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This is a homoerotic story set in an imaginary sultanate called Ras al Shahar located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. The time is the late ninth century AD and the story starts in the year 870, some three hundred years after the birth of Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam. The place and characters are entirely a figment of the author’s imagination whose only aim was to hold his readers interest with a fantastic homo-erotic story, set in ancient Arabia.

The Sultanate of Ras al Shahar, ruled for over three hundred years by the al Shahar family occupied a verdant mountainous peninsula located in the extreme south east of the Arabian land mass. This peninsula, which sits in a north-south orientation to the Arabian land mass proper, juts out some 250 miles into the Indian Ocean and at its widest point, where it joins Arabia is over 150 miles wide. It is, therefore a sizeable territory whose capital city called Shaha’a is located on a mountain plateau more or less in the centre of the peninsula itself. At the time of this story in 870 AD, Shaha’a had a population of about 35,000 people and was therefore, for its time, a major centre of culture and learning.

The Sultanate had four other cities of some importance, each with around 15,000 inhabitants all located in the coastal regions and dependant on fishing for their lively hood. Additionally a number of much smaller towns and villages were scattered across the peninsula. In terms of communication, most commerce was by sea with one of the coastal towns, for the peninsula was virtually cut off from the rest of Arabia by a range of steep mountains along its northern border, across which there was only one road pass. Of Arabia proper, the citizens of Ras al Shahar, in reality, knew very little. The climate of Ras al Shahar was tempered by breezes coming off the Indian Ocean and avoided the extremes of temperature experienced further inland so that all in all, Ras al Shahar was a very agreeable place to live.

At the time of our story, the present ruler was the 22 year old Sultan, Tariq Omar al Shahar, had been precipitated into this position at the age of 18 when his father, the previous Sultan died in an unfortunate accident, falling from a balcony of the royal palace on to the courtyard below. Courtiers were surprised at this transition, for Tariq Omar’s uncle, Tayeb Ali, his father’s younger full brother, aged about 40 had thought that he would succeed as ruler on the unfortunate death of his brother, but it was not to be and it was with considerable anger and chagrin he saw his young nephew accede to the throne to which he himself had aspired.

At this time, the Muslim faith was already 300 years old and had been adopted by virtually all of the Arab population of the Arabian Peninsula including the Sultanate of Ras al Shahar. But then as now, Arabia was populated not only by Arabs, but also by a mix of other ethnic groups, who for one reason and another had gravitated there over the past 500 – 600 years. And so it was that the Sultanate of Ras al Shahar, had a sizeable non-Arab population, made up of Persians, Jews, Christians, Greeks , Indians and a sizeable negro population, brought there by the Arabs originally as slaves, all of whom had lived there for centuries.

In the early centuries after the death of the Prophet, Islam was essentially adopted as the official religion of all the Arab tribes, who did not, however, force or even encourage their non-Arab co-citizens to adopt the faith. The Arabs, a race very fond of slavery, left the others to practise whatever religion they wished and saw them as a source of taxation and labour. In Ras al Shahar, as elsewhere in Arabia, the non-Arab races lived fairly well, but under constant domination by and in fear of their Arab masters, who on the whole were a cruel bunch and did not hesitate to stamp out ruthlessly any dissent from the general non -Arab population. Theirs was not a truly comfortable life, for the Arabs treated them with disdain: Arabia was for the Arabs and all others had to bend to their will. Before the time of Mohammed it had always been so and after the adoption of Islam this view was reinforced: the Arabs felt themselves superior. So, then as now, Ras al Shahar as a country with a large number of ethnic minorities was not the most comfortable of places, for the Arabs, as the native inhabitants promulgated a divisive feeling of “us and them”.

Tayeb Ali was himself, a devout Muslim and disapproved totally of his young nephew, Tariq Omar, who had become his lord and master on his brother’s the late sultan’s untimely death. He considered Tariq Omar as an utter wastrel whose sole objective was but to enjoy himself as best he thought fit. And so there was a certain distance in the relationship between the totally free spirited Tariq Omar, the Sultan, who rarely prayed or went to the mosque, and his disgruntled but extremely devout uncle, Tayeb Ali.

