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I am telling this many years after anyone who it would concern have long since passed away.

When I was a young man of 8-10 years old my uncle married a very lovely woman named Linda. They were both very good to me. I would golf or caddy for my uncle and Linda (who I will just call Linda, rather than Aunt Linda) always seemed to be watching me.

Let me state clearly that nothing occurred till well after I was 18.

When I was in high school, Linda would say to my Mom “that boy is almost to pretty” or “what a charmer he is.”

I cannot remember the reason, a snow day, I think, that Linda picked me up from high school. When I got in the car she told me as she always did how handsome I was and how many girl friends did I have. I was a bit shy back then and usually just laughed it off.

A few weeks followed and the snow melted and my Uncle had gone off to play golf and he and his buddies planned 36-hole day.

Linda had asked if she could borrow my car and I drove it over to her hose. When I arrived she was still in her PJ’s and a robe. She asked if I could wait while she dressed and that was no problem. Linda was a trim, medium blond woman with nice curves. I was no real judge of size back then. I just knew that she was so very pretty.

She went to the bedroom to change, talking to me all the while. She left the door open so we could talk. As she moved about the room I often could not hear her clearly. I moved closer to the door and was able to look into the dresser mirror and actually see her while we talked.

Being 18 and very curious (I was still a virgin) I did not move away. I kept looking, hoping for a peak at some mature flesh.

Linda was talking about nothing and had her back to me as she slipped out of the robe and unbuttoned the PJ top. As she slipped out of the top I must have made a noise as she looked into the mirror and saw me. She hesitated a second and then resumed undressing. Both tits were out and her nipples hard as diamonds. She looked me in the reflect6ion of my eye and just smiled.

It was OK for me to be there.

Linda bent and removed the PJ bottoms and then stood with her hands at her side and looked in the mirror at me again. I had stepped into the doorway at this point.

Linda was about 5 feet 2 inches and just a lovely slim woman. Nearly 40 and a real classy lady.

I was about to bolt when she smiled and turned to face me and softly said, “don’t be afraid, this is all OK”.

My heart was hammering. Thundering to be truthful.

Linda walked to me güvenilir bahis and hugged me and told me to relax. I could hardly talk and I could not walk at this time without damaging my cock. I stayed still and she pulled back, looked me in the eyes and kissed me gently on my lips.

My heart smile back and I began to relax. Linda took my hand and led me to the sofa and sat me down. She sat down beside me and began to talk to me as though we were old lovers. Linda told me about how she had wanted me for years and that was a bit disappointed that I never showed much interest.

I finally told Linda that I thought she was beyond my reach, being married to my uncle. She chuckled softly and touched my face and smiled at me and my heart melted.

We talked of my inexperience and my desire to touch her and understand what life was about.

Linda was a genteel, compassionate woman and had a tremendous love for me that I had never known of.

For the next hour we talked and from time to time she would caress my face, or touch my arm. A couple of times she kissed my neck or my cheek.

I was at last comfortable and talk flowed and I began to caress Linda on her shoulders and arms. Finally worked up the courage to caress her breast and as I did she shuddered and moaned softly.

I thought I had done something wrong. Linda assured me I had done only right.

She looked at my cock, which had been hard for an hour by now, and said you have a wet spot on your jeans. I looked down and could see she was correct and felt seminal fluid leak from my cock as we looked. I was a bit embarrassed about this situation till she placed her hand over my cock and squeezed. I jumped and she laughed and I followed suit, laughing at my own inexperience.

Linda pulled my shirt off and helped me get my shoes and jeans in a pile on the floor.

I am naked for the first time in my life with a completely calm and beautiful woman. I was flying in my mind.

Linda chose that moment to snuggle under my arm and caress my cock as she told me how she wanted to teach me how to be a good lover. Shit, I was OK with that.

Linda said “first we need to calm this hard cock down to you can enjoy what we do” I nodded, having no idea what was coming next.

Linda leaned over and licked a big drop of precum off the head of my cock and that was all I needed. I began to cum immediately.

Linda stroked my cock up and down with a rapid piston type motion and I sprayed her leg, the sofa, her arm, my leg and the floor before my cock ran out of türkçe bahis cum.

