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Some suggested that I bring Bret back into the story since appeared in the original story and just disappeared. The author retains copyrights to this and all stories published under the name ‘fadedgiant.’


Adam and Steve had established themselves as lovers and their group of friends and were completely accepting. Adam with Steve continued having parties at the lake with an expanding group of people, some straight, bi, and of course, gay men and women. Neighbors at the lake became part of the gatherings. Even after the falling out Adam had with Bret, he returned to the parties, sometimes with a girl and sometimes alone. No one ever questioned his earlier gay behavior.

One particular party Bret started showing interest in Steve. Steve told me about Bret coming on to him, we decided to play it a little. As the party wound down, Bret was still making innuendos to Steve but Steve hadn’t taken his bait.

“Bret,” Steve finally said loud enough for me to hear, “Adam and I are exclusive, we don’t want to add a third. You may as well find your own big cock black guy.”

“Besides, Bret, I’m sure you couldn’t handle Steve in your mouth or your ass. He is more man than you can even guess.” I moved close to Steve, took his hand in mine, and rubbed his cock with my other hand showing Bret how long Steve hung down his leg.

Bret’s eyes showed his shock when I rubbed his cock. “No one can be that big, are you shitting me!”

“No, Bret, I am that big and Adam is the only man I have ever been with who can take me. Moreover, Bret, we respect each other.”

“You see, Bret, it is not just crazy fucking and ass full of cum, it is two people who care for the other’s feelings.” Bret seemed dejected but decided to accept what he heard and left.

Adam and Steve got the party mess cleaned up, trash collected, and everything put away. Steve suggested that we have a relaxing hot shower and finish the night with some spring rocking. I was used to his desires and did everything to keep my bowels clean for him. We entered the shower together with wash cloths in hand. As the spray of the water hit us, warming our bodies, I reached the soap and filled my wash cloth with a thick lather. Steve’s body glistened as the water rolled off him, I began washing his back. Starting at his neck and shoulders, I rubbed him down with massaging strokes and soaping his back. I rinsed the wash cloth, loaded it with soap again, knelt to wash his legs. Just as I did with his back, I massaged and soaped his legs. My eyes were level with his muscular ass cheeks which he flexed with each wipe of the cloth on his thighs. His legs washed, I rinsed the cloth again, soaped it, and began to work it into his ass. Steve relaxed his muscles allowing me to wash his anal opening and between his legs. I used my soapy finger to explore his sphincter, inserting my finger a couple inches and wiping around.

I pushed my finger deeper and felt his prostate on my finger tip. I massaged his little acorn with a back and forth motion then an up and down motion. Steve was learning to enjoy prostate massage although he wasn’t into bottom sex. I kept pressure on his prostate for several seconds before releasing the pressure. Steve began to moan loudly as I repeated the pressure massage and release. Within a few minutes he was crying out a strong p-spot orgasm as his cock spewed a strong flow of semen. “Oh fuck, Adam, that felt good. I’m going to return the favor with my cock in your ass tonight. Let me wash you.”

Steve turned to face me, I was still kneeling when he turned. I was presented with his throbbing cock at face level. There was nothing I could do to keep it out of my mouth. Big as Steve is, I could only take a couple inches into my mouth. He never complained that I didn’t take more as he knew his shaft would get plenty of tongue and hand attention.

“You want me to come in your mouth? Holy shit Adam that feels good.” I kept on with sucking and stroking his mammoth cock then alternated with licks his whole length. One thing Steve liked was oral sex and always let me have my way with him. Today, it seemed Steve wanted to give me his first release in my mouth and I was ready to take it. One advantage to not being unable to take much of his cock in my mouth was plenty of room for his cum and that was usually a big mouth full. Steve gasped, moaned loudly, “Take me in your mouth, I’m cumming.”

I locked my lips around his big cock head and licked his little slit until I felt him expand. I knew when he expanded like that, he was about to contract and give me his first shot of cum. I was rewarded with several strong shots before he began to relax. I savored his cum and stroked him with my hands to release everything into my mouth. Many guys don’t like the taste of cum, I am not one of those guys, and Steve’s cum was always thick, hot, and tasty. When he was empty, his cock relaxing, I removed my lips from his rod and swallowed.

Standing finally, I said, “Now we can finish washing.” I was illegal bahis in the mood for Steve to give me a night of deep anal sex, love making, hard core fucking. Neither of us worked tomorrow and nothing was going to stop us from fulfilling the other’s desires.

