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It was a sunny Saturday morning when Becca woke me up.

“Good morning, baby,” Becca told me, as I slowly opened my eyes. “Time to rise and shine.”

“What’s going on?” I asked her.

“I can’t tell you yet,” she replied, as she pulled the blanket off my naked body. “But you got to get out of bed. I have big plans for us today.”

“Where are we going?” I wondered.

“It’s a surprise,” Becca answered. “Now come on. It’s time to get dressed.”

I climbed to my feet as I got out of the bed. I immediately noticed that Becca was wearing a trenchcoat.

“What’s up with the trenchcoat?” I asked her.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” she promised.

Becca had already placed the clothes that she wanted me wear on a chair beside my bed. I grabbed the clothes and began to get dressed. Suddenly, I realized that something was missing.

“Where’s the blindfold?” I asked Becca, as I finished putting my shoes on.

“No need for a blindfold this time,” she informed me. “The biggest surprise will occur when you least expect it.”

With a smile on her face, Becca grabbed my right hand and led me out of the bedroom and out of the house.

“We’re nearly there,” Becca announced, as she made a right turn. She had been driving for over twenty minutes. We entered the downtown area only a few minutes ago.

As Becca drove me to the surprise location, I thought about what happened the previous night. I told Becca that it was difficult to keep that spark in our sex life going. She was disappointed to hear that I wasn’t as excited by our sexual activities and escapades as I used to be.

I didn’t know what Becca had planned, but I hoped that it would resolve whatever issues we had.

“Just five minutes away,” Becca informed me.

“Got to admit, this surprise has peaked my curiosity,” I confessed. “Can you give me any hints as to where we’re heading and what you have planned?”

“I’ll say this,” Becca remarked, as she made a left turn. “I have a feeling this trip is one that you’re going to remember for quite some time.”

Becca looked out her window. Then she flipped on her turn signal and got into the right lane. She kept the turn signal on as she prepared to turn right again.

“We’re here,” Becca announced.

I looked out my window as I stared at the place where Becca had driven me.

It was a small movie theater. The theater was called “Anderson’s Adult Cinema.” At that moment, I realized what we were about to do.

“We’re going to see a dirty movie?” I asked her.

“Oh yes,” she told me. “But there’s a bit more to the surprise than that. You’ll see.”

Becca made a right turn as she drove through the theater parking lot. She ended up parking the vehicle on the far right side of the theater. It was nowhere near the main entrance.

“This is a strange place to park,” I commented.

“Trust me,” Becca said. “It will make sense soon enough.”

We unbuckled our seatbelts and climbed out of the vehicle. Then we walked around the building until we were at the front door.

We entered the theater and purchased tickets for a movie called “Rachel’s Raunchy Rodeo.” I started to head for the auditorium where the movie was showing, but Becca pointed me in the direction of the concession stand.

“You want to get something to eat or drink during this?” I asked her.

“I’ll handle this,” she told me. “You just wait right here for me.”

Becca walked up to the counter and began to place our order. I found it strange that Becca wanted to get something to eat or drink during an adult movie.

After a minute passed, Becca turned away from the concession stand and walked back to me. She handed me a big cup of popcorn.

“Hold this for me, please,” she said.

I held onto the popcorn cup with both hands as Becca turned back around and returned to the concession stand. She grabbed two cups that were filled with beer before she spun back around. Then she followed me towards the theater rooms.

We headed into the room where the movie was screening. The auditorium was completely empty. Becca and I were the only ones at this screening.

“Right this way,” Becca said, as she walked past me and pointed to two seats in the front row.

I promptly followed Becca to the front row of the theater.

“Why the front row?” I asked her.

“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough,” Becca replied, as she placed the beer cups into the cupholders. “I promise.”

I sat the popcorn cup down at our feet as we sat down in our seats.

Becca and I remained silent as we watched the trailers roll by in silence. After ten minutes of trailers were shown, the erotic movie began.

