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The force that Al used in preparing Andy’s ass for Al’s cock was exhilarating to Al. At the same time, Andy thought he should have felt violated by the act, but was oddly intrigued by the fact that he found himself to be so submissive to Al’s commands and Al’s strength. Andy wondered if the relationship between Al and himself would always be one where Al would be the dominant partner, but decided that he was certain that Al would willingly give himself to Andy if Andy found the confidence to become more dominant in their relationship.

The submissive feelings Andy was experiencing made him pull Al on top of him. With their faces only inches apart, and their cock and balls resting on one another, Andy put one hand around the back of Al’s head and said “fuck me and I will be yours.”

Al lifted his weight off of Andy and rolled him over. He quickly put lubricant on his cock and slipped it between Andy’s ass cheeks. Andy instinctively raised his ass up in the air to give Al easy access. Al quickly rammed his cock into Andy’s asshole. The force made Andy flinch forward. Al instinctively grabbed Andy’s shoulder with one hand and his hair with the other and pulled him towards Al’s cock.

Al began fucking Andy harder and harder. His cock slid in and out of Andy’s ass rhythmically. After a few minutes, Al began to slowly fuck Andy’s ass. He was confident that by now Andy was sufficiently subdued into the moment, and he let Andy’s hair go. Andy rocked back and forth onto Al’s cock. Al reached under Andy’s chest and began pinching his nipple. Al could tell that this made Andy even hornier. Al began fucking his friend’s ass harder and faster.

Andy illegal bahis could hear Al’s breath getting deeper and shallower. He could feel the intensity of Al’s cock sliding in and out of his ass and felt confident that Al was getting near the point of no return. With one hand, Andy reached back and grabbed Al’s ass and pulled it towards his own. The feeling of Andy’s hand on his ass shocked Al and sent him into what he was certain the hardest, longest, and most sensual orgasm he had ever had.

Andy felt Al’s cock swell inside of him. Al shoved his cock deep into Andy’s ass. Andy could tell by the throbbing of Al’s cock and the repeated forceful clenching of Al’s ass cheeks that Al was spewing his cum into Andy’s ass. Andy felt Al’s body shiver slower and slower with each remaining thrust. With his cock still in Andy’s ass, Al fell over onto Andy’s back. The sweat from his chest mixed with Andy’s sweat. His breath became rapid. He rested his head between Andy’s shoulder blades and let out a long sigh.

Sounding like he had just crossed the finish line after an arduous marathon, Al said lowly “you are mine now.”

Andy replied “now, we need to seal this deal to make you mine.”

With his cock still in Andy’s ass and his head laying between Andy’s shoulder blades, Al opened both eyes widely. He had been so focused on his own desires that he had forgotten that Andy had yet to cum at all. Al slowly moved one hand down Andy’s torso and felt his unmistakably hard cock. This, Al thought to himself, was going to pose a problem.

Al had always been the last to cum whenever he was with others. He knew that his own libido quickly illegal bahis siteleri left after he had an orgasm. As the last of his semen was forced out of his cock into his friend’s asshole, he pulled his quickly softening cock out of Andy’s ass. Al sat back and admired Andy’s ass as it rested in front of him.

Andy slowly turned around and faced Al. “So, you want it in the ass or in the mouth?” Andy asked.

Al was not particularly in the mood at this point to orally or anally please Andy. His sexual desires had plummeted as he had emptied his load into Andy’s ass. He knew, however, that it was important to give Andy release if Andy was going to be willing to undertake a long-term relationship with him.

“You choose.” Al said.

“Both then.” Andy replied.

“Get on all fours.” Andy said. Al turned around and knelt with his hands and knees on the floor.

Andy grabbed one of the lubricated dildos and quickly forced it into Al’s ass. As Al flinched, Andy straddled him, his cock and balls dragging on Al’s back. Andy grabbed Al’s hair and pulled his head back hard and looked into Al’s eyes. “I will be your sole bisexual lover, if you are willing to be my boi.” Andy said.

Al looked approvingly at Andy.

“So” Andy said “does my boi want to suck cock now?”

Al said “Yes sir.”

Andy stood up and walked in front of Al. He guided his cock to Al’s mouth and rubbed it gently on Al’s lips. Al could taste the salty pre-cum and began licking the head of Andy’s cock. Slowly, Al began sucking Andy’s cock into his mouth. He instinctively reached up and began to fondle Andy’s balls.

Andy bent over slightly canlı bahis siteleri and began to fuck Al’s ass with the dildo. He could tell by Al’s body language and his cock sucking technique that Al was highly turned on by both the anal and oral aspects of his bisexuality.

Al was very good at sucking cock. He had a slow rhythmic form and applied good pressure and grip. He teased Andy’s cock with his tongue, and fondled his balls sensually. After a few minutes, Andy’s cock began to swell as the feeling of Al’s mouth on his cock and the thoughts of tonight’s events played in his mind.

Andy realized that he and Al had talked about many things, but that he had not ever discussed whether or not Al liked to swallow cum. Wanting to be sure that their new found relationship was not over as fast as it began, Andy began to pull his cock out of Al’s mouth just as he felt the he was about to orgasm. In one quick motion, Al grabbed Andy’s ass and pulled it towards his head and shoved one finger deep into Andy’s ass. This caused Andy to have an explosive orgasm in Al’s mouth. Al kept his grip on Andy’s ass and slowly cleaned Andy’s cock with his mouth and tongue. Al made a note that Andy’s cock head was very sensitive after he came, and took pleasure in making Andy shutter by licking and kissing his cock head.

After a moment, Andy removed the dildo from Al’s ass and pulled him up. The two men stood face to face, cock to cock. Andy looked at Al and said “So, I guess we have a deal now, boi.”

Al leaned in, put one hand on the back of Andy’s head, and gave Andy a long kiss. Andy could taste his own cum on Al’s lips.

The two men quietly dressed, packed up the duffel bag, and walked to the barn door. It was approaching midnight. As Andy reached to open the door, Al put his hand on Andy’s shoulder, leaned in, and said “Acceptance as each other’s bisexual lovers is only the beginning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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