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It had always seemed to Bill that he could have been a poster boy for Murphy’s Law where women and dating were concerned. “You’re a great guy, but…” followed by any one of a litany of excuses for not getting involved, usually meant the end of any promising situation.

He still carried a bit of a torch for one intensely compatible woman, with whom, years before, he’d had what amounted to a passionate, extended one-night stand during which she had taught him how to make a woman cum uncontrollably by caressing her G-spot in just the right way. The full-body orgasm, which he’d always assumed to be porn-flick fakery, was only too arousingly real, the evidence a hot, wet vagina contracting convulsively around his probing fingers or his lips and tongue.

He was tall at 6’1″, had a decent body for a man who liked his food, beer and wine more than exercise, with kind blue eyes, a full head of sandy hair and unusually soft fair skin. Jaws often dropped when the subject of age came up: he was 47 but usually taken for mid to late thirties. Good genes and longevity ran in the family: his paternal grandfather had lived to be ninety and his beloved maternal grandmother had recently passed away at 95.

A loner by temperament in any case, his intelligence and the breadth of his interests and passions usually intimidated people, so that they usually kept their distance. Most never suspected the sensual, even a little kinky, side that he himself had only really acknowledged after turning 40. But once in a while a brief embrace, ardent word or fleeting kiss gave him a tantalizing glimpse of what just might be possible under more or less the right circumstances, with more or less the right woman.

Sensual as he was, it was no surprise that he yearned for more. The internet in particular was a gold mine of possibilities—even considering the deceit, hyperbole and outright lies just under the surface of many of the personal ads on sites like craigslist. It became a game to him, mentally translating the gushing purple prose of the ads into reality: were these escorts trolling for clients, grotesquely fat sex-starved housewives playing out their fantasies, or something even more off-putting and possibly dangerous?

But one night it was as though the stars were aligned or the gods were smiling—he smirked poker oyna wryly to himself at the clichés, even as he hoped that, for a change, they might come true. He’d been surfing the web and had come across a craigslist ad, posted less than 15 minutes before, whose heading read: “Did you know that CL personals users have a bad rep? – w4m – 28” Of course they do, he thought.

But she was somehow different. Her name was Amy. She said she was 5’7″, and the rest of her ad showed arch wit, intelligence and smouldering though discreet sexuality. The simple floral sundress she wore in the attached picture showed off just the kind of figure that drove Bill crazy: smooth skin, waist-length dark hair, smallish pert breasts, nicely curved waist and lovely long legs.

What the hell, he thought. I’m just going to go for it; maybe she’s into older men. So he clicked on the link in the ad and wrote:

This is Bill. I’m 47 but look 10 years younger, 6’1″, average build, full head of sandy hair, blue eyes, nice caressable skin; am intelligent, sensual, loving and kind with a dry sense of humour and a wacky streak. Tonight I’ve got this erotic itch I just have to scratch! I give as good as I get: terrific fullbody massage, absolutely love giving as well as receiving oral, and know how to treat the G-spot right! Your pleasure would be as important as mine.

So e-mail me and let’s see if we can hook up. I live downtown too and could get to you relatively quickly.

To his astonishment, Amy replied within 5 minutes:

Hi Bill, you sound like my type! I’d love to get together! Let’s share a few drinks and get comfortable. Let me know when you’d like to scratch that itch and maybe we can meet.


Wow! Was he dreaming? He responded just as quickly:

How about right now? Where are you located? I live 5 minutes from the subway and can get to most of downtown in 20 min.

She replied immediately that she was in Toronto on a training course,

After the ten-minute subway ride east from his pretty basement apartment toYonge and Wellesley Streets, he walked the half-block north to the hotel, feeling a heady mixture of anticipation and arousal, sharpened ever so slightly by twinges of self-doubt. Entering the hotel, he headed straight for the elevator leading to her canlı poker oyna floor, took a deep breath and pushed the button.

He knocked discreetly at her door, fighting a momentary impulse to turn and run. Here we go again, he thought.

But the door swung open, revealing one of the sexiest women Bill had ever seen face to face. The picture in her ad didn’t do her justice! Five-seven, about 34B breasts, slender dancer’s build, and with a wry, affectionate grin on her lightly-freckled face as she sized him up. She closed the door behind him, then hugged him hard, covering his face and neck with kisses. He hugged her back, realizing as he caressed her hips through her dress that she was wearing no underwear and was as excited as he. Bill began to get over his case of nerves and grow horny.

Amy did a slow striptease as she removed her dress and bra, then efficiently undressed him. Playfully wrestling him onto the bed, she lay atop him and French-kissed him leisurely as they held one another and relaxed.

“That was some introduction!” Bill gasped when he’d caught his breath.

“Why not?” rejoined Amy. “You’re cute! I’m glad you came.”

“Now, now, not so fast,” Bill replied archly. “I’m not gonna cum that quick tonight if I can help it! But,” he winked, “maybe you will!”

“Oh really?” She giggled and raised her eyebrows.

“Just you wait and see.”

With that, he gently rolled her over onto her back. He kissed her softly on the forehead, on each eyelid, on the tip of her nose, on her lips. Amy sighed. As Bill took one of her breasts in his mouth and kissed and sucked and lightly nibbled on it, then did the same to the other, her breathing became passionate panting.

“Oh God! Don’t stop! God Bill that’s so nice!”

But Bill was just getting started. He kissed his way down her flat stomach, teasing her pierced navel with his tongue as he went and making her groan. He kissed and licked her inner thighs, traced around her pussy lips with his finger, then gently opened them, amazed at how fragrantly hot, wet and ready she was. Slowly he put his right index and middle fingers inside her as he sought her G-spot, then lovingly caressed it with a subtle tickling motion.

Amy soon screamed in sheer ecstacy as her vaginal muscles contracted violently internet casino around Bill’s fingers. “Jesus that feels fucking wonderful! You wonderful man! Oh you sweet man! Ahhhhhh!” Gradually the contractions subsided, and then Amy took Bill’s head in her hands and peered deep into his eyes. “I’ve never felt anything like that before! Wow!

“And now,” she said with mock seriousness, “now, Bill, it’s your turn.”

He lay back on the bed and she covered his body with hers. She french-kissed him urgently, ravenously, then nibbled the side of his neck, his shoulders, his nipples. He shuddered in delight.

Amy sat up for a moment, reaching for and unwrapping a condom which she unrolled over his still-soft but stirring cock. She took it in her mouth and slowly, sensuously sucked—down to the base, up to the head and back again, as though making love to it. The sensation was overwhelming, the best oral he’d had in months; as often happened, Bill came far too quickly. Amy’s reaction was of surprise, mingled with a touch of resentment.

“That good, huh?” she half-teased. “Thanks for the compliment!”

Stung, Bill fought an impulse to burst into tears. He quickly pulled himself together and forced a wry grin.

“Just means it’s my turn again, sweet Amy!”

He knew what he wanted to do next, and hoped he was making the right move. He slid down her body until his mouth was just below her pussy. He kissed and licked her clit; she started and pulled him closer. He tongued her outer and inner lips, loving her tangy taste. Touching his index and middle fingers to her G-spot, he began to french-kiss her pussy as eagerly as she had his mouth. Amy screamed in delight as powerful vaginal contractions again overwhelmed her.

When she had calmed down, they talked, cuddled and kissed for a while. Eventually both looked at their watches: ten-thirty, work tomorrow, time to get a move on. They shared some cranberry juice, then dressed and kissed each other good-night. Bill wandered home in a daze, the scent of Amy’s juices and perfume still covering his face and upper body. Passersby sometimes shot him curious glances, but Bill paid them no mind.

Sated, when he got home he slept like a baby.

Next morning, there was an e-mail from Amy:

Bill, you are a sweet and sensual man and I’d love to see you again! If I’m lucky I’ll get one more trip to TO before years’ end.



I’ll be ready, Amy, Bill thought, with maybe just a little self-satisfaction. Ready when you are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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