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This story, and the ones which will follow, are dedicated to a very special lady I have known online for many years now. We have never met, nor is there any real likelihood we ever will, but a guy can dream. As can a woman. The real ‘Karly’ has read this story and approved the submission to Literotica. I hope you enjoy this as much as she did.


And then . . . .

It’s strange sometimes how things work out in life. You and I had “met” online on a sex chat/storyboard forum some 12 years ago, when I commented admiringly on some pictures of yourself (in a hot tub, as it happens!) you had posted. I had been entranced from the start by your powerful, womanly curves and full, round breasts, and utterly fascinated by the superb round orbs of your buttocks glistening wetly in the desert sun.

Smitten, then, from the very first sight of you.

Over the ensuing years you posted many more threads and pictures of yourself, in various different poses and modes of dress. No matter what though, I enjoyed them all, spending many hours over that time admiring your body and, to be brutally honest, expending a lot of time and energy masturbating to your pictures. One particular image was one I kept going back to, which was a close up of your pussy and ass with a large glob of sperm just starting to ooze from between your puffy nether lips, obviously having only recently been deposited there by your lover. A close second was an image of you filling your tight ass with a bright pink butt-plug; I dreamt more than once of removing that plug and filling you up with my own rampant cock. It got so that I had downloaded all the pictures of you I could find on to a memory stick, merely entitled “Karly” (your name, but of course you know that!) which had nothing on it but you. I was very lucky that my partner didn’t really use the laptop, or indeed the internet, all that much, allowing me plenty of time to enjoy all the many dozens of images of you, though even she admitted you were a very sexy woman.

And then . . . .

After a period where posting of pictures of pretty much any sort to the site dried up, you posted another couple of threads which once again highlighted your gorgeous body, this time seemingly concentrating on your wonderfully full breasts and their gorgeous nipples, in addition to another group of photos showing your pussy and ass filled with (small) toys; and, again, your lovers cock, this time leaving his deposit oozing over the little dark knot of your anus. The thoughts that went through my mind then were filthy – and yet SO arousing!

One day, seemingly out of the blue, a private message arrived from you about one of my stories you’d read, expressing how much you had enjoyed it. That led to me PMing back and very quickly moving to emailing each other on an infrequent but semi-regular basis. These early communications were fairly innocuous at first with little in the way of explicit sexual content, though we did indulge in occasional ‘double entendres’ and flirty comments.

For no particular reason, or reasons, we drifted away from direct communication, until one day I saw your name in my inbox in reply to me sending you the draft of a story I was struggling to finish, asking for your thoughts on the story and where it might go. The email consisted simply of two words, “So. Hot!” and an attachment which at first I didn’t open, imagining it to be simply a brief critique of my story which I wasn’t really in the mood to read at the time. An hour or two later I decided to read it anyway, as I really was keen to know your opinion. How shocked I was to open the attachment and find not the Word document I’d expected, but a photograph of you enjoying my story! This photo showed your spread thighs framing a simple pair of striped panties, and a small area of lightly-tanned tummy above them… and your hand fully inside them, obviously filling your hot pussy with at least two fingers as you displayed the full level of your enjoyment of my story!

Even though I’d seen many images of you over the years, a large number of which were very intimate indeed, this single non-nude picture filled me with lust for you as I viewed it on my laptop, sitting at home on a wet and windy February morning with my cock a rigid bar of flesh eagerly anticipating imminent release. Which happened a lot faster than it really should have done, so worked up was I by the picture you had taken just for me.

We recommenced our email correspondence with renewed interest from both of us following this, becoming even more sexual in nature very quickly and discovering we had many shared interests in erotica, sexual activity and also more general activities not related to sex at all. I tried to offer my help and support from afar as you in turn were strong and supportive for your close friend, and many were the times our emails were long and tearful as I identified with your anguish over your friend. As things settled for her, we returned to the more erotic nature of our earlier contact.

