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Ben slipped up behind Jake. His concentration was taken up by the Excel spreadsheet and the tallying up of rows and columns. “You find that interesting,” Ben insinuated, gazing down on the man’s bald spot and rubbing it for good luck.

Rolling his eyes, Jake pushed his glasses up his nose, and chastised the interruption, “Someone has to be the grownup and do the bookkeeping. Not everyone can make cardboard box forts all day and take a pre-lunch break for amusement value.” He swatted at the hand rubbing his head, but closed out of the file.

“But you are ignoring what today is?” Ben badgered, and played at doing a comb-over on Jake’s head.

Jake growled, “You are taking way too many of those vitamins. What’s come over you?” but he pushed his computer chair out to let Ben distract him so the computer would be left alone.

Ben sat down on the edge of the computer desk and folded his arms over his chest in an impromptu pout and raised an eyebrow.

Jake looked the man up and down, and scratched at his beard. It wasn’t their anniversary or a birthday. His phone would have chirped warning him of an event that demanded a gift and feigned remembrance. “Okay, I’ll bite. What did I forget?”

“Since you asked,..” Ben drawled.

“Yes, since I asked,” Jake played along with the game.

“Today is the first day we’re alone in the store without the boy.” Ben rubbed his hands together.

Jake laughed, “You interrupted me in the middle of a billing cycle to tell me that?” He pushed his computer chair further away and settled a foot on Ben’s lap, tapping his heel on Ben’s knee that was trying to dislodge him.

“Fine, you old codger,” Ben miffed, and sulkily pretended to look away at something on the wall above Jake’s head.

Jake forced his heel in between Ben’s legs and tapped at his groin. “Am I acting like an old codger, now?” he inquired, beating out a 4/4 rhythm on Ben’s dress slack’s swelling bulge.

“Yes you are,” Ben huffed, but looked down at the foot with a modicum of interest.

“So what did I do wrong…this time?” Jake toyed with Ben by letting his foot fall to the floor so the man was left squirming for no reason.

“So into the new and modern. Computer over me, huh?” Ben pulled his legs together to maintain the upper hand in his argument.

Jake shook his head at the words leveled at him. “Fine clearly I’ve done some or haven’t done some cardinal sin?”

Ben smiled at his acquiescence of crime not committed. “Before we took in the boy, you and I would have slipped into the back room and done it by now. You’re not so old you’re dead yet are you?” Ben angled his crotch to show he still had some life left to burn off.

Jake’s nostrils flared. “The store’s open.”

“Never illegal bahis stopped us in the past. You even found that a turn on. Carpets still back there you know,” Ben motioned behind the register to the interior chamber quietly waiting for inhabitants.

“What about the boy? He could come down the stairs anytime?” Jake cautioned.

“He’s on vacation. You think he’s doing anything up there besides ignoring our existence? Boy’s never left his room on vacation before. Plus you were inspired with that gift idea. Now he can hole himself up until next week,” Ben prattled on listing all the ideas that would override Jake’s reasoning.

Jake reassembled his limbs in the chair and looked nervously around.

“Jake, we’re going on 40, not dead,” Ben scolded.

Jake’s mouth perked up at the corners, “But…”

“But, but, but. See you’re an old codger. I ain’t planning on dying anytime soon, and you as hell better not. I have plans for our retirement that involve you being naked,” Ben warned. “Besides we’ve been unpacking and dealing with that shipment of books from Britain for days now. Don’t you feel a need to unwind a bit? Spring’s in the air early, can’t you feel it?”

Jake looked around and bunched up his mouth. He prattled, “No one comes in this early in the day this time of year.”

“And if they do so much the better. Think of the stories they’ll be able to tell,” Ben licked his lips with anticipation.

“What’s come over you,” Jake asked in mock horror, but slowly got out of his chair, and stood like a nervous virgin in front of Ben.

“Like I said, something’s in the air, and for some reason I want to eat oranges over your naked body but as we are in the shop I think screwing you with the open sign hung on the front door will have to do.” Ben smiled wickedly. He slithered off the desk, and removed the distance between them until his palm was over Jake’s chest and feeling Jake’s heart do overtime.

“Do you want it slow and easy or hard and fast?” Ben’s voice turned from petulant to husky as his fingers dug into the cable-knit sweater Jake was wearing.

“Why do I feel like this is my first time,” Jake asked anxiously.

“Shh, you don’t want to draw attention to us going in back do you? I guess it will have to be fast and sharp so you don’t cry about someone stumbling in to look for us,” Ben whispered luridly in Jake’s ear, and pushed him backwards through the curtains so Jake stumbled blindly into the darkened room.

Jake swore as the curtain wrapped around him, but didn’t buffer his stumble enough to keep him on his feet. He landed with a thud on his ass, his eyes fighting to dilate quickly enough to see from the small line of light that slipped in under the curtain. illegal bahis siteleri Ben towered over him, a dark silhouette against a dark background.

