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I sat on the couch in my front room, only wearing black yoga pants, bare from the waist up as I fed my daughter and mindlessly watched a rerun of Criminal Minds. I tried to relax as my daughter suckled my left breast, my life-giving milk flowing out of me into her perfect little mouth. My phone was ringing again. I thought I had set it on vibrate, but the stupid factory standard ringtone told me I hadn’t done so. The ringtone finally died away only to be followed by a chime saying I had a voicemail, then another saying I had a text. The damn thing would be silent for about three hours and then go off again. It had been non-stop for two weeks.

Finally asleep, I stood up carefully and walked Marissa to her room and laid her in her crib. She looked so peaceful there, secure in her love and comfort. Not like her mother, who hadn’t had a full night’s sleep since the blindfold fell off her best friend. Most of the time when I closed my eyes, that was the image I saw. Theresa’s face in the window, though the expression seemed to constantly change. Sometimes she was lost in lust, or staring at me in revulsion, sometimes just as confused as I felt.

Making my way into the kitchen, I grabbed a diet soda and my breast pump. Marissa hadn’t been very hungry tonight and my right breast was still taut and full. I sat back on the couch, attached the suction cup around my nipple and worked the device while sipping my cool drink and tried to get back into my show. It was another deranged sex killer, but the kind that seduced his victims instead of just kidnapping them. He was generic tv hot and his lines were actually good as he focused on the girl at the club. The scene cut to them at his place, the music trying to be hot and threatening at the same time. He did look a little like my Erik…her Ethan…whoever he was and belonged to, didn’t matter.

The network allowed steamy passion on the screen combined with the pump sucking on my entire nipple and half my areola, forcing jets of milk from my breast. There was that familiar tingling between my legs and my dirty memory played clips of them in the window. Her on her knees, his cock disappearing between her breasts. Him forcing her to bend over as he rammed into her ass and pussy. Their eyes on me.

I’m not even sure how, but next thing I knew the yoga pants were around my ankles and my left hand was playing with my clit while my right worked the pump on my breast as fast as it could go. The girl on the tv died predictably, her cry reminding me of Theresa. Tonight the face I remembered in the window was one of lust. She was encouraging me with those eyes, wanting me to reach my orgasm with her, to drown in those blue pools as we both climaxed. Our pleasure also pleasing him, his eyes on me, his dick in her. I was rubbing furiously, my nails occasionally scratching into my labia lips, sending a painful pleasure through my body. I pulled the pump off my breast and just grabbed my nipple, needing the heat of my hand more than the pressure. My cry of release drowned out the detectives banter as my pussy unleashed a torrent of my ambrosia. I writhed on the couch in pleasure but needed more. I turned off the tv and made my way to my bedroom, my juices running down between my thighs as I moved down the hallway. The friction of my thighs touching while walking built up the pleasure in my core and I pinched and pulled on my nipples.

I just made it to the nightstand by my bed, threw the drawer open, and pulled out the dildo. I didn’t even wait to get in bed, just threw my left leg onto my mattress and impaled myself on the lifelike cock. I bit down on my bottom lip to keep from screaming as I forced the dildo in deep. I moved it in and out as fast as I could go, needing to be fucked hard. My empty breasts bounced wildly as I rocked to meet my own thrusts. My juices were flowing non-stop, making the floor too slippery to stand on one leg so I rolled into my bed. I wrapped the comforter around me, imagining it was a warm embrace and spread my legs as far apart as I could. I brought my hands up to knead my breasts while just working the shaft with my kegel muscles. I could feel every inch of the lifelike texture of the dildo as I flexed around the toy. It was in so deep and felt like someone was grinding into me hard, moving me around without pulling out, ready to blow their load. I reached one hand down and just brushed my clit. The world exploded in starlight.

Cleaning up the next morning was a bitch. I awoke to my baby calling for me and the hard dildo still inserted uncomfortably in my vagina. All tangled up in my comforter and bed sheets, I must have been a sight to behold as I worked my way free of everything. I decided to go place the dildo in the drawer of the table by the recliner where he watched me, it was his even if I was not. Still, I felt good. We both had our breakfast, though Marissa insisted she eat first, which was fine by me as my breasts were starting to feel heavy. I sat her down in her playpen and decided to really clean today. I went to my room bahis firmaları and pulled on some loose jeans and one of Mario’s old shirts.