The tone of our emails changed subtly over the next while, with wide-ranging discussions on topics of all kinds. Generally our opinions were similar, poker oyna but the occasional differences led to some rather spirited debate, made somewhat surreal (for me) by the time lag involved – sometimes several days would pass between exchanges. Always, though, there was at least one tiny erotic or naughty comment, other times quite lengthy tales of what we’d been up to – or dreamed of. At that time many of my sexual thoughts were of you, and of all the things I would love to experience with you; these ranged from simply licking and kissing you all over right up to sharing you with your husband in an all-night session of rather epic proportions! For a long time these thoughts remained merely fantasies, due to the huge distance between us (a whole ocean and most of a continent apart!) and never did I imagine that one day we might be able to meet for real.

And then . . . .

My long-time partner, Susan, received word that her elderly aunt had suffered a stroke and, although she had survived it, she would require round-the-clock nursing care for some considerable time. This meant she would have to travel down to the South of England – at least 7 or 8 hours travelling by car – and stay there, possibly for 6 months or even longer. This served, amongst other things, to throw our holiday plans into total disarray.

We had planned to visit the U.S, taking in various major cities and incorporating a side trip to see you and your husband; Susan knew of our correspondence, even the sexual content of it, and was bi-curious enough to want to at least meet you. To say she was disappointed was to put it mildly, but she showed me again why I had fallen in love with her when she told me to go to America anyway, and to meet with you and your hubby Stuart (Stu, as you called him) as we had already planned.

“If something happens, then it happens” she went on to add, “You’ll just have to take pictures and videos, and then tell me all about it when you phone. If you turn me on enough,” she added, “I might just jump on a plane and join you anyway!”

So it was then that the day came I was due to leave for the airport, Susan having driven down South to stay with her aunt some 6 weeks earlier. I was missing her terribly and, because her aunt’s needs took up so much time, she was often too tired to talk much on the phone, and too busy to have time to email or Skype. This meant you and I spent more time than ever emailing back and forth, sometimes several times a day despite the time difference between us; you being 8 hours behind the UK meant my early morning was your late night – but, we managed!

Sitting in the Boeing 747 waiting to take off was the longest 10 minutes of my life! Even though I am a seasoned traveller, I imagined all the things that could go wrong and keep the aircraft on the ground; soon enough though, the captain received permission to take off and we were away. I had spent ages on the phone to Susan that morning and she was both excited for me, while sad for herself, that my now solo adventure was imminent. The original itinerary we had planned had been severely curtailed, as I wanted to see such sights as the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate bridge, Mount Rushmore and many other with her, rather than just myself; after all, it was planned as a once in a lifetime trip, which it would be, taking us roughly 3 months to see all the things we both wanted to see. Now my plan was to fly to San Francisco, spend a week or so catching up with friends who had emigrated there some years ago, then head East to Tucson – and you!

In the end, due to my rescheduled plans, my friends were only around for the first 4 days of my planned week in the Bay area and, while I could have filled the final 3 days fairly easily, I decided to call you and see if you could accommodate me a bit earlier than planned.

“Of course you can come early Tom!” you exclaimed, “the room’s ready for you, and so are we!” The slightly girlish giggle that followed that last statement definitely wasn’t what I had expected to hear from you – but I found it quite exciting nonetheless.

Having secured a change of ticket, I found myself going from the just about bearable San Franciscan late summer to the arid, searing heat of the Arizonan desert. It wasn’t really apparent at first, as the airport terminal was very well air conditioned. However, the baggage reclaim had suffered some sort of failure and was stiflingly hot; thankfully I snagged my single case on the first go-round of the carousel and headed out to the arrivals hall.

At first I couldn’t see you amongst the seemingly massive crowd of people waiting to greet loved ones from our flight, and several others too. It suddenly seemed odd to me that, despite all the deep and meaningful conversations we’d had, and knowing intimately what your naked body looked like (and your face!) I had no idea how tall you were and hence exactly where in the crowd I should be looking for your face – one of the few things we hadn’t ever talked about! This served only to exacerbate the already fluttery butterflies in my stomach, making them feel like Bald Eagles or vultures instead. It turned out you are nearly as canlı poker oyna tall as I am at 5’10”, a mere inch shorter than me; of course, you had spotted me already and were waving like crazy in my direction. I finally managed to spot you and, sighing to myself in relief, rushed towards you in – and I admit it – rather unseemly haste, leaving my suitcase in my wake.