“You better be quiet or the boy might hear you and come inspect. What will he think if he finds you being sodomized on the coffee table,” Ben’s voice took on a hint of a new intonation, as if he was in a bad movie set in the Middle East. He bent down, blocking out Jake’s escape and light.

Reaching down, he took Jake by the shoulders and gruffly picked him up. “I don’t need to see for what I’m about to do to you. Your body will tell me all I need to know,” he whispered at Jake. “Remember, you make a bleating sound and everyone is going to know. You don’t want that, do you?” He shook Jake by the shoulders and pushed him to where he knew the table was, hoping there wasn’t a chair in the way.

Luck wasn’t interested in being involved, or perhaps amused at Jake trying to curse quietly as he kicked at the chair to dislodge it from his back.

“Shh, I told you to be good or the boy will find out what I do to you when he isn’t around. He’ll never want to have coffee in here again all because of you,” Ben lectured in an undertone.

Ben waited for Jake to move the chair away, then spun him around when he was still straightening up from the effort. Pinned to the table Jake’s forehead bounced off the surface and he grunted as the air belted out of his lungs.

“Now you do what I say and this will be over real quick. No one needs to know what a bad boy you are when you’re supposed to be working,” Ben sneered. He leaned into Jake, and breathed on the back of his neck, licking the nervous perspiration off his warm skin. Digging his hands into Jake’s waist, Ben forced his hands between Jake’s stomach and table, breaking the button’s hold on Jake’s pants.

Jake bucked into Ben’s stomach, giving Ben the space needed to slide down on the zipper.

Ben backed off of Jake, and with practiced speed yanked down his pants to hang at Jake’s knees. He kicked Jake’s legs apart.

Legs spread, Jake was trapped on the table without any leverage to move. Jake started to slide. Ben caught him by the waist with one hand while the other hand yanked down on the briefs to free Jake’s ass for his plunging. Ben laughed gutturally.

Using his stomach and chest to keep Jake right where he wanted, Ben undid his own zipper, and tugged his cock out of the briefs. He slapped his cock against Jake’s ass. “You’re about to get this up the ass. Now should I make your first time easy by putting on a rubber, or should I make you feel every tear as I go in sans lubricant?” Ben hissed. He took a rubber out of his pocket and ripped it open with his teeth to make Jake flinch at the canlı bahis siteleri sound of tearing packaging.

Ben’s fingers had the rubber on before Jake could form an answer. “This is all your fault. You’ve made me hot and hard, now you need to drain me. Be a good boy and take it real quiet now so no one comes in or calls the cops. I’ll let you go back to working on our bills when you’ve done this little job for me,” Ben spit as he pulled Jake’s butt cheeks apart. “Now I can either aim at you until I succeed in opening you up, or you can slowly move one of those hands I’m sure you have clutching the table around to guide me. Your choice how easy this goes for you.”

Ben could hear Jake’s hand clamoring over the surface to get to him in time before the first thrust blindly aimed for probing. Jake gave Ben enough guidance that the first thrust made contact and began to spread Jake open.

“Good boy, now get that hand out of the way. This is my ass,” Ben ruled and Jake followed the order, going back to holding onto the table for support.

Each thrust got Ben further down Jake’s ass, He heard Jake’s fist impact the table and a muted snarl that he suspected was a bit lip gone too far. He didn’t give Jake much space of time between each thrust, but ground down smashing his hips into Jake and ironing him into the table.

“You want to scream but you can’t, because if you do everyone will know, and I didn’t say you could bring the world down on us. You have to swallow every one of those yells as I fuck you doggy style. Not one yip from that dirty mouth of yours or I’ll have to feed you carpet to keep you shut up,” Ben threatened.

Ben was in him fully now, losing the ability to keep up a dialog. As his hips began to rock his cock and balls into Jake’s soft hairy ass, Ben reverted to letting the dark rule his senses. All he was aware of was the feeling of Jake being taken, the smell of their body’s mixing, and the sound of blood pumping against his ears.

Ben pressed against Jake’s prostate again and again until the surface Ben was on was convulsing. The soft cries set him off and his own balls rammed up into Jake’s ass and his cock began to jolt. His hips stuttered in spasmodic rhythm making his cock explode from the pressure and friction.

When Ben’s brain reattached itself, he was lying on Jake in the dark, both of them breathing hard and fast. Pulling himself out against suction, Ben slapped Jake on the ass. “You better clean up in the bathroom. I don’t want you out there doing our bills dripping wet. I’ll be finishing the boxes.” He stumbled to an upright position and reassembled his pants. Throwing the spent condom on Jake’s back, he strode out, crotch first, to find hand sanitizer and the remainder of the endless boxes from Britain.

“Breaks over in ten. I expect those bills done by close today or I won’t give you so much time to prepare next time,” Jake called over his shoulder as he slipped out through the curtains and went back to unpacking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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