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Miraculously, Jyushka was right.

Just a couple of weeks after their conversation, Tetenia became able to perform an hour of Full Worship on His Sacred Likeness with minimal abrogations. The transformation happened in just a few days. The metaphor Jyushka used fit – it felt like she had broken through some kind of mental wall.

Maybe Jyusha’s words helped Tetenia, as the other concubine was also correct that performing Full Worship didn’t really get any easier, at least in terms of the experience. There was simply no way to have a rock-hard, ten-inch golden phallus (or a rock-hard, ten-inch actual cock) shoved into your esophagus while you’re on your knees without experiencing extreme discomfort and pain. You could control your breathing all you liked, you could practice enough so that you don’t vomit, but the aches and pains and choking don’t go away. If anything, they intensify. But do it enough, and one day you’ll just take it and keep going. His Supremacy’s pleasure is more important than your pain.

Tetenia had really broken though. She could perform an a hour of Full Worship, an hour of deepthroating the phallus, with just two or three abrogations, sometimes none. She wasn’t totally sure how she had gotten to this point – but Ellesa and Jyushka both told her that the suddenness was common. In any case, Tetenia was relieved.

After a couple of days of ensuring that she could, in fact, perform Full Worship for an hour (or close to it), she decided to go to His Supremacy to request absolvance. She was nervous, but hopeful about the prospect of getting her life back – or, perhaps more accurately, of truly starting a new life as one of His concubines.

His Supremacy, however, did not grant Tetenia absolvance. She was in and out of His Sacred Presence within mere minutes, and left still facing the theoretical prospect of spending the next four years or so on her knees. She was dejected, but tried not to get too upset; she resolved to back to Him in a week.


Six days later, Tetenia was on her knees before His Sacred Likeness, the phallus stretching out her throat and more. She took small breaths from the side of her mouth but her head felt like it was caught in a vise; her jaw and mouth felt like they had been subject to a probing invasion; her knees and back and neck felt like crumbling into dust. Tears were in her eyes becuase she couldn’t control them. But she persisted. She choked on the phallus, her body feeling like it ricocheted against the floor even though she hardly moved, and she kept going. When her mind was able to form coherent thoughts, two of them ran through it: “His pleasure is more important than your pain” and “one more day.”

As if calling out from a void, she heard a voice. “The concubine Tetenia, His Supremacy commands your presence.” She choked, loudly and roughy, popped off the phallus and, even surprising herself, threw up in the bucket beside her. She gathered herself, stood up slowly, and turned around.

It was Daymon. Nordland was performing the Term of Sacred Service this month; Tetenia knew that but hadn’t noticed who the Nordish term servants were, her mind was occupied by other things. But there was Daymon, standing by the entrance to the shrine in her quarters, wearing the brown uniform a term servant.

Tetenia wiped a bit of saliva from her lip, and removed her bra and panties. It was the first time Daymon had ever seen Tetenia naked.


They were riding on one of the Sacred Estate’s magneto-roads, sitting next to each other. A guardian stood silently nearby. Daymon thought of all the times he had dreamed of seeing her this way, all the gentle carresses through clothes they had shared. It felt like both a lifetime ago and just yesterday. He did not imagine it would be like this. He tapped his fingers on his knee, self-conciously trying not to look at her, hoping to avoid an erection.

“How are you?,” Daymon asked, awkwardly. They had walked to the magneto-road in silence.

“Good,” Tetenia replied. He wants to make small talk now?

Tetenia stared straight ahead. It was an akward situation, but there was no need to make it worse. And she didn’t want to talk to Daymon, anyhow. What could she possibly say to him? How could she possibly explain her life here?

“This thing is pretty amazing,” Daymon said.

“What thing?” His desire to make conversation seemed oddly pathetic.

“This…underground magneto-road. I remember when the first magneto-road came to Bruck and people thought you’d get sick from riding on it. Do you remember that?”

“Kind of.”

“It always seemed silly to me. But I remember people saying that. And I remember seeing the laborers, I had never seen so many laborers in my life.” Daymon paused. “And this thing it…it goes underground? It’s just for the Estate? It’s crazy.”

“I’d guess.”

Daymon paused again, as if considering something. “Is it true that millions of people worked to build this place?”

“I don’t know. Probably.”

“It’s just…it’s crazy if you think about it. All of this for His Supremacy.” Daymon glanced over at Tetenia, taking in her body. His cock twitched, slightly. He began tapping his finger more quickly. Tetenia noticed him looking at her, and he muttered an apology.

A couple of minutes passed in silence. “You like it here?,” Daymon asked.

“Yes. Yes, I do.” She was telling the truth. Despite the hardship, there was no way her old life could compare. And what did Daymon mean, ‘all of this for His Supremacy’? Did He not deserve it? Was He not the Supreme God of Gods, the Supreme Rule of Men, the Supreme Being of All that is Known and Unknown? Daymon bowed before His Likeness in Ceremony for an hour every week, just like everyone else in the world. Tetenia worshipped His Likeness, fully and directly. Tetenia worshipped Him. It was impossible to compare the two.

Daymon quieted down, and tried to focus on not looking at his former fiance. After several more minutes of silence, he stood up as they arrived at one of the minor palaces.

“We have to get off here,” Daymon said, quietly.


“Yes. Henneler was dispatched to get the Queen Priestesses Karina and Frenessa. We’re to meet them in front of Frenessa’s palace.”


