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It had been a steamy hot day and the setting sun offered little relief. Lisa found herself home alone, sitting on her private deck, listening to music and drinking her vodka lemonade, slowly and deliberately getting drunk. It had been a terrible few days and she needed to escape her troubles for a while.

It all started with a phone call from someone she had never met who had some information that she felt compelled to share.

“Hi, is this Lisa?” An unfamiliar voice asked.

“Yes, who is this?”

“My name is Becca and I feel the need to tell you something regarding your husband Marc.”

Lisa immediately thought that something may have happened to him and she was suddenly very concerned. “Marc? Is he alright? What has happened?”

“Marc is fine … But you need to know what he has been doing behind your back!”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Lisa said with genuine confusion in her voice.

“I’m Marc’s mistress,” Becca said with a tone of ownership in her voice. “Marc and I have been having an affair for the past two months.”

And just like that Lisa’s world as she knew it changed forever.

Becca went on to provide details with times and dates, which made it clear that she was telling the truth. She explained that Marc had tried to break it off with her several times but she always threatened him with the promise that she would call his wife if he did. Apparently, he had called Becca’s bluff and ended it with her that morning, which made Becca angry. And so, filled with fury, she decided to make good on her threat.

Lisa was in shock. She became numb as she listened to Becca provide detail after detail of her times spent with Marc because as she eventually explained, “We’re sisters and we should stick together, right?”

That was the last straw for Lisa and she could no longer contain her own rage.

“You’re a horrible person, what the hell is the matter with you?! If you’re married, I hope your husband betrays your trust in the same way and leaves you alone and unwanted! And we are NOT sisters!”

And with that, she ended the call. Lisa thought to herself, “If I had the chance, I would sleep with her husband myself, wouldn’t she deserve that?!”

Of course she didn’t really believe it. She had only been with one other man before her husband Marc and she had never strayed on him.

When Marc got home she confronted him and learned that everything Becca had said was true. He was sorry and tried to explain that things had gotten out of control and he had never wanted to hurt her. He pleaded that he loved her and wanted to be with her. Marc explained that the thing with Becca was only intended to satisfy a curiosity that he had regarding whether or not he was still appealing to other women. He said he knew right away how stupid it was and tried to get out of the situation but Becca held him hostage with her threats. He desperately wanted to find a way to make it up to her.

Lisa was crushed and needed to be alone to think about what she wanted. She didn’t know whether or not she wanted anything to do with Marc again so she told him to leave the house and not try to talk to her until she contacted him. He realized that he was in no position to change her mind so he left as she requested.

That was four days ago and since then Lisa has spent her every waking moment reflecting on the situation. She missed Marc terribly but knew that she needed to do what was right for her. She wanted to stay angry with Marc but she found herself feeling something unexpected. Whenever she thought of Marc and Becca together having sex, she discovered that rather than becoming hurt or angry, she would get aroused.

“What the hell does that mean!?” She pondered.

These feelings confused her and she could barely think of anything else. She found that her mind kept conjuring up images of the two of them together, which kept her in a near constant state of arousal. She had relieved herself many times but it was no use. She needed more and it was driving her crazy with desire! Marc was gone and there was no possibility of getting what she desperately wanted!

It was a very hot summer night so she took a long shower, brushed out her shoulder length auburn hair and put on a semi-shear white nightie that ended above her knees. She didn’t bother with underwear, it was hot and she wanted to feel unrestricted. Besides, she was alone anyway, what difference did it make?

Lisa was in her late thirties now but she was aware that she still captured the attention of most men. She would see them look her way when she passed in public venues or notice them looking her way from across the room at restaurants. She had always tried to stay in shape by eating healthy and working out on a regular basis. Her efforts had clearly paid off. She had a flat stomach, shapely hips and legs as well as nice firm breasts. With her sweet smile, auburn hair, creamy complexion and glimmering hazel eyes, she was stunning. While gazing at her image in the mirror, she poker oyna wondered what kind of man she might attract if she made the effort? She sighed dismissing the idea, then decided to get a drink and sit on her deck.