As in most Arab states, the day to day running of affairs was handed over by the ruler to a Grand Vizier with the Sultan güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri himself, in theory an absolute autocratic ruler, taking little interest in the running of his domain. And so it was in Ras al Shahar: the young new Sultan, Tariq Omar, took no interest in the affairs of state and left absolutely everything to his Grand Vizier, a ruthless, merciless, evil man called Ahmed Al Banar. Ahmed al Banar had been Tariq Omar’s father’s Vizier and Tariq Omar, basically a weak young man interested only in his own pleasure and self-gratification simply allowed the appointment to continue. And so it was that Sultanate was totally in the hands of this ruthless greedy man, whose main objective was to remain in power and to enrich himself in the process.

By the end of his 22nd year, Tariq Omar, who adored sex, had done his duty by the 6 ladies comprising his harem and found himself the father of no less than 4 children under the age of two! Luckily all of them were boys and so the succession was assured. Tariq Omar enjoyed copulation enormously – it was in fact his main occupation in life – and in the four years since his accession to the throne of the Sultanate, he had spent virtually every night fucking his ladies, usually several of them in one evening. The six ladies of his harem all enjoyed Tariq Omar’s attention very much indeed, for he was physically a magnificent young stud and was very well endowed with that all important tool which his ladies greatly enjoyed. So for a while all went well and Tariq Omar found great sexual satisfaction in fucking his ladies. His harem, it is worth noting, was rather small as he had only six wives, but as they were all young, in their own way, as fond of sex as was their master, all was well.

Tariq Omar’s regular vigorous sexual activity had led to considerable growth of his cock, which in two years had increased in length from 6 to 8 inches when soft and with considerable increase in its girth. All in all, aged 22, Tariq Omar, who was proud of his physique, was a very good looking young stud and when stripped for action with a rock hard cock, almost 10 inches long, his ladies drooled over him and were happy to let him fuck them whenever he wished, which was more or less nightly.

Let us here be clear on one point, the ladies had no option but to submit themselves to their master’s demands, but submit they did and willingly. Like women the world over, once accustomed to sex, the ladies of the harem quickly felt deprived if their lord and master did not bestow his bounty on them in a very regular manner: in short, they all loved to be fucked on a regular basis and were delighted that their lord and master not only had a splendid cock, but the he also liked to use it.

But in spite of a bevy of attractive women in his harem to fuck, all was not well, for Tariq Omar realised gradually that he was no longer getting satisfaction from having sex with his ladies. He had long watched lasciviously the muscular young studs of the imperial guard exercising in the palace grounds and was drawn more and more towards them, until he finally realised that what he wanted was sex with other men and not, as hitherto, with the ladies of his harem.

His Grand Vizier, Ahmed al Banar, was a very astute and observant man, for like his master, he himself was also drawn more to men than to women. He observed that Tariq Omar had more or less stopped frequenting his harem and recognised the change in his master, who was attempting to seduce some of the younger guards. What was to be the solution, for Tariq Omar still wanted rampant sex on a more or less daily basis, but how could it best be provided? Ahmed al Banar wanted to find a solution to keep his master happy and out of his personal way, for he did not want the young Sultan himself interfering in his running of the Sultanate. He and not Tariq Omar, was de facto the ruler of the domain and he wanted it so to remain.

So Ahmed al Banar delicately floated the idea to his master of creating a male harem, in which a number of suitable young studs would be housed and fed and held awaiting the Sultan’s pleasure. Tariq Omar jumped at this idea, for he was desperate to have a regular supply of male sex partners, to replace the ladies of his harem whom he had by now completely abandoned, as he had by now realised that he was basically gay and that his reliance on female company was not for him.

No thought was given by either of them to the feelings of the ladies of the harem, who after two years of regular copulation with a highly competent lover, for Tariq Omar was an expert with his cock, suddenly found themselves bereft of any male company and condemned to a sex-free existence. But female feelings never seem to enter much into the considerations of the Muslim religion: women were there to obey and to produce children: sexual enjoyment and satisfaction was for their husband and not for them – end of story! If by some chance they happened to get some pleasure from being fucked, then all to the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri better: if not: tough! So Tariq Omar, now totally disinterested in his wives, gave Ahmed al Banar carte blanche to organise his male harem and left everything to him.