Not sure what the experts think, but I had decided not to play all those kiddy songs for my daughter. Instead I found one of Mario’s favorite playlists and plugged the phone into my stereo. He loved his classic rock, I hadn’t at first till he had me experience the rhythms with him. The long languid movements of soft rock, the quick and fierce power of hard rock, those were the best music lessons ever. So I’m belting out Hotel California as I’m mopping the hard wood floors. Marissa occasionally chimes in, but I think she’s more laughing at her mommy trying to sing than joining in. We climb stairways to heaven and cruise highways to hell before I’m done with the mop and bucket.

I check the fridge, thinking ahead to lunch, and my face falls as I realize its either going to be fast food or a trip to the grocery store. I decide on the latter. I’ve got getting Marissa dressed and in her car seat down to a science, in about a half hour we are both finally in the car. We get to the store at a good time, the place is slow, its been that way a lot recently and I hope they aren’t falling on hard times.

I’m just moving up and down the aisles, throwing whatever looks good into the cart. They say not to shop when you’re hungry, well too bad. I’m getting enough stuff so I don’t have to come out for a month. I transition from the aisles to the meat department, humming along to the 80’s pop songs. There’s a brief interruption as a lady pages for a Tommy Wilkins to go to the managers office. I know Tommy, good guy who has worked here for years, I hope he’ll get something good up there.

Meat, turns to dairy and frozen, then I’m at the checkout counter. I’m unloading my groceries onto the belt. The checkout girl is this tiny magic pixie dream girl type with long brown hair and big green eyes. She’s watching me, chewing on her bottom lip. At the end of the conveyor belt is a rather fit young man, the strapping jock type. I can feel his eyes move over every line from my toes up. He stops at my breasts. His mouth is just hanging open as the items begin to bunch up in front of him. The girl is moving the items over the scanner, but she’s staring at my chest as well.

I get the last item out of my basket and use the moment to steal a glance at my own chest, hoping I didn’t spill something on my shirt. I’m an idiot. In my hurry to get dressed I neglected to throw on a bra. After the cold air of the last three sections of the store, my nipples are hard enough to cut glass and showing up proudly in the t-shirts fabric. Well, let’s have some fun with this.

Stepping up to the counter, I drag my purse with me and set it on the check stand with a huff. I make sure it won’t fall over and then step back and stretch my arms out wide and lean back, jutting my breasts out proudly. Two sets of eyes are just mesmerized by my full c-cups on display, the shirt doing a great job of outlining both orbs.

“Why do we pack so much into these purses? Between this huge bag and the baby, it is just murder on my back.” I say conversationally. The girl is trying to total the order but she’s too busy looking at me to type the sequence in correctly. The guy at the end is bagging everything slowly, not letting the slightest move I make go unnoticed.

“How old is your baby?” the girl asks.

“Almost a year. She’s a growing girl too, seems like she’s demanding my nipples every five minutes.” I comment nonchalantly as I make a show of digging in my purse for my debit card. I use my arm’s searching to shove my free breasts this way and that. The girl is licking her lips and the guy is awkwardly adjusting his stance. Finally, I pull the card out and pay for the groceries. The girl stumbles around thanking me for shopping. The guy looks too embarrassed by the bulge I see in his slacks to say anything.

“Can you help me out to my car? It’s just too much for me right now, I mean I wish you could come home with me and pack them away, but if you could just shove them into my trunk right now, that would be great.” I say with a smile.

His cheeks turn a bright red as he just nods. He pushes the cart as I walk beside him, just chit chatting about nothing. Marissa is starting to get fussy. It is close to her lunch time.

We get to my car and I pop the trunk. “Here, let me get my daughter, she’ll need a quick snack if I’m going to make it home in peace.”

The poor boy is searching the bags for a snack, “I’m sorry, I must have missed it, I don’t see anythi…” he looks up to see me holding my daughter to my now exposed left breast. I had to roll up the shirt so I’m showing quite a bit of midriff too but that’s not where he’s focusing.

“I hope this doesn’t gross you out. It’s completely natural. I just don’t want her on anything synthetic. At least I know everywhere this has been.” I say as innocently as if I’m talking about a melon at a farmer’s market.