As she sat alone on her deck with only a small mood light to soften the darkness while absently listening to her music, she began to deliberately drink herself into her happy place. She could hear thunder rumbling in the distance with the sky briefly illuminating the horizon with each lightning strike. Deep within her, the coming storm excited her for reasons unknown.

It was at that point that someone drove into her driveway flooding the area with light, then turned off the engine plummeting everything back into darkness.

“Who the hell is that? Is it Marc?” she wondered with mixed emotions.

She heard the car door open and close followed by footsteps heading towards her front door.

“Hello? Who’s there?” she called.

“Oh hi, my name is James … Becca’s husband.” A deep, masculine voice responded.

There was a long moment of silence as Lisa tried to process what she just heard.

Finally, “What do you want? Marc’s not home if that’s why you are here!”

“I’m not here to see Marc, I’m here to see his wife. Are you Lisa?”

Lisa’s head was spinning. Becca’s husband … here … to see me? “I’m Lisa, what do you want with me?”

There was a moment of silence and then James responded quietly. “I was hoping we could talk.”

Lisa’s body responded before she could formulate words to say. The idea of being alone at her house with a complete stranger, the husband of her own spouse’s lover, no less, filled her with a rush of excitement she had never felt before. Perhaps it was the unsatisfied sexual tension she had been feeling for the past few days but she suddenly made a very bold decision.

“That would be fine, I’m out on my deck. You can come around back and join me if you like.”

“Wonderful” She heard James reply.

He began his journey down the pathway, which led to the secluded deck where Lisa was waiting. The sound of his footsteps building a nervous anticipation within Lisa as he approached. Her mind raced with dozens of unanswered questions.

“What does he want from me? Why is he here now? Why tonight?”

Mostly at this moment, all she really wanted to know was one thing.

“What does he look like?”

Her mind struggled to form an image based upon the sound of his voice and the weight of his footsteps on the loose gravel of the pathway.

“What the hell is the matter with me?!” Lisa chided herself.

James had already stirred a long dormant excitement that she had not felt in what seemed like a million years, and she hadn’t even seen his face. Soon James passed by her Rhododendron bushes, climbed the few steps onto her deck and found himself standing ten feet from where Lisa rested in her reclining lounge chair. His image immediately took Lisa’s breath away.

“My god he’s handsome!” Lisa thought to herself.

She took in the visage of this man with rapt attention. James had rugged features. He was tall with a chiseled body, powerful arms, dark hair, what appeared to be a two-day beard and piercing eyes that implied an irresistible charm. He was wearing khaki shorts and a black button up shirt, which had several of the top buttons undone to reveal a moderately hairy chest behind. He was dripping with masculinity and it was driving Lisa wild.

After several moments, James seemed to realize what was going through Lisa’s mind. He looked deep into Lisa’s eyes, presented a charming smile and extended his hand.

“Hi, I’m James.”

His deep voice seemed to penetrate Lisa’s being causing her body to vibrate.

“Hi, I’m Lisa.” she said as she put her hand into his.

His touch was electric and sent a surge of energy into Lisa’s body. His grip was firm but gentle and she could sense that he was physically powerful, yet measured and in control. She estimated that he was a little over six feet tall and a very solid 200 lbs. He was much larger than her 5′ 4″, 125 lb. frame. The contrast of her small hand in his was arousing in a way that she did not immediately understand. Lisa could see by the look in his eyes that he found her to be attractive as well and she was surprised by how much this pleased her.

“May I sit?” he said.

“Huh? Oh yes, how silly of me, of course, please do!” Lisa responded with a nervous laugh.

James settled into a lounge chair about six feet across from where she was lounging, although; the space separating them seemed much greater than Lisa wished it to be.

As they chatted, Lisa learned that James was a federal officer and spent a lot of time away from home. He wasn’t really shocked when he found out about Becca’s affair with Marc, although; he was still taken off guard. James had actually overheard Becca telling Lisa about the affair on the phone. That is how he found out. He had immediately confronted Becca and she had canlı poker oyna no choice but to admit it. James told Lisa that he wasn’t really angry with Becca but he didn’t think he could let something like this go without her paying some sort of price.

