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Copyright (c) 2002, by SirGalahad67. All rights reserved.

This work may not be used for any commercial purposes without prior, documented consent from the owner.

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Lacey Fairbanks loved her job. The 22-year old flight attendant enjoyed the travel and the layovers in the differing cities. The money wasn’t great, but to a girl raised in a small town in Idaho the chance to go to new places and meet people was both glamorous and exciting, and Lacey made the most of it. A petite, blonde, blue-eyed natural beauty, Lacey had been shy before taking the job with the airlines at first, but her friendly nature had overcome this, along with her acceptance by her other co-workers. For the most part she found the men and women she worked with congenial and outgoing. The pilots could sometimes be arrogant (she privately thought of most of them as “pond scum”) but since she was young and beautiful, she soon found herself pursued by those of them with an active libido. At first the thrill of being desired led her to lots of erotic encounters, but as time passed she grew more selective, finding that she enjoyed her ability to pick and choose her lovers as well as her time alone or “partying” as some of the other FA’s called it.

On this month she had drawn a pretty plum assignment, Atlanta to San Francisco and back. She looked forward to the sights of “the City” as it’s residents routinely call it in early fall, and planned on getting out and doing some sight seeing when on layover. The flight crew she worked with on the trip were all slightly older and more experienced than her, but they seemed to accept her professionally and personally and the pilots seemed less arrogant than usual, so she began the pre-flight preparations in a good frame of mind, enjoying the routine. She found herself assigned to the rear with Anna, a handsome woman of about 40 years of age, short cut dark hair, little makeup, athletic looking, pretty smile and deep brown eyes with a penetrating gaze. Although undeniably feminine Anna projected a little of what Lacey had come to recognize as a butch or dyke aura about her. Her persona came across as strong and no nonsense, while at the same time exuding a dominant sexuality.

It was this last that caused Lacey a small frightened shiver as she worked in close proximity with the older woman in the cramped area getting the in service ready for the flight. Lacey had discovered early on in her sexual experiences that she loved to be “dominated” by her boyfriends and lovers. Although her submission hadn’t really gone beyond light bondage and control, she knew that that area of her sexuality was quite thrilling to her, and she wondered on several occasions how far she dared to explore it. That Anna would excite her thoughts in this manner just by her presence and personality was disturbing to Lacey as she thought of herself as completely heterosexual, and had never before felt any attraction for another woman. For a brief moment she thought about asking the lead FA to change her to the front, but then she realized that she couldn’t really come up with a good reason if asked. “Well, when Anna looks at me or brushes against me, my panties kinda get moist, and my face flushes…” Yeah, that would go over big, she thought to herself. Best leave things as they were, after all, what could happen on a busy flight like this one?

As the flight got under way, Lacey busied herself with her routine duties, occasionally flashing a smile at her co-worker. Anna proved to be quite competent and businesslike, and Lacey began to feel that she had been nervous for no reason at all. Perhaps the vibes she had felt initially were “all in her head”. She began to relax, unmindful of the implications that such fantasies might entail regarding her sexuality and desires. After the meal service and the in-flight movie came on, Lacey found herself able to talk for a moment with her co-worker. Since she had gotten over her initial nervousness, she found that Anna was actually quite easy to talk to. “Have you ever been to San Francisco before?” the cool looking brunette asked her.

“Once before,” Lacey answered. “But it was a short layover, and I didn’t really get to see much of it. What about you?”

“Yes. I’ve been her several times. In fact, I used to live here, as a college student. That was only for about a year, before I dropped out to take this job. However, this will be my first time back in several years,” the dark eyed beauty answered. As she did so, she casually reached out and touched Lacey’s arm. “Would you like to see some of the sights? I still remember most of the good places to go for shopping and eating out, at least, from when I was out here last.”

Lacey, her guard down, actually flushed. Calm down, she told herself. This isn’t a come on. Women invite each other to shop and go off together all the time. So why am I so nervous about this? Anna smiled and withdrew her hand from Lacey’s arm. Without waiting for a reply illegal bahis to her question she started down the aisle, checking on her passengers to make sure everyone was ok with their drinks and their meals. Lacey watched her from behind, and actually caught herself staring at Anna’s tight athletic ass and shapely calves. Definitely time to get back to work, the young confused woman thought. I can figure out how to get out of this later.