At the gates of Frenessa’s palace, they saw Henneler approaching, along with a guardian and a buxom brunette – the Queen Priestess Karina.

“How much time do we have,” Daymon asked Henneler.”

“About twenty minutes,” Henneler said. “We had to go over to the other side of the lake. It took longer than I thought it would.” Queen Priestesses and concubines, and those who fetch them for Him, are subject to one-hour summons rules – meaning they must arrive at His Sacred Presence within one hour of when He summons them, or risk punishment as His discretion.

“We’d better hurry,” Daymon said.

They approached the palace gate, and Henneler spoke to a common servant, who scurried off. While they were waiting, Karina turned to Daymon and Tetenia and introduced herself. They had already met – Karina had accompanied His Supremacy to Nordland for their wedding, months ago – but Karina apparently did not remember this, and neither of them reminded her. Still, Tetenia was taken aback by Karina’s friendly demeanor.

Another servant appeared. “Follow me,” he said. Daymon, Tetenia, Henneler, Karina and the two guardians walked past the gate into a garden filled with shade trees and flowers. To their right was a fountain, and to their left was a large state of Frenessa, bowing down. Her palace looked impressive – it was certainly bigger and grander than the Nordish castle – but it was dwarfed by His Sacred Palace, of course.

The group of them, along with the servant escorting them, entered the palace and walked up an ornate staircase. The servant stopped and spoke with another servant, this one a Blessed Servant. The Blessed Servant walked up to the group and looked at Henneler. “I’ll take you to the Queen Priestess,” she said.

They followed her through hallways filled with woodcarvings and antiques, down a smaller flight of stairs, and through a small courtyard with yet another fountain. They turned down another hallway, and Tetenia noticed a large fresco depicting His Supremacy facefucking Frenessa at the end of it. This place was a Queen Priestess’ palace, she thought. It was massive.

They then turned into another courtyard, and walked up the side of it. The Queen Priestess Frenessa was seated at the head of the courtyard, in a richly-apholstered chair with detailed carvings on the arms. She was wearing a a bra-and-panty-set studded with diamonds and rare gemstones, flecked with gold. Tetenia wondered how much those two small pieces of clothing were worth.

On each side of Frenessa were two Blessed Servants, seated in simple wooden chairs, facing each other. In front of her was a nervous-looking man with a series of valuables laid out in front of him.

“This,” the main said, pointing at an elaborate bejweled vase, “is a rarity. It dates from the time of the Great Emperors, and bears the mark of the chief artisan to the Emperor Giornos II.” The man, evidently some sort of antiques dealer, wiped sweat from his brow.

Frenessa studied the object from her seat, looking mostly unimpressed. “I’ll take it, I suppose. I’ll give you two thousand for it.” By that, she meant two thousand gold tracens – a decent annual profit for a well-off merchant.

“Excellent, your worshipfulness,” the man said, betraying some relief in his voice. “You know that we are honored to have your business.” He wiped sweat from his brow again, as Frenessa shifted in her chair.

Henneler looked around, unsure of what to do. Frenessa was paying them no mind, and time was of the essence. The Blessed Servant gestured towards Frenessa, as if to indicate that he should just speak.

“The Queen Priestess Frenessa,” Henneler announced suddenly. “His Supremacy commands your presence.”

Frenessa glared at Henneler, and rose slowly from her chair. “You’re to call me your worshipfulness,” she said to him, with an air of haughty disdain. She continued glaring at him, not moving.

“I’m…I’m sorry…your worshipfulness,” Henneler stuttered out.

Slowly, Frenessa turned her glare away from Henneler and lifted her elbows. Two Blessed Servants scurried out from some unseen area and carefully removed her bra and panties. She addressed the antiques dealer. “I have to go,” she said. “We’ll continue this later.” She paused, gesturing at one of the seated Blessed Servants. “Miranda here can get you some lunch, if you’d like.”

“Of course, your worshipfulness,” the antiques dealer said.

Naked, Frenessa turned and walked direclty towards where Henneler and Daymon were standing, forcing them to move out of her way.


Tetenia, Frenessa, Karina, Daymon and Henneler arrived in His Sacred Presence about an hour and fifteen minutes after the girls had been summoned. His Supremacy was seated in a large, ornate, silk-upholstered chair that made the Frenessa had been in look like a stool. He was in a part of the pleasure gardens near the lake, and gentle waves could be heard in the distance. As usual, there were a smattering of term servants, guardians and concubines bowing down before Him, and His char was in a lightly shaded spot while those before Him were on sunbaked stone.

The concubines Pyndra and Savina were sucking His cock. He sat there, dominating the scene, as He dominated all scenes, saying nothing for a few minutes.

“Karina and Frenessa,” He said. “You may join me.” Karina and Frenessa got up, and draped their nude bodies over the arms of His chair. He rubbed at Karina’s curves, lightly, as the two of them whispered words of gratitude into His ear.

“Fuck that’s good, Pyndra,” He said, His cock firmly ensconced in her warm, wet mouth and throat. “Fuuck….Tetenia, go around the back,” He said, almost at a whisper.

Tetenia crawled around to the back of His chair, where she saw the knees of the concubine Shendra. Her knees were touching he ground and her thighs and torso were angled upwards at a roughly 45-degree angle. Her head was in some kind of compartment that was attached to the chair. She was licking His Supremacy’s güvenilir bahis asshole.