“I am so sorry, how rude of me. May I get you a drink?” Lisa suddenly said with embarrassment.

James laughed and said “Sure!”

“I think I have cold beer in the fridge or you are welcome to some vodka lemonade?”

“A beer would be great.” James said with a playful smile.

Lisa had to catch her balance as she stood up, feeling the effects of the vodka lemonade that she had been enjoying.

“Wow, that’s good stuff” she thought as she grabbed her glass for a refill.

As she walked across the deck and into her house, she could feel James following her with his eyes. She could not deny the thrill that ran through her body as she took her time getting inside. In the moments that passed while she was refilling her glass and pouring a cold beer into another for James, she fantasized about what may happen next. Would they only talk or would there be something more?

As her mind considered those questions, she noticed the small security panel next to her refrigerator. Her husband, Marc was in the home security business and he had installed cameras in several locations around their house. They were normally turned off unless there was no one home but at that moment, Lisa had an idea and flipped a switch turning them on. A small red light indicated that the system was on and recording all camera and microphone feeds throughout the house. Smiling to herself, she grabbed the drinks and headed back outside, deciding that she was open to anything and she resolved to let things happen in whatever way felt natural.

When she returned to the deck, she noticed James taking in every detail of her form as his eyes slowly moved from her feet, up her toned legs, over her curvy hips and up her slim torso, pausing briefly on her ample bosom and settling on her eyes with an approving smile.

“Here you are … Enjoy!” she said as she handed him his drink.

“I already am!” he grinned as his hand briefly brushed hers during the drink exchange. “I absolutely adore your choice of lounge wear.”

Confused, Lisa looked down to see what she was wearing. Her face flushed as she was suddenly reminded that she was dressed in only her skimpy white, semi-sheer nightie!

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I clearly wasn’t expecting company this evening. I should go change!”

James gave her a warm smile and said softly. “That is not necessary, please don’t. You look amazing.”

His soft words and the warmth in his eyes (perhaps it was the vodka?) took away her inhibitions. She hesitated for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders and sat back down in her lounge chair. She was aware that she was being provocative with James but strangely, she didn’t care. In fact, she rather liked it! Lisa was always very conservative but tonight she decided she was stepping outside herself and exploring new territory.

“I don’t understand something” James said.

“What don’t you understand?” Lisa replied with curiosity.

“I don’t understand why your husband would step out on you. You’re drop dead gorgeous!”

Lisa blushed and thanked him for the compliment.

“I’m not just saying that, you really are beautiful.”

As if to put emphasis on the comment, the sky lit up followed shortly by a clap of thunder! Lisa jumped in surprise and then giggled at herself.

“Something wicked this way cometh.” James said with a laugh and an expression that implied a hidden meaning.

The innuendo was not lost on Lisa, “I think it has already arrived.” she said with a devilish grin.

After some silence James asked “Lisa, have you ever cheated on your husband with another man?”

“No.” Lisa answered truthfully.

James followed with “Have you ever thought about doing it?”

Lisa looked at James and their eyes locked.

“Lately, I have been thinking about it a lot!” Lisa said with a coy smile. “How about you? Have you ever cheated on your wife?”

“Regretfully, no!” James replied and they both shared a laugh.

The approaching storm was getting closer but neither of them noticed.

“Well, I think we both should, we deserve it!” Lisa proclaimed through her laughter.

“Do you know what would be sweet payback for Marc and Becca?” James added.

“No what?” Lisa asked with growing interest.

“If we each had sex with someone else, even better if we had sex with their respective spouses!”

Lisa let that comment sink in. “Is that why you are here James? To have sex with Marc’s wife?!”

James took a moment to consider the question. His eyes found Lisa’s and he responded.

“My plan was to come here and talk but now that I see how incredibly sexy you are, I am having other thoughts, and they are becoming difficult to contain!”

Lisa could see the desire in his eyes and internet casino her body responded with a gush. Her breathing changed and she could feel her skin flush. She realized that she was having thoughts of her own.