“Alright, now we can start,” Becca announced. “Now we have the proper mood for this fun adventure.”

At that moment, Becca pulled off her trenchcoat and tossed it aside. I turned my head and stared at her. Becca was wearing a cheerleader outfit. It was tough to see in the dark theater, but it looked like her uniform colors were white and light green.

“Becca, what are you doing?” I whispered.

“Last night, you said that we lacked a spark that we had in the past,” Becca reminded me, as she pulled her cheerleader shell up and tossed it onto the theater floor. She played with her nipples as she showed me her rack.

“Sooo, let’s make some sparks,” she suggested.

In that instant, I realized what Becca had planned and what she wanted us to do. She wanted us to get naked, pleasure each other, and fuck in that movie theater while an adult movie was playing in the background.

“But what about the projectionist?” I asked her. “Surely, they would…”

“A good friend of mine is up in that booth,” Becca replied. “I’m very fortunate to have good connections. So there’s no need to panic. They’re just going to sit back and enjoy the show. And by the show, I mean us.”

At that moment, Becca leaned forward, yanked my shorts down, and exposed my dark blue boxers. My cock was already erect and ready to be played with.

I moaned as Becca placed her left hand down my boxers and began to stroke me. She smiled as she moved her left hand up and down my shaft. My heart beat rapidly and my breathing suddenly increased as I watched my girlfriend masturbate me. She switched hands as she pumped my erect cock.

After a couple seconds passed, I pulled my boxers down so that Becca could see my crotch in its entirety. Becca moved her hands up and down as she stroked my cock. She rubbed her fingers over the head of my cock and played with the sensitive pink flesh. My moans grew progressively louder as Becca pleasured me in my theater seat.

I felt compelled to cum on her, but Becca recognized when she needed to stop and stopped before I güvenilir bahis could climax.

“Now it’s your turn,” she told me.

Becca raised her legs up. Her miniskirt glided upward as she spread her legs and showed me her crotch. I stared in awe at the light green spankies that separated me from her twat.

I placed my hands onto the waistband of Becca’s briefs. She breathed softly as she waited for me to take them off her.

Instead, I placed my mouth up against the spot where her twat was covered and began to kiss that area. She giggled as I made out with her cheerleader briefs.

After a few seconds of kissing, I raised my head up and grunted as I pulled Becca’s spankies right down her legs. My girlfriend cried out as I exposed her crotch.

I tossed the panties onto the floor before I turned my attention to her shaven pussy. Becca elevated her legs as she waited for me to play with her twat.

I stretched Becca’s outer lips apart with my fingers as I prepared to satisfy her pink flesh with my mouth. Then I lowered my head, stuck out my tongue, and pressed it right up against her tasty pink flesh. She gasped as she felt my warm tongue stroke her snatch.

I moved my tongue in a counterclockwise direction as I ate her out. As usual, Becca tasted delicious.

Then I pressed my lips down onto Becca’s sensitive pink lips and began to kiss them. Becca gasped as I rubbed my upper lip up against her clit and increased her satisfaction.

As I ate out Becca, I could hear the woman in the movie getting eaten out at the exact some moment. Her orgasmic cries excited Becca and caused her to moan even louder.

I sunk my teeth into Becca’s twat and shook her lips around. I could feel her pussy becoming moister, and I was ready to taste her juice.

Becca screamed as my mouth made her orgasm. I moaned as cum gushed out of her pussy and directly into my mouth.

As soon as Becca finished squirting, I pulled my mouth away from her twat. The warm liquid dripped out of her pussy as she orgasmed.

“Wow, it’s getting pretty hot in here,” I said.

At that moment, I removed my hoodie and tossed it onto the theater floor. Then I grabbed my shirt, pulled it up, and removed it from my body.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t contemplate taking my clothes off in a movie theater. However, I trusted Becca, and I didn’t question her decisions, especially when every sexual decision turned out to be extremely fun.

