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Author’s note – I interrupt my upload of poorly-written decades old fantasies (more of those later) for a recent update on the story of meeting John on the adult personals site.


The weekend was freezing. Winter had come to my town a bit late but with a vengeance. I sat alone at home wondering what to do with the weekend. For those of you from the northern hemisphere, Australian winters are not as fierce as yours, but we’re not really used to it when they’re fiercer than normal, so I was really feeling it.

Now, you may recall my earlier recounts of meeting up with John, the guy that I met on an adult website and with whom I explored my bisexuality. Well, we have still been in touch, but by this weekend, I hadn’t undertaken any ‘activities’ with him for a while as I went back and got back into hetero life. And surprisingly well, I might add. I amazed myself.

But things had dried up for a while and when the weather called a stop to G-rated outdoor activities I sat at home feeling a bit horny in a house that is not well-insulated. Hell, I’d even started uploading old stories from two decades ago onto Literotica to pass the time.

I did know, however, one person who had a house that was always kept toasty-warm, and that was John. I texted him.

“Hey there. What you up to?” I texted.

The response was not long coming.

“Well, well, stranger,” he texted, “Not much. Come around?”

“Sure, why not? Give me 45.”

I had a quick shower, pulled on a hoodie and tracky pants and jumped in my car.

I got to John’s house and knocked on the door. I knew he would be looking out the peephole, so I gave a two thumbs-up. And then the door opened, just a crack.

“Come in,” he said, “and don’t bring the cold in with you.”

I squeezed in the barely-opened door and immediately knew why he didn’t want the cold seeping in. The house was almost too warm and John was dressed in only a tiny, shiny-blue Speedo.

I followed him into the overheated living room, where the football was playing on the telly. He slumped down low on the sofa, his legs spread and his fat cock stretching the shiny lycra of his Speedo.

“You won’t be needing those winter clothes in here, Old Mate,” he said.

I stood there and pulled off my hoodie and hesitated for a second with my track-pants. He looked up at me.

“Okay,” he said, “stay there. I’ll give you a hand.”

He dropped to his knees in front of me and started lowering my track-pants. A little further and my cock sprung from the pants.

“No underwear,” he said, “that’s a bit presumptuous.”

But obviously not enough to make him care for too long. Taking a hold of my cock, he sloppily licked it from base to tip, along its underside. Then he slowly took my cock into his mouth and started sucking, rolling his tongue around underneath its length as it disappeared into his throat.

Cupping a hand under my balls, he took them in his mouth and sucked them for a while too, before returning to sucking my cock. The fingers of his ball-cupping hand started to probe around my anus and I felt a finger slide into my arse, just up to the first knuckle.

Soon my cock was taking a huge working over. He slid his tongue all over its length, sucked my balls, throated my cock. It was hard to stand up straight. All the while, his finger slid deeper into my anus, and then a second finger.

Needless to say, after my short sex-drought, I didn’t last long. Soon I exploded, my cock only part-buried in his mouth. He caught most of it, but a couple of splashes of hot ivory semen splashed onto his face.

After he sucked me dry and licked me clean, he sat back down on the sofa and directed me to go to the kitchen and get a couple of beers. After grabbing from beers from the kitchen, I came back in and slumped, naked, on the sofa next to him. This was one of the cool things, just sitting back, chilling.

But soon I got restless. I wanted to taste that fantastic cock of his. I put my beer down on the table, moved around and knelt between his knees. Leaning in, I kissed his inner güvenilir bahis thigh, licking up it, until my face was buried in the crevice between his lycra-clad cock and his thigh, and I was tasting the delicious skin at the base of his cock.

I loved the sensation. His fat cock, encased, pressing against my cheek and steaming hot. I swapped sides to his other inner thigh, before wrapping my mouth around the lycracock. I felt his hand on the back of my head, pushing it, as I engulfed his cock with my mouth.

I had to have it. I swayed back, took a hold of the waistband of his Speedo and liberated that magnificent coffee-coloured man-meat. As ever, it held me in awe for a second before I lowered my mouth into it, taking that tasty flesh into my throat. I love the feeling when his cock continues to expand while it’s buried in my mouth and I repaid the feeling by giving him my best blowjob.

I knew he would last a while, so I gave it my all – slow then fast, licking then sucking, balls then cock, my tongue lashing around his flavoursome meat, working around underneath to his arsehole.

I was working him over good when I felt him squirm and twist a little. He was reaching over his shoulder to the table behind the couch. I knew what he was reaching for but I kept sucking cock.

After another minute, he took a handful of my hair and pulled my face off his cock. He looked at me and motioned to the floor. I turned around onto my hands and knees and felt a squirt onto my arsehole. He worked the lube into and around my arse and then I heard the click of the lid to the lube closing.

