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“You know you want to go to your cousin’s party, so why are you worried?” Bob asked his friend Kevin as the two of them finished up the last of their lunch.

“Yes,” Kevin said. “I do want to go to the party, I just don’t know if I will be welcomed with open arms that’s all.” Kevin recalled that he and his family had been on the outs for about a year but this suddend invitation could be the sign that all would be forgiven and really would like to see his cousin Gwen again.

“So,” Bob said pointing at the invitation. “Go to the party, you have no reason not to go.”

Kevin nodded his head in agreement. “You, are absolutely right Bob,” he said having made his mind up at last. “I’ll go to the party.” Happy with his decision Kevin put his lunch away and headed home without saying anything further to his friend.

Kevin fretted for two days over the upcoming party. “Just be yourself moron.” He said over and over again to himself as he drove to the party. Kevin was sure that his heart was racing faster than the stock cars at the Daytona 500 and with his luck he would spin out in the final turn. At the next stop light he looked again at the note and he was sure that the handwriting was Gwen’s. It finally dawned on Kevin that he should have kept in closer touch with her after all she always seemed be around just when he needed a boost in moral, so tonight would be a good chance to make up for some lost time.

When Kevin finally arrived at his aunt and uncle’s house he saw the street lined with cars and he wondered where he would park his own car. The answer was presented to him almost immediately, someone was waving at him to bring his car up the long driveway to the house and that someone was Gwen and she was wearing a very revealing bikini which if it weren’t a string bikini it was sure close. Kevin had to let his heart slow down before he exited the car, after all he never saw his cousin like this before and he was struck by just how beautiful as well as desirable she looked. Gwen was about 5’5″ or so with her dark blonde hair cut just over her ears and from what he could see, his cousin had a very firm grip on her figure. When he finally found his voice Kevin said. “Gwen, you’re a sight for sore eyes.” Then he handed his cousin a gift that he picked up two day’s earlier.

“You didn’t have to bring me anything Kevin.” Gwen said with her blue eyes all aglow. “All you had to do was bring yourself.” Gwen quickly unwrapped the gift and gasped when she saw what it was, it was a light gold chain that could be worn around her waist and she wasted no time in putting it on. “This is so beautiful Kevin,” She said. “I’ll wear this all the time.” Then she pulled her cousin close to her hugged him tight and kissed him on the lips, a most uncousinly thing to do. Through it all Gwen acted as if it were the most natural thing in the world for her to act in this fashion toward her cousin. Gwen stepped away from Kevin and asked, “How do I look Kevin?” Not waiting for an answer Gwen took Kevin’s hand and started for the back yard where the party was in full swing.

Kevin smiled as he walked to the back of the house where the party was being held and said. “Gwen, your as beautiful as ever.” What he heard in his mind was, “Your as sexy looking as ever.” Kevin had to admit that he was a bit awed by the ongoing party he never saw so many people at his aunt and uncle’s house. “Are they all friends of yours?” He asked kind of nervously.

Gwen looked over at her cousin. “There just friends from school nothing more.” She she sounded enigmatic. Guided guided Kevin closer to the swimming pool introducing him to one person or another as they neared the bar that her father built near the swimming pool. She was also showing off the chain that Kevin bought for her.

Kevin’s mind was caught up in a whirlwind of sights and sound as he said, “I take it your the ringmaster of this little party.” He couldn’t take his eyes off of his cousin’s tight tanned body as she moved in front of him, he liked the way her bikini bottom fit tight to her firm ass and her medium sized breasts he thought were straing to break free of the bikini top that held them in place. “Gwen, I hope you plan on telling me where are leading me to.” He said laughing nervously. Gwen gave him a funny look that seemed to say “I see you looking at me and I hope you like what you see.” Kevin followed his cousin quietly to the bar.

“This is where I’m leading you first smart guy,” Gwen said with a wide grin on her face. “Then you are to go into the cabana get on the bathing suit I left for you and you will relax and have a great time.”

After a beer or two Kevin went into the dressing room and found the pair of trunks that Gwen left for him to wear. “Holy shit!” Kevin muttered as he eyed the bathing suit they were Speedos and they would be a tight fit for sure. “Oh, Gwen what are you up to?” He asked himself as he finally stepped out of the dressing room. Upon seeing his cousin he asked her “Well, what do you güvenilir bahis think?” Gwen smiled and gave him a thumbs up and another drink.