Linda smiled into my eyes and kissed me, slipping her dainty tongue in my mouth and slowly and gently waited for my response and guided me to slowly kissing her back with deep satisfaction.

My cock did not get soft.

We sat back and Linda explained how my quick cum was just perfect and now we could learn to do better things with it.

Linda explained that she loved to have her nipples sucked and if done properly could achieve very bold orgasms.

I placed my mouth on her right nipple and she instructed me on how hard to suck, when to bite and how gentle or firm to be and how to tweak the other nipple at the same time.

I felt Linda tense up and start shuddering and finally arch her body and cry out and collapse against me. She told me how wonderful that had felt. She told me how to respond to a woman’s breathing and arching of her body and how a woman trembled under my touch. Attention to detail maid great lovers she said.

We stopped and shared a soft drink and talked more of the human body and pleasures it could give.

She asked if anyone had ever sucked my cock. No, I responded. All the attention my cock had ever had was me beating off about 6 times a day, till now.

Linda pushed me back, smiled at me and said, “You are going to enjoy this”. I had no idea the incredible pleasure I felt when her mouth engulf my hard cock,

Linda was a great teacher. She sucked slowly, then fast and would pull away and nip the shaft of my cock with her teeth and giggle and ask if I was OK. I could not talk by now and just grunted an OK.

Finally she said, “Now I will finish you off, just enjoy this baby.”

Linda sucked my cock into what felt like a scalding furnace and I felt my cock head push into her throat and before I could even say slow down, my cum hit me like a Mack truck on steroids. I though I had blown the head of my cock completely off. Six, seven shots of cum into Linda’s mouth and she never slowed down. Finally after I was spent Linda swirled her tongue around my cock and raised her head of and kissed me on my mouth sharing my cum with me. I started to pull back and Linda grabbed my head and held me there while we shared and swallowed my cum. When she finally broke the kiss she said “If you wont share your cum with the woman you love, you cannot expect her to want to suck your cock. That would make you selfish. Show her you love her and the act of love and respect she just gave you.”

That lesson has lasted me güvenilir bahis siteleri a lifetime.

Linda wiggled my cock back and forth and hugged me again.

I looked at her and asked if she would teach me how to use my mouth to give her pleasure. Her eyes crinkled with joy, as she lay back and pulled my hear toward her wet and open pussy. “Listen to me and don’t rush this. Just do as I tell you and you will have all the lovers you can ever want” Start first with gentle outside kisses of to vulva” and she explained what that was and how to separate the pussy lips and still just kissing to find the clit and being mindful of the sensitivity of it how to make it work for me for her pleasure.

Her patience and gentleness showed me how to bring her to the brink of an orgasm, let it subside and bring the crest back over and over till I finally shoved her over the edge and listen to her cries of joy and felt he pussy cum in my mouth. Linda had 3 cums that I could feel as I never stopped sucking and stroking her clit and pussy hole till she had collapsed and I swallowed the mouthful of liquid gold that she had given me. She pulled my face up to hers and we kissed deeply, letting our tongues share and savor her climax.

She laughed and said “wow, that was the best fucking cum I have had in years, and I don’t want to ever stop this”.

We cuddled for a while and as her breathing returned to normal Linda commented that we had not yet “gotten to the good stuff”.

I had no idea how things could get better, but they did.

She and I finished off the soft drink we had started earlier and she pulled me up by my hand and led me to her bed.

“If you think sucking my pussy was fun, now I want you to fuck it”. OK with me.

Linda lay back and guided me between her legs and showed me how to use my cock to get inside a woman’s pussy and how to start off with the right motions and speeds, how to sense and use a woman’s arches and moans as signals to fuck her better.

I was a pretty quick learner and in a short time had my aunt screaming at the ceiling and her legs wrapped around my hips as she pulled my ass and forced her pussy up to meet my cock at each thrust.

She started Cumming and that triggered me and I filled her pussy with my cum.

Linda and I had several encounters like this as time passed by until she was tragically drowned in a flood that washed her car off a bridge.

I don’t think I ever really got over my aunt and her gentle and kind love for me. In her entire life I never heard her utter a word to decry or demean anyone she ever met or knew. She was a real treasure in so many ways.

I miss her now as I finish this story and have such wonderful memories of her softness and warmth.

Good-bye Linda.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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