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This story series, beginning with “A Surprising First,” is working its way toward a group sex ending. If you’re looking for a simple gay or lesbian sex story you can read only the ones that suit your preference. If you’re adventuresome and open to an “anything goes” group sex encounter then I suggest you start at the beginning and read all of them, then stay tuned – for in the next few weeks I will wrap it all up. Enjoy.


David and Steve left for their week-long adventure in the cabin on Saturday morning. David’s long-time and live-in girlfriend, Lori, was busy all day Saturday with work but had taken the next week off so she and Dee, Steve’s wife, could spend the week together while their men were having their own fun. The wives knew their men enjoyed the outdoors; hunting, cross country skiing, etc., as well as their indoor activities – drinking, watching porn and talking shit – but they had no idea that this trip was going to be a game changer, for all four of them.

Lori had plans that no one but her knew about. Her quest this week, beginning tomorrow (Sunday) was to seduce Dee and have sex with her in an effort to turn her thoughts toward a sexual foursome of Dee, Steve, David and herself.

Lori had always been attracted to Dee. Dee was gorgeous, with shoulder length brunette hair, 5’4″ tall with incredible golden brown eyes and a killer smile. She had cute little A cup breasts and a tight ass that every woman envied, including Lori. Lori had seen that ass in a bikini before but she was longing to see it up close and naked. Lori loved anal sex and if she had her way this week she would be introducing Dee to her tongue and her strap-on. And she certainly didn’t mind someone using that device on her.

Lori herself was no slouch. At 5’6″ tall she was slender – weighing only 110 pounds. She had strawberry blonde, curly hair that she wore long, and a face that looked like Reba McEntire’s twin sister. People were always telling her how much she looked like Reba.

In addition, Lori had been blessed with a pair of B cup breasts that sat high on her chest since she’d never had kids and had always taken good care of them. She loved her tits. She enjoyed playing with their sensitive nipples during sex. Hell, she enjoyed playing with them anytime. And she very much enjoyed someone’s lips and tongue on them. If she concentrated she was able to cum just from intense nipple stimulation. What more could a girl ask for?

Lori’s ass wasn’t bad either. She didn’t think it compared to Dee’s (although it was very close) but she liked it and kept it firm with exercise. She shaved her pubic hair. She loved the feel of a tongue on her casino oyna naked labia as much as she loved a cock inside her.

Lori was already horny and it was only Saturday. She wasn’t going to Dee’s until tomorrow. She considered masturbating when she got home from work but she had a lot to do and she wanted to be extra horny tomorrow when she got to Dee’s place. Seducing Dee might be easier if she was horny enough to perhaps touch herself in front of Dee (if Dee didn’t respond to her advances.) She set about packing the things she would need for the week – starting with her sex toys…

Dee had Saturday night to herself and she wanted to enjoy her solitude. She loved Lori and cherished their friendship. She thought Lori was beautiful and sexy. Even though she liked her small, pert breasts she sometimes wished she had Lori’s. She had seen them naked once, quite by accident, when she walked in on Lori changing. Dee was embarrassed. Lori wasn’t phased at all. She stood facing Dee with those gorgeous tits on display. Even though the incident passed without further thought, Dee had wondered if Lori was teasing her sexually. Lori was hot and Dee acknowledge it – even to the point of wondering what sex with her best friend might be like.

Tonight Dee was in bed early with a glass of red wine and a movie on a pay movie channel. It was billed as a love story with some good, X-rated sexual scenes. It wasn’t flat out porn, she told herself – that was on another channel. But she was looking forward to losing herself in the movie for a while.

As Dee watched, the main character and her lover ended up in the woman’s apartment alone. They went through some small talk then began making out. Kissing led to exploring and eventually they ended up in the bedroom. Clothes began to come off.

As Dee watched she realized that the man resembled David, Lori’s boyfriend and best friend to Steve. The realization intrigued her and left her more interested in the love scene since in her mind she was now seeing David. Dee and Lori had confided in each other about their love lives and Lori said David was an outstanding lover with a nice 7 inch cock and a well trained tongue. Dee had sometimes imagined that tongue when Steve was licking her clit.

As the movie played out, the two actors got naked. The woman had breasts like Dee’s if slightly larger. A quick pan of the camera showed she shaved her pubic hair. Dee had often wondered if she should do that. She kept her dark triangle well trimmed but Steve had told her occasionally that he’d like to see it shaved. Maybe one day she’d surprise him.