A second later I felt the squash-ball knob of his cock pressed against my sphincter. Slowly I opened up as he pushed his cockhead into me. I’d had a couple of cocks in me by now, but it still felt painfully tight as I felt that bulb enter me.

Slowly, as per usual, he pushed his tapered cock deeper into my arsehole, stretching it further as he entered. When he reached full depth, he slid his cock out slightly – the familiar feeling from the last times – before sliding its length back into me.

As before, he started slowly, sliding his cock in and out of me to its full length, withdrawing it until just the head was inside me, then slamming it back hard. Then slowly, steadily, he increased the pace. No words, just panting and grunting from both of us – me with the pleasure-pain of having that tapered meat sliding into me, he from the tight anus he was pounding.

He was unstoppable today. He just kept pounding into me, his thighs slapping my buttocks. Still, just groaning, until I let some words out.

“Fuck, I fucking love having my arsehole pounded,” I said.

He kind of laughed and then stopped. What the fuck?

“Love having your arse pounded?” he said, slyly, “hmm.”

With that, his fat cock slid from my arsehole, leaving me empty and bewildered.

“Take a seat,” he said, standing up.

I sat back down on the couch, grabbed my beer and went back to watching the footy. Still – what the fuck?

John grabbed his phone from the table behind the couch and started punching out a text message.

No point arguing, I thought. After a while, he came back and sat down next to me.

“What’s the score?” he asked casually.

We watched another 15 minutes of footy, and then the doorbell rang.

John got up to answer and returned with a crowd. There was Dave, from a previous encounter, who nodded to me in recognition, and three other guys.

“Guys,” said John, “my friend here just told me he loves having his arsehole pounded. I think we can oblige him that, don’t you?”

The blokes stood around nodding, a couple of them already unzipping their jeans.

As the three new guys and Dave stripped down, John instructed me. He told me to lie over the overstuffed arm of the sofa with my bum in the air and to stay there until everyone had had their fill. I was about to get gang-fucked.

Then, without explanation, he put a glass tumbler and a pack of condoms on the coffee table.

One of the new guys went over, tore open a condom wrapper türkçe bahis and slid the rubber onto his fucking enormous pink cock before lining up behind me. He paused momentarily as the doorbell rang again. Again John disappeared to answer it, as I felt a squirt of lube and some rough fingers on my arsehole.

John returned with three more guys and a stunning blonde woman, maybe in her mid twenties, great tits. He repeated the previous words to the new guys as the girl wandered over and sat on the second sofa, facing me. I remained bent over the arm of the bigger sofa and felt a huge cock pushing at my anus.

She smiled sympathetically. I gave her a sort of “m’eh” smile. To use the overused word, it was a very surreal moment. To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement. But I had earlier let slip that I love cock up my arse, so I was prepared to cop it.

Then my attention was diverted by the giant slug being pushed into my arsehole. Honestly, I don’t know where John finds his mates, but they all have huge cocks. This one really stretched my arse as it slid deep inside me, making me wince.

By the time the huge cock was buried to the hilt in my anus, my own cock was hard again. Mercifully, it hung down the outside of the arm of the sofa, so wasn’t getting too crushed.

Now, sometimes in the throes of ecstasy my mind wanders a little. And I remember thinking that I’d never been arse-fucked by a cock wearing a condom and I couldn’t really feel any difference. I mean, I suspect that getting my butt stretched so bad negated any extra sensations, but it seemed an adequate compromise.

By the time I came back from this thought, the big guy was really pounding into my arse. I glanced around the room. There was a real party atmosphere. The other guys (seven?) milled around, some naked, some in underwear, drinking beers and chatting and laughing. The girl, her shapely pins showing off beneath her short skirt, was amongst them, just enjoying the party mood.

I have a bad habit of not knowing how long anything has been going on. I do it at work – lose track of time. But I especially do it during sex. So, I don’t know how long this guy had been pounding my tight arsehole.

But I knew he was getting close. I used to think it was bullshit, feeling when the cock inside you was about to explode. But I could tell with this guy. He wasn’t just thrusting into me, his cock was throbbing. And he was getting louder too, I noticed. Then, with a deep, throaty growl, I knew he was cumming.

Now, here was a difference with condoms. The guys who had fucked me before – they came in buckets, and you can feel when their semen starts filling you. This guy, draining into his rubber, didn’t give me that feeling. And when he pulled his cock from me, maybe there was not the same feeling of completion.

But pull his cock from me, he did. I shuffled around a little, to get comfortable, and the next guy in the train must’ve thought I was trying to get up. He shoved me hard, so my face was in the seat of the sofa, and unceremoniously slammed his cock to its full length into me in one go.

