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Author’s note: The following incidents are probably mostly fictional. All sexual participants are living, conscious humans aged 18+. Tags: bisexual, lesbian, group sex, mature, anal, toys, sisters, mother-daughter, taboo. If you object to such, please stop reading. Nobody here is named Honey.


A Taste of Incest: A Taste of Honey

(Ron analyzes three loving sisters, and more)


The end of another week at Piedmont High School, and lean, tall, horny Ron was free! The autumn sky over this Los Angeles suburb, in the days before clean air enforcement, was its usual babyshit brown. The two-stroke 49cc engine in Ron’s well-worn red Honda moped made its own dank, dismal contribution to the smog.

As on so many prior weekdays, he putt-putted down the affluent street overhung with century-old sycamore, eucalyptus and pepper trees, rolled up to Judy’s grand front door, and rang the chiming bell. As usual, Judy yelled from her bedroom window for him to come upstairs. Ah, her society mother must be away from home today. Excellent!

Ron was never surprised to see the Heinecke sisters in Judy’s home; they lived nearby now. He was never surprised to find Judy naked in bed with Faith, Hope, and Ann. He WAS surprised by the scene that greeted him when he came to Judy’s bedroom door: a Heinecke sandwich. With straps.

The three honey blondes were intricately joined at the nethers. Faith lay on her back; Ron saw a harness around her hips. Ann spidered atop her oldest sister, embracing and kissing her. Hope nestled behind Ann, also with a leather-strap harness. All moved together in a pulsing rhythm, with Ann setting the pace.

“What…??” Ron breathed.

Trim walnut-brown-haired Judy sat beside the humping sisters on her bed, cross-legged, her pussy wide open and glistening, her skin flushed and gleaming with a thin layer of sweat. Damn, this is my best day ever, she thought. She grinned at Ron.

“Hey, we just got these new toys! Neat, aren’t they?”

“Uh, what…?”

“They’re called strap-ons. They’re a kind of dildo — y’know, artificial dicks. They let us girls fuck each other real good. Right now, Ann is getting what’s called ‘double penetration’, one up her pussy, one up her ass. She looks pretty happy, doesn’t she?” Judy absently rubbed her crotch and shivered. Ooh, she looked forward to DP!

Ann indeed looked and sounded happy. She had raised her body a little so Faith could kiss and fondle her abundant Nordic breasts. She panted louder, and gasped, and groaned, and shuddered, and moaned, and collapsed. The sisters lay quietly together. They shifted onto their sides, still joined.

“Oooh, my turn now!” Judy crooned. She reached for a large jar of Vaseline on the bedside table. “C’mon, Ann, get out of there.” She looked at Ron. “Hey, big guy, get naked, and help me with this.” Anticipation was killing her.

Ron’s red sneakers and khaki shirt quickly disappeared. His instant erection only slightly impeded stripping-off his jean trousers and checkerboard briefs.

Judy handed him the Vaseline jar and rolled onto her elbows and knees, her smooth, heart-shaped butt in the air, her taut legs opened. “Pack me, Ron. Work a handful of that into me. More is better.” She spread her cheeks. Her bronze eye winked at him.

Ron was nonplussed — stupefied, even. His experience and mindset mostly omitted butt-fucking. Society’s messages about anal sex were not positive, to say the least.

“Uh, are you sure…?”

“Fuck yes, I’m sure! And I’m clean. So pack that in me, and then YOU can take a shower and make sure your asshole is real, real clean, you got that? But right now, just stick your fingers in there and goop me!”

Ron brushed his dark hair away from his eyes. He scooped a fingers-load of the greasy glop and hesitantly smeared some around Judy’s anus. She stifled her exasperation.

“Not AROUND my butthole, dummy. INSIDE — make it DEEP inside. Go on, don’t be shy. Just go slow and easy, okay?”

Ron scooped up some more. He spread her cheeks with his left hand, placed a glob over Judy’s puckery hole and gently pushed inside with his first finger.

“Oooh, that’s a good start. More gunk, another finger, deeper… yeah, that’s getting there. Ummm, your fingers feel real nice, oh yeah. Do that some more,” she panted.

Ron applied more Vaseline, slowly moving his first and index fingers in and out of her ars musica, pushing the petroleum jelly deeper, twisting his fingers inside her. He added a third finger. He marveled at the smooth texture of her windward passage. The tight tunnel was initially tense, but loosened and relaxed as he softly prodded, palpated, and lubricated his special friend.

“Uh huh, that’s pretty damn good. I think I’m ready. Go shower now. Be quick — I don’t know how long we’ll wait.” Judy was almost teasing.

Ron dashed. A fast soak; suds applied to his armpits and crotch, and then fingered up into his own back door. Hey, that felt good! Why had he not tried this before? Oh well, no time now to worry about that. A quick but canlı bahis şirketleri thorough rinse and dry-off, and he dashed back.