“Other thoughts?” She whispered.

Never losing eye contact with Lisa, James stood up and took three steps toward her holding out his hand for her to take. Lisa’s face revealed curious excitement as she put her hand in his and he gently pulled her to her feet and into his arms against his solid frame. Instinctively, their lips met in a kiss. Tender at first then growing more urgent. Lisa’s senses were excited by the inviting smell of his cologne, the taste of his kiss and the tenderness of his touch. She ran her fingers through his hair with one hand while the other found its way under his shirt and caressed his bare chest.

For his part, James wrapped his arm around her waist and held her body firmly into his while his other hand gently grasped her hair. They were both lost in the moment as their hunger for each other grew.

Suddenly the sky erupted and released a torrent of rain on the pair, completely drenching them in a matter of seconds. The rain was cool and refreshing on this hot summer night but it was not enough to douse their fire as they continued to make out. A bright flash followed almost immediately by a loud clap of thunder caused them to break their kiss.

“I think we better go inside!” Lisa shouted!

With that, she broke contact with James and led the way through the slider door. Once inside and standing in her kitchen, they laughed at their condition, they were both completely soaked.

James could not take his eyes off of Lisa. Her wet skin glistened and her white nightie clung to every curve of her body doing little to hide her private features beneath. Her large breasts were well defined by the wet material. Her nipples were excited and firm and he could clearly see the areola for each. As his eyes made their way down her torso, he could see a small dark patch of hair just above her pussy. The image made his member throb with desire.

For her part, Lisa’s eyes performed a similar inspection of James. His wet shirt hung loosely over his torso from his broad chest. As her eyes drifted further down she noticed a sizeable bulge in his shorts above strong muscular legs.

“My god, you look delicious, I have never seen anything as sexy as the way you look right now!” James said with lust in his eyes.

His words and the sincere expression on his face sent a thrill through Lisa’s body. His image and attention filled her with a hunger that begged to be satiated.

She said nothing as she began to slowly unbutton his shirt. With each button, more of his hairy chest was revealed to Lisa. Her excitement building as she moved further down his torso, until at last his bare chest and well defined abs were exposed to her view. Not satisfied, Lisa spread the shirt open, pushed it over his broad shoulders, down his muscular arms and off his body, allowing the wet fabric to fall to the floor. An audible gasp escaped her lips as she took in the site before her. She then slowly moved her small hands over his shoulders and chest, down his torso and arms, admiring every square inch of this man. Her hands trembling with disbelief and wanton desire.

James patiently allowed Lisa her moment of discovery. Her touch building his own desire, fueling his need for more. He could feel his cock responding to her as well as he lifted her chin with a finger and kissed her deeply. Their tongues becoming involved as their passions ignite.

At last James began to explore Lisa’s body with his hands, gently massaging her shoulders and back as his hands moved down her body, enjoying the feminine curve of her hips, cupping her perfectly shaped ass in his large hands and pulling her into his body. The growing firmness of his manhood informing Lisa of his desire and causing her to express a soft moan of approval. His fingers found the hem of Lisa’s nightie and he slowly raised it up her body and over her head. Lisa raised her arms to allow James to completely remove it, surrendering her naked body to his full view. The small piece of wet material joining James shirt on the floor.

Lisa studies James face and can clearly see his approval, the lust in his eyes is unmistakable as he surveys her form.

“You are smoking hot!” James said as he took Lisa in his arms and kissed her again.

Her firm breasts pressing into his bare chest. The hair on his chest stimulating her nipples, making them ache with a desire to be touched.

As if in answer to her unstated desire, James bent over engulfing the nipple of one of her breasts in his mouth, while gently rolling the other nipple between his thumb and finger. The combination of his tongue and fingers stimulating her nipples was driving Lisa wild. Her breathing became heavy as she grabbed James head with both hands, holding him firmly against her chest.

With his other hand, James found his way down her flat stomach and rested on the small tuft of hair above her rosebud, gently caressing her mound with the occasional tug on her pubic hair. Taking his time, teasing her with anticipation, building her need for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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