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Toni looks at her appearance in her full length mirror. Not bad for a young woman in her mid twenties, she thinks as she studies her body. She wishes her breasts were larger but the men and women who have played with them have not complained.

She runs her hands down her body and stops at her naked pussy. The little triangle of hair she keeps there helps to highlight her little lips that poke out but she wonders if she should shave it off. Nah, she finally decides as her fingertips graze her soft, wet, lips. She shudders at the contact as memories of the encounter with the young girl, Shirley, at the shop flood back. She sticks a finger in her wet cunt and pulls it out. She brings the finger to her mouth and licks her sweet juices. She remembers how hot Shirley had been and smiles.

She begins to dress and decides go dressed in her sales clerk outfit. Slips her khakis on, without panties, and a simple white long sleeve shirt with a small thin brown tie. She checks herself out in the mirror and she whistles at herself. She stares at her small braless nipples lightly showing through her shirt.

“Customer satisfaction,” she thinks as she grabs a small duffle bag and leaves.

Shirley slowly gets up from the bed. She tries not to disturb the sleeping Gina and Nancy and is successful as she gets her bag from the floor and go into Nancy’s room.

As she slips on the purple teddy and thong she had bought at the lingerie shop, Shirley thinks back to the past two days. Until today she had never made out with another woman but now she has…twice! She knew she would enjoy it but she had no idea how much she would. Ever since her sudden and unexpected boldness with Toni at the store, she has been horny all day long. Even now, after two strong orgasms, she finds her pussy wet and screaming for more.

A quiet knock at the door tells her that her company is here. Shirley looks at herself in the mirror once more, and goes to greet her guest.

Toni is floored when the door opens and Shirley greets her in the outfit that she bought earlier. It had looked awesome on Shirley in the dressing room but now it looks absolutely perfect. She wants to reach out and help Shirley’s tits out of the outfit but restrains herself as she enters the apartment.

Shirley chuckles as she closes the door.

“What,” asks Toni as the two women embrace.

“It’s just funny,” says Shirley as her hands begin to run down towards Toni’s ass. “You’re dressed like you were earlier and I am wearing the same outfit too.”

Shirley presses her lips near Toni’s ear. “I think it is sexy,” she whispers.

Toni melts as Shirley brings her lips to hers and they meet in a long, slow kiss.

Shirley pulls away and takes Toni’s hand. Toni picks up her bag and lets herself be led to the big couch.

“What’s in the bag,” Shirley asks.

Toni grins. “You’ll see in a few minutes,” she says as she sets in down on the floor and they both get on the couch.

Immediately they begin to kiss once more. Their hands explore each other and Shirley moans with delight. Toni brings her hands to Shirley’s tits and pinches her hard nipples like she did at the store. The feel of the silk fabric against her bare skin feels wonderful bahis firmaları but Shirley wants to feel flesh against flesh so she begs for Toni to strip her.

“Yes,” Toni says sharply. “What do you want your boss to do, my little slave?”

“Strip me, master,” moans Shirley. She and her boyfriend used to play these control games but she never wanted to give in to one person as much as she wants to right now.

“Okay slave. Stand up!”

Shirley obeys.

She stands up and Toni proceeds to take the teddy off her. Shirley then moans as Toni bends down to take one of her hard nipples in her mouth. Toni devours it and continues to nibble at the big nipple as she removes the thong .

Shirley shudders at Toni’s touch.

“Now,” orders Toni. “Strip me, my little bitch.”

Shirley grins.

She reaches for the tie and within seconds it is on the floor. Toni grins at Shirley’s enthusiasm.

Shirley begins to unbutton Toni’s shirt. She remembers how small Toni’s tits felt but didn’t realize how small they were until she has the shirt completely off and on the floor. It doesn’t matter, thinks Shirley.

“You have nice tits, master,” whispers Shirley as Toni brings her head towards them.

“Thank you, slave. I want you to suck them!”

Shirley obeys. She finds the sensation different than when she had sucked on Nancy’s big tits but enjoys it anyway. Toni moans with delight and Shirley reaches down to her pants. She is able to remove them without letting go of the small nipple and soon Toni is as naked as she is.

Shirley lets go of the nipple and looks at the cute triangle of hair. She runs her tongue through the small forest until she finds Toni’s wet lips waiting for her.

Toni wimpers as Shirley’s tongue finds her clit and begins to lick it. Her knees begin to wobble and she almost loses her balance but Shirley grabs her ass to support her. As Shirley’s tongue works her hot cunt, Toni begins to play with her small breasts.

“Oh, yes, slave,” she moans. “ Lick my cunt. Suck it!”

Shirley continues and decides to do to Toni what Gina had done to her. She slowly moves a hand down from the top of Toni’s ass until the tip of a finger is resting on Tina’s asshole. Toni moans with pleasure. She hasn’t had anyone play with her asshole for several months.

“Yes, slave,” she manages to say. “Fuck my ass, you hot little bitch. Use your delicate finger to fuck your master’s ass!”

Toni’s language and forcefulness consumes Shirley and she obeys.

She pushes Toni back onto the couch . Toni spreads her legs so that her pussy was wide open. Shirley bends down and begins to lick the wet cunt once more. She sticks one finger into the hot pussy before her and then slowly lets another finger into the little asshole.

Toni lets out a scream which only encourages Shirley. She begins to lick harder. She bites Toni’s little lips and thrusts her fingers more forcefully into her master.

“Yes…” Toni moans.

Shirley fells Toni stiffen up and feels Toni’s hands suddenly holding her head in face. She keeps licking and sucking on Toni’s clit until Toni cries out as a huge orgasm overcomes her.

Shirley tenderly pulls her fingers out and Toni gasps for kaçak iddaa air.

“T… Th… That was awesome,” exclaims Toni as she pulls Shirley towards her and they kiss.

