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I want to lay down next to you in a hotel room and slowly unbutton your shirt…exposing your chest, and rubbing my hands on each piece of skin that I see…then as my fingers move over your body, I want to glide them across your nipples, rubbing them gently as I hear you sigh and moan to my touch.

Next you’d feel my fingers more deliberately pressing against each nipple, squeezing them and tugging them…I’d open your shirt completely and lower my mouth to suck one nipple while moving my hand to excite the other. Licking, nibbling, and sucking your tit I would run my tongue in circles over the tip. Feeling your hand caressing my head to guide me over and over. Then I’d kiss it gently and move over to the other nipple, making sure to not neglect any part of you.

Seeing my body leaning over you, you’d place your hand on my chest, wonder when it was I got naked except for undies, and rub my hard cock through the material…stroking it and loving the feeling of it pulsing to your touch.

Finally with your tits as hard as can be, I’d run my tongue down your chest, unbuckling your pants ahead of my path, opening them and circling my tongue around your belly button. I’d playfully, slowly, teasingly circle it in smaller and smaller strokes knowing you are hard and waiting for my touch.

Leaving your undies on, you kick your pants off and await what you know is coming next. I move to line up between your illegal bahis legs and press my face against the material doing its best to restrain your big hard cock! Aching from the sweet torture, a little precum wets the material and I suck it through tasting your cum.

My fingers now align on the sides of your shaft and glide up and down their pressure mounting and the length of the stroking growing with each movement. Then you feel softer pressure on the bulging vein of your dick…its soft but insistent…oooh, its my tongue…licking up from your covered balls, to the shaft and to the top of your undies.

My hands gather the waistband as my tongue reaches under to lick the tip and gather the sweet precum that you’ve given up to me. I raise the waistband and you feel the relief of the confinement removed and gasp and sigh at the same time. My lips purse and cover the very tip of the head of your cock. Such sweet precum, I want to get every drop before moving on.

My hands continue to remove your undies and you raise your cute ass to help me get them off of your body. Now naked before me, I too moan, this gorgeous cock all mine to savor and to devour as I please. I go back to licking from the base, just above your balls, all the way to the tip…swirling my tongue there and then dashing back down to the base again. Long strokes over and over, each one oozing more and more delicious cum from your cock. And illegal bahis siteleri I lick it, and suck it, and savor every drop!

My hand takes ahold of the base of your cock…sitting it up tall and proud, hard as granite I cannot tease either of us anymore, and I take you into my warm wet mouth. Moving down an inch and a half, and back up, my hand pumps you slowly as my mouth takes you in and out and in and out…getting your dick wetter and wetter. Tasting your cum a bit more each time, I know it won’t be long before you explode inside me.

My hand caresses your cock, and with my mouth full in charge, it moves down to feel, explore, and fondle your big balls. Gently moving them, rubbing them, letter you know I love everything about sucking your dick, my hands move back up to your now dripping cock, getting nice and wet with a combination of your cum and my wet mouth.

Then you feel me trace a finger down your shaft, past your balls, and to that sexiest of holes…circling it…relaxing it…preparing to enter you.

Still sucking up and down on your cock, you feel the vibrations of my moaning to tell you how much I love sucking you off. My finger explores your ass a little more until I feel your hand reach down to guide me in…you’re ready…

One little digit moves into your ass…you tighten out of instinct and then release…showing me you want me inside you. I move back out, then canlı bahis siteleri back in…and you realize my finger in your ass is matching the movement of your cock in my mouth.

Laying beside you, almost in a sideways 69 now, you open your eyes for the first time in what seems like ages, and you see my cock so close, so hard. You reach out to feel it and find it SO wet with precum, you have to lick your fingers which just makes you want more.

My finger is now deeper inside you…fucking your ass faster and faster as my mouth sucks deeper and deeper. You gently move my cock towards your mouth, not wanting me to stop the bliss you are feeling below your waist…in your ass…on your cock…

You have no trouble taking me into your mouth and you are so hungry for cock you skip the preliminaries and go straight to eating me. You know you are close to cumming and you want to taste me cumming inside you when you fill me.

Now we are two bodies in one…moving together, encouraging the other, thanking the other, giving all the pleasure we can as we fuck and suck each other. Feeling it building, knowing it won’t be long we moan to each other approvals and finally let loose. We explode into each other’s cum-thirsty mouths. Filling, swallowing, filling again, sucking and sucking to get every drop. Mindful to keep each other’s cocks in our mouths and not overstimulate the other. My finger leaves your ass…so sensitive after you cum…I’m tempted to taste it…but you can’t see me…”Did he?”, you wonder.

Finally spent, I move up to lay beside you, I can’t help but hug and rest my arm over you. Smelling your skin and waiting for the next round.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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