Before she knew it, the captain was announcing that the plane was preparing to descend, all tray tables and seats needed to be upright, etc. etc. As Lacey seated herself across from Anna, her fellow worker smiled brightly, but said nothing. Landing and departure were over quickly and Lacey gathered up her carry on, wondering whether Anna would say anything more to her about possibly getting together. As the flight crew left the airport on the hotel van, one of the others mentioned possibly meeting in the hotel bar after everyone checked in. I could use a drink, Lacey thought to herself. As if reading her mind, Anna approached and spoke over her shoulder, “Want to meet in the bar in about 30 minutes? After we check in and freshen up?”

Lacey laughed lightly, “It usually takes me longer than that!”

“Nonsense,” Anna replied. “You look fine!”

“You haven’t seen me without my makeup,” the younger woman found herself feeling shy and almost blushing again. What is the matter with me? Lacey thought to herself for about the umpteenth time.

Anna stared at Lacey as if she could see right through her. “Well, maybe I need to then. But I dare say you’d look great, bare or not.” Lacey quickly looked up to see if Anna was smiling with double meaning, but her new friend’s eyes were innocent, or seemed to be.

“Ok, thirty minutes then. Casual?”

“Yep, sounds good. See you,” Anna replied as they descended the step from the van and entered the hotel.

Once in her room, Lacey almost chickened out, but then she remembered that some of the other crew was bound to be there also. What could possibly happen? Looking through her outfits, she decided on a blue jean skirt and T-shirt, along with her sandals. No sense being too dressy, she though, remembering what she had said to Anna as they parted. As she stepped into the hall, she saw Anna also leaving her room, just a few doors down. Anna had on a pair of tight leather pants, a white shirt, and a black leather jacket, as well as black boots. She looked both tough and stunning in them. “Whoa, I thought we were going casual?” Lacey called out.

“This is casual, baby” came back the reply. “You should see me when I dress up!” Anna smiled at her own joke and reached out and took Lacey’s arm, steering her towards the elevator. “Let’s go to a different place than the hotel bar, it that’s ok,” she said. “I’ve been here before, and the drinks are overpriced and the service terrible. I know a great little place down the street.” Without waiting for Lacey’s response Anna quickly took command and guided the younger woman down to the front door and into one of the waiting taxis. “It’s really not that far away, but no sense walking, sense I assume you’re as hungry and thirsty as I am. We can always walk back, get rid of the calories.” Once again a bright smile followed her own pleasantry. Lacey couldn’t help but like the older woman.

When they arrived at the bar, Lacey was slightly surprised. The outside didn’t look all that fancy, but it seemed pretty busy for a weeknight. A further surprise awaited her after the couple entered and found a table. “Umm…Anna? There don’t seem to be any men in here…”

“We’re in San Francisco silly! Over half the bars and restaurants are gay and lesbian. This place just happens to have the best hamburgers and mixed drinks around, and I figured you wouldn’t mind. No one’s going to bother you here. In fact I usually get better service here than at hetero bars. I guess the young thing waitresses are hoping to get laid instead of tipped!” This time Anna laughed out loud at her joke. Lacey smiled, this lady was a great kidder. That aspect of her personality hadn’t come through on her businesslike approach on the trip over. “Besides,” Anna’s voice grew serious. “One of the reasons I’d rather come here is that we won’t be bothered by those asshole pilots. The guys we flew over with are some of the worst, and I know they hang out in the hotel bar. But if you’re not comfortable here, we can definitely go some where else sweetie.” Put that way, it did make sense, Lacey reflected.

“No, this is fine. I was just initially surprised is all.”

“Baby cakes, you get over being surprised if you spend much time in San Francisco. They’ve got just about everything and everybody out here. Straight, gay, bondage, swingers, the lifestyle out here is different, believe me. You stay here or visit here long enough and you just learn to take things in stride.”