Shirley lies next to her and runs her hands through Toni’s hair. “You have a pretty smile,” comments Shirley as she runs her finger over Toni’s lips.

“ Thank you,” replies Toni. “So do you.”

They lie there for a few minutes as Toni lets her strength return.

“Well now, that was a show.”

The sudden voice startles Toni and she sits up. Shirley looks at Nancy standing in the doorway, still naked. As hard as her nipples were, Shirley could tell Nancy was still very horny. She looks at Toni and grins. It is obvious that Toni is stunned by her roommates humungous tits.

Shirley stands and walks to Nancy. They embrace and kiss.

Shirley breaks away. “ Nancy, this is Toni.”

“Toni, this is Nancy, my roommate.”

Nancy walks over to the couch and sits down next to Toni as Shirley heads for the kitchen. Nancy is able to mutter a hello as she stares at the big breasts before her.

Shirley quickly returns with three empty glasses and a bottle of wine. She pours each of them a drink and they begin to talk.

Toni is surprised to learn that the duo has only been roommates for only a day and that today was Shirley’s first time with another woman.

They continue to drink and soon they start to giggle and laugh. They begin to casually touch each other but they know that this is not a result of the wine. At one point Toni begins to massage Shirley’s legs She finally opens up and says that, while she is bi, she really loves the feel of a hard cock inside her but that the touch of another woman can be very relaxing from time to time. She admits that she has a breast fetish, probably because of her small ones, and that she takes every opportunity to help women in the shop.

Nancy laughs.

“Well, babe,” she says, bringing one of Toni’s hands up to her large breasts, “You can count on me as a regular customer.”

“You better, bitch! I know where you live,” they all laugh at that and Toni removes her other hand from Shirley’s leg. She brings it up to Nancy’s other breast. Soon she is tenderly caressing them, worshipping them. She bends down to kiss one of the huge nipples and Nancy moans.

“Harder…please…harder,” groans Nancy and Toni obeys. She begins to squeeze the huge mound of flesh. Nancy moans. Toni begins to lick roughly and slips one of the nipples into her wet mouth. She bites down and Nancy gasps.

Shirley had moved to the opposite end of the couch when Toni had begun to play with Nancy. She brings her hands to her own breasts and plays with them. At one point she stops, picks up her glass of wine and pours a little bit onto her hard nipple. She then bends her head down and licks the wine off . She looks up, licking her lips, to find Nancy moaning and looking at her.

Toni pulls away from the huge breast and looks down. She has a perfect view of Nancy’s shaven pussy. She looks at the juices glistening in the light and glances back to the erotic show that Shirley is putting on. She rises, leans over to Shirley, licks some of the wine off the hot young girl, and excuses herself. Lustful kaçak bahis thoughts envelop her as she picks up her duffle bag and goes to the bathroom.

She is only gone for a few minutes but when she returns Toni finds Nancy lying back on the couch and Shirley’s face between Nancy’s spread legs. She also sees Shirley’s ass and pussy facing her. Toni grins and quietly approaches.

It only took Shirley and Nancy a few seconds to fall back into each other’s arms after Toni left. They began to slowly kiss when Nancy looked into Shirley’s dark brown eyes and whispered.

“Thank you for a wonderful day, babe.”

With that compliment, Shirley moves down and begins to hungrily devour her new roommates perfect pussy. She takes a finger and proceeds to slip one into Nancy when she suddenly feels something pressing against her own pussy lips.

She starts to look back but cannot as she feels a very long, hard, fake cock enter her pussy. She can only gasp. She feels pleasure as the cock plunges in and out of her. Soon a small pair of hands grab her breasts. Shirley then realizes that Toni was fucking her with a strap on.

She looks at Nancy playing with her pussy as Toni is fucking her. She then feels Toni’s breath on her neck.

“Do you like my cock?”

Shirley moans.

“Yes, shove your cock into me, master!”

Toni shoves it hard into her and Shirley moans.

Toni looks at Nancy and whispers into Shirley’s ear…”Your friend needs help. Finish sucking her pussy!”

Shirley obeys. She reaches for Nancy and pulls her forward. Nancy doesn’t resist and soon she is being licked by Shirley once more.

Toni shoves her fake cock into Shirley which pushes Shirley into Nancy and Nancy jumps.


Nancy’s scream surprises Shirley and Toni so they continue until Nancy cums and collapses onto the couch.

Toni pulls out of Shirley and Shirley begins to protest.

“Quiet slave!”

The order is stern and Shirley obeys. She then feels the knob press against her asshole and she moans.

Toni is very careful and tender as the huge cock enters the tight asshole.


Shirley screams in a frenzied state.

“Fuck my ass!”

As Toni rams the dildo into her ass, Shirley reaches down and rubs her clit. Soon she cums once more and collapses next to Nancy.

Toni takes the toy off and joins the three. For a short while they caress each other and then fall asleep in each others arms.

Gina enters the living room and smiles. She had been woken up by Nancy’s screams and quietly tiptoed to the hallway. She had seen the older woman entering Shirley’s pussy with a strap on and Gina’s pussy had begun to catch fire once more. She had seen a dildo lying on Shirley’s bedroom floor and went back to get it.

When she made it back to the hallway she watched as the new girl fucked Shirley and Shirley was licking Nancy. Gina licked the dildo in her hands and tasted Shirley’s . Her nipples became harder as she sat against the wall and proceeded to masterbate. When Shirley came so did she and she watched as the trio fell asleep.

She looks at them once more and licks her juices off her dildo. She sets in on the floor next to the strap on .

She then lies down on the couch next to the new girl and also falls to sleep.

Shirley stirs for a second and watches Gina lie down next to Toni and smiles. Sleep takes over and Shirley begins to dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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