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Chapter 5

Daddy and I stepped off the shuttle to the beach. It was a wonderful drive down, with lots of other resort guests and their bags of beach gear filling the tram. Some people had even packed floaties of various sorts: a popsicle, a diamond ring, a big white swan.

I was wearing my new yellow bikini: the see-thru neon yellow fabric barely covered my areola, and my breasts hung heavy without any real support. I could feel the string against the back of my neck straining, as if to say “just untie me, everything will be fine!” I felt the warm air of the Caribbean on my butt cheeks as the teeny tiny thong string stayed nice drawn up inside my butt crack, only revealing itself at the very top as it joined the string that encircled my waist, with the ties on the side. The front triangle dipped low on my body, barely covering my bare slit, but also offering a peek through the fabric to anyone who bothered to give it a good look.

And look, the guests did.

Behind my sunglasses, I caught several people openly staring at me, and some even nudging their friend or their wife and giving a nod my way. A few even snapped pictures- either directly or indirectly, by taking a selfie of themselves with me in the background. But, that was all within the rules of the Oasis, so I’d just have to deal with my newfound attention. The first few times, I felt a bit self conscious about it, to be honest, but, also a little bit proud. Daddy rested his hand on my shoulder as we sat on the shuttle tram and that had instilled me with a lot of confidence too.

Daddy was wearing a blue speedo with white stripes on the hips. It was pretty sexy, seeing him like that. His bulge was evident from this close. I liked that.

As we got part way to the beach, we saw a row of huts. They were open sided, with palm plants on all four corners, and a visible bed with a large, lush pillow. There was also a small supply closet in each hut. A sign beside the huts proclaimed “SUNSCREEN STATION”. We walked over to find out more.

A beautiful black woman named Kanara greeted us and explained that if we wished, we could have sunscreen applied to us, for a small fee, rather than do it ourselves. It was a sort of combination of sunscreen and massage. Daddy looked at me and asked, “Well? Want to give it a try?” and I nodded in the affirmative.

Kanara led us to an empty, two-bed hut. Inside the top of the pitched roof was a slowly rotating ceiling fan. She then asked if we would prefer male, female or mixed attendants. Daddy said he would prefer female… duh… and I went ahead and said I’d take a mix. Kanara smiled and shuffled away to get our attendants.

I sat down on the high bed and Daddy sat across on the other. I took a deep breath and looked around. The beach was just beyond, and the sounds of guests having fun was mixed with the light sounds of a Caribbean band playing off under another covered area. Waiters hustled around delivering drinks to guests at their beach loungers. People were enjoying the water- lots of floaties out there- with the waves gently splashing onto the beach. In the distance, I could see a few people wakeboarding.

And as I looked closer, I noticed most of the beachgoers were nude.

It was an experience I will never forget… dozens and dozens of men and women, walking around, lying out, playing beach paddle ball, swimming, and everything else… in the nude. It seemed poker oyna there were all body types there… from skinny to fat, big to small. And no one seemed to be bothered about it. It was amazing… and I was getting more and more excited to participate!

Our attendants came in. Three women, one man. The women introduced themselves first: Nakia, Therese, and Shelby. The man was Alfred. All were from Jamaica; black skinned, shining white teeth. Alfred was a large, muscled black man, wearing only a white loin cloth. The three ladies were wearing white thong bikini bottoms and a white cloth that covered their breasts and hung about midway down their abdomens, but showed off their rather perfectly flat stomachs.

Nakia and Alfred stepped over to me and introduced themselves. After, Nakia continued, “What level of sunscreen are we applying for you today? We have everything from baby oil to level 125. Most of our guests go with level 50, and judging from your skin, I’d recommend the same,” she said.

“Level 50 sounds fine with me.” I replied.

I looked past Nakia and Alfred. I could see Therese and Shelby chatting with Daddy, and he was already on his back… and his speedos were off!

Alfred asked, “Will you be nude sunbathing today, Miss Amy?”