We got out of the shower, dried, and headed to the kitchen for a little snack, an energy boost, for the activities that were about to begin. Although the hour was not late, the ringing phone was a surprise, “Hello, this is Adam.” It was Bret.

I put the phone on speaker so Steve could hear. “Adam, don’t get angry, I can’t believe Steve is as huge as you say. Can I watch you fuck? Its crazy but I can’t get it out of my head. I won’t try to separate you, I just need to see for real.”

“Bret,” Steve began, “you must be some kind of freak fool. If two guys love each other and want to be alone, why do you want to get into their affairs?”

“Steve, Adam, what if I came over with Cat? We could watch you and we could fuck while you watched us.”

“Bret, we’re not into group shit,” I answered. “Besides, Cat is our friend too. We don’t want to screw that up.”

Cat came on the line, “Adam, I want to see if it is true. No man can be as big as you say and no man or woman could take a cock that big.”

Steve and I looked at each other. Our kink with each other had gone to some extremes but never to include others. We shrugged our shoulders at the same time. “Bret, Cat, where are you?”

“We’re on the road about five minutes from you. Can we come?”

“Be here in less than ten minutes or the door will be closed and locked.” I hung up.

Steve and I decided on the conditions and if Bret or Cat violated them, they were out, out of the house, and out of our group. We didn’t dress because the affect of seeing his well hung cock would satisfy any curiosity before he even got hard. We consented to heighten the stakes with a little Viagra. It would mean that by morning I’d be in pain from the pounding but with enough lube, I survive. Steve and I didn’t do any enhancements often and when we did, it had to be a special occasion.

A car skidded to a halt and doors slammed. Bret and Cat wasted no time. Steve went to the door and the effect was what we expected. Bret and Cat looked, saw his sewer pipe cock hanging limp and just gasped a “holy fuck.”

“We were just having an energy snack to fuel our fucking.” We laid out the rules to keep Bret and Cat out of our bed and out of our sex. Steve and I were a bit surprised that they consented. They consented to letting us lock up their smart phones and search them for other hidden devices.

“Get naked Bret, you too Cat. Adam and I are going to rock the springs.” I noticed Steve was already showing signs of hardness. I grabbed two tubes of lube and Steve’s growing cock. Sitting on the bed, I waited for Steve to present his cock to my mouth for some sucking before some fucking.

Bret and Cat gasped and moaned as we began our dance of love and sex. They had to remain in the easy chair in the corner of the bedroom but what they did in it was up to them.

I was uneasy about displaying for them and I think Steve knew it. “Its okay,” he whispered, “relax and enjoy. I’m going to and it looks like Bret and Cat are too.” A quick glance over my shoulder and I saw Bret and Cat getting naked quickly. I turned back to Steve to take his cock to task in my mouth.

“Steve, I want you in me, I’m ready.” Intentionally, I took the doggie position at an angle that made sure Bret saw how large Steve was and how I really was able to take his length and girth.

Steve carefully lubed me using several fingers to stretch my sphincter and get lube deep into me. I knew he would lube his mass before trying to penetrate. As Steve pulled his fingers from my ass, he replaced them with the slicked head of his cock. He pushed into me, his massive cock head expanded my sphincter and a cry escaped my mouth. “Oh fuck! Yes, Steve.”

Another glance at Bret and Cat confirmed that they were locked in a stare as Steve’s three and a half inch thick, eleven inch cock began to slide into my yielding ass. Slowly, I was receiving the length, maybe seven inches now. Steve stopped, pulled back a bit and pushed in again, eight inches. This went on for several minutes as I adjusted. Finally, Steve was buried and holding his position. He was waiting for me and I didn’t let him wait long, “Now, Steve, fuck me.”

Steve withdrew about half way and drove into me. The stab was sudden and hard, it made me scream. Before I could adjust, he repeated the action, another scream. On and on this onslaught continued. He was rubbing my prostate and the pressure was intense. Each movement was moving me closer to a p-spot orgasm. Faintly, I heard Bret and Cat fucking.

Bret was far from an average sized man, maybe a third smaller than Steve. It looked like Cat was having trouble taking him or she was savoring the moment. Whatever the case, their eyes were locked on the fucking illegal bahis siteleri taking place in front of them.