Now the population of the Sultanate knew the ways of the Grand Vizier very well, for they had often seen him in action as he executed criminals in public on a regular basis. Ahmed al Banar regularly toured the country accompanied by his personal executioner, a huge negro slave called Denon, who was 6 ½ feet tall, weighed 280 pounds and had a physique of iron, which he was allowed to maintain by regular daily exercise.

Like many Negros, Denon had an enormous cock, some 10 inches long with a girth of 8 inches when soft. His cock had been cut as was the custom for all slaves, whether of the Muslim faith or not and his huge knob had been pierced and fitted with a two heavy gold rings by the court jeweller. Denon had a very special relationship with his master, Ahmed al Banar, who had personally selected him from a slave dealer.

It is worthwhile relating how Denon came to the Sultanate and became the chief executioner and became a leading light in the seething cauldron of male sexuality which was concealed beneath the surface of the royal palace.

Like most of the Arab sultanates and sheikdoms, which existed essentially independently in the Arabian Peninsula, where central government was still more than a millennium away, the Sultanate of Ras al Shahar practised justice as laid down by the Prophet in his holy writings. Criminals were regularly executed, usually in public by beheading and the average citizen went in fear of his ruler whose word was absolute and who could send someone to the executioner on the slightest pretext.

So most Arab sheikdoms and small sultanates had at least one public executioner, usually a slave, whose job it was to behead miscreants condemned to death by the ruler or his Vizier. In the interests of keeping control over their people, the rulers were never slow to condemn any doubtful character to death by beheading and so it was that throughout the peninsula public executions were a regular feature of daily life.

Indeed, public beheadings provided what one has to consider as one of the principal forms of entertainment for a large part of the populace, as here, as elsewhere, the human race is always fascinated to see others being punished and beheading was considered as one the finest of all spectacles. Large crowds always gathered to watch the executioners perform their duties, shouting Allah is great as each head bit the dust.

In common with other sheikdoms, Ras al Shahar had an old executioner who had officiated for more than 30 years but was now, unfortunately gradually going blind and Ahmed al Banar realised that a replacement would shortly be needed. In the north of Ras al Shahar, near the mountain pass leading to Arabia proper, dwelt a slave dealer name Abdul al Iftar, who was famed for offering well trained and muscular slaves for sale.

The Grand Vizier, therefore despatch a messenger to inform Abdul al Iftar that he would visit him within the next two weeks with a view to selecting a muscular slave and requested the slave trader to prepare a selection of his best merchandise for inspection. The purpose of the purchase was left unsaid. So, a few days later, the Grand Vizier and his small retinue arrived at the abode of Abdul al Iftar, who, as requested had arranged to show off his very best available stock.

The dealer had slaves of different ethnic backgrounds, but the largest and strongest were all of African Negro stock, especially those of Nubian extraction. Now all Arabs when purchasing a slave always wanted to examine their prospective acquisition in the greatest detail, to ensure that they were getting a healthy specimen to add to their collection. So Abdul al Iftar had arranged for the Vizier to see a selection of his best stock working out at physical exercise.

Abdul al Iftar had long ago realised that he could ask a better price from the potential purchaser if he offer quality “merchandise” and to this end he always kept his new stock for several months during which time he subjected them to rigorous exercise and physical development in order to offer his customers only the finest specimens of manhood.

Abdul al Iftar treated his stock of slaves well and saw that they were well housed and well fed. He also refrained from inflicting any form of corporal punishment on the slaves as he did not want to spoil the beauty of their bodies with scars and thereby reduce their value, for a great number of young slaves were purchased for sexual purposes by their new owners, so that appearance was of paramount importance.

So, at the end of the day, the slaves in his stock, waiting to be sold to their ultimate master, were in general better fed and housed then they had been in their home environment. Also, after a few weeks most of them güvenilir bahis şirketleri realised that the rigorous physical exercise to which they were subjected on a daily basis, was, in fact, a very beneficial as they saw that their bodies were becoming fitter and more attractive as time advanced; so few slaves ever tried to escape, as theirs was not such an unhappy lot.