“Alright, now it’s time to get you loose,” I told her.

Becca watched as I shoved four fingers on my right hand directly into her soaked snatch. Then I began to move my hand as quickly as I could. Becca cried out as I finger fucked her. The smacking sound echoed throughout the theater. She moaned loudly as I rubbed my fingers against the walls of her wet pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” Becca moaned. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum! Oh!”

Eager to push Becca to the brink, I pushed my fingers in deeper. It didn’t take long for me to find Becca’s G-spot and push her over the edge.

Becca screamed as she squirted all over her seat. I withdrew my fingers from her snatch as her sweet juice flowed out of her.

“Holy shit,” Becca said, as she took several audible breaths. “You really got me wet.”

“Stay still,” I instructed. “I’ll clean that up for you.”

I grabbed Becca’s miniskirt and rubbed it all over the wet seat. I collected as much of her cum off the seat as I possibly could. Then I pressed the item up against her crotch, rubbing the cum covered miniskirt against her skin.

“Thank you,” Becca said, as I finished cleaning her seat. “Now it’s my turn. Just sit back, and I’ll show you what’s next.”

Becca reached down and grabbed something off the floor. It was a butter packet.

She smiled as she ripped open the butter packet and dumped out the contents. I moaned as Becca covered my crotch in warm butter.

“This is so fucking kinky,” I told her, as I watched her pour the warm butter onto me.

“Hey, I’m a naughty cheerleader,” Becca remarked. “It’s what I do.”

Then she snatched my cock with her right hand, gripped the base, and began to suck. I moaned as I watched my girlfriend give me a blowjob.

As Becca sucked on my cock, I grabbed her miniskirt and pulled it back up. Then I began to spank her ass with my right hand. I spanked my girlfriend repeatedly as she sucked on my butter covered cock. Each spanking was louder than the one that preceded it.

Becca’s eyes rolled back as I pushed my cock against the back of her throat. I began to spank her harder as she rolled her tongue over my cock.

After a few seconds, Becca removed my cock from my mouth. I stopped spanking her and stared down at my crotch. Most of the butter had been licked off of it. A few drops of pre-cum began to leak out of the tip of my swollen cock.

“I think it’s fair to say that you’re ready for more fun,” Becca told me, as she gave my cock a slap with her right hand.

“You couldn’t be more right,” I responded, as Becca leaned back and spread her legs.

And with those words, I shoved my cock into Becca’s wet pussy. I moaned as I felt the walls of her cooch close around my aroused cock. The moist liquid that was contained within her pussy began to soak into the flesh of my cock.

Becca tilted her head back and moaned as I fucked her.

I grabbed Becca’s boobs and twisted her nipples as I smacked my cock around inside of her.

“Oh, fuck!” Becca shouted. “Oh, fuck!”

At that moment, I realized that I needed to see Becca’s ass before I climaxed inside of her.

“Turn around,” I instructed, as I pulled out of Becca.

Becca spun around and got down on her knees in her seat. I flipped her miniskirt up and exposed her ass. Then I reached for my cupholder and grabbed my cup of beer.

“What do you have planned now?” Becca asked me.

“Stay in that position, and I’ll show you,” I replied.

I raised my cup of beer into the air. Then I dumped my beer onto her ass. Becca cried out as the cold liquid began to drip down her big ass.

“Damn, look at that beer,” I said. “Dripping down that naughty cheerleader ass of yours.”

I leaned my head down, stuck my tongue out, and began to lick the beer right off of her ass. Becca giggled as I licked the beer off of her. She shook her ass as I kissed and licked her wet skin with my lips and tongue.

Once I finished kissing her, I shoved my cock into Becca’s asshole and took her from behind. I grunted loudly as I pounded my girlfriend’s ass. Becca moaned as I fucked her doggystyle.

Instinctively, Becca grabbed her cup of beer from her cupholder and dumped it onto her ass and the cock that was inside it. I moaned as the beer poured down onto my cock. I türkçe bahis could feel the cold liquid begin to soak itself into my skin as I fucked Becca.