The pressure on my p-spot was being sustained by Steve’s thrusting into me. He was now taking long strokes almost pulling out before driving back to fill me. He was gasping as he worked into me and I was crying out with each push. I was trying to grip my anal muscles against his massive invader, trying to hold him but not wanting his pushes to stop the massage of my prostate. I was contracting and releasing in rhythm to his strokes. I heard Cat crying in orgasm and for some reason her cum, Steve’s violent stroking, combined to give me my anal orgasm.

I was screaming out my anal cum. It came very hard and my bowels tried to expel Steve. My cock was leaking semen from the force of my hard push against Steve’s cock. I tried to form words but was just mumbling like an incoherent idiot and incoherent I was. As the force my ass cum subsided, I was weak, fell forward on the bed taking Steve, still lodged in my ass with me.

Bret spoke, “That was fabulous Adam. I’ve never seen a man have an ass cum. I must have shot a quart into Cat as she came with you.”

“Steve, stop. Let me rest before you continue.” I felt him begin to withdraw. “No, I want you to stay there, keep me full. Oh fuck Steve I’ve become an exhibitionist or at least an exhibit.” Steve slid his cock back and held himself deeply in me.

Cat asked how I felt being so full. My reply was simple, “How dose your pussy feel?” Cat seemed to understand. Although Bret had just cum, he was still fully in Cat’s pussy and she was beginning to ride him slowly.

Steve took her cue and began slowly working against me. We were not fucking, we were sharing a desire for one another; I knew this would be long and sensuous. Steve enjoyed me being prone, face down and I loved how he was nibbling at my neck and kissing my exposed cheek. He was a big black man with the power to fight off anyone who crossed him, yet in touch with his emotions and not afraid to show them.

“Bret,” Steve spoke, “this is how we respect one another. We know when one wants to be fucked like a whore or made long sensual love to. Learn this lesson and watch your relationship bloom like a beautiful flower.” Steve’s short thrusts were gentle and loving. I wanted to feel each stroke but more, I wanted his cum to fill my bowels.

“Steve, give me your cum, don’t hold it back. Make me full of your seed.” I wasn’t sure how long Steve would continue loving me and loving my ass but I was building to another p-spot orgasm. I was moaning, squirming into him. “Fuck, I’m going to cum again, Steve. Now, finish me!”

With a great deep jab, Steve released his balls in several strong contractions. As he cried out his orgasm, mine hit. I was whimpering from the thrill of his strong emptying into me coupled by my p-spot giving me deep relief and deep release.

When I was recovered enough to look, Bret was physically crying as he continued making love to Cat. Maybe he was learning a lesson. Steve was going only slightly limp from his orgasm and was not moving at all.

“Adam, let me get you off. Let me taste you in my mouth.” Reluctantly, I let him slip from my ass knowing he would be back there again. We kept cleansing wipes neat the bed, I reached for a couple to use on his cock. I was going to take him in my mouth, ass to mouth, but with a careful cleansing wipe first.

On my back waiting for Steve to take my cock into his mouth, I watched as he took position. Then came the sweet hot feel of his mouth drawing my cock in. Even after two p-spot orgasms, I was sure Steve was going to have me releasing a load quickly.

Steve’s tongue licked me from head to balls. I knew he was tasting semen from my p-spot ejaculations and I knew he enjoyed as much as I enjoyed tasting him. I wanted to relax into his efforts, yet his deposit in my ass wanted to leak out, I clamped my sphincter tight to hold his load. I this way, I knew when he did make me cum, I’d explode from my cock and my ass. It would be wet.

I heard Cat crying out another orgasm as Bret let go another load. I could only see a little of their action but it was enough to realize they were spent. They caressed and cooed in the throws of their recent orgasms.

“God, Steve, I’m ready to cum. Suck me deep and let me fill your mouth.” I screamed when my release hit and it hit hard. I didn’t have much left after having my prostate milked but Steve sucked me like a straw pulling every drop out and into his waiting mouth. My sphincter relaxed and all Steve had filled me with oozed out in big wet globs. I was completely satisfied, Steve knew it, he was happily satisfied, and we laid together and enjoyed the feeling of our bodies touching.

Cat broke the silence, “That was the wildest love making I’ve ever seen. How do know when you want a hard fucking and when you want sensual loving? I mean, you both are so in tune.”