He stares kaçak iddaa for a bit of eternity, then realizes he’s looking entirely too long and gets my shopping loaded up in a flash. He’s finished and bolting inside before I can thank him and give him a tip. Well, maybe I already tipped him enough. I strap my daughter back in her car seat, imagining the sacker and checker both taking bathroom breaks to go rub one out. Ooh, or maybe they are inspired enough to join up in a stall and fuck each other. The whole way home I’m just imagining that tiny pixie of a woman taking it hard by that muscled jock. I’m dampening my jeans with my daydreams. I barely even notice the other car in my driveway when I pull in, but Theresa on my front porch is unmistakable.

She is a striking image as she leans against one of the posts that frame the entrance to the porch. Her long blonde hair is pulled into a high ponytail that still allows her wavy locks to hang to her shoulders. Her massive chest is barely contained by a low cut red crop top, on most women it would be sexy yet modest, on Theresa its a bra that’s clinging on for dear life. A hiccup would unleash her huge breasts. The creamy skin of her waist looks amazing in the light above the flared jean skirt that rests low on her hips. She’s watching me from behind her dark tint sunglasses. There is a slight sheen of sweat on her skin that lets me know she’s been here a while. I get out of the car and without saying a thing move to the back of the car to get Marissa from her car seat.

“You aren’t even going to say hello, why are you such a bitch?” Theresa shouts out. There aren’t any neighbors out and about but there are a lot of open windows. I know she has noticed them. I rush up to the porch, carrying my baby close to me.

“Inside now.” I command in an angry whisper once we are close enough. I struggle to get the door unlocked but finally get the three of us inside. I sit Marissa in her playpen and turn to Theresa, “I have groceries to bring in. You stay here and watch my daughter.” I walk out before she can protest.

It takes me a bit to grab all the bags, but with a great deal of effort I manage to grab every bag. I’m trying to get my feelings in order with the extra time it is taking. She couldn’t know how I feel about my Erik. I was enjoying watching them fucking and playing with myself for his enjoyment. Seeing her watching me and commanding me to cum as she herself orgasmed was a flash back to our wild college days. I came so hard I passed out. Why did I also feel so hurt and confused? I was being really foolish. I should just apologize for ignoring my best friend and explain my conflicted feelings. A good talk would sort everything out right.

Getting into my house, I kicked the door closed behind me. I had an apology on my lips for Theresa but when I looked up she was nowhere and neither was my daughter. Pure blind panic gripped me and I dropped the bags on the floor in a resounding crash. Theresa rounded the corner in a hurry, a look of concern on her features.

“What happened?”

“Where is she! Where is my Marissa! What did you do with her!” I shouted as I bolted past her and into my baby’s room. I couldn’t breathe till I saw her curled up in her crib, already down for a nap. I leaned back against the doorframe, just drinking in her calm innocence, trying to get my irrational panic back under control.

Quietly closing her door, I made my way back to the front room. Theresa was standing there with her arms crossed over her ample chest. Her sunglasses were gone and I could see red rings around her eyes with fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. The minute her eyes found me, the hurt I saw on her face changed. She was incandescent in her anger.

“You stupid slut! What were you thinking? Did you really think I could hurt Marissa? Over what? Some bit of dick? You are such a messed up bitch! I love her like she was my own daughter. And you! You should know how I feel about you, you dumb slit!”

“I was gone for two seconds and come in here and you and my daughter are both gone! What was I supposed to think? I mean you will do just about anything while I’m watching, what will you do when I’m not?”

“So I’m a child murderer because you have a sexual hang up? I’ll fuck whoever I want whenever I want, I don’t need saint Contessa’s permission!”

“Don’t you dare call me that!” I yell. She stalks up to me, her heels clacking on the hardwood sounds like thunder as she stops mere inches away and looms over me.

“Why not? That’s the reason we broke up in college. You couldn’t handle everything we were doing because you have this perfect good girl image you wanted to keep. So you go off and get with Mario and leave me behind!”

“I wanted to settle down! I wanted a family!”

“I only wanted you!”