He was as long as the last guy, but not as thick, which was a relief, because he was rough as fuck. He slammed my arsehole from the get-go. I held onto the base of the sofa for dear life as he sawed into me.

It was then I noticed the peculiar ritual that John had been planning. The first guy that had fucked me was gingerly rolling the condom of his shrinking cock. When it was almost off, he pumped his remaining juice into the rubber receptacle before roughly wiping the end of his cock with the palm of his hand.

He then held the condom at its very tip, held it over that glass tumbler that had been placed on the table, and milked all of his spunk out of it and into the tumbler. The white, sticky gloop splodged into the glass, puddling in an ivory pool at the bottom. He then dropped the wrinkled rubber bag onto a newspaper on the table.

Although I was still not conscious of timing, the second guy noticeably didn’t last as long as the first and soon blew his load into his güvenilir bahis siteleri rubber sack before pulling his cock from my arsehole.

A third guy sidled in behind me, but didn’t fuck me straight away. Instead he knelt down low, took my cock and sucked it for a minute or two.

I watched guy number two empty his cum into the glass tumbler as the guy behind me moved up and started deeply tonguing my anus. The pool of spunk in the glass was now maybe a little more than a whisky shot in volume.

As the guy behind me buried his tongue in my arse, Dave sidled up and sat in the sofa in front of me, in boxer shorts. He shuffled a little closer, reached into his shorts and pulled out his fat ebony cock. I didn’t hesitate and engulfed the fat knob in my mouth.

As I slid my mouth down over Dave’s cock, the guy behind me eventually stood up, fingered my anus a little and then started sliding another fucking huge cock into my arsehole, ever so slowly. Slowly, deeper, he pushed his fat member, stretching my still unconditioned anus.

Then he started fucking me, a similar technique to John’s. Slow at first, withdrawing his penis most of the way out, then sliding its entire length back into my hungry arsehole.

Meanwhile I slid my mouth up and down Dave’s cock.

And soon I was joined by another mouth. The girl had grown tired of the small talk, obviously, and was kneeling down, sucking on Dave’s pendulous balls. And soon we were, together, giving Dave a great workover while guy number three revved up to be really pounding my arse.

Now, I reckon it’ll get pretty repetitive if I describe every fucking I got over the next hour and a half, but by the end of it John, Dave and six strangers had fucked my arsehole raw. One bloke fucked me twice. During the fucking, I sucked a few cocks with my new gal-pal. Jeez, I wanted to fuck her, too.

But when it was done, I was spent. Fucked nine times, my arse stung like fuck, and when I tried to stand up, my legs were like jelly. I had to be helped up.

Meanwhile, now sitting on the floor-vent for the heater, there was the glass tumbler of cum. Now, they reckon the average volume of male ejaculate is 10mL – not that any of these blokes were average. That’s, give or take, 90mL (remember the one guy who fucked me twice).

I knew, pretty early on, what the fate of that glass of cum was going to be. And 90mL of beer or water or coffee is one thing, but warm, viscous semen? I definitely wanted to give it a go!

Only one thing for it, really! John picked up the tumbler off the floor and handed it to me. They say when you eat an oyster, just tip it into your mouth and swallow it down. Bullshit, suck it, chew it, enjoy it.

And I applied the same approach to this glass of cum. Slowly I poured half of it into my mouth. Mmm, salty, a tiny bit of sweet, and musty. I rolled the first mouthful around on my tongue, swirled my tongue around my mouth, over my teeth and gums, sucked the cum between my teeth and swallowed.

Licking my lips with my cum-coated tongue, I poured the remainder into my mouth and repeated. I had swallowed the loads of a crowd of men. Fuck it was delicious. I ran my finger around the inside of the glass wiping out as much semen as I could get, then sucked the fluid from my finger. After rolling my tongue around my gums again, I put the tumbler down on the coffee table with a thud and a look of triumph.

Silence for a minute and then one guy let out an appreciative Yeah! My new gal-pal whooped and there was a short round of applause before we all just started milling around, drinking beer and talking shit.

Needless to say, the day dragged into the evening and the night. My arse took more pounding and this time the guys were allowed to cum inside me. And I got to fuck a bit too. Which was nice.

By midnight, nobody had left yet. Guys were still fucking each other, but I was sitting on the sofa with my new gal-pal straddling me and stroking my cock between her legs while we kissed passionately.

“Did you drive here?” she asked me.

I nodded.

“Wanna get out of here then?”

I nodded. She stood up off me and looked around to find her knickers while I got dressed. We left the guys without anyone noticing, my new friend with her knickers in her hand, and headed to my place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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