Steve and I just smiled canlı bahis siteleri as we adjusted to look at Cat and Bret. Steve began, “We know in our minds and our bodies. We pay attention to what the other is saying in words and how our bodies respond. Plus, and this is the biggest part, you have to have respect for each other. After the fucking is done, do you want to wake up with your partner?”

“Steve keeps me wanting. Day in and day out, at work I think about him, sense him in my body, in my mind, in my heart. Heart is where I feel him most, well, except when I feel him in my ass.” I smiled at Steve, gave him a quick kiss. “And, I’m not through feeling him in me tonight. We have more planned.”

Speaking next, Bret tried to form his thoughts. “We’re all close to the same age. Guys are into conquest…”

No, Bret, real guys are not into conquest,” I answered harshly. “Real guys our age need to learn that notches on our guns is not a badge of sexual conquest. Are you notching your gun tonight? Is Cat just another conquest? She is a sexy sensual woman, and she is intelligent, witty, a prize not a conquest. You still don’t have your head on straight about sex and feelings of respect.”

I saw Cat getting uncomfortable with Bret’s statement and my interruption. She stood, looked at Bret, and spoke very softly, “Am I just a conquest, someone to just fuck?” She began gathering her clothes and went into the bathroom. The shower came on.

“Bret, you are one really stupid dumb fuck. Get dressed and leave before Cat gets out of the shower,” Steve told him. For emphasis, Steve stood over Bret like a giant exclamation point at the end of the sentence.

Bret began to say something. “Just go, now! You have out stayed your welcome,” I added to Steve’s demand. Bret gathered his clothes and headed out the door mostly naked. The door closed behind him and the lock set against his return.

Steve and I quietly waited for Cat to finish her shower. No doubt she was trying to wash Bret out of her mind as much as off her body. “How do you think Cat will react to Bret being gone?”

“Its okay, Adam. We tell her simply that we told him to leave. Let her know she is safe with us. Get he a cab if she wants to leave or give her the couch if she wants to stay. Either way, we’ll be doing the right thing.”

“I had the same thoughts but I’m concerned that you won’t get all the satisfaction I want you to have tonight.”

“What about you, I know you want more.”

“Its like we said in the bedroom. Respect, we have to respect Cat and not just feel for ourselves. Lets just let the night play out. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, no fat ladies around here now.”

Cat came out of the bathroom, showered, clean, and dressed. “Where did that stupid son-of-a-bitch go? How am I going to get home?”

“We invited him to leave, Cat. You are welcome to take the couch or we’ll pay a cab ride for you,” Steve said in the calming voice he had.

“You may not be comfortable with a couple naked gay guys, Cat. But we’re comfortable with you. Your call.”

Cat seemed to stare deeply into our eyes, her emotions began to spill out. “Why do you guys have to be gay? A woman would love to love you both. I can’t stay because I know you both want more sex and I’ll be in the way even out here on the couch.”

“Had you not been here, Cat, we’d be in the bedroom with Steve’s cock disappearing into me and our noisy fucking driving us both to more orgasms. Look at Steve, he is as ready as I.” Cat blushed as her eyes looked at our cocks proudly pointing at her. The contrast of Steve’s monster compared to my average size was not missed on her.

“Fuck out here, let me watch again. Are the rules the same,” Cat asked as she began slipping out of her clothes again.

“Cat, Adam and I only want sex with each other, not a third. So the basic rules are the same but since you don’t have anything to play with, I’ll get the toy box.” Steve grinned at me.

I still felt a bit uncomfortable, awkward maybe, about exhibiting my sexuality to an observer. I was more than sure that Bret would run his mouth and it wouldn’t take long for our core of friends to find a way to close his mouth. He’d brag about having sex with Cat while watching Steve and I. I was rather sure most would not believe him taking Cat’s side. I was sure of Cat. She had been humiliated tonight, no talk from her.

Steve returned with the toy box, plenty of lube, for Cat and us. Steve had an ability to read the situation sensing that I was still a bit uncomfortable. “Cat, we love our bodies and love making love to our bodies. We have never performed for an audience, you might understand that Adam and I are unsure even after what you witnessed before. Maybe we can loosen up by watching you play.”

“This is new to me also, Steve. I know Adam is not completely comfortable. You two have an affection for each other shows in your love making and it is just very exciting to watch.” Cat took a dildo from the box that was just average in size, examined it, and put it beside her. She took another, longer and thicker from the box. It was not gross in size, just a bit bigger than average. She examined it and set it beside her. She was having fun.

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