Theresa looks shocked by her own admission, I know I definitely am. I had loved her, still do, but I also fell in love with Mario just like I believed I was falling for my Erik. Back then I didn’t believe I could have both, kaçak bahis didn’t think Theresa cared enough. It was always just sex with her, whether with me or any other man or woman. We both searched each other’s eyes, neither daring to speak or move.

I couldn’t help it any more. Whether it was the lack of physical intimacy, the rekindling of an old flame, or just basic lust, I don’t think I’ll ever rightly know. One minute we were mere inches apart, the next I closed that distance and reached out and grabbed her head, pulling her down into a kiss. My lips met her full dark red lips with a hunger from deep within. I sucked her bottom lip into my mouth and lightly bit down, when she gasped my tongue rushed in to assert it’s dominance over her mouth.

Theresa was stunned, taken completely off guard by my assault on her mouth. Her eyes closed in a brief moment of submission as she enjoyed a sensation neither of us had known for years. She moaned into me, and then began sucking on my tongue, entwining it with her own. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled my curvy frame to her own voluptuous body. Her tongue challenged mine, fought me back into my own mouth, briefly claiming its own victory as I relished the sensation.

We stood there, our lips crushed together for what felt like an eternity. Finally breaking the kiss we each took in great lungful’s of air. Our eyes met, searching the other for intention. I needed her, needed her emotionally to support me, needed her physically, my body burned with a deep desire to have contact with someone who knew me. Could she read the deep desire in my eyes? I wasn’t going to wait to find out. My emotions had kept me apart for far too long, my body was in charge and knew what it needed.

My hands gripped the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. My back arched and I jutted my breasts forward as they came free of the fabric. I felt my hair get pulled up and fall down like night claiming the day as the shirt went over my head and was discarded. My hands traced down my neck, over the swell of my breasts and down my stomach to reach my jeans. I closed my eyes as my hands undid the button and slid the zipper down. A gentle push over the bulge of my hips and gravity did the rest. I stood naked before Theresa, her eyes caressing every inch of my golden brown skin. She licked her lips and lunged forward.

Her mouth found mine and we kissed with even greater intensity than before. The build up of desire from denying each other for so many years finally overpowering the both of us. Her hands roamed my body, unable to make up their mind in where to go. They moved over my back, played over my shoulders, jiggled my breasts, flowed over my hips. I guess she finally settled on my ass because she gripped it hard, her nails sharp on the ample skin causing me to break our kiss and let out a yelp. She just smiled at me, her eyes laughing mischievously. I used the opportunity to grab her crop top and pull it up and off of her, sending her massive breasts bouncing wildly.

She pulled me to her again, our lips meeting, my hands stroking her golden hair and lightly playing my nails down her back as our breasts crashed into each other. My large brown orbs were almost completely lost in the sea of creamy flesh that hung from her chest. I relished the feeling of my hard, sensitive nipples finally pressed against the flesh of another person.

Slowly she moved me back over to the couch and pushed me down onto the plump cushions. She took a second to release her hair from her ponytail, take off her jean skirt and heels. I didn’t have long to admire her body though. Theresa was never one for waiting on her pleasure. She walked right on up to me and then stepped up onto the couch, her legs on either side if me as she grabbed me by my hair and forced me to lay back as far as possible so she could mount my face. Her smell was the same as when we were back in college and I was surprised with the speed at which I remembered what to do. My tongue played over her labia lips, collecting the rich concoction of sweat and juice, before plunging into her center. She ground into me, my nose pressed into her folds as she cried out as my tongue moved around the walls of her pussy.

“That’s it! I forgot how good it felt to ride your face! Your tongue gets so deep! Fuck me with your tongue!” she cried out, though it was a bit muffled to me as her thighs pressed against my ears. I complied, reaching up to grab her ass and press her down harder, my tongue rolling in and out of her center. I would flick her clit on the withdrawal sending shockwaves through the tiny nub on this large woman. The closer she got to her orgasm the harder she ground into me till finally all I could do as hold my tongue out stiffly inside her as she fucked herself on me. Her juice flowed easily as her breath caught, I wished I could see the look on her face as she reached her climax. I imagined her face still scrunched up in the cute way it did before, as if she got a nose full of pepper, till her face relaxed and a smile of pure bliss would spread across her features as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. I lapped up her juices hungrily, slurping it like the last but of soup in the bowl. She still tasted sweet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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