You had dressed in an outfit similar to one I had seen you in before in one of your photo sets, namely a white blouse and black skirt with tights (or pantyhose I guess, seeing as I was in America!) – or were they stockings? – and black patent leather shoes with small heels. I had observed over the years that you, like me, had gained the odd pound or two here and there, and now your were a little thicker in thigh and tummy than you had been, and maybe your butt was a little wider than before too; but this mattered not one bit to me, as I loved you just as you had shown me in “my” pictures, nicely rounded, soft and cuddly and totally, utterly gorgeous. I thought you looked amazing in your quasi-business attire, a hint of the ‘serious’ but I knew underneath that outer façade was a fun and oh so sexy woman who I was keen to get to know properly.

I shook myself from my momentary reverie as, arms wide in greeting, you hugged me closely to your firm bosom, my arms in turn circling your waist and lifting you off the ground in my relief at finally meeting you. It surprised me greatly when your lips found mine in a passionate welcome, but despite the public arena I joined in the greeting with some gusto! When we finally allowed ourselves to part I was aware of more than a few envious glances from those around us, particularly the male element of the audience. I remembered to recover my suitcase and together we headed towards the exit and the parking lot where you had left your car.

We chatted away quite happily on our way out, with you telling me that Stu had been called away to a job out of state and wouldn’t be back for a couple of days. I felt a frisson of excitement mixed with a fleeting return of those damn bald Eagles when I realised we would be alone in your house for at least the next 48 hours, perhaps even longer, and wondered what we might get up to during that time. Lots of sexy action I hoped, but first I would have to be sure you were still keen to go through with what we had talked about o many times. I’ve found in the past in so many areas of life that talking about something is one thing, the reality often quite another.

As it transpired, though, I needn’t have worried about a thing. After we had found your car and deposited my case in the boot (trunk!) we got in and sat in the seats revelling in the cold air thrown out by the air conditioning cooling the sweat from our faces. This cold air had another, entirely predictable, effect on certain parts of your anatomy too; looking over to you as you spoke to me about plans for dinner I couldn’t help noticing that your blouse had suddenly acquired two extra ‘buttons’, a fact you also noticed a second or so later.

“Oh look,” you giggled, doing exactly that, “it seems the girls are pleased to see you!”

I refrained manfully from reaching out to touch your breasts, though it was a difficult thing to do, however I felt that being so bold in a car in a public place such as a car park might be a little too forward for some tastes, and was also very mindful of the fact that your police officers carry guns! We chatted on about a variety of different topics on our journey, taking our time as there was no rush to be anywhere and you were enjoying the opportunity to show me a little bit of your home town.

After an hour or so driving, having passed by your previous house; “Big mistake, that” you murmured sadly, “you shouldn’t go back to previous places, they’re never what you want them to be”, you positively beamed when we drew up to your current home. Looking from the outside, and from an outsiders’ point of view, it looked to me rather uninspiring, though only one storey and well spread out.

“We generally only build one storey in the desert,” you explained, “it’s easier and cheaper to keep cool that way.”

Entering the house I found myself in a spacious hallway, which was wonderfully cool after the heat of the afternoon sun. After putting my case in the guest bedroom you showed me round your home, pointing out all the little, and not so little, touches you and Stu had added over the years you had lived here. I thought it a superbly well thought out plan, and every aspect had been built or crafted to an exacting degree.

After going all through the house I realised one room had been absent from my tour – the master bedroom! You had very skilfully avoided going in there, but you soon realised I had noticed your omission.

“I haven’t shown you our bedroom yet” you blushed, “because I forgot to put my toys away from this morning!”

“Sweetie,” I replied, “you know I’ve seen all your toys in action, and more than once. You really don’t need to hide them from me.”

“It’s not that,” came your retort, “but I haven’t changed the sheets yet either – they were soaking!”

I internet casino had nothing to say to that really, though a certain stiffening in my shorts suggested my mind had experienced thoughts my dormant penis had picked up before my conscious thought had! Given I hadn’t had actual sex for weeks, it was no surprise really, though I blushed almost as deeply as you had done seconds before.