The afternoon was a warm one, the swimming pool had people in and out of it all the time even Kevin went in a time or two and each time he kept looking to see where his cousin was and each time their eyes met they waved happily to each other. The drinks must surely have been taking their toll on Kevin’s inhibitions for several times he mouthed. “You look beautiful.”
Having had enough of the swimming for the moment Kevin climbed out and walked over to where his cousin was talking to one of her classmates and as he drew closer he could see beads of persperation shined like millions of small diamonds on her firm breasts. “You look hot Gwen,” Kevin said as he looked at his cousin as if really seeing her for the first time. “I wanted to ask you about your choice for my swimwear.” They both looked down at his Speedos.

Gwen had a laugh that seemed to ripple down to her firm curved stomach. “Why do you think I picked it out for you Kevin?” Kevin shrugged his shoulders. “You don’t want to guess I see.” Gwen said with an arched eyebrow. Kevin’s silence seemed to affirm her statement. “I thought you’d look sexy with it on and I was right,” She took Kevin’s hand and gave it a squeeze, after all the bathing suit Kevin wore was not ment to hide the beginings of a hard on.

Kevin flashed his cousin a big smile as he reached around her for another beer as as he did his arm brushed against one of her breasts accidentally sending a chill up and down his spine. “Sorry about that Gwen.” Kevin said sheepishly.

“You have nothing to be sorry about Kevin,” Gwen looked with mild surprise at her cousin. “You didn’t hear me complain did you?” Gwen took more of her own drink and told her cousin to follow her which he gladly did.

Kevin had watched his cousin grow through the years and becasue he was older than her he often wondered why she cared about him so much. “Where are you leading me Gwen.” Kevin asked not expecting much of an answer.

“Do you know what I like to do on days like this Kevin?” Gwen looked over at her cousin and saw a blank look on his face. “I like to strech out on the recliner and go topless.” Before Kevin could say anything or even move Gwen pushed him onto the recliner and with a wicked grin she straddled the end of the recliner and sat facing her cousin.

Kevin found it hard to ignore the presence of his cousin sitting on the recliner, with her legs spread apart the material of Gwen’s bikini bottom streched tight against her crotch. Was Gwen comming on to him? “Gwen, what are you up to?” He asked softly.

Gwen ignored Kevin’s question at first as she leaned closer and ran a finger over his crotch. “It’s called flirting Kevin,” She then reached behind her and untied the strings that held her bikini top to her breasts and released them for Kevin to admire. “And I can see that you’re very receptive.” Gwen then her face right up to Kevin’s crotch and nibbled lightly on the bulge in his bathing suit.

“Oh my God…what are you doing Gwen?” Kevin gasped as he felt his cousin move slowly up his body making him groan with pleasure as she moved her tongue over his stomach and up to his lips. By now, Kevin was getting a very close look at the areolas on Gwen’s breasts and his desire to touch them had become almost to much for him to deal with.

“You know what else I like Kevin?” Gwen was pressing her own body firmly against Kevin’s. “When there’s no one around I like to get completly naked and play with myself.” Gwen managed to switch positions with her cousin so that now he was on top of her.

Now that he was aroused Kevin put his mouth on Gwens bikini covered pussy and started licking away his only desire now was to make her cum.

“Oh yes Kevin,” Gwen’s body was already reacting to her cousin’s touch. “Take my panties off, hurry.” Her hips were bouncing around on the lounger and she seemed relieved when Kevin removed her bikini panties, for she grabbed her cousin’s head and pulled closer to her sensitive clit urging him on.

Kevin was excited by Gwen’s panting and moaning, that and the fact that his cousin’s pussy was soaking wet made it even more exciting for him. “Gwen,” He said in between licks. “You taste so good.” He was about to tell her how much he liked the way she thrust her clit at his face.

Flush with excitement Gwen said, “Why did you stop,” She was filled with unbound desire and it could be heard in her voice. “I don’t want you to stop Kevin.” Gwen let go a moan of pleasure. “Oh, ah,mmm!” Gwen was on fire and there was only one way for her to cool down.

Kevin let his tongue work his cousin’s pussy as quickly as he could. The taste of Gwen’s juices while tangy was just about the sweetest thing he ever tasted, he like the way her naked body shimmered with sweat when her body rocked with pleasure. “I need to give my jaw a break Gwen.” He told his surprise lover. türkçe bahis Kevin took his mouth off of Gwen’s pussy and inserted his fingers in place of his tongue.