“Um, yes, I believe I will, Alfred.”

“Then, may I please remove your bikini for you?”

I nodded, and Alfred’s great big hands went up to my shoulders and behind my neck, delicately untying my bikini string. He then reached around my chest and undid the one on my back. I felt my breasts sag a teeny bit more, with the lack of what little support the bikini top had given. Alfred was smiling the whole time and removed the flimsy material from off my chest, but it was Nakia who said, “Oh, girl, you so pretty!”

Alfred’s hands then went to my hips and I felt him undo the strings of my bikini bottoms. He delicately removed the panties, and I felt the string between my butt cheeks slide out from between them and past my vagina as he gave it a light tug. It tickled a bit… very pleasantly!

“Why don’t you lay on your tummy to begin, Miss Amy?” asked Nakia.

I spun over onto the bed and laid face down. I could look over and see the two other women were already working on Daddy. He was watching me and raised his eyebrows twice… as if to say “Hey, are you loving this? Because I’m loving this!”

Their hands were all over Daddy’s back and butt and legs and shoulders and arms. He looked like he was in heaven and I can only imagine why.

As much as I wanted to watch him get his sunscreen applied, two sets of hands quickly snatched me from caring whatever else was happening in the world and sent me down a rabbit hole of pleasing touch. Nakia and Alfred were applying the warm lotion to me now… back and shoulders first. They weren’t just putting it on, though, they were rubbing it in.

“One of the common mistakes most people make about sunscreen is that they don’t rub it in well enough, Miss Amy,” Alfred explained as his god-like hands worked their magic on my shoulders.

“Mmmm-mmmmph…” was all I could manage to stammer under the weight of their attentions.

Alfred kept up his work on my shoulders and neck and upper back, while I felt Nakia’s hands gently bend my lower right leg at the knee, so she could begin to lotion the bottom of my foot. Her hands were working wonders.

She worked on one of my feet, and canlı poker oyna then the other. I was wondering if I’d care to walk afterwards… maybe I should just lie here on the bed all day and not even worry about going to the beach. My thoughts were amplified as she began working on my calves. Oh, to have this kind of treatment after cheerleading competitions!!!

Alfred’s hands were making their way down my back. With long, smooth strokes, he seemed to be pushing any stress I possibly could have had out of my body. God, his hands were huge and amazing. So incredibly powerful….. he was definitely in the right profession!

Nakia was working my thighs now. The backs of my thighs were releasing so much energy as she pushed upwards with her thumbs and the area between the thumb and forefinger. I felt her fingertips dancing on the sides of my thighs. Then, she slightly began to nudge my thighs apart and work the insides. I felt exposed, but didn’t seem to care, as I was lost in warmth and great feelings with four hands working my body.

Just as Nakia was spreading my legs, I felt Alfred’s hands reach my butt.


Warm coconut sunscreen lotion was generously applied, so much so that Alfred’s hands almost seemed to be sliding around my butt rather than working it. But, there was sufficient force and my muscular booty felt like it was getting a royal treatment.

Nakia’s fingertips were getting pretty far up my inner thigh, when I felt Alfred grasp my butt cheeks and spread them apart. Nakia snaked a finger slowly down from the top of my butt crack down to my anus. She slowly, verrrry slowly began to circle it… playfully almost. It felt phenomenal.

I cooed in response, and I heard a little pleasing response moan from Nakia. I think she was enjoying massaging me as well. I certainly hope so, at least…

“Feel good, Miss Amy?” she asked, as she slightly applied pressure to my little pucker.

“Mmmmmm-hmmmmmm….” was all I could manage.

Alfred’s massive hands kept my butt cheeks spread wide. While he held them, his hands pulsed, sending little snippets of pleasure through my body.

Nakia’s finger slowed it’s circle and began to carefully slip into my anus. Just the tip, though, but she then began to make a tiny ring movement with her finger, pressing outward on my sphincter muscle. It was unlike any massage I had ever received and I didn’t want it to stop.

