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And suddenly I saw him standing there, on the rocks, in his bright neon speedo overlooking the sunset on the Mediterranean horizon. I can’t help but notice how perfectly those speedos outline his nether regions both front and back. Though, if I’m honest, I never thought Lorenzo would be the type of guy to wear neon, especially for a pair of swimwear.

Lorenzo and I have been good friends since the time we studied at the same boarding school in England. We even shared a flat in London when we studied at different universities. He obtained his degree in Mathematics and IT, myself in Economics. He’s pretty far from most people would assume a maths/IT geek would look like, though. His frequent trips to the gym for intense routines mean he’s very well sculpted, 185cm tall, and living under the same room as me means a strict and healthy diet regime for all the good fats.

I, on the other hand, would fall dead centre on the stereotypical definition of “twink”. I’m Southeast Asian, and actually pretty slim. I pride myself and am thankful for my body’s ability to gain mass, no matter how much I eat. I seldom go to the gym, but when I do, it’s usually for cruising.

“Rafael, look!” he says to me as he motions for me to come over.

“If you look to your right, there’s Italy somewhere beyond the horizon. But..”

He points to where the sun is setting.

“..if you look that way, Tunisia. Of course now we are in a country which identifies itself as European, but if long ago history was a bit different, this coast right here would’ve been African territory.”

Oh, yes, he’s a bit of a geography buff, too.

As I observed the panorama, my eyes landed on his head. He had that thinking face on him. Before I realised it, though, I was also looking at him. Making my own observation.

Dark brown eyes and hair, but when he’s smiling or expressionless, he has that boy next-door face. He looks like the muscular college guy in American movies when a girl moves into a new suburb, and he’d be all smiling and charming as he casually helps lifting the heavy stuff with his muscles. As he crosses his arms together, it implies a somewhat assertive posture.

“Come now, Lorenzo. Let’s put something on and get back for dinner. I think I saw a restaurant nearby.”

“Yes, mother.”

We put on our beach shorts and top, put our stuff back on the rental cabriolet, and drove over to the restaurant I spoke of. Luckily, it’s also got a cliffside terrace, so we can still witness the outstanding sunset. The drive was short and quiet, and when we arrived we thought we’d get some drinks first.

“Hello, boys! Welcome to Malta! Maybe you would like some of our signature cocktails to start?” urged the bartender

“Sounds great. We’ll take two” I requested

A sun-kissed woman with blonde hair glanced at us, whispered to her male companion, and strided over to Lorenzo. It spoke of confidence, so she knew exactly what she was doing. Her male companion was ever so watchful from his seat.

“Hi, I’m Francesca! Nice to meet you!” she chided as she extended her hand first to Lorenzo then to me.

“Lorenzo. This is my good friend, Rafael.”

“Hello, Rafael. Paula, from Germany.”

She was very bubbly. The smile was also very genuine; I would say it matches the tone and mood of the room. Summer, sea air, and sunset.

“Do you mind if I sit next to you?” she motioned towards the empty seat next to Lorenzo.

“The seat is empty, but are you sure your boyfriend won’t mind?”

She looked back at her male companion.

“Oh, that’s my friend, Flo. Nah, he’s okay, he’s more interested in men, anyway.”

Lorenzo happily chimed in, extending his left arm to me.

“As is Rafael! We’re waiting for our cocktails, but once we have them maybe let’s move to a table for 4..” he suggested, as he looked around for empty tables.

“Fantastic! I’ll call him over, and let’s all have fun!”

She turned back towards Flo, then waved him over. He was more.. guarded, as I observed. Definitely a contrast compared to her extroverted bubbly presence. He wasn’t half bad, with the toned body and biceps. I observed that his ass was also a sight to see.

“This is Lorenzo, and that’s his good friend Rafael. Rafael drives on your side of the street, so maybe you’d like to get along?” she finished the sentence with a wink.

Suddenly, the guarded German smiled and allowed himself to let loose a little. He didn’t hesitate to put his hand forth, shaking mine. Just then, our cocktails arrived and we paid up.

“Come! I think there’s an empty table outside. And there’s still some sunset left to see!” Lorenzo charged, leading the way.

As we sat ourselves down, with Flo across me, and Lorenzo across Paula, we sipped our drinks and witnessed the sun going down. I glanced over to my new acquaintance, with his wavy dirty blond hair and blue eyes matching his flannel shirt. A wait staff came and took our orders, after that we got to introduce ourselves to the table some more.

She güvenilir bahis has a PhD from TU Munich, and is working for a European airspace/defence company. He’s a photographer/artist with his own studio in Berlin. Apparently, they were childhood friends.

“Ah, so you’ve known each other for longer than we have” Lorenzo marvelled.

“And how long have you two known each other?” enquired Flo.

“Since we were.. what, 14? 15? Went to the same boarding school together.”

We chatted away until the food came and finished. And then more drinks were ordered. Lorenzo thought now might as well be the time to push the night a little more.

“Why don’t you come to our rental apartment? Let’s have some more drinks there? And we’ve got our own rooms, so no twin beds there” he clued, with almost a wink.

Flo and Paula smiled at each other.

“I’m down, are you?” first time in the night he showed more enthusiasm than Paula.

“Yes, let’s go. Do you have a car? Or are we calling a taxi?”

“Rafael’s driving. Tonight’s dinner is on me, so you three can go ahead to the car.”

As we were walking to the car, Flo wasn’t the same guarded man he was about an hour ago. He asked me questions about myself, talked about his work in the creative industry, and even leaned forward before Lorenzo came out of the restaurant.

“Let’s go!”

Though the drive was quiet (it was a quick one anyway), the mood in the air was apparent. Everyone was in high spirits, and it was only going upwards from here. It has gotten dark, and we had to carry our things back to the 2nd floor apartment as well.

We went up and unpacked. Drinks were flowing, and music playing. We played a bit of drinking game, too, before finally the night was heading to a peak.

Without any words uttered, Lorenzo and I headed into our respective rooms, with Paula & Flo following us each.

Flo walked in behind me and closed the door. I closed the curtains but opened the bathroom window to make the airflow better. He began to remove his shoes, and he walked to me, ever so cautiously.

His 183cm height and my 175cm were perfect. He looked at me so deeply, with much focus and intent, as if studying me from the perspective of an outsider. He cupped my face in his hands, and my hands found its way to his toned torso. It moved from his abdomen then to the sides.

Then, without hurry, he began to plant his lips on mine. I let him, of course. I’m enjