagina to clit. One hand snaked up and fondled a breast. Anna thought the vaginal entrance seemed a bit dry, so wet a finger liberally in her mouth before inserting it. With a finger probing inside the vagina and tongue playing with the clit Angela moaned and began to thrust her hips. Anna’s tongue explored all the surfaces and she sucked on the large exposed clit. Angela moved her hips faster and thrust a fist in her mouth to stifle sound as she came with a shudder. Anna gradually backed off and stretched out beside Angela, caressing a breast.

Angela came down slowly and stroked her daughter’s hair. “That was fabulous.”

“Do you ever do it to yourself – with fingers or a toy?”

“I can’t believe we’re talking like this. Only rarely until I met Mike. Now I miss the real thing and sometimes I do resort to fingers or…or a vibrator.”

Anna sat up. “You have a vibrator? What kind?”

“I don’t know. Just a little thing. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I dropped it in my purse when I left the house. I’m wiped out right now, but if you’re really interested you can go and get it.”

Anna bounded into the living room and soon returned. “A pocket rocket! So easily concealed. So able to be used discretely.” She turned it on and teased her own nipples with it. “I love it. Want to see mine?”

Anna rummaged in a bedside drawer and drew out what looked to Angela like a monster, but realized it was probably the size of an erect penis.

“Here, look at this.”

“Goodness, I’d have to use a whole tube of lube to get that in.”

“I have some if you’d like to try it out. Don’t worry; I clean it after every use. This button turns on the vibrator.”

A buzzing sound filled the room. “Now watch while I press this one.” The tip of the penis began to move in a circle. “When it’s inside it’s sure to hit the G-spot. And look at this feature. See this thing sticking out? When you put it all the way in this thing hits your clit. On buzz mode it’s heavenly. We can lube it up and you can try it out.”

Angela held the device in her hand and studied it. She pressed the buttons and watched it move, and then handed it back.

“Very clever. Maybe someday I’ll try it. Right now I’d rather have the real thing.”

Anna laughed, tossed it back into the drawer and looked her mother in the eye. “My turn. Now you do me.”

“What? I’ve never…”

“And I never until I tried it, either. Aren’t you the least bit curious about it? If Mike is like most men he loves to do it. I know Don does. Don’t you wonder what it’s like for him? What does he find so fascinating? Come on, you’ve got me all horny. If you don’t I’ll have to pull Johnson back out of the drawer and use him right now. Want to watch?”

Angela considered. “Okay. I’ll try it. Now tell me what to do.”

“There’s nothing to tell. Just do what you like. If you think of something else, try it. I’m always down for discovering new moves.”

Anna stretched out with her head on a pillow, then drew up her legs and opened them. Angela studied the geography before her. She really hadn’t ever paid attention to what ‘down there’ looked like. She traced the triangle of hair above the vulva. Anna’s labia protruded and Angela touched them, causing them to enlarge even more.

“You’re wet.”

“Damn right I’m wet. I’m horny as all get out.”

Angela experimented with touches and found when she used her fingers she could fold the labia open like flower petals. She sucked one lip into her mouth and rubbed her tongue over it, and her tongue became coated with a fluid that seemed to almost gush out, not tasting at all unpleasant like she thought it would. Anna sighed.

Angela tugged on each of the labia with her lips, and then took them both in her mouth at the same time. She kissed them like a mouth. She found the vagina and was envious at how much easier it was to slide her fingers slid in Anna’s vagina than in her own. Her tongue teased the clitoral hood and worked below it to the treasure beneath. Anna squirmed and whimpered.

Angela internet casino was fascinated with the reactions she got from various sucking and tonguing moves. She worked her fingers in and out of the vagina vigorously while she licked and sucked. As Anna had done, she reached up and played with a breast – squeezing, rubbing and pulling on a nipple. She paused to move her mouth up to a breast, and took a nipple between her lips while continuing with fingers in the vagina.