Back to the movie. Dee watched as the male actor (David) slot oyna laid the woman on the bed on her back and, beginning at her lips, took his lips and tongue on a journey down her body. He moved first to her neck, then her breasts, trailing down her abdomen until he buried his face between her legs. The woman’s eyes closed as (David’s) tongue met her clit for the first time.

Dee could feel herself getting wet and a tingle had begun in her groin. She was enjoying her fantasy of watching David’s sexual advances on this woman and in her mind she was imagining she was the woman. David’s tongue was now lavishing her clit with warm, wet caresses.

Dee’s right hand slid under the covers and massaged her naked breasts. (Dee always slept naked and she didn’t really have any plans to get out of bed tonight, except maybe to pee.) Her hand then slid down her belly and found her neatly trimmed triangle of hair. Her middle finger brushed across her clit (on its way to collect moisture from her vagina) and an electric shock went through her body.

There was moaning from the actress on TV. It was somewhat distracting so Dee picked up the remote with her left hand and turned it down until she could barely hear it. Her eyes were glued on David’s head and tongue as he continued licking the woman’s clit. She was going to cum soon and Dee couldn’t help but wonder what would happen next.

Dee got her fingers really wet in her already soaked vagina and began rubbing her clit with her middle finger. She watched as the woman on the screen came. David licked her for a few more seconds as she came down then raised up to his knees. The camera panned back and there it was – his hard shaft sticking up at a 45 degree angle. It was about 7 inches long and circumcises, with a bulbous purple head that was dripping pre-cum. He grabbed his shaft with his right hand and began slowly stroking it as the woman watched. She said something to him that Dee couldn’t hear but she (Dee) was certain she invited him to put that shaft inside her. In fact, if Dee was any good at lip reading at all, she would swear the woman said “Fuck me.”

David needed no further persuasion. He lined his cock up with the wet opening where his face had just been and pushed into her. The woman’s mouth opened and her head rolled back. Obviously she wanted it. David pumped in and out of her for a few minutes then lowered himself down on top of her. A quick move of his leg and shoulder and suddenly the woman was flipped over on top of him. This would work out well, Dee thought, as being on top was her favorite position.

The woman on the TV raised up to a sitting position and began fondling canlı casino siteleri her breasts as David began to thrust into her. Dee’s left hand unconsciously did the same thing and her fingers began playing with her left nipple. Dee added a second finger to the one rubbing her clit, rubbing on either side of it and the top at the same time. She loved getting herself off like that.

In her mind she was the woman on TV and she was riding her husband’s best friend as he fucked his hard cock in and out of her warm, wet pussy. She was horny and wanting and fantasizing about David was going to make her cum quickly.

She closed her eyes as she dipped her fingers back into her vagina for some more of her slippery lubricating fluid. She began rubbing her clit again.

“Oh yes. Oh, fuck me, David. You know I’ve wanted you for a long time. Give me that hard cock and cum inside me,” she said out loud.

Just then the two actors on the screen had their orgasms and Dee followed suit. Her orgasm hit the pit of her stomach and worked its way outward, causing her clit to throb and her nipples to harden and become overly sensitive.

“Ooooooohhhhhh,” she cried out. “Oh, my God. Oh, fuck me, David! Fill me with your cum. I want it inside me! I want Steve to see you cum in me!” she added. “Oh… fuuuuucckkkk!”

Dee’s pussy became super-saturated as she came. She pushed as much of her hand inside her vagina as she could, coating all four fingers and half oh her hand with her juices. Then she pulled it out and put it to her mouth, licking up her own vaginal secretions. They were sweet and wonderful. She wondered briefly what Lori’s tasted like…

When Dee had come back to Earth she looked at the TV. The actors had now moved on to another scene and she used the remote to switch the TV off. She thought for a minute about what she had done.

“I want Steve to see you cum in me!” Where had that come from? Although she had wondered and even occasionally fantasized about David, she had never once had a fantasy of Steve watching her fuck David or any other man. Could she do that? Was that what her mind was telling her?

Dee decided the thought of it was silly. She was never going to fuck David or anyone other than her husband so there was no need to worry about it. It was a fantasy and it would stay a fantasy. Everyone has those, right?

Dee made a quick trip to the bathroom then returned to the bed. She crawled under the covers and turned out the light. Lori was coming tomorrow and it would be an interesting week, to say the least. Lori was fun and spontaneous and a little wild. And Dee loved her.

Dee had no idea what plans Lori had for her and she would be pleasantly surprised, if not shocked, when she found out. Lori was about to change her life forever – in a really, really good way. She went to sleep thinking of her friend.

Next – Lori’s Saturday night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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