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I met Aiden five years ago when I started working for him at McIntyre & McKenzie. He is a corporate attorney and one of the partners at the firm. When I first met him at my interview my breath was taken away. He was so attractive. How would I be able to contain myself if I had to work with him? He couldn’t help but play with his platinum wedding band as we talked and I couldn’t help but notice. Aiden is just the right height and is built perfectly. He has a clean cut look with a nicely kept beard. His eyes are blue and when he looks at me, I feel like he is staring into my soul. It’s intense. He looks great in a suit and tie but I prefer him in khakis and a button down. It’s difficult to work for such a man but somebody has to do it.

Aiden and I have weekly meetings to touch base with one another on our work load. Once we started doing that I could feel the intensity in our relationship heat up. I could tell he was looking at the way I walked into the room. How my legs looked in my heels and skirts. How my ass switched back and forth. How my breasts jiggled ever so gently with each step. The feeling I had as I saw him watch me was surprising. I was aroused and I felt like I had a hypnotic power over him. I had a hard time focusing most meetings because my imagination would run wild thinking of how I’d suck his poker oyna dick. Imagining how his dick would feel inside my pussy. I couldn’t get those images out of my mind. I want him desperately.

Days go by, months pass as the flirting continues. He watches me and smiles, and I continue to wear tight skirts, high heels and silky blouses. I thrive on that power I have over him, even if it’s imagined. He is often the center of my fantasy while I’m lying in bed at night. I slowly start to rub my pussy as I think of how it would feel to have him caress my breasts. How he’d run his fingers over my belly. The intense feeling as he touches my clit for the first time. How I long for his dick to enter my pussy. Oh, god, it sends me into convulsions as I cum. Night after night my body wants the real thing.

I actually have a boyfriend, Dillon. We have an unusual relationship but it works for us right now. He is tall, dark and handsome and is a bit older than me. He has the perfect salt and pepper hair and baby soft skin. He is generous and is a hard worker, that’s why he caught my eye. We have a pretty incredible sex life but I tend to need more than I’m getting. Sometimes we’ll have sex and I cum and later in the day I need to masturbate because I must cum again. I’m just a very sexual being. That’s why working with Aiden is canlı poker oyna rather perfect. I get real sex with Dillon and I have fantasy sex with Aiden and it doesn’t complicate the relationship or the work place.

Things started changing about a week ago. Aiden started to touch me more. You know, hand on the shoulder, pat on the back, touch of the knee while sitting at the conference table. It was validating the thoughts I was having about him and it felt amazing. Did he really want me as bad as I wanted him? Then it all changed with just one simple question. I was feeling particularly bold during one of our meetings when Aiden stood up to pick up a file. I could tell his pants were bulging in the front and I knew he was aroused so I just asked what I already knew to be fact. He said yes and I made the first move.

I walked over to him as he sat in his chair. His eyes watching every move I was making. I was in control and I was going to change the game in this very moment. I got down on my knees in front of him and opened his legs. I started to touch him slowly on his inner thighs. I’m not a very patient person so I went for what I wanted. I unzipped his pants and reached in to find his hard cock. Oh, the ecstasy I felt when I touched it. It was soft and smooth. It was hard and felt rather big. It needed internet casino to come out. It needed to be free. I was giddy with excitement like a schoolgirl. I told him to stand and take his pants off. He did so willingly. He was eager to see what I had in store for him.

When he sat back down I began to tease his dick. Licking it up and down, rubbing it with my hand clasped around it. I started to kiss his tip. I wanted all of him in my mouth and I knew he was more than ready. I opened my mouth and slowly slid all of him inside. It felt incredible. I worked his dick in my mouth with all I had and I could tell he was getting ready to shoot his cum inside my mouth. His moans were long, his breath was short, and both were intense. I could tell he was getting ready to cum. Yes!! I wanted to taste him. I wanted to hear him cum. I wanted to see his face as he came. I started sucking harder and moving up and down faster. I grasped his balls in my hand and gently started to rub them. That was it. I suddenly felt his cum fill up my mouth and I savored it as I swallowed, all of it. I slowly moved up to his tip and licked it, trying to lick every last drop of his cum. I could tell he had never been sucked like that before and I was hopeful this wouldn’t be the last. I love sucking dick.

We stood up, gathered ourselves and I walked toward the door. We both smiled at each other as some final words were exchanged. I was hoping this wouldn’t change anything at work but I was hoping it would be the beginning of something amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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