“Well, ok,” Lacey replied. She was a big girl, and wasn’t going to confess illegal bahis siteleri to Anna that she had never been to any of the types of establishments Anna seemed to be referring to, at least not in real life. Now, in her naughty bookshelf at home things were a different story. “The Story of O” and some other hot titles sprang immediately to the petite blonde’s mind when Anna mentioned bondage. It was possibly her favorite book. Casually she queried the brunette woman across from her? “Bondage?” Damn! Nothing like being obvious! To make matters worse, she felt her face flushing a little. Looking away from Anna to hide her embarrassment she caught a striking red head sitting at the bar looking straight at her. Ms. Flame-for-tresses smiled and raised her glass. Now the flush was a full-fledged bonafide blush. Lacey looked away from the red head, now totally confused and ready to crawl under the table. The only thing stopping her was the thought that in this bar that might be construed as an invitation rather than a cop out.

Anna either hadn’t noticed all this, or affected not to. “Yeah, there are dungeons and BDSM clubs all over out here. As I said, for straights, gays, bi’s. Whatever floats ones boat. I was surprised by it all when I first lived out here, and they’re much more numerous now. But I learned to be pretty open minded and tolerant. One does out here. So, what are you having? I’m going to forget my diet for the night, a cheeseburger and a beer, preferably a dark one.” This last was directed to the young server who had just come over to their table, notepad in hand.

Forcing her mind back on the menu, Lacey decided on the cheeseburger also, but ordered a Long Island iced tea. She now felt she needed that drink more than ever. While the server took their order back to the bar Anna continued on about the uniqueness of the city they were now in, discoursing on everything from local dungeons to Dashiel Hammett. Lacey found herself surprised at how much her companion seemed to know. “You say, you lived her in college? What were you studying?”

A wry smile came to Anna’s tanned face, “Can’t you tell? English lit. I was going to write the great American novel. Kind of like Rita Mae Brown.” The allusion to the famed lesbian author escaped Lacey. “I guess if this job hadn’t come up when it did I would have finished my degree and either gotten a job teaching at a local high school or working for some newspaper. But I discovered that I just couldn’t stand the thought of deconstructing one more damn text just about the same time that the travel bug bit. So…here I am.”

“And here you are,” chimed in the waitress. “Your drinks are a gift from that lady over at the bar.” She placed the same on the table while motioning with a toss of her head towards Lacey’s red headed friend, who was smiling once again in their direction. “Tell her thanks,” said Anna. After the waitress left, she asked Lacey, “Want me to politely tell our friend at the bar that you’re straight? I didn’t bring you here to be bothered. Sorry.”

“No, no. Don’t worry,” Lacey responded. “Actually I think it was kind of nice of her. I’m ok here. I just want to unwind and relax. That flight was a bear. At least it seemed so on the way over. I’m just grateful to be able to sit and drink, and this place is ok. I’d smiled at her earlier, and I guess she’s just being friendly.” Anna smirked slightly at this, but only replied. “Well, she’s being friendlier, because she’s coming over this way. Pull a chair from that other table so she can sit with us. Ok Lace?”

Lacey complied, just as the gorgeous red head arrived. A black slit skirt, which showed off stunning legs, along with a silver sleeveless top accentuated a lovely bosom. The woman had deep blue eyes, and perfect teeth when she flashed her smile. Lacey felt a little intimidated. “Thanks, I hope you don’t mind. Jennifer. Jennifer Alston.”

The two flight attendants introduced themselves. Jennifer explained that she was the owner of the bar, and had recognized them as new patrons. She had only wanted to let them know that she appreciated the business. “I try to make a habit of knowing our customers,” she smiled. “I want them to come back.” Lacey laughed, “Well, we’ll be back this month perhaps, but after that it may be a while. We’re flight attendants, and our trips change from month to month.” Jennifer laughed back, “Well, then you need to keep bidding on this trip, so that you can return again.” After some light conversation, she left them to their meal, which had just arrived. Anna hadn’t had much to say while Jennifer had sat at their table. Lacey wondered, was her new friend jealous? She couldn’t make up her mind about Anna. When she had first started the trip she had felt the woman’s dominant sexuality and personality and was sure that Anna was gay. But since they had arrived at the bar she had seemed more like a big sister and a tour guide, especially when she had seemed anxious to protect her from canlı bahis siteleri any possible unwanted advances by Jennifer. Lacey wondered about Anna, her thoughts confused and uncertain. Anna, oblivious to Lacey’s mental gyrations, just devoured her cheeseburger in a polite, but ravenous fashion, already on her second beer. “I’m so hungry. I’ve been on a semi vegetarian kick for a while, some chicken and fish, but tonight I just craved some good old fashioned bad for you, good tasting food. How’s yours?”

