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Abigail slowly undressed. Since she didn’t plan on dressing up again again she simply threw her dress into the bin.
In no particular hurry, she prepared the room, put some instruments on the small table, laid out plastic sheets, dragged the bed over to the center of the room, lit some candles.
The day earlier she sent all the necessary letters.
After a long, hot shower, she enjoyed the view.
The small bungalow was located on the edge of a cliff, and watching the sea was always relaxing to her.
There she was, a beautiful redhead, naked, with wonderfull inviting hips, not to big but well formed breasts, and marvellous green eyes.
She lit a Gitane and waited.

Abigail was halfway through her cigerette supply when the door opened.
Her boyfriend found himself pleasantly surprised by the view of her naked back, and took a second to enjoy gazing her nice bottom.
She snipped the smoke out of the window and walked over.
“Peter, today is like your birthday and christmas combined. I’ll make you a gift.” she purred while pressing her well shaped body against his.
He didn’t mind at all, and teased with a broad smile.
“Oh, and what would that be my dear?”
He had quite some ideas, but her answer was very unexpected.
“Well, darling…” she whispered, and paused to nibble his ear.
“Me of course. Monday I quit my job so I could spend the next two years travelling china. I boarded a plane to Peking, and then vanished in the streets.
I flew back on a private plane, and paid the pilot double to forget me.”
Peter was not quite sure what her point was, so he just nodded quizically.
“Well, we had wonderfull sex over the last years, good illegal bahis bandage and whipping here and there, but we both know you want more. And so do I. Lets have some more… final enjoyment this night. I won’t be missed, you know?”

Peter must have looked at her like a firstgrader at quantum physics.
“Ahm, what?”
Abigail pushed him back, so fell on the bed, and swung herself ontop of him. While stroking his dick through his pants she gifted him a devilish grin.
“I want you to fuck me like you never did before, break in my ass, rip me apart, until nothing of me is left. I want you to literally fuck my brains out, fuck me up until I’m totally broken. Can you do that?”
She started freeing his member and put it in her mouth, while looking up to his face.
It wasn’t like he didn’t want to… but he loved her, and he never expected to really be in such a situation. Peter thought this must be a dream or a joke from her. But a look into her eyes told him how serious she was about all that.
“Oh darling… I love you.” he said, followed by a lustfull moan.
Her answer was mumled, for she still was working his dick with her mouth.
“‘ell, ‘an lets get ya cum, nggnng, an’ drink a glash o’ whine ‘efore we start, ngggn, ’cause ‘the night will ‘e a long one.”

After the wine was done, he gave Abigail a long kiss and pushed her over the bed, so she was lying on her belly.
“Then, as you put it so nicely, let’s break your ass darling.
I won’t restrain you yet. Try to hold still, love.”
Not binding her meant she had not only to fight against her pain, but against her instincts to back away from it.
Peter always loved putting her in this kind of conflicting illegal bahis siteleri mindset.
“As you command darling, just keep the ropes for the harder games.” she laughed back.
They never had done anal, for she never brought in on the table, and Peter didn’t push her in that way.
But he had done it with Gails predecessor, so he had enough expirience to know how to do it:
A bit of stretching, a good amount of lubrication, and working slowly when doing it for the first time.
Then again, he didn’t bother at all, placing only a small amount of lube on his dick, and positioned the tip on her entrance. She was leaned over the edge of the bed, totally relaxed.
“Ready? This will hurt.”
When Abigail nodded, he thrusted in.
In one fast, brutal push, he forced his member fully in, faster than her anus could contract. He felt a ripping loosening, and knew hed had raptured her a bit. Abigail was screaming in pain, her hands clenched. It felt really like getting ripped apart, and a single tear formed in the corner of her eye. She needed to fully focus on lying still, not pushing back or away from the pain.
A warm sensation was moving down her inner thighs, and she realized she was bleeding. Then Peter pulled his dick completely out of her, only to thrust it in again a splitsecond later.
Her face was reddened and full of tears by now, and she buried her head between her clenched hands, biting into the bedsheet, forcing herself to not move, so he could continue fucking her in the most brutal way she had ever endured.
Sometimes he left his dick in and pushed, sometimes he pulled it out and in again, but with every of his movements he ripped more and more of her canlı bahis siteleri ass apart.
Peter slowed down and fucked her almost as if in slow motion, but this only underlined the pain even more, than he got faster, and it felt like fucking a chainsaw.
Then he finally came, and after his dick was removed, blood and semen ran down her legs.

Peter was beside her on the bad, Abigail still sobbing, but she managed to smile at him.
“I hope you enjoyed it, luv. You can destroy my ass only once, you know…” she whispered to him.
Instead of an answer he gave her a kiss, and placed something in her right hand.
“You should stop the bleeding, honey.”
Abigail knew what was in her hand, for she had prepared all the tools. It was a lump of cotton, soaked with iodine.
This would hurt. Slowly she moved her hand down, and pressed her face against Peters chest. He caressed her face, and when she was about to insert it, her face showed fear of the expected pain.
Then she started pushing the lump in, and clenched her teeth due to the agony. Through her teeth she produced a hiss, wich sounded quite a bit like “ahhhrg loove you!”.

Peter wasn’t ready for another round yet, so he embraced his wonderful, trembling girlfriend and kissed her beautiful lips.
“I love you too.” he panted between two kisses, and started nabbing on her lower lip. He started biting, slowly increasing the pressure, and when their eyes met in silent agreement, he bit her upper lip, hard.
When their tongues met in her mouth, she felt her lipps swelling, and then she puched his tongue back into his, bringing with it a metallic taste. Peters teeth were probing her tongue, bet she only looked into his eyes, nodding slightly.
When he bit her, she only clenched herself to him, but didn’t pull her tongue. It must have required iron discipline on her part. Or true love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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