Anna began to thrash. She repeatedly raised her head and slammed it back on the pillow and grunted. She gripped the bedcovers and began to buck. Angela at first thought to back off, but decided that this was what Anna wanted and moved back down to suck on the clitoris while working on the vagina and breast with her hands.

Anna cursed and shouted. Her legs kicked and her arms flailed about. Her body wound up like a tight coil and suddenly released. She cursed and tensed again and again. Each new reaction encouraged Angela to try new moves. Angela felt strong contractions around the fingers working in Anna’s vagina. Anna’s back arched and she let out one last curse before collapsing into a sweaty, gasping heap.

Angela withdrew her fingers and laid her head on Anna’s heaving chest, listening to and feeling the pounding heart.

When Anna could speak she said “Fuck, mom. Where did you learn to do that? Are you sure you’ve never done it before? I swear, I rarely see stars, but I did just now. It felt like my head exploded and I was blasted over the moon and into the cosmos. That was some of the best sex I’ve ever had, man or woman. I thought Don was good but…damn!”

“It was certainly…interesting. Something I’d never considered before.”

“We’re going to do this again!”

“You’re my daughter! It’s bad enough we did it once.”

“Bullshit. You said you feel like you’re forty. I’m thirty something. That makes us close to the same age. Hey! When Don goes off on one of his business trips we could have a girl’s night out! You know, dinner at a nice restaurant, some wine at home and then we’ll see what happens. What do you say?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Let’s just see how things play out. A lot is going to happen the next few months.”

Anna turned and propped on an elbow. “Do you really think Don and I could buy the house? We’d love to be out of this one bedroom apartment.”

“That would please me. But first things first.”

The next several months were busy. The divorce was finalized, and the Asshole went quietly. As predicted it didn’t take long for him to find a woman who thought he was a ‘catch’. He still was rather handsome in a way and had a lot of money, accumulated since he had quit gambling. Angela thought to herself that some other woman could put up with his narcissism and him not paying attention to her.

Angela made an offer on the bungalow at the beach and it was accepted. That opened the door for Anna and Don to buy the old house, entirely in Angela’s name since the Asshole’s financial problems surfaced some years ago. When she sold it to them at below tax value they were ecstatic and planned to move in as soon as their apartment lease was up.

Through the winter Angela made several trips to the beach, meeting with contractors and overseeing the beginning of renovation and repair work. By the end of February the place was fixed enough for her to move in. She’d still have to work around painters and carpenters, and planned to tackle the yard herself, but at least she had a place of her own.

Anna came to visit her on a March weekend, after renovation of the second bedroom was finished. She helped Angela in the yard, preparing for Angela’s grand design of shrubs and plants. At the end of the day she was exhausted and envious of how in shape and energetic her mother was.

Mike’s reading at the bookstore was scheduled for Tuesday evening and Anna looked forward to checking out this Mike fellow.

They didn’t have to wait until Tuesday, as they ran into Mike at a restaurant Sunday. Anna was astounded at how good-looking Mike was, and how he easily drew her into comfortable conversation. Mike also filled them in on some facts about his family.

“Angela, last time we were together I said I’d tell you about my father, Richard Shepherd, when we had time. We have time now. He was considerably older than my mother and died when I was about four or five. My mother was almost nine months pregnant with my sister Suzy. I got details from my mother and other family members who had come to know my father. They were all from his side of the family.

“It appears my father was very attractive to women even into his seventies – I’ve seen pictures of him – and because of his ‘rules’. He apparently had two rules he went by when with women and never violated them. One was that ‘no’ and other such words meant exactly that, stopping whatever was going on. The other was that nobody had to do anything they were uncomfortable with. He claimed that the ‘rules’ built trust. He also apparently had quite a few sexual experiences, especially in college – like when he spent a weekend at the beach with five girls and satisfied them all. I heard about it from some family members who years later actually met some of the women. He apparently had skills when it came to pleasing women.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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