With a loud cry, I picked up the pace and intensity of my fucking. Becca cried out as I slammed my cock inside her ass. I raised my right hand and spanked Becca’s ass as I watched my girlfriend ride my cock.

Suddenly, Becca moved away from me until my cock was out of her.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her. “Was there something…”

Becca immediately spun around and covered my mouth with her right hand.

“Shh,” Becca whispered. “I just heard a security officer. We have to get dressed right now.”

At that moment, Becca grabbed her cheerleader top and proceeded to put it back on.

I grabbed my shirt from the theater floor and put it back on.

“Shit, I can’t find my shorts!” I growled, as I got down on the floor and began to search for them.

“Here, just sit down,” Becca told me, as she reached for something on the floor. “I got you.”

I climbed back into my seat. Becca promptly tossed my hoodie onto my lap and covered my crotch. I leaned back as I attempted to keep my crotch concealed.

Becca pulled her top back down as she covered her chest.

Suddenly, the auditorium doors swung open, and the security officer entered the room. He moved his flashlight around as he surveyed the room for trouble.

The security officer scanned the room briefly. Becca and I remained silent as we pretended to focus on the movie.

After a couple seconds, the security officer turned around and departed from the auditorium. I breathed a sigh of relief as soon as he left. However, Becca began to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” I asked her.

“Your shirt,” she replied. “It’s inside out.”

I stared down and noticed that I was wearing my shirt the wrong way.

“Aw, come on,” I groaned to myself.

“Here, let’s fix this problem,” she said.

Becca turned towards me and helped me get the shirt off my body.

“Now… where were we?” she remarked.

At that moment, Becca removed the hoodie from my crotch. I was still erect and ready for more fun. Then Becca pulled her cheerleader shell off and tossed it back onto the floor. She rubbed her hands over her nipples as she made them erect and perky again.

Then Becca got down on her knees and began to rub her boobs all over my cock. I moaned as she stimulated my cock with her rack. She bounced her boobs up and down as she pleasured me.

Instinctively, I moved my leg to the right. I heard the popcorn cup roll over as I knocked it down.

“Oh, shit,” Becca said, as she released my cock and grabbed the popcorn cup off the floor.

Becca held up the popcorn cup. The cup still contained half the popcorn that was originally in there.

“Hmm, I think I want to have a snack,” Becca remarked. “And you can help me do that.”

Then she raised the cup and dumped the popcorn directly onto my crotch.

I watched as Becca began to eat the popcorn directly off of my crotch. Her tongue moved over my cock and balls as she swallowed the food.

Once Becca finished eating all the popcorn that was on my crotch, she seized my erect cock, lowered her head, and began to suck on it.

I let out several audible breaths as my girlfriend sucked on my aroused cock. No matter how many times she did it, my girlfriend always found a way to make each blowjob special.

After a minute passed, Becca removed my cock from her mouth. She kissed the tip of my cock as she removed it from her mouth.

“I heard this dirty movie has some cowboys,” Becca remarked, as she let go of my cock. “As a matter of fact, I’ve always found the cowboy to very interesting. But personally, I prefer the cowgirl.”

“Hmm, why don’t you show me your favorite thing about the cowgirl?” I asked, as I played along with her dirty talk.

“With pleasure,” she responded.

Becca hiked up her miniskirt as she stood up. She rubbed her right hand over her clit as she prepared herself to get penetrated again. Then she lowered herself down onto my cock. I gasped as I felt her wet pussy wrap itself against my cock. Then she began to bounce.

Becca moaned as she bounced up and down on my cock. Her miniskirt flapped around in the air as she rode me.

I played with Becca’s boobs, rubbing her perky pink nipples as she did the cowgirl. She wrapped her hands around my neck, rubbing the back of it as she straddled my cock.

I let out orgasmic cries of various volumes as Becca moved my cock around inside of her.

Suddenly, Becca stopped bouncing. She climbed off of my cock and stood up.

“Hey, let’s get a closer view,” she suggested.

At that moment, Becca walked over to the movie screen. In that instant, I understood why she wanted us to sit in the front row.

I climbed to my feet and walked over to Becca. I smiled as I shoved her up against the movie screen.

“Don’t hold back,” she whispered. “I want you to finish while I’m pressed up against the movie screen for this dirty movie. Listening to people fuck while you fuck me. You got it?”

“Got it,” I replied.

I pulled Becca’s miniskirt up until I could see her ass in its flawless entirety. She bent down as she prepared for me to reenter her. With an audible grunt, I shoved my cock back into Becca’s pussy and began to fuck her hard.

Becca pressed both of her hands up against the movie screen as I pounded her. She screamed as I moved my cock around inside of her. I spanked Becca’s ass repeatedly as she continued to react to the rough sex.

As it turned out, the couple on the movie screen were fucking, screaming, and orgasming at the exact same moment that we chose to do so. We certainly didn’t plan it, but this climactic ending was enhanced even more by the hot fucking that was going on within the movie itself.

Becca shrieked as I pushed her over the edge and made her climax. Her cries of pleasure aroused me so much that I reached my climax in the following seconds.

I moaned as the semen shot up, and I came inside Becca. Becca cried out as I filled her pussy up with my warm cum.

As soon as I finished, I pulled out of Becca and collapsed onto the theater floor. My cum leaked out of Becca’s pussy and began to drip down her legs as soon as I removed my cock from her drenched snatch.

Becca giggled as she lowered her hands, licked my cum off of her legs, and swallowed it.

“Holy fuck, that was hot!” I exclaimed.

“You’re hot,” Becca replied, as she dropped down and began to make out with me. Her tongue entered my mouth as we made out.

Instinctively, I took my right hand and stuck three fingers inside her pussy. She moaned as I played with her cum filled snatch.

Eventually, güvenilir bahis siteleri our lips and tongues separated. We stared at each other as we reflected on our current sexual escapade.

Suddenly, the auditorium doors swung open, and the lights came on. The security officer pointed his flashlight directly at us.

“Freeze! Don’t move!” the security officer yelled.

Unwilling to take any chances, the security officer began to sprint towards us.

“Go!” Becca shouted, as she rolled off of me and scrambled to her feet. “Get to the exit! I’ll grab all our stuff!”

In a panic, I climbed to my feet and ran towards the emergency exit. Becca darted towards our seats and began to collect all of our clothes off the theater floor.

I threw the door to the emergency exit open and promptly set off the alarm. I spun around to see if Becca was right behind me.

“Get away from that door!” the security officer ordered. “You need to stay where you are!”

The security officer was moving quickly and getting close to the front row. However, Becca had already grabbed all the clothes. She began to run towards the emergency exit.

I held the emergency exit door open for Becca. She ran outside, and I followed her.

We didn’t look back as we sprinted towards Becca’s car.

“Let’s go!” Becca shouted, as she tossed her car key into my hands. “You’re driving! Come on! Quickly!”

I unlocked the vehicle, threw open the car door, and sat down in the driver’s seat. Becca climbed into the car and sat down in the passenger seat. She tossed our clothes into the backseat right before she buckled her seatbelt. As we closed the car doors and prepared to leave, I understood why she chose to park on that side of the lot. I was definitely thankful that Becca had thought out an exit strategy if we did happen to get caught.

“Stop!” the security officer shouted. “I order you to stop right now!”

I placed the car key into the ignition, started up Becca’s car, and took off. I saw the security officer sprint after the car, but he couldn’t keep up.

I hit the gas pedal and kept going. I didn’t know if there was going to be repercussions for what Becca and I did in that theater. I just knew that I wanted to get us as far away from the theater security as I possibly could.

I breathed heavily as I drove down the street. I was going at least ten miles over the speed limit.