Additionally, Abdul al Iftar was wise enough to realise that the slaves were also men with men’s sexual needs and although he allowed no contact at all with the opposite sex, he permitted the slaves to have sex with each other so that on their free time the slaves’ quarters took on the aspect of a fuck-fest as the young studs shafted each other. And so it was that al Iftar maintained a harmonious environment in which even the slaves were reasonably happy.

Abdul al Iftar sat next to the Vizier on a balcony above the exercise yard where the slaves he had selected to present to the Vizier, were put through their paces by their slave-master supervisor, himself originally a slave. Sensing that he might make a sizeable sale, al Iftar had selected the six finest slaves form his stock to show to the Vizier, among whom was the slave whom we now know as Denon.

All six men were of magnificent proportions, but Denon stood out as being the best of a brilliant bunch. The Vizier’s attention was immediately drawn to Denon for on conclusion of the formal presentation he simply stood out as being the best among his peers – the primus inter pares, so to speak. The Vizier then asked al Iftar to let him examine Denon personally.

For the formal presentation, all six men had been naked except for a loin cloth and when Denon appeared before the Vizier he was immediately told to drop this piece of clothing and stand there totally naked in front of the Vizier and his master, al Iftar. The Vizier was transfixed by the extraordinary muscularity of this man. He was very tall, some six and a half feet at a guess, but all was in perfect proportion. He was truly the male beauty to behold and was a testimony to the methods used by Abdul al Iftar to develop the very best out of his stock.

But what was now revealed was the extraordinary genital endowment of this young man, for he had a superb cock, some ten inches long under which a splendid pair of balls were tightly held to his body. This truly was a highly attractive combination and the Vizier could hardly believe his eyes. He approached Denon and grasped his cock in his hand, giving it a firm tug, as if to confirm that it truly existed and then, in a cupped hand, felt the weight of Denon’s balls.

Surprisingly, he noticed that Denon had not been circumcised and still sported a hefty foreskin, which was somewhat surprising as most Nubians were Muslims and were usually circumcised in accordance with Muslim tradition. He then made Denon bend over and spread his legs so that he could examine his anus, where an extremely tight sphincter held his anal fuck-hole firmly closed. Abdul Al Iftar, who had simply watched this detailed examination, then told the Vizier that Denon was an anal virgin. He explained that although Denon was an avid copulator himself, exercising his cock on his companion slaves on a daily basis, he himself never allowed any access to his own fuck hole: he fucked with great vigour, but did not allow anyone to fuck him.

Abdul al Iftar then suggested that they retire to his private quarters where he had prepared a meal for the Vizier. He then suggested to the Vizier that he might like to see Denon in action, by which he meant to watch Denon exercising is cock on his fellow slaves, to which the Vizier enthusiastically agreed. Abdul al Iftar was nothing if not a great salesman and had a room arranged just for such purpose, discreetly overlooked by an internal balcony from which any activity could be observed. He then had Denon and three of the other slaves, who had been together with him in the formal presentation, brought into the room and left them there to their own devices. Very quickly, Denon dropped the few clothes he was wearing, grabbed one of his fellow slaves, ripped of his clothes and with no more ado force him to his knees and shafted him with what was his already a huge rock-hard cock.

The Vizier was astonished by the speed of the action and was mesmerised by the size of Denon’s erect fuck stick. But equally surprising was the speed with which Denon climaxed. For a few short minutes he pounded his present partner’s hole and shot him a huge wad of cum, after which he was already moving on to the next guy without a pause.

It was obvious that this was a regular occurrence, for the other two slaves then engaged in a similar activity with each other, with the one whom Denon had just discarded, releasing his sexual tension on the third man’s fuck-hole. And so things went on. Denon finished up fucking his three companions twice and they, in turn, each fucked one another, but as al Iftar had said, Denon himself never allowed a cock anywhere near his own arse. Abdul al Iftar explained to the Vizier, that such extreme sexual activity was quite usual among all the slaves. He allowed them to fuck each other as there was no access to any of the opposite sex whatsoever. So all his slaves were totally accustomed to male-male sex, or in modern parlance, gay sex.

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