“I’ll go and freshen up then” I offered, “and let you get things sorted.”

So saying I gave you a light kiss on the lips and received a slap on the butt as I turned away to complete my ablutions.

And then . . . .

I emerged from ‘my’ room about half an hour later, and went in search of you to find out what plans you’d made for later in the evening. I found you lying on the sofa in the lounge, speaking on the phone to Stu.

“Yeah, he’s up now honey” you said as I walked in to the room, “do you wanna speak with him?”

Handing me the phone you rose from the couch and said “Stu wants to say hello Tom; I’ll go and make some iced tea. Bye for now honey, talk later!” Your voice rose slightly as you walked through to the kitchen, your gorgeous round ass swaying seductively as you went.

Initially, conversation was a little stilted, on my part at least; despite everything, I found it a little odd at first talking to a guy whose wife I was almost certainly going to make love with soon, and with his full knowledge and approval. Very quickly though, we fell into an easy rapport, due in no small part to our mutual liking of a number of sports and hobbies and, of course, our considerable lust for you!

When you came back with two glasses of iced tea I said my goodbyes and handed you back the phone. You had a short, low conversation with Stu then, loud enough for me to hear, said “G’bye for now lover, see you in a couple of days. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

When you’d hung up and put the handset back in its cradle, you sat down beside me on the couch. Our glasses were on a couple of low tables at either end of the couch, in easy reach if needed. We sat and talked some more, about what I don’t know to this day, as I was becoming more and more aware of your eyes, your smile and your sexuality; and also of the effects all those things were having on me!

It seems to me that there was a kind of physical magnetism at work right then, as we leaned towards each other until our shoulders touched, and my right arm rose almost of its’ own volition to snuggle round your shoulders. I used a slight press of my arm to turn you in towards me, and my lips met yours again as if it was ordained … as perhaps it was. Although we had kissed already at the airport, and again earlier on, this time was much, much different; now, we were alone, and with none of the inhibitions that social etiquette imposes on people in public places.

We began slowly, lips barely touching at first as we indulged in subtle little pecks, building up to lips locking and my arms fully around you to draw you closer to me, your left breast pushing against my chest and the right against the arm which was reaching round your back. A minute or two later your lips parted a fraction, allowing my tongue to flick against yours as I licked your lips and tasted your raspberry-flavoured lip gloss. I gently probed between your teeth, the tip of my tongue touching yours again, our tongues soon duelling in our mouths as our kiss morphed into something even more passionate. Meanwhile our hands had been busy too, your right hand stroking the inside of my thigh while my left cupped your heavy right breast, my thumb rubbing the stiffened nipple through the material of your bra and blouse.

When your had had travelled sufficiently far up my leg for you to reach the tip of my now fully-erect cock, I decided I was in too much danger of prematurely explosion and decided to forestall the risk by definitive action. I slid my hand over the curve of your breast to the front of your blouse, and teased open the top button, then the second and third, leaving the material gaping open and disclosing your deep, sexy cleavage to my hungry gaze. I ran the tip of my forefinger round the lacy edge of the bra, feeling the warmth of your flesh against my fingertip and seeing the nub of your nipple harden further against the soft material.

I returned my fingers to the buttons of your blouse, releasing the last few so that I could smooth the sides apart to free your bra-encased bosom fully from its covering and exposing the gentle roundness of your tummy as it curved down into the waistband of your skirt. I eased out from your side and slid onto my knees, my hand following the curve of your tummy my eyes had just traversed, my lips never losing contact with yours as I was enjoying the experience far too much to let go. My right hand found the raised ridge of your bra strap through the white cotton of your blouse, the fingertip touch allowing me to feel the location of the hooks and exactly where the edge of the strap was. I coupled a slight pressure on your back with a slight pulling-away motion from your mouth to make your mouth follow mine, and ease you up enough that a quick, much-practiced finger-flick caused the strap to unhook with a sharp snapping sound, allowing the abundantly-filled cups to surge upward and outwards with the weight of your full orbs now free to move in whatever direction they wished.

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