“Great, and whoever mixed this drink knows their business. I can’t even taste the alcohol.”

Anna chuckled, “Well, be careful. I used to be a bartender, and those things have quite a kick. They sneak up on you before you know it. I don’t want to have to take you back to the hotel and carry you up the stairs.” The image didn’t seem too displeasing to her though, as she laughed after the statement.

Lacey laughed with her, but she ordered another drink just the same. Before she knew it, she had drank several of the potent teas, and she was feeling happy and giggly. Anna was regaling her with stories of previous flight crews, while interspersing more info about her personal life. Lacey learned that the athletic brown eyed woman was indeed about forty, and that she had been a flight attendant for about twenty of those years. She enjoyed travel and reading and competing in triathlons and road races. She was single and had never been married. She had younger brothers and sisters living in southern California and Seattle. She hadn’t planned on staying a flight attendant all this time, but she still enjoyed the lifestyle and the travel. As the night went on, Lacey felt more and more comfortable with her co-worker. Finally, Anna looked at her watch. “I guess we should head back. I know you’re tired, and we could go shopping tomorrow if you want. We don’t fly out again till the next day.”

Walking back to the hotel was a pleasant experience. The night was cool, but not uncomfortably so. Light headed from her drinks and the long work day, Lacey fairly danced back along the sidewalk. The night had been much more relaxed and fun than she had imagined it would be. Anna’s long stride kept pace with her buoyant young companion. Lacey found herself telling Anna more than she ever had anyone else. Her childhood, the pain of her parent’s divorce, the enjoyment of the job. She even revealed some of her sexual history, confiding that she had once allowed a lover to tie and blindfold her, leaving the room and then entering again later and making love to her. “How do you know it was the same man?” asked Anna, smiling mischeviously. “There could have been others waiting outside the room.”

“I know!” Lacey had long ago quite blushing. “That was part of the thrill I think. Have you ever done anything like that? Living out here in wild, bad San Fran?” She giggled, but deep down inside she was burning with curiosity about Anna’s sexuality. Was she gay? Bi? A Dominant?

“You mean, have I ever tied up a beautiful girl and blindfolded her?” Mock innocence.

“No, silly. You know what I mean.” Lacey stopped, suddenly. “Well, …uh…yes, have you?” Blurted out, oh my Gawd she thought. I can’t believe I said that.

Anna looked at her seriously. She paused just the merest second. “Yes” she said. “I have, and made love to her too. While she was tied up and blinfolded. But she wasn’t as lovely as you Lace.” She stepped closer and looked into Lace’s eyes, “Come to my room” she commanded, lightly reaching out and grasping Lace by the wrist. They had just made it to the hotel parking lot.

“I…yes…ok,” Lace replied, unable to tear her gaze away from those brown intense eyes. Without another word, Anna turned and pulled her along, never releasing her wrist, even in the hotel lobby. Instead of the stairs they took the elevator to the their floor. As the door closed, Anna pulled Lacey close and gently, but firmly kissed her directly on the mouth. Lacey had been expecting this ever since Anna took her wrist, but she still was stunned by both Anna’s action and her own response. She found herself taking her arms and placing them around Anna’s neck. Her mouth parted under the brunette’s sweet kiss, and she found herself pressing her body against Anna’s. Suddenly Anna’s kiss turned from gentle to forceful. She took her right hand and grasped the blonde by the back of her neck, while her left hand slide down to Lace’s bottom and slipped up under Lacey’s short skirt. Simultaneously pressing Lacey towards her and squeezing her ass, Anna opened her tongue and slipped it into the younger woman’s open mouth. This continued till the elevator doors opened, when she released Lacey and smiled. Lace stepped back, shocked but completely turned on. She followed Anna down the hall without anymore coaxing, thankful no one had been outside the elevator doors when they opened.

At the door Anna fumbled for a second with her key, then swung it open with one hand while playfully shoving Lace in with the other. “Okay, girl. Go to my suitcase and take out those silken cords in the side pocket,” she commanded. Lacey just looked at her dumbfounded. “I thought you were kidding about the tying up part,” she sputtered.

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