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I gazed at Daddy’s succulent balls, stared as my hands massaged ever so close to the object of my desires, watched as his right hand gently grasped hold of his tremendous girth, lifting its meaty head, gasped as he began to gently graze it across my mouth, my tongue involuntarily darting out to moisten my dry anticipating lips.

My earlier hesitation was replaced with a raw, almost animalistic need. Incapable of speech, all I could do was emit a deep guttural moan of desire as his beautifully large mushroom cock head settled upon and ran across my lips, my tongue snaking out in the hopes of a real taste.

His cock head moving back and forth, his voice soft and commanding, “Yes boy, show me how much you want this cock, show me you are deserving. “

At first, all I could do was moan, my mind swirling further away as lust and carnal desire consumed every part of me, his cock head caressing my lips the center of my universe.

Daddy’s voice reaching out, “Talk to me boy, tell me how much you want this big Daddy Dick.”

As I gazed back up into his eyes, saw his understanding and knowing smile, he leaned back into the sofa, as his hand left his cock, only to guide first one, then my other hand onto his large, substantial dick.

I gasped at my first touch on his manhood, my eyes quickly looking down to see my fingers wrapping around and caressing the bottom portion of his thick dick, his large mushroom head, and about four inches of cock still in plain view. I hungrily licked my lips, thought about plunging my mouth down onto him, but instinctually knew it was not what was expected of me. Knew I’d not yet earned the privilege illegal bahis of having Daddy Master’s cock fill and stretch my hungry mouth, feed my starving soul.

I forced myself to look away, and tilting my head upward gazed into his eyes, watched as he took a sip of his Scotch.

“I want your Daddy Cock.” The words came out slowly, tentative.

“Do you boy?” It was a very serious question, his gaze leaving no doubt that he expected a very honest and heartfelt answer.

“Yes Daddy”

“Say it like you mean it boy.”

I knew what he wanted, even expected. Knew I would not be allowed the privilege without surrendering completely to him, and to his cock. To him, this was not a game, to him, he demanded all, and would settle for nothing less.

My lips trembled as conflicting emotions battled inside of me. I gazed down at the massive cock in my hands, a small gasp escaping my lips. I looked back up at him, his eyes boring into my soul, and with a visible shudder, as tears began to trickle out of my eyes and down my cheek I almost whimpered, “Oh God…please Daddy Master, I want to taste your cock, want you to train me to serve your Daddy Dick.” The tears began to pour, all will to resist gone, “Oh God, Oh God, I cannot help it, I need to suck your cock, need to lick and kiss your beautiful shaven balls.” On and on I babbled, the tears streaming down my cheeks.

Pleased that I had fully surrendered, Daddy Master’s hand began to caress my hair as his other hand guided his cock to my lips, and with slow steady pressure he hushed my words as his cock head found its way into, and filled my mouth. His hands upon illegal bahis siteleri my head were so gentle, yet firm as he controlled my every move, allowing me nothing more than the thrill of swirling my tongue around his mushroom head over and over again, my own saliva moistening my lips as he began to slowly pump in and out as a bit more of his cock filled me, his cock head almost but not quite entering my throat with each inward thrust.

Just then, the phone rang. It was Bill that stopped his thrusting, and commanded me to answer it, explaining it might be his wife checking in. I pulled myself up off his cock, and still on my knees reached over to the end table to pick up, “Hello.”

“Are you OK honey, you sound out of breath?” It was my wife checking in before she went to sleep.

“I’m fine sweetie, was just outside trying to get a jump on shoveling the walk.”

As I carried on chit chat with my wife, my new Daddy Master stood up from the sofa, drank down the last of his Scotch and then kneeled behind me. His hands lifting my tee-shirt out of my sweats, his fingers gently rubbing my back, he kept me tingling as he striped off my top as my wife chatted about her day. Daddy Master then wrapped his arms up and around me, his fingers finding, then teasing my nipples, gently at first, but then rolling and pinching them in a painfully delicious way.

“You get some sleep honey, I am going to go out and shovel some more snow for a bit, but promise I will not over do it.”

“I think you should get me some more Scotch boy, and when you return I want to see you naked.”

“Yes Daddy Master.”

Before I canlı bahis siteleri could rise up off my knees, he appeared in front of me, and grabbing my head stuffed his cock roughly into my mouth, rapidly stroking in and out for a few moments, then stopping. His hands were back to working, pinching and pulling on my nipples, soft gurgling moans somehow escaping from my cock filled mouth as he spoke, “Oh yeah boy, you are meant to serve Daddy Cock. Before we are finished tonight, you will be my slut boy, and I will own your ass.” Slowly, teasingly he began to withdraw his cock. “Now, you need to go get me that Scotch, and you had best be naked when you return.”

As he slowly withdrew his cock, I instinctively tilted my head upward, gasped as his magnificent cock paused, just his head remaining in my mouth as I looked into his all knowing and understanding eyes. He reached around and picked up his now empty Scotch glass, my hands raising up to receive it as his cock was pulled out, left dangling just out of reach.

“You love worshipping Daddy Cock don’t you boy?”

“Yes Daddy, I love sucking your big thick Daddy Cock.”

As he spoke, his hands on mine as they held his Scotch glass he pulled me up off my knees, and held me in a tight embrace, “I want you to worship my cock, want you obsessed with a desperate need to serve and please me.”

As he finished speaking he pulled me even closer as his lips found mine. I melted as his tongue forced itself through my lips, moaned as we passionately French kissed, his tongue fucking and ravaging my mouth like a smaller version of the cock that had just left. As he relinquished his hold, and withdrew his tongue, weak kneed I almost collapsed as I blurted out, “Oh God DADDY MASTER, I want to be your cock slut Daddy.”

Smiling, he quickly French kissed me one more time, and swatting me on my ass said, “Go get us each another drink.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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