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Chapter 3 – Sarah

Stretching slowly Jo lifted the covers up to her chin and savored the mental images she had retained from her cinema trip. That fine ripped mans face buried in her pussy as she writhed in agonizing pleasure, she had brushed her teeth before bed but the sweet taste of cum and pussy still lingered at the back of her tongue. She soon became aware of the warm feeling circling her clit and the moistness of her pussy creating heat under her sheets.

Stepping into the shower she was quite looking forward to a day without men, spending time with Sarah was well needed. She would divulge details of her encounter with Shaun but the sensations of the cinema were all too fresh. Rubbing bubbles into her breasts and relishing in the automatic response of her beautifully shaped pert nipples she wondered if Sarah would be able to smell the sex on her…. If in fact that strangers strong and intoxicating smell would ever leave her.

Stepping in to the fresh mid morning air Jo made her way to town ignoring the wolf whistles from the sweaty builders in he path, today was a day for girl time, they could wait for another day.

Over lunch Sarah chatted away about her boyfriend Chris and how happy they were. Jo knew somewhere underneath she was craving something more. Jo had slept with Chris, something Sarah didn’t know, shortly before, or was it just after they got together, Jo couldn’t remember and knew that he was a selfish lover , one more concerned with his cock than the pussy it was fucking!

The girls moved on to a bar and sunk a bottle of rose, all but one glass. Sarah slipped the bottle into her hand bag and suggested going back to jo’s flat.

Drag loved spending güvenilir bahis time with Jo, there was something different about her today, she smelled that much sweeter, her skin was radiant and her breasts were surely bigger. She didn’t know why she noticed her breasts but on the way home in the taxi Sarah felt her eyes drifting, wondering whether Jo was wearing anything under her skirt.

Jo could feel Sarah’s eyes on her, as they entered the flat she pulled the wine from her bag, in screwed the cap, took a swig, pressed Sarah against the wall, gently parted her lips and let the wine pass between them. She was used to being the dominant one but stepped back to let Sarah take the lead.

Sarah sucked the wine from jo’s mouth, it would have been a harmless party trick if it weren’t for Jo’s tits pressing hard against her own. Sarah was sure she could feel the heat radiating from her pussy and was sure Jo could feel it too. As Jo stepped back it was almost as if Sarah was seeing her for the first time. She couldn’t help thinking that she was unfortunately wearing too many clothes!

Jo spun on her heel and led Sarah to the bedroom, taking the bottle with her. Sprawled on her bed she finished its contents in one long slow suck, holding the bottle above her head she let the last drops fall on to her cleavage. Sarah stood in the doorway mesmerized as each drop hit Jo’s skin she moved a step closer.

Before she knew it Sarah found herself licking the wine from Jo’s tits, forcing her out of her top and bra as she did so. Any remnant of wine had gone but Sarah couldn’t stop, the sweet taste of Jo’s skin and the soft moan she made as. Sarah sucked her erect nipples into her mouth and twisted them with her türkçe bahis teeth had her hooked.

Jo watched as Sarah nibbled on her like a hungry animal, there was no denying the pool of juices now forming around her cunt. Amazed as she felt Sarah’s hand slide up her skirt, smug as she saw her realise she wasn’t wearing underwear and in heaven when Sarah slipped two finger inside her and began circling her clit with her thumb Jo resolved to just enjoy whatever was on offer.

Her skirt was removed quickly and Sarah stood in font of her naked, shaven pussy glistening with sweet juice, Jo shifted to the edge of the bed where Sarah quickly forced her to the floor and on her knees. She pushed her head back and lowered her cunt on to her.

Sarah knew Jo liked to dominate her men, but she wasn’t one of her men and she bore Down on her face, rocking her pussy too and fro. Jo licked vigorously at first but began to slow down soon, giving her a swift slap to the chin Sarah made sure Jo knew who was in charge.

With her face buried deep in Sarah’s pussy Jo couldn’t contain her excitement when she was slapped for slowing down… Is this what she did to men when she put them in their place? She felt Sarah’s hands pulling her nipples , she felt shocks erupt through her body and force a throbbing in her cunt.

Sarah lifted Jo on to the bed. Again lowering her pussy on to her face in the 69 position she relished in how Jo’s face ran with her juices. She loved Chris but for years she had found her orgasms sat on numerous women’s faces and she wasn’t far from finding another. Knowing Jo was a cock woman she reached for the wine bottle.

Jo desperately sucked and flicked at Sarah’s cunt hoping she would come güvenilir bahis siteleri soon, she and Chris had stayed close and she had heard Sarah was a squirter! She felt her labia being spread wide and expected to feel Sarah’s mouth on her. Instead she felt something cold and hard slowly life into her, following by the harsh sensation of Sarah slapping her pussy. Squirming underneath her as Sarah fucked her with the bottle Jo had almost forgotten the stranger in the cinema.

Sarah watched as inch by inch the bottle slid into Jo. Whipping her hand across her pussy she thought Jo should feel how it felt to be ruled sexually. Her pussy was struggling to take it as the bottle got past it’s neck but Sarah wanted her to take it, she wanted to see that cunt eat that bottle, she fucked harder, each extra millimeter feeling like a triumph, when it slowed down she spat hard on the length of it, giving Jo’s pussy the abuse it deserved and clearly craved!

Jo was being filled and stretched more than she ever had. Unsure how much of the bottle had been fucked inside of her she knew she couldn’t take anymore, dipping her fingers into Sarah’s almost running wet cunt she quickly pulled them out and rammed them abruptly Up Sarah’s ass, she knew by the shift in Sarah’s concentration that this would be the end of it. Banging hard inside Sarah’s ass with her fingers and sucking hard on her clit Jo felt her ease up with the bottle, slightly raise her hips and as what can only be described as a torrent of hot cum hit her face Jo opened her mouth and lapped up all she could.

Sarah spun around and licked Jo’s face and neck, loving the taste of her own juices.

Jo lay still, not only had she never been fucked by a woman she had never done all the work and been left completely orgasmless.

Sarah dressed and turned at the door.

“Finish yourself off whore.”

Smugly pleased with herself, she was sure Jo wouldn’t be going near her man again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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