Tetenia steeled herself, having never doen this before. She tapped Shendra on the knee. “I think I’m supposed to do this now,” she whispered.

Shendra’s hand reached up to adjust a knob on the compartment. Very, very carefully, she extricated herself from the position, going slowly so as not to bang her head agains the bottom of the chair.

Once Shendra was out from the bottom of the chair, Tetenia crawled in, using her arms to move her body as she slowly moved her head along the bottom of the chair to the compartment. She was already uncomfortable, in this cramped position with her neck creaking. She hit her head against the side of the compartment that it was supposed to go into – because her face was turned upwards and she couldn’t exaclty see it.

Just then, Tetenia felt a tap on her leg. “You are pleasuring His Supremacy,” Shendra said, sounding almost concerned. “You must be on your knees.”

Tetenia realized she was sitting. With great care, she placed her palms on the ground and lifted her leg up. She folded her calves back so that her legs were on the ground, and moved her head backwards again, still facing up.

“A little ot the left,” Shendra whispered.
Tetenia moved her head, and it slid into the compartment. She found the knob, closing the space at the end of the three-sided compartment until there was just enough room for her neck to slide through. Her face was practically in His Supremacy’s asshole. She was a part of His char that existed to please Him – in maximal comfort for Him. Her comfort was irrelevant.

His Supremacy rubbed Frenessa’s tits and she began moaning. He circled his fingers around the nipple and used His other hand to hold Pyndra’s head firmly in place on His cock as as she gagged loudly. He looked out at the water, and the gardens on the opposite side of the lake.

Tetenia had already acquired a dull pain in her neck and back. It felt humid and stuffy in the tiny compartment, her face surrounded by the thick silk upholstery of the chair. She began licking His Supremacy’s asshole. It did not taste good.

“Ahh, fuck, that’s good,” His Supremacy said, though it wasn’t clear what he was referring to. He slapped Karina’s ass, prompting a squeal. “Everything is yours, Your Supremacy,” Karina said. Karina and Frenessa were permitted to utter occassional words of praise to Him, unprompted, in the position they were in.

By now, Shendra had made her way to the front of the chair and was bowing down before His Supremacy. His Supremacy called forward the concubine Linisee, who had been bowing down for some time, doing nothing.

His Supremacy addressed Shendra and Linisee. “Both of you get on all fours, with your head down, facing me,” He said. “I am going to rest my right foot upon you, Shendra, and my left foot upon you, Linisee. Ahhh…I hope you are grateful.”

Shendra and Linisee did as they were told. When He rested His feet upon them, they each thanked Him.

Frenessa cooed into His Supremacy’s ear. “I hope those girls realize the gift that you are giving them by resting your feet upon them,” she said, lightly licking His ear. “They should be thinking about the wondrousness of this moment.”

His Supremacy reached out and played with Karina’s tits for a minute. “Ahh…ahhhhh,” Karina said, sounding like a woman on the verge of an orgasm. When He took His hands away, she said: “Thank you, Your Supremacy. My body is not worthy of your touch.”

“Ohh fuck Pyndra,” His Supremacy said. “Just keep sucking it.” Pyndra had had His cock in her mouth for nearly two hours, and He had already come once. She felt like she was on the verge of passing out, but she had no choice but to continue. She did so willingly, fully aware of her true purpose.

Tetenia had never been this close to anyone’s asshole before, and she did not enjoy it. Although the task itself was repetitive, the discomfort she was in and the constant unpleasantness rendered it an ordeal. He pushed His ass down a bit, burying her face on it. She moved her mouth inside of it, licking all around the edges, licking deep in the crack. Her senses – taste, smell, touch – were overwhelmed by His Supremacy’s ass. Nothing else was in her world right now.

“Ahh…yeahhh,” His Supremacy said, as he began thrusting His cock lightly into Pyndra’s mouth. He stopped after a few minutes, sinking His ass back into Tetenia’s face.

He looked directly at Daymon. His cock and asshole were being pleasured, His hands were caressing Karina and Frenessa’s curves, his calves and feet comfortably resting upon Linisee and Shendra’s backs. “You have displeased me,” He said to Daymon.

Daymon sputtered out a reply. “Thank you, Your Supremacy. Before you, I…I…I am an ant before a mountain, a peon before God. I am truly sorry that I have displeased you and will never forget my true purpose. Thank you, Your Supremacy.” Daymon wondered what this was about. Was it the fifteen minutes? He could have asked Henneler, or Karina, or Frenessa, or Tetenia about that, too. What else could it be, though? And what the hell was Tetenia doing back there?

His Supremacy ran His hand along Karina’s body. “Karina, tell this servant why he has displeased me,” He said. He looked down at His cock in Pyndra’s mouth, and smiled. His body was enveloped in pleasure.

Karina lookd at Daymon. “When His Supremacy summons a concubine or Queen Priestess, you must return to His Sacred Presence with them within one hour.” This rule applied to her, too, of course, but His Supremacy was making an example out of Daymon. Or something.

“I understand, your worshipfulness,” Daymon replied, addressing Karina. “I’m sorry. But your palace is farther than we thought. At least, that’s what Henneler said. Surely you know.”

“His Supremacy did not address His comment to me. He addressed it to you,” Karina said.

“I’m sorry, your worshipfulness.”