But, stop it did. After a few “spins” of her fingertip up my butt, she withdrew it and stepped back.

“Now, Miss Amy, would you mind rolling over, so we can finish our job?”

Roll over? Was she crazy? I felt like a jellyfish lying on this table. What’s rolling over? I couldn’t possibly be expected to move after feeling so relaxed, could I?

Alfred’s hand went out to help me up. Between the two of us, and I’m sure it was mainly he, I was able to sit up and roll over onto my back.

I’m afraid my nipples betrayed my arousal. I caught Alfred looking right at them and grinning. I’m sure he’s seen this a million times, but I was happy to be Miss A-Million-And-One. I could tell he was happy, because his loin cloth seemed to be “tenting.” A glance at Nakia showed that her nipples were pleasantly erect too. She had lovely breasts that were perky and firm. I smiled at her and she smiled back as I laid back.

They took up their positions again. More lotion was applied and slathered internet casino all over my body. Nakia worked my hands, wrists and arms while Alfred worked my shoulders. Then Nakia moved up above me and began working sunscreen into my face. Her fingers were expert and professional, working my facial muscles and making them feel completely and utterly relaxed.

Alfred was working my feet and my legs. If Nakia was great, he was far, far beyond that when it came to working my legs. There was a tingling sensation happening… a feeling I knew all too well was building.

I felt his hands caressing, massaging my inner thighs… working their way up… up… up….

And then……. he touched me.

I felt his fingertips slip up onto my venus mound. His fingers glided over and across my bare labia. The feeling was divine! Then one of his fingers slid in between my lips, pressing firmly on my clitoris before diving further down inside of my most intimate area. I felt him touch my vaginal opening and swirl a finger around it before extracting his fingertips once more. He repeated this move several times and I began to coo in helpless response. This massive stranger was masturbating me and I was enjoying every moment of it. My legs parted, urging him to be a bit more deliberate with his sunscreen application, and I felt him respond by putting his hands at my upper thighs and simply use his thumbs to stroke upward on my outer labia, from my anus up towards my clit.

By this time, Nakia was massaging my breasts. Her hands were making slow circles around my enormous chest globes, terminating at my nipples, which she playfully tweaked as she released her hands to begin anew.

I was in utter ecstasy.

I had never felt two people touching me before, outside of cheerleading, and never in so intimate a way. I didn’t want the sensation to stop.

From deep within, I felt an orgasm building within me. My eyes were screwed shut and my hands gripped the white linen sheets of the bed. My toes began to flex and curl and my stomach and chest were heaving as I gulped oxygen; my breathing rate and heart rate increasing by the second.

I was on the precipice of one of the greatest orgasms of my teenage life…

And then, they stopped.

“All done!” Nadia exclaimed. “You are now ready to hit the beach.”

I opened my eyes and saw them standing back, smiling satisfactorily at a job well done. A bulge was very noticeable under Alfred’s loin cloth. But, they were done, and they had other clients to see, no doubt.

I was still a bit shocked and dazed from such a great build-up, and disappointed that it had not ended in me giving a screaming orgasm. I lay there for a moment as my feelings subsided and my breath returned to somewhat normal. My heart was still racing. I looked over at the other table and Daddy was standing to the side, pulling on his Speedo. He was obviously aroused, as his penis was bulging under the skin tight fabric.

I slowly sat up as well, and gathered my bikini. I blushed as I put it on, with Alfred making no small point of enjoying the show. Nakia had already left to probably resupply for the next client.

Daddy stepped over to me. “Well, that was quite a treat, wasn’t it, Princess?”

I nodded at him. “It most certainly was… can we come to the beach again tomorrow?”

Daddy laughed and gave me a playful pat on my bared bottom.

“There’s so much to see here, but, yeah, I would say hitting the beach a lot sounds like a smart idea….”

And with that, he took me by the hand.

We collected our beach bags and strode out onto the warm sand of the beach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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