What happened next should have slowed Kevin and Gwen down but it didn’t. The lounger was not made for holding two people in the heat of passion, it collapsed spilling them on the ground. “This is much more comfortable,” Gwen crooned softly as she put Kevin’s hand back over her pussy. “And I want you to take off that bathing suit now honey.” Gwen licked her lips as she watched her cousin remove his Speedos.

“Listen Gwen,” Kevin said with some unease as he removed his bathing suit exposing his cock for all the world and Gwen to see. “Are you sure we should be doing this in the first place?” While his eyes were on his cousin’s naked body he felt to exposed for comfort. “Doesn’t it bother you that your friends might be watching?”

“Oh my darling Kevin,” Gwen said with a smile. “They are way to busy doing the same thing to care about us, now come here and make me cum.”

Kevin reinserted his face between his cousin’s legs and started to suck on her pussy once more and this time he started to play with her breasts by pulling on her nipples which made her shudder happily.

“That’s it honey,” Gwen gasped and heaved her hips off the ground. “Pull on my nipples honey.” She cried. Gwen wanted her cousin’s tongue to as deep into her pussy as he could. The multiple sensations were new and exciting for her and she wanted to experience it all and she wanted it to be Kevin who brought her to the top of the mountian.

Kevin was beginning to wonder how much longer it would be before his cousin reached her climax when he felt her body go rigid and her fingers dug into his shoulders. “Yes!” He said to himself he did it, he made his cousin cum.

Gwen felt as if the whole world exploded inside of her when she reached her climax, she had never felt anything quite as exhilating when she played with herslef and now, she knew that she wanted to feel her cousin’s fingers inside of her again and again. “Kevin, that was so wonderful,” She told her cousin who’s face was still between her legs looking up at her with his hands cupped so naturally on her heaving breasts. “Now, I want you move yourself up here honey.” Gwen said panting with excitement. To her surprise she let out another gasp when she felt Kevin’s tongue on the lower part of her stomach and as he moved it ever so slowly towards her breasts she sighed. “Ah, God Kevin you’ll make me cum again.” Kevin’s tongue running circles on her nipples brought cries of delight. “Now Kevin, put your cock into me now!” It was a demand as well as a plea.

“We don’t have to do this Gwen,” Kevin said as he took his lips off one of his cousin’s breasts to kiss her full on the mouth. “Although, I hope you liked it becasue I sure loved watching your naked body when you climaxed.” At that moment a bad thought struck him. “What about your mom and dad?”

Gwen put a reassuring hand on Kevin’s arm and said, “Don’t worry about them honey, they won’t be home till tomorrow.” Gwen let her tongue work it’s way into Kevin’s mouth while her hand strayed down to his rigid cock. It was the first time that she ever touched one, she liked the way it felt in her hand. “Your cock is nice and hard honey,” She said as she fondled it gently. “And it feels so much nicer than my mom’s vibrator.” Gwen could feel the excitement once again build inside of her.

Kevin’s mind was numb with all kinds of thoughts, most of them telling him not to go through with having any kind of sexual relationship with his cousin. “You know I love you Gwen,” His voice sounded strained even to him but he went on. “But I really don’t think we…” Kevin seemed to loose his ability to speak, for Gwen’s fingering of his cock took it’s toll on his ability to reason.

“You don’t mean that,” Gwen said in mock dismay while her fingers continued to squeeze Kevin’s scrotum firmly but gently, knowing that he would no more stop what was going on than she would.
“So come on Kevin, I want you to play with my breasts, I love it when you squeeze them.”

Kevin let Gwen pull him down to her on the ground near the collapsed lounger, he could feel the tip of his cock brush against his cousin’s pussy and he cried out softly almost reverently as he pushed his cock into to her, “God, I love you Gwen.”

As Kevin’s cock penitrated her pussy for the first time she let out a sharp gasp of pain, after all she never had the “real thing” inside of her before. “Ah, mmmm, feels so tight,” Gwen moaned. Now, brief pain was gone replaced by increasing pleasure brought on by the sliding of her cousin’s cock inside of her. The fact that her innocence was gone the moment she took her bikini off didn’t matter to her she just wanted Kevin as her lover and she got what she desired. “Do it just a little faster Kevin I feel like I’m going to cum again.”