“You can slow down now,” Becca told me. “We’re not being followed.”

I took my foot off the gas pedal and slowed down until I was going the normal speed limit. Suddenly, I realized something.

“Wait!” I gasped. “The license plate! The security officer saw it! What if he…”

“Relax,” Becca said. “It’s a fake license plate that leads to nowhere. I put it on my car this morning. I told you that I had reliable connections. Trust me. You have no reason to worry whatsoever.”

I breathed a sigh of relief as Becca gave me the good news.

“Wow,” I remarked, as I reflected upon what just happened. “What a rush that was!”

“I know, right?” Becca remarked. “So tell me, do we still have that spark? Is our sex life still exciting?”

“Fuck yeah,” I answered.

“Good,” Becca replied, as she leaned over and gave me a big kiss on my right cheek.

My cock sprang up as soon as I felt her lips touch my cheek. Becca giggled as she stared at my boner. Then she lowered her head and gave the tip of my cock a kiss. I moaned as she kissed the head of my erect cock.

“Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have you as my girlfriend?” I asked her.

“Yep,” she replied, as soon as she finished kissing me. “You’ve told me… and shown me. And I’ve enjoyed that praise very much.”

“Good,” I said. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Becca replied.

It was 1 P.M. when I drove Becca’s car into her driveway and parked it. As I removed the car key from the ignition, I turned towards Becca. I could tell that she was thinking about something.

“Something on your mind?” I asked Becca.

“Well… to be honest, I don’t think I’m ready for this fun to end just yet,” she confessed. “This naughty cheerleader is still feeling pretty horny.”

“Well, let’s see if I can resolve this situation,” I told her.

“Oh, I know you can,” Becca replied, as she unbuckled her seatbelt. “And we don’t even have to leave the car.”

With those words, Becca climbed into the backseat of her vehicle. She spread her legs as she lay down in the backseat.

“Care to join me?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I answered.

Within seconds, I unbuckled my seatbelt, moved into the backseat with Becca, and lay down on my back.

Becca got down on her knees and turned away from me. I smiled as she adjusted her body so that her ass and pussy were in front of my face. Then Becca grabbed my cock with her hands and began to stroke it.

As soon as I was fully erect, Becca placed my cock into her mouth and began to suck on it. I moaned as I felt her tongue rub up against the sensitive pink flesh of my cock.

Eager to make Becca cum again, I pressed my tongue against her clit and began to stroke it. Then I pressed my lips against Becca’s pink lips and began to kiss them. Her ass shook as I satisfied her sensitive clit and delicious pussy.

Feeling deeply aroused, Becca began to suck harder, and I responded by spanking her big ass.

I never imagined a sexual scenario like this with Becca before. However, as it turned out, there was something truly fantastic about being able to satisfy each other in Becca’s driveway.

Before long, Becca and I had pushed each other to orgasm. We moaned as we climaxed at virtually the exact same moment. Becca’s warm cum poured out and onto my face as she orgasmed.

Becca moaned as she removed my cock from her mouth and swallowed my warm cum.

“Think the neighbors heard us?” I wondered aloud, as I licked Becca’s cum off of my face.

“If they did, I’m sure they enjoyed it,” Becca told me. “They’re actually really horny people. Now come on. Let’s go inside and take a shower. I’m sure that will end up being very wet and wild.”

I grabbed my shorts and put them back on while Becca put her cheerleader top back on. Then we climbed out of the vehicle. Becca locked the car up right before we entered her house and prepared to have more fun together.

It was crazy how quickly things could change in just a few hours. I feared that our sex life and adult related adventures were on a downward spiral. However, Becca found a way to make sex feel new and exciting once again.

I knew having sex in public places was a very risky thing to do, but it didn’t bother me. With Becca, the reward always outweighed the risk.

In the end, today turned out to be another Saturday that was filled with plenty of adventure, excitement, and truly fantastic cheerleader pleasure.

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