His Supremacy was still looking at Daymon, who had begun shaking visibly.

“You have been chosen for the Term of Sacred Service,” Karina said. “This should be the greatest honor of your life, to serve His Supremacy in person.”

“It is, your worshipfulness,” Daymon said, meekly.

Frenessa cooed at His Supremacy. “You could take away everything he has,” she said to Him, referring to Daymon. “You could ruin his life and he would still bow down to you. You could ruin my life and I would still bow down to you. Everything exists to please you…he has betrayed the purpose of his existence.”

His Supremacy began rubbing Karina’s body more intently, and then Frenessa’s. He was still staring at Daymon. He looked remarkably calm. His hands ran through Karina’s and Frenessa’s backs and sides, he grabbed roughly at ther asses and pressed their tits and nipples. The girls began to moan, quitely at first and then frantically. He gripped their bodies, squeezing their tits, but was otherwise mostly still. He did this, at varying speeds, for several minutes.

“Fuck your Supremacee….fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Karina said.

“Thank you…thank you…I can’t thank you enough,” Frenessa said.
The two girls had screaming, intense, orgasms at the same time. The orgasms probably would have continued, had He not taken His hands away from them. Yet, He did not touch their pussies at all.

“You are so powerful, Your Supremacy,” Karina said, still panting.

“There is nothing I can offer you but my pathetic devotion,” Frenessa said. “Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy was looking at Daymon through much of it, but He did not say another word. Tetenia’s world still consisted of His Supremacy’s asshole.


Just a few minutes later, an outer term servant, who had been guarding the perimeter of The Sacred Radius, appeared and bowed down.

“Yes?,” His Supremacy said to the term servant, not looking at him.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. Serving you is the only reason that I exist. The concubine Collasa is here, and requests entry to Your Sacred Presence.”

“She may enter.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy.” The term servant went back to the perimiter, and Collasa entered and bowed down. His Supremacy dug his heels into the backs of Linisee and Shendra and moaned lightly. Pyndra choked on His cock, almost nonstop, for a minute or two, as His Supremacy groped at Karina’s breasts.

“Why have you come before me, Collasa?,” His Supremacy said.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Collasa said. “I would call you God, but the word does not begin to do justice to your power. I humbly beg for permission to request absolvance of pennance.”


“Thank you, Your Supremacy. I am wholly unworthy of groveling at your feet. I recognize that penance is a great gift and Full Ceremmonial Worship is an awesome privilege which you grant to a select few, however unworthy. I am not worthy of uttering thise words before you, as no one is worthy of uttering any words before you. I simply ask, meekly ask, that you may grant me absolvance of my penance, great gift that it is. I ask ths in the vain hope of appealing to your boundless generosity, although I submit myself fully to your will, whatever it may be. I will be eternally grateful for your will, whatever form it may take. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy sat back for a minute or two, His cock enjoying the pleasures of Pyndra’s throat. “How much penance do you owe?”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. One-hundred-four years, ten months, twenty-six days, fourteen hours, ten minutes.” Collasa paused. “At twenty-four hours per day. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Tetenia, who could hear this while licking His Supremacy’s asshole, was shocked. She had heard of Collasa. She had heard that she had a bad gag reflex, couldn’t go more than few seconds in Full Worship without abrogating, and had accumulated decades of penance depite being absolved a couple of times years ago. But one-hundred-four years? At 24 hours a day? A lifetime of penance? She did not think it was that extreme.

His Supremacy, however, betrayed no shock. “You realize penance is a privilege, Collasa?,” He said.

“Yes, Your Supremacy. Of course, Your Supremacy. I will gladly spend the rest of my life on my knees and be grateful for it. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Ahhh, that’s nice Pyndra,” He moaned. “Then why do you beg for absolvance?”

“I…I…” Collasa was stumbling for words. “I am throwing myself before you, throwing my life before you. I know my life is pathetic and unworhty of your greatness. I know I exist to serve and please you, I know you are everything and I am nothing, I will gladly choke on your Likeness until the end of my days but I am weak, I am nothing compared to you, and I was hoping for a small reprieve. Even just a year, even just a day. You are so powerful, you squash all others like bugs. Please, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy sat, restfully enjoying the labors of Pyndra, Savina and Tetenia. He said nothing for several minutes.

“Come forward, Collasa,” He said. “Remove your set.” Collasa removed her bra and panties, placed them on the ground, and crawled to His Supremacy.

“Fuuck yeah,” He said. He looked down at Collasa. “I am going to permit you to worship me.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. All I could ever hope for is for you to accept my worship. It is the greatest honor. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Pyndra popped off His cock, thanked Him, and moved to the side. Collasa licked His ten-inch cock adoringly, and swallowed the tip. He placed His hand on her head, but she began to move down without prompting. Savina was still licking His balls.

Collasa had come before Him today because she had broken through – kind of. After over three years of struggle, she still couldn’t perform an hour of Full Worship without making eight or nine abrogations, but that was a lot better than eight or nine abrogations per minute, which had been the case not so long ago. She couldn’t seem to get past that and figured this was as good as it was going to get, at least for the time being.

His Supremacy held Collasa’s lips at the base of His cock, then removed His hand. He sat back and rubbed Karina and Frenessa’s tits. “Everyone should türkçe bahis bow down to you, all the time,” Karina whispered in His ear.