The Heinecke sisters had rolled apart. Ann was curled in a wheezing fetal spiral. Hope and Faith lay together, holding hands, waiting and smiling. They had swapped their ivory-like dildos, now swaying in the air like teetering Pisa towers. Judy smeared Vaseline onto both protrusions. She saw Ron return.

“You’re back! Just in time! Like to give me a little kiss?” Judy scooted onto her back at the edge of the bed and pushed her hips in the air.

Did Ron need a written invitation? Nope. He knelt between her smooth open thighs and used his tongue wetly. Damn, she tasted good! Her velvety vagina was dripping. Her swollen clitoris extended like a pencil-tip eraser. He circled her clit a few times, then gave her a strong suck.

“Oh shit! Oh fuck! Oh yeah, I’m ready now. Stop, Ron. STOP!”

He gave a last kiss, licked her slit from taint to clit, and leaned back to watch.

Faith moved away from her sister to give Judy room. “Yeah, it’s your turn, all right. Then I’m next. You’d better save your strength, little girl!”

Hope braced herself. “C’mon Judy, don’t waste time. I can’t stand to wait for my turn.” My body can only be patient for so long, she thought.

Judy squatted over Hope’s hips and firmly lowered herself onto the strap-on. She moaned as the prosthetic penis slid completely into her. “Oh fuck. That’s nice. Oh yeah. Ohhh…” She raised and lowered herself a few times, her butt muscles clenching, her hips and pelvis changing angles for the best fit. She leaned forward onto Hope and kissed her deeply, then looked over her shoulder at Faith. “You waiting for something?”

“I’m just waiting for you two sluts to settle down,” Faith smirked. “You set now? Okay, loosen up.” She knelt behind Judy and ever-so-slowly eased her well-lubricated lingam into Judy’s rear entrance. This was fun!

“Oh damn. Oh fuck, I’m so full. Oh shit. Ohhhh… motherfuckerrrr!” That last came when Faith pulled back and then gently pushed in again.

Judy started a rocking motion, up-down-forward-back. The two strap-ons danced inside her. She kept vocalizing, an extended chant of “oh fuck oh shit oh fuck ohhh…”

Ron knelt on the hand-tied Persian rug beside the bed, mesmerized, absent-mindedly stroking his steel-hard cock. Could it really be that good? He barely noticed Ann creep up next to him, not until her hand joined his on his shaft.

“Pretty nifty, huh? Fuck, I’ve never felt anything like it before! It’s just so, so… filling. Yeah, filling, and fulfilling, and it feels so right!” She squeezed his cock harder while his eyes were locked on the three-way in front of him. “And that’s not the only thing that feels right.” She laid her head in his lap and put his cock in her mouth.

Was this one of the outer zones of Heaven? Ron watched his bubbly, bouncy girlfriend enjoying a double-penetration by two beautiful blondes while their equally-gorgeous sister sucked his lucky cock.

He had grown up with these sisters living right across the street. But they went to a different school system, his public, theirs Catholic, so they had never been classmates or regular playmates. Sure, they had interacted, had spent occasional time together, had even shared some slightly intimate moments. But nothing like this! Not until he got involved with Judy and her games. Yes, this must be Heaven. He had no complaints.

He felt his balls bubbling. “Uh, Ann, I’m gonna…”

“No you’re not,” Ann said, straightening. “Sit up there, yeah, legs out, just like that. Hold tight.” She settled into his lap and lowered her well-exercised pussy onto his manhood. She wrapped her long legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. “Kiss me. Fuck me. Shut up.” Her lips sealed on his.

Ann’s bright blue eyes stayed wide open. She watched Ron’s hazel irises shift from brownish to greenish. He’s excited, she thought. Her tongue reached for his epiglottis. She nearly captured it.

Ann shifted her angle slightly. That’s just right, she thought. She rolled and rocked so his cock brushed her clit as she slid over him. “Oohhh…” she moaned, and moved faster. She directed mental beams at Ron, willing him telepathically to… finger her nipples. It worked! Oh, the feeling! Her orgasm washed over her like the almost-breaking wave of a distant ocean swell.

Ann’s moans harmonized with Judy’s extended groans. Their voices rose together in a sensual duet, an orgasmic aria, an augmented chord in the key of love. Ron grunted a baritone counterpoint as he fountained inside Ann.

Ann clung to Ron with her head on his shoulder. The five young people, three high school seniors and two in junior college, were all still and quiet (except for twitching and sighing) as they processed this phase of their education. They were learning a LOT about themselves and each other.

Faith was the first to speak. “That was pretty damn hot. We should clean up a bit before we proceed.” She slowly withdrew her three-strap canlı kaçak iddaa dildo from Judy’s rectum. “Ohhh fuuuck…” Judy groaned, and rolled off Hope with a ‘pop’ as the strap-on left her vagina.

The shower could not hold all five nubile bodies at once. Faith and Hope went first, taking the sex toys with them for a rigorous scrub-down. “Sanitation is most important,” Faith said. “Keep these clean and we’ll stay healthy.”

Ron, Ann and Judy clung together for a minute, then changed the bed sheets and lit a scented candle. “This won’t fool anyone right now,” Judy murmured, “but it’ll help. Until the next round, at least.”

The three rotated into the shower. They thoroughly cleansed all bodily orifices and prominences. Ron knelt before the girls and gave their pussies the taste test. Honey and salt, mmm, mmm, good!

Clean, dry, and re-lubed, they took up positions on Judy’s bed: Judy on the bottom; Ann on top; Faith sandwiched in-between, impaled from both sides.

Hope lazily licked Ron’s manhood into resurgence as they watched from the bed’s edge. “I want to do things a little different when I’m in there,” she whispered. She rolled onto her belly and opened her legs wide. Ron spread her buns and pressed globs of Vaseline into her. His fingers stroked and widened her round eye. She purred appreciatively. When he finished, she returned to light cock-licking. Meanwhile, the troilists pulsed and panted.

Hope gathered, cleaned, and lubed the dildos after Faith’s seismic climax.

“My turn,” she said. “Switch around. Judy, sit there, just like that, right.” She lowered her butt onto the toy. “Oh, oh, oh fuck, oh that’s good, oh…” She leaned back against her friend and opened her legs. “Okay Ann, slide in here and fuck me. Ah, ah…” she cooed. “Oh, that’s great. Oh fuck… Ron, get over here, now!” He stood before her. She grabbed his cock and pulled him closer. “Let’s go triple.” She swallowed him.

The first triple penetration of the day went quite nicely.

Hope rolled and rocked, and came quite hard and long and loud, as loud as she could with Ron’s steel pipe in her mouth. That pipe soon sprayed its hot contents down her throat and leaked over her face. Ron was helped by Faith standing behind him, kissing his neck, tweaking his nipples, and pressing her firm breasts into his back and her crotch into his butt.

They showered and cleaned up again, with thorough sanitizing and taste-testing. Judy’s alarm clock gonged while they dried each other.

“We’re just in time, guys. Mom should be home before long. Let’s get the sheets and pillowcases into the washer. And light another candle, quick!”

Judy and Ron carried the linens off; the sisters made the bed and tidied the room. All lounged demurely in the living room working on “choral practice”, singing their glee club songs, and snacking on oatmeal cookies and honey-sweetened lemonade, when Judy’s mother Muriel opened the front door.


Ron usually worked in his Uncle Dan’s shop on weekends. But not this Saturday; Dan had shut down to attend a wedding in Santa Barbara. Ron’s dad was at Josephine’s, as usual, with all his medium-format camera gear — probably photographing nudie shots.

Ron sometimes peeked at the negatives, and even made his own contact proofs. Sometimes he jerked-off to the images. For an older broad, Josey was kinda foxy. The term MILF had not yet been coined, but she would have fit the label. He had noticed her eyeing him, likely comparing him to Dad. Well, Ron was taller, slimmer, more athletic, more handsome.

Ron dragged himself out of bed at his habitual time — too early for an empty Saturday. What to do? he pondered, eating a bowl of Corn Chex and listening to a blast of hard music on AM 1090 XERB radio, “The Mighty Ten-Ninety”.

The kitchen phone rang: Judy, with a most tempting offer. “So you’re free today? My folks are out of town this weekend, too; they left for some event in San Diego. We can all get together again. You up to that? We didn’t exhaust you yesterday?”

Ron glanced around the drab downtown apartment he shared with his father since his parents’ divorce. He considered his options. Lay about; or wander around; or get royally sucked and fucked. Well, let’s see…

“Worn out? Who, me? I’ll brew a cup of Nescafé and be right over!”

“Don’t take too long, and bring a swimsuit, okay? See ya soon, lover.”

Ron threw on comfortable sneakers and denims and slipped a small day pack over his shoulders. His trusty rusty moped spluttered through the flat civic street grid spotted with smogberry trees. He rode past ranch-house developments, two-level stucco apartment blocks, shopping centers, and architectural survivors from the previous century, before Los Angeles devoured everything within reach.

Ron often thought about Judy and the sisters while he rode. Today was no exception. Was Judy his girlfriend? Pretty much. They sat together at lunch and class in school, and hugged when they dared. They dated regularly, with Judy clinging to Ron on the moped en route to entertainments canlı kaçak bahis and make-out sessions. Ron was invited to dine with Judy’s family every week or so, usually on a Thursday.

Cute, bright Judy was certainly his best school friend ever, even though he had only known her since they were sophomores at Piedmont High. He had mostly drifted away from the orbit of kids he had grown up and schooled and played with since kindergarten.

Alone, they fucked constantly. As far as Ron knew, Judy did not have any other guys in her life or bed. But she did have Faith, Hope and Ann.

Holy shit! Their enthusiastic fuckmates, sisters who ate him and Judy and each other. Girls he had marginally known most of his life. Girls with whom he shared his girlfriend — or was he the one being shared? Whatever — it worked fine for him!

So what if Faith was bossy, and Hope was catty, and Ann played little mind games? They were gorgeous, and sexy, and horny, and they wanted HIM!

He sometimes wondered where this would go and how long the good times could last. His youthful enthusiasm and naiveté were balanced by the divorce fallout and disruption. Yes, he knew: anything that could go wrong, would.

Ron rolled around the hilly, wooded park demarcating the ‘classy’ part of town, along green curvy lanes lined with homes of bankers, lawyers, executives, doctors, and dentists — dentists like Judy’s father and the Heineckes’ grandfather, who had been Ron’s family dentist. The area looked more like New England than Southern California.

He put-putted up to Judy’s family’s Town and Country home. Judy and the sisters — clothed, for a change, and all in various combinations of bright tees and slinky shorts — loafed in yard loungers out front under the sycamores, chatting, sipping and munching something.

“Hey Ron!” Judy hopped from her chaise and ran over to hug him when he dismounted. A strong, deep hug, and a long, deep kiss.

Faith laughed, “Get a room!” Her sisters giggled.

“Got one already,” Judy cackled when she came up for air. She returned to hugging and kissing Ron while the Heineckes made snide comments.

Ron was quite aware they were visible from the street. He and Judy kept their arms around each other’s backs, their hands on shoulders and arms — no butt- or boob-grabbing, no crotch-grinding, just good clean fun, right?

Judy finally broke off. Arm around his waist, she guided Ron to her chaise. “Take a load off, guy.” She pushed him into the lounger, then straddled his lap, facing him. “We’ve got a plan for you,” she purred. She rolled onto her back, laying atop him like a full-length decoration.

“A plan?” Ron asked worriedly. Uh oh. When these girls planned something, trouble usually ensued — entertaining, fun, sensual trouble. Time to panic?

“Oh, calm down. Here, have a brownie.” Judy took a morsel from a paper plate Hope offered. “Open wide,” she said, and fed Ron the bite. “Yummy, huh? Have some more.” She visualized a mama bird regurgitating worms for her hatchlings. She cackled softly.

They ate small brownies and refilled cups from a pitcher of honey-sweet iced tea. Nobody mentioned that the brownies contained a slight dollop of hashish to heighten their senses. The five munched and chatted, with Judy lying atop Ron, a living paperweight, keeping him from blowing away.

“Let’s have some fun,” Faith said. “Fun fun fun,” Hope and Ann sang.

They folded the loungers and carried them through the gate into the back yard, arranging them around the small swimming pool.

“C’mon up, it’s playtime.” Judy squeezed Ron’s cock. Ann squeezed his ass. Faith and Hope took his arms. Judy unzipped him, fished out his stiffening member, fisted him firmly, and led him to her bedroom.


Ron had an inkling of the day’s unfolding when he saw what lay on the bedside table: the two strap-ons; several jars of Vaseline; a stack of towels.

“Let’s start by getting squeaky-clean. All together, too — my folks’ bath has a shower big enough for all of us. Get bare-assed and get down there, pronto!”

Clothes were soon neatly stacked on Judy’s dresser. The naked 18-, 19-, and 20-year-olds grab-assed down the hallway to the bigger bath. The shower was indeed spacious, with room for each girl to bend over and receive a few (dozen) strokes from Ron’s full-blown phallus.

Faith and Hope dried off and left for the bedroom. Judy held back Ron and Ann. “Let’s take a good look at us.” She ran her fingers through their contrasting pubic thickets. “A good look.”

Judy often appraised her reflected image. Was she too skinny? It was time for other opinions.

The three youngest stood with arms around waists and regarded themselves in the large bath mirror. All were long and lean, with the girls shoulder-high to Ron’s six-foot-four (1.9m) frame, Judy slightly taller than Ann. All were well-muscled and -exercised, and lacked excess fat. Ron’s unruly thatch of black hair framed his sharp face. Judy’s long walnut tresses offset the dark eyes in her oval face. Ann’s bright blue eyes sparkled in her fair Nordic face surrounded by long blonde locks. On both girls, stretched-hourglass shapes. Ann’s breasts were rounder and fuller; Judy’s were taut, with lilting nipples set in smaller areolas. Judy’s thighs were slightly slimmer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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