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Abbie awoke with a smile on her face. It was a warm day in early summer and the sun was streaming into her upstairs bedroom. She stretched languidly, delicious memories of the evening before flooding her gradually rousing consciousness.

As she stretched, the top sheet slid across her chest, causing a pleasant tingling, followed by tautening, in her nipples. Abbie was reminded that she had drifted off to sleep naked after some hot and heavy phone sex with David, her boyfriend, last night. Sleeping naked was not something she normally did. There wasn’t a lot of privacy when sharing a flat with three other university students, and besides, Abbie thought – until recently, let’s face it, she’d been too inhibited to experiment with such sensual delights.

On this occasion, though, she was alone in the flat. Everyone else had had headed back to their home towns for the long summer holiday. She was the last of all her friends to finish her exams. Although her 19-year-old heart ached for David, she felt happy in a way she had never experienced before. She was relishing her independence, and the summer ahead held promise of adventure – Abbie had been invited to spend the next few weeks with David and his family at their beach house.

She bounced out of bed and stood in the warm sunshine, checking herself out in the full-length mirror. By any standards, she was a knockout, although until she met David she had scarcely acknowledged this to herself. Her conservative Christian upbringing and high intelligence had produced a young woman who was more focussed on her studies than on exploring her sexuality. She wasn’t prudish or ignorant about sex, and was aware that her looks could easily turn heads. It was just that after putting up with years of panting attention from spotty, poker oyna zealous Bible Class youths she had learned (without being specifically conscious of this) to dress and behave in a way that played down her attractiveness.

Leaving home and living in a university town, with lots of social activities and ready access to alcohol and soft drugs, had opened her eyes to different ways of life. While Abbie remained a diligent student she had gradually learnt to relax more, have fun and begin to form an identity as a desirable young woman. When she developed a secret crush on one of her tutors, she found herself wanting to cum almost daily. One night, upon crashing into Abbie’s bed after a party, Abbie and her best friend Lisa shared their fantasies, kissed passionately and masturbated together. Next morning Abbie was horribly embarrassed, but Lisa smiled, hugged her and later that day bought her a large purple vibrator tied up with a ribbon. Lisa also discreetly disposed of Abbie’s sensible underwear and saw to it that her friend’s summer wardrobe had a makeover.

And then, one month ago, David’s arrival in her life had been like an earthquake. They met at a bar, where they were each drinking with a group of friends. Abbie usually scorned engineering students as mindless jocks but she had to revise her prejudice after meeting David. He stood out because of his friendly and confident smile, his considerateness, his intelligence. His tall, muscular body and rugged blue-eyed blond good looks were an added bonus. The chemistry between them was immediate and powerful, a raw physical attraction that they both knew would be life-changing although probably not lifelong.

On their first night together David took Abbie’s breath away when they kissed and made out; on the second canlı poker oyna they made love all night. David proved to be skilled and passionate. On this, her first real grown-up sexual experience with a guy, Abbie felt her inhibitions melting away and she fucked David back with ever-growing ardour, experiencing climax after climax. She opened her heart and spread her thighs simultaneously – feeling deliciously wanton as she pushed up her pelvis to meet his mouth as he feasted on her cunt; delighting in the sight and taste of his cock as she sucked him back to hardness after his first orgasm; crouching on elbows and knees as he fucked her hard from behind…

Since then their times together had been fleeting and rushed due to demands of study and encroaching exams. Now, Abbie thought to herself with a smile – at last it’s time for my sensual education to continue.

Abbie regarded herself critically in the mirror: average height, 51kg…. big brown eyes, with long lashes… shoulder length natural auburn hair, tousled but shining in the sunlight… clear skin, full lips… perfectly formed pert breasts, medium sized, with slightly puffy areoles and prominent, rosy nipples… softly rounded belly, with a jewelled stud in her navel (not yet disclosed to her parents)… narrow waist… long, shapely legs… pretty ankles and feet. She frowned as she noticed how much her pubic bush had grown since her last shave; then she turned, checking out her cute round ass and smiling as she remembered how much David loved to watch it.

She stepped into the shower, razor in hand, and tended to her underarms and legs before focussing on her pussy hair. She shaved her mound smooth, leaving just a little short tuft of auburn hair, then squatted to tend to the skin all around her internet casino pussy and anus. Rinsing herself off with the shower head, Abbie’s cunt began to tingle as the hot jets of water played over her labia, which were now pouting open as she remained squatting. Arousal coursed through her body making her cheeks flush.

She reached for the shower gel and smeared it over her breasts, her belly and down to her beautiful smooth cunt. Her fingers began to slowly stroke her secret folds and over and around her clit. She closed her eyes and let her middle finger slide lower, further, allowing it to tease and press the sensitive skin around her puckered anal rosebud. Abbie had always secretly enjoyed washing herself there but had never consciously allowed herself to think of her ass as an erogenous zone. Now though, it felt deliciously naughty to let her fingertip just slip a tiny way inside…

Abbie was very turned on. With trembling hands she squirted more gel onto her fingers. Her heart was pounding as she leaned forward, resting her head against the shower wall and sinking to her knees. Her soapy fingers moved behind her and massaged her ass cheeks, then slid down her cleft to her waiting anus. Her other hand flew to her clit, urgently stroking now. Slowly, breathing raggedly, she pressed her middle finger to her asshole, felt herself twitch momentarily in token resistance, then gasped with pleasure as she felt herself open up, allowing her finger to penetrate. Eyes closed, her sensual instincts took over, causing her to rock her hips so that her invading finger was now gently fucking her ass. She let her finger slide deeply inside her, little by little, until it was buried up to the knuckle, then with a hot rush her orgasm washed over her. Abbie’s cunt and asshole clenched again and again as she came, the deliciously perverted feeling of her ass being filled intensifying and prolonging the pleasure.

Later, dressing in snug jeans and t-shirt, she felt warm, alive, bold… and still horny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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