With each thrust of his cock inside of Gwen’s pussy Kevin knew that he was güvenilir bahis siteleri just that much closer to reaching his climax and he knew that he would unload inside of his cousin’s pussy. “Oh my God Gwen, I’m ready to cum.” He grunted and thrust himself into Gwen’s inviting pussy harder as his orgasim neared.

Gwen thrust her hips in time with Kevin’s thrusting cock anticipating his climax at any moment. “Oh shit, I’m cumming again Kevin!” She crowed happily as her whole body jerked spasmodically making her back arch off the ground and firmly impaled herself with Kevin’s cock.

“Oh God, Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cum…” Kevin stuttered as his sperm seemed to blow from his cock and for just a moment he seemed to blank out as the final convulsions passed through his body leaving him with a spent but very happy feeling. “Damn it Gwen,” Kevin said as their naked sweat covered bodies continued to grind against one another. “I can’t believe I came like that.” There was a hint of satisfaction and awe in his voice as he leaned close to Gwen and kissed her long and slow.

Excepting her cousin’s kisses eagerly said. “You can’t be serious.” A hint of skepticism crept into her voice. Then she asked “You aren’t just saying that are you?”

Kevin looked down at his now spent cock and shook his head. No Gwen, I’m not just saying that to be nice, I ment every word I said.”

” I have a confession to make,” Gwen said as she finally sat up. “This is the first time I ever had sex, not counting the times I used my mom’s vibrator.”

A look of consternation crossed Kevin’s face. “You can’t be serious, you were a virgin?”

With a nod of her head Gwen said that she was and went on to say, “I always wanted you to be my first love you know that.”

“Well Gwen, it looks as though you goy your wish.” Kevin felt thrilled and a bit odd at the same time. “Even though you are not my first lover,” Kevin kissed Gwen’s breasts. “I want you to be my last lover if that’s ok with you.”

Gwen let out a delightful laugh. “Of course honey, that’s the way it’s supposed to work out, you and I together.” Standing up she reched out for Kevin’s hand and said, “Let’s go up to the house, I want to show you somethings.”

Kevin and Gwen forgot about the party that was still raging on behind them and neither of them bothered to put their respective bathing suits back on after all they were in all likelihood to have sex again before the day ended. Gwen broke the silence that fell between them. “I feel kind of sticky between my legs you know.” And she started to laugh when she saw the look on Kevin’s face. “It’s ok though, it’s just some of your wonderful sperm sliding down between my legs.”

Kevin never figured his cousin to be anything more than a friend to talk to and now here they were, lovers. “I like your almost invisible tan line honey.” He said as he traced his finger between her firm buttocks. “You weren’t kidding me when you told me that you sunbathe in the nude.”

“That’s not all I did in the nude now is it big guy.” Gwen laughed as she found herself enjoying her cousin’s touch. As they neared the house she turned to her cousin and said, “Do you want to help me clean up?” Gasping when she felt her cousin’s finger slide into her ass she knew that he wanted to do more than help her clean up.

It didn’t take long for the two lovers to step into the shower located in the master bedroom and since she never showered with anyone before she waited for Kevin to make the first move and it was as far as Gwen was concerned a very good move. About three years ago her parents had their bathroom redone and installed a shower with a detachable shower head and a seat in one of the corners and once the water started to cascade down her body she saw Kevin detach the shower head turn the selection to pulse and let it was over her pussy. “Oh my God!” She gasped as she felt the water tickle her clit then she let out another moan as one of Kevin’s hands started in on one of her breasts. Gwen’s knees were wobbly as she felt her whole body reacting to the pulsating water. “Jesus Kevin, your making me cum again!” She cried out happily.

Although Kevin’s cock was spent, he enjoyed watching his cousin’s beautiful body react to the sexual stimulus that he provided, so not being able to get his cock up right away was no big thing for him after all none of his past girlfriends ever showered with him. Once Gwen reached her climax again Kevin thought it best to dry off. “Gwen, I never thought that I would enjoy watching someone have an orgasm,” He said it affectionately. “But since watching you today, I would love to make you climax as often as I could and I would never tire of it.”

Once they dried each other off and got back into their respective bathing suits Gwen showed Kevin where her mom kept all her sex aids. “I think we should try some of these things later.” She said holding a satin rope in her hand. The look that she saw on Kevin’s face pleased her since he appeared willing to do anything with her.

When Kevin and Gwen returned to the party a few of the male guests called out to Gwen asking if she had been a good girl and daring her to take her bikini top off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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