Collasa quickly began struggling to maintain all ten inches of His Supremacy’s cock in her mouth and throat. The tip was bumping up against her esophagus and she began having gagging fits after a couple of minutes. Her eyes watered and her face turned red.
“Ahh, fuck, Collasa,” His Supremacy said. “Stay down.”

One thing that Collasa had begun to do, thinking she could make up for her relative lack of deepthroating skills, was focus on other aspects of pleasuring His cock. She had grown quite proficient at moving her lips around the base, massaging it. She would swirl her tongue around the shaft as it was inside of her mouth and throat. As she became somewhat more proficient at deepthroating, she added a new technique: she would flex the muscles in her throat to pleasure the tip. This had not gone unnoticed by His Supremacy, who had called upon Collasa to fellate Him several times in recent months.

But the struggle was real. All of the extra work Collasa did gave Him pleasure, but added to her struggle. Her tongue moved up and down the shaft as her lips massaged the base and her throat muscles massaged the tip. Her entire being, her soul if she had one, was focused on nothing but His pleasure. She gagged incessantly and choked loudly, the move to pleasure the tip with her throat muscles essentially amounted to gagging herself while she was already gagging. She was in agony.

“Oh, that feels so good, that’s nice,” His Supremacy sprawling His legs out over Linisee and Shendra’s backs, his ass digging into Tetenia’s face.

Tetenia was in agony, too, though her pain was perhaps less sharp than Collasa’s. She couldn’t tell how long she had been in this position, eating, licking, His ass, but it had to be at least thirty or forty minutes. Her back and shoulder muscles were horribly sore, her knees and legs ached from being on the ground and streching into this unnatural position. Her tongue actually hurt from the constant licking. But worse still was her face. She felt as though her face, even her body, had ceased to exist, it was mere furniture. Furniture which also could pleasure His Supremacy. There was nowhere for her face to go, everything she was was for this. She wanted to gag, but she literally couldn’t. She was in extreme discomfort, her face was in a stuffy smelly place with precious little air: but what did that matter if she was furniture? Nobody feels bad for cushions when you sit on them. Her face was a cushion that could also lick an asshole. His Supremacy’s asshole. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind, she was a little turned on by the idea, by a dominance so complete that it can make a person into a special sort of cushion.

His Supremacy moaned in pleasure and looked out at the several people, including Daymon and Henneler, still bowing down. “Is she worthy of absolvance?,” Frenessa asked, gesturing down at Collasa.

“No one is worthy of absolvance,” His Supremacy said, running his hand through Karina’s body. “No one is worhty of penance.”

“Of course, Your Supremacy,” Frenessa said. “How foolish of me.” He briefly grabbed her tit.

Collasa couldn’t take it anymore. It hadn’t been very long, but she had focused on His cock to he point of sheer mental and physical exhaustion. At the very least, she needed some air. She started to move her lips up the shaft.

His Supremacy firmly placed His and on Collasa’s head and pushed her back down. “You’re going to take the whole thing, Collasa.” He paused, as her lips once again hit the base. “Ahhh….anything less is intransigence…ohhh fuck.”
Collasa choked almost immediately, but she began running her tongue down the shaft and pleauring the tip with her throat muscles – which caused her to choke and gag more. She was torturing herself. She had conditioned herself to do this over years of struggle with the golden phallus of His Likeness. With His actual cock, she would need to go even further.

His Supremacy sat, peacefully, through the gags. His cock, His ass, His whole body, were in total comfort and pleasure.

“The world is yours, Your Supremacy,” Karina said to Him. Gesturing at Collasa, she said “she is yours, her breath is yours, the core of her existence is yours.”

It was true. The core of Collasa’s existence was focused on nothing but His Supremacy’s cock. She felt like she was hanging on by a thread.

“If she calls you her God, you should punish her,” said Karina. “Because you are greater than God.”

“Oh fuck,” His Supremacy said. “Oh fuck, that’s so good, that’s nice.” He was in pure bliss.

He began to cum. “Ohh yeah…ohh, I am giving you a gift,” He said to Collasa. Cum spilled out of His cock, overwhelming her mouth, her throat, her esophagus. The thread b which she was hanging on was obliterated. He locked His hand on her head. “Fuck you better swallow it…ahhh…fuck I hope you’re grateful…fuck I deserve all the worship in the world for giving this to you.” He kept cumming, calmly overwhelming her. Some cum came out of her nose, some leaked out of the side of her mouth. It was a river, it didn’t stop. Collasa kept pleasuring His cock as before, throat muscles, tongue, lips, her head felt like it was going to explode into a million pieces. “Ahhh fuck that feels good,” His Supremacy said, His hand still locked on her head. “Fuck I’m so powerful…feel my fucking power and be grateful. Be grateful for it.”

He came for over three minutes. At the end of it, Collasa tried to push up, hoping to catch a nomal breath. But His Supremacy pushed back down, and there she remained. Her eyes were welled up with tears and she felt she had to consciously stop herself from passing out. But she had to keep going, keep pleasuring Him, while she was doing.

He removed His hand, and this time she didn’t try to come up. He was still fully erect, all ten inches of His cock fully dominating Collasa’s being. He stretched out a little, and smiled. There was no force in the world that could stop Him. Collasa choked and choked again. Tetenia wasn’t sure how someone could endure that much choking. His Supremacy, His cock emptied (for now), looked out onto the beautiful surroundings.

“Ahh, that’s good Collasa,” He said, lazily after His orgasm. “I do not grant you absolvance.”

Collasa heard this, but could not separate herself from His cock. A lifetime on her knees, still.

Ten or twenty minutes passed, quietly, except for Collasa’s near-constant gags. His Supremacy looked at Pyndra, who was still bowing down to Him. “Prepare Karina for me, and then prepare Collasa for me,” He said.

Pyndra did as she was told, sticking her fingers in their asses, dipped with lubricant. When she was done, His Supremacy ordered Collasa and Karina to get on their knees next to each other on a platform beside where He sat, with their faces down and their asses up. Savina sucked His cock for a few minutes, and then He got up, instrucing Linisee, Shendra, Tetenia and Frenessa to follow Him. Savina went and bowed down with the term servants and guardians.

His Supremacy walked up to the platform, and had Linisee, Frenessa, and Shendra kneel facing Him in front of it, with Frenessa in between Karina and Collasa and the other two girls at their sides. Tetenia kneeled behind Him. He shoved His cock into Shendra’s mouth, violently, and grabbed Tetenias head, burying it back in His asshole. He looked at Daymon, as He facefucked Shendra against the platform while pushing Tetenia around in His asshole.

Daymon realized what Tetenia had been doing the entire time, well over an hour. She had been licking His Supremacy’s asshole. The thought would never have even crossed Daymon’s mind. What did He even need her to do that for? He had hundreds of beautiful women to slobber over Him, eight of them right here, right now. He was barely even paying attention her.

His Supremacy abruptly pulled out of Shendra’s mouth, and she thanked Him. He walked up to Karina, grabbed her ass with both hands, and pushed up against His cock, pushing her assholed onto His cock. Tetenia followed Him and, without prompting, began to lick His ass.

His Supremacy mostly stood still, controlling Karina’s ass as her asshole moved back and forth on His cock. The tightness was incredible. “Fuck Karina,” He said, slapping her ass as He moved it back and forth. He then began thrusting as He moved her ass back and forth at the same time.

“Ahhh Your Supremacy…ahhhhhhh,” Karina wailed.

He reached down, grabbed Karina’s its, and pulled her body upwards. He pushed His hands against her breasts, pushing her flesh against His. He kneaded at her breasts, very aggressively, and used His elbows to push her pelvis against Him, ensuring that His cock was all the way in her ass. Meanwhile, Tetenia buried her face in His asshole as it thrust back and forth.

“Fuck, Your Supremacy, Fuck, Your Supremaaaahhhh,” Karina cried. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck…..ohhhhhahhoohhh.” She sounded like she was having some sort of convulsion.

His Supremacy continued to knead at Karina’s breasts. “How thankful are you for my cock?,” He said to her.

“Incredibly thank…incredibly thank….faaaahhhh,” Karina moaned. She couldn’t really form coherent sentences.

His Supremacy pushed Karina’s torso back down, roughly, and she landed on her elbows with her face down again. He slapped her ass and began thrusting harder and slapped it again. “Fuck it’s so tight, Karina, fuck it’s so tight,” He said. He grabbed Tetenia’s head and pushed her hard into His asshole, her cheeks barely visible. “Ahhh, yeahhh,” He said.

Suddenly, He pulled out of Karina and began facefucking Frenessa. Again, Tetenia followed. He fucked Frenessa’ face just as hard as He fucked Karina’s ass moments before. It was hard to believe that this was the same woman who treated Henneler with such haughty disdain earlier that day.

After a few minutes, He pulled out of Frenssa’s mouth and plunged His cock into Collasa’s ass, with Tetenia following along. This time, He first placed His hand on Tetenia’s head, pushing her back into His asshole. He thrust hard into Collasa, who began to quiver.

“Ayahhhhaaayahhh,” Collasa moaned.

His Supremacy slowed down for a moment and glanced at Daymon again, His hand firmly on Tetenia’s head. He then turned back and slapped both of Collasa’s ass-cheeks at the same time. Her ass jiggled wildly as He thrust harder into it.

“Fuck oh fuck ohaahhhhayyy,” Collasa creamed. She was caught in a jumble of pleasure-pain, she kind of hated being fucked in the ass, but she kind of liked it, too.

“Ah fuck Collasa,” His Supremacy said, thrusting deeper. “Are you going to thank me? Are you going to thank me for giving you the great and sacred gift?”

“Ahh..owwahh…of course, your..your Supremacy,” Collasa said. “Thank you, Your Supremacy. I am not….ohhhahh…I am not worthy of such a gift.” Collasa sounded out of breath.

His Supremacy slapped Collasa’s ass again. “Are you going to thank me for the penance you owe? Ohh fuck yeah…for the privilege of spending a lifetime on your knees?”

“I….aaaasupremaccee….your…Your Supremacy, thank you, thank you,” Collasa said, still sounding out of breath. “It is…eeyyyy…” She let out a pained squeal. “It is a privilege…to…to…spend my life on my knees worshipping you. I will never forget it. I will never forget it, ever.”

His Supremacy grabbed her ass, pushed it towards Him, and slowed down slightly. “It is more than a privilege.” He pushed her ass back and forth on His cock. “It is so much more than a privilege. I expect you to be grateful for it.”

“I am…ahhh…I am, Your Supremacy. I am uneningly grateful. It is the most sublime of all privileges, the greatest honor of all honors. There is no way….ohhhahhee…no way…that I can begin to repay you for allowing me to spend the rest of my days on my knees worshipping you. There is no gratitude that is sufficient for the tremendous thing you have given me. I….oh your supremaceee…I…ayheehhh…I am unworthy of the penance you have given me and there is nothing I can do. Thank you…Your Supremaaaaceeeeee.”

She said that last word with a pained moan. His Supremacy grabbed her ass harder and pushed güvenilir bahis siteleri deeper, controlling her body. He reached around with one arm and roughly grabbed Tetenia’s head to focus it on His asshole. He began to cum in Collasa’s ass. Just as the cum started to leak out, He grabbed Tetenia by the hair and pulled her to the side of Him. He pulled out of Collasa and began cumming all over Tetenia. Cum splurted out of His cock, in full view of all those present, yet another endless stream, a river, a gorge. Cum splashed across Tetenia’s foreahed, it got in her hair, it coated her eyes.
“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Tetenia said.

More shot out, coating her eyes again, drenching her face, dripping down onto her shoulders.

Tetenia grabbed her tits, and began swaying back and forth. “Thank you, Your Supremacy. This is the greatest gift I have ever received. I am so unworthy of it.” She was enraptured.

His Supremacy kept cumming, coating tits, then drenching them, too, then drenching part of her stomach. Shot after shot came forth from His cock, a seemingly endless flood.

Tetenia was rubbing against herself, swaying and panting. “I can never be worthy…I can never be worthy…Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His orgasm lasted around four minutes this time. Some of it was in Collasa’s ass, some of it was on the ground, most of it was on Tetenia. Her entire upper body was covered, literally, there was so much in her eyes she couldn’t see, a thick glaze on her breasts and much of her stomach, even an amount that would be wholly incredible for a normal man on her thighs.

“Go bow down over there,” His Supremacy instructed Tetenia. He was point to an area next to where Daymon was bowing down. Utterly drenched in the Great and Sacred Gift, like a person caught in thunderstorm of cum, Tetenia did as she was told. Daymon seethed privately: His Supremacy already had everything, already had all the power. Why did he need to be subjected to this?

Frenessa and Karina were instructed to follow HIs Supremacy back to His chair and pleasure His cock – which, incredibly, was still fully hard. Frenessa swallowed Him whole with relish, the utter submission with which she went about this task jarring to Daymon and Henneler. About an hour later, His Supremacy came in Frenessa’s mouth and dismised Daymon, Henneler, Tetenia, and the others as He went off to eat lunch.


The next day, Tetenia awoke with a conundrum on her mind. She was intending to before His Supremacy to request absolvance of her penance today, as she figured enough time had elapsed since her last request. But she kept thinking about Collasa. Collasa owed 105 years of penance, and He would absolve any of it. And He clearly enjoyed Collasa’s cocksucking. What chance did she have?

Still, after thinking it over she decided to give it a shot. The positives simply outweighted the negative. So she set out to find Him, and did so after a couple of hours, in one of His usual spots amid the vast pleasure gardens, in a sumptuious chair with the concubines Swecca and Takiva pleasuring Him.

Tetenia arrived in His Sacred Presence at the same time as two other petitioners. They all bowed down for a little while, and His Supremacy addressed them first.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. I am a meaningless speck of dust in comparison to your sublime greatness. I come before you today, humbled by Your Sacred Presence, representing the Sacred Order of Builders. In accordance with your will, we are working with the Subject Kingdom of Agnush to construct a palace for your use there, as palaces for your use are being constructed throughout the world. It is a great honor for everyone involved. However, there have been some…issues…with the construction of the palace. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Ahhh,” His Supremacy moaned, enjoying Swecca’s mouth. “What issues?”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. As you’ve commanded, the palace is being constructed on the site of the city Haffas. The city is to be evacuated and reconstructed elsewhere, in accordance with your will. There are two issues. The first is that the city has nearly 500,000 residents and the site chosen for reconstruction is nearly two hundred miles away, with the Samijar Mountains in between. The second is that Haffas is Agnush’s only seaport. As you know, Agnush has a very small and mountainous coastline, and Haffas is the only locale suitable for a seaport. This is not a problem for us, of course, but the Agnushi authorities asked me to raise it. Prince Dallen here” – he gestured to the man bowing down next to him – “can address this further. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Why are the mountains a problem?”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” the representative from the Sacred Order of Builders continued. “The Samijars are among the highest mountains anywhere. Much higher, and a much harsher climate, than the Great Eastern Mountains of Tras, for example. The problem really…is that there is a good pass through the mountains, which has been used to connect Haffas to the rest of Agnush for centuries. But winter just started in the mountains, and it’s snowed in. I’m told it will not be passable for seven months. I know you had commanded the palace be complete in four.” He paused. “And we’re already behind schedule, although we can, of course, catch up if this is resolved. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Swecca gagged several times on His Supremacy’s cock, and her face reddened. “That’s good, Swecca,” He said. “Ohh yeah…..” He trailed off, and said nothing for a few minutes.

His Supremacy then addressed prince Dallen. “Are you not satisfied with the new location for Haffas?,” He asked.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” prince Dallen replied. “I am in awe of your glory and I am humbled by the wondrous privilege of supplicating myself before you. As you’ve been told, Haffas is our only seaport. As there are no other suitable locations for a city along the Agnushi coast, the new location for Haffas is inland. And far be it from my lowly self to question your will. However, I have an idea which I believe is still in accordance with your will. I would be honored to present it to you, if you’ll hear it, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Very well,” His Supremacy said.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. It’s really quite simple: we could construct a small port adjacent to your palace grounds. There is enough room, barely. It wouldn’t be as good as the current harbor in Haffas, but it would be workable. Failing that, perhaps we could connect the new Haffas to the magneto-road network? I know you are building one along the coast to supply the palace, and that the mountains are likely impassible, but there is a road just sixty miles from the new location. That would faciliate trade. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy looked down at Swecca and Takiva, and grabbed their breasts. He thrust His cock into Swecca’s mouth a bit, choking her. Swecca almost popped up for air, but His Supremacy stopped her and pushed her back down without a work. He moaned lightly.

His Supremacy looked at prince Dallen. “You should be thanking me…ahhh…for building a palace in your kingdom. I would expect that the people of Haffas are overjoyed that I…ohh yeah, Swecca, ahhh…deemed the location of their city…fit for one of my palaces.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” said prince Dallen. “I humbly request permission to respond, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Five minutes went by before His Supremacy said, “Granted.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. I will always and forever exalt your limitless and incomprehensible greatness. We are, of course, thankful that you will bless us with one of your palaces, and the people of Haffas are humbled that to build at the location of their city. I was simply, meelkly, humbly asking what I could ask. I do not, and never will, question your commands. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy looked at the prince. “Mmm…ahhh…the magneto-roads are being built to supply my palaces…ahh fuck…there will be no seaport that close to Sacred Land.” He paused. “I do not appreciate the intransigence…of the people of Haffas.”

He looked away from the prince for a few moment, then looked at both the prince and the representative. “Fuck…fuck yeah Swecca I’m gonna cum…ahhh,” He moaned. He effortlessly pumped cum into Swecca’s mouth for two minutes as she gagged on His cock with increasing intensity. Swecca came off His cock when He was finsihed, wheezing. She looked up at Him, her face the picture of pure adulation. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said, as she desperately tried to breathe. “I adore your cock, and will be eternally humbled that you have seen fit to give me the Great and Sacred Gift.” His Supremacy glanced down at Swecca for a moment, and merely put His hand on her head to guide her back down. She choked, and kept on dutifully pleasuring Him.

“There is an easy solution to this,” His Supremacy said, not looking at anyone in particular. “We do not rebuild the city. The land on which Haffas stands rightfully belongs to me anyway…ahhh…as all things do. I am putting it…to its’ highest and greatest use. Rebuilding the city…is a generosity that I may bestow upon the people of Haffas, as I have bestowed it on others…mmmm…” He relaxed into the chair. “But I do not bestow it upon the intransigent.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” the representative said. “I humbly request permission to respond. Thank, Your Supremacy.”


“Thank you, Your Supremacy. The world quivers and falls to its knees when confronted with your endless, limitless power. But what do we do with the people of Haffas? I understand that the city does not need to be rebuilt, but there are 500,000 of them. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Ahhh…I expect worship and thanks and devotion…in exhcange for my generosity. The people of Haffas, the people of Agnush, should throw themselves at my feet to thank me for allowing their land to serve its highest purpose. Mmmmm,” He paused for a minute, as Swecca had a loud gagging fit. “Stay down, Swecca,” He said, staring off into space. “The people of Haffas…ohh yeah…exist to serve and please me…not the other way around.”

Tetenia, who was silently bowing down the whole time, was oddly fascinated by this interaction. It was not surprising, not really. But the extent to which His power dwarfed all else never ceased to amaze.

For about fifteen minutes, His Supremacy sat in silence, being pleasured by Swecca and Takiva. He then addressed Tetenia.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Tetenia said. “My breath, my body, all that I am all that I could ever be, exists only to worship, serve and please you. I humbly beg for permission to request absolvance of penance. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“You may request it.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Tetenia said. “I only breathe so that I may sacrifice my breath for your pleasure. I recognize that penance is a great gift and Full Ceremmonial Worship is an awesome privilege which you grant to a select few, however unworthy. I am not worthy of uttering thise words before you, as no one is worthy of uttering any words before you. I simply ask, meekly ask, that you may grant me absolvance of my penance, great gift that it is. I ask ths in the vain hope of appealing to your boundless generosity, although I submit myself fully to your will, whatever it may be. I will be eternally grateful for your will, whatever form it may take. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

After a couple of mintues, His Supremacy asked “How much penance do you owe, Tetenia?”

“Thank you, Your supremacy. Two years, nine months, seventeen days, twenty-one hours and forty minutes. Thank you, Your Supremacy.” Tetenia was visibly nervous.

His Supremacy pushed His cock deeper into Swecca’s throat, almost to her esophagus. “I absolve you of your penance, Tetenia,” He said. “You may go.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Tetenia left His Sacred Presence – and that was it. The days on her knees, the torture – gone. Collasa may yet have to spend a liftetime on her knees, but Tetenia would only need to spend an hour per day, plus twenty or thirty minutes’ penance here and there, from here on out. She could, often times literally, breathe again.

A swell of gratitude welled up inside her. His Supremacy gave her penance. His Supremacy liberated her from penance. She could exist, now, and actually enjoy herself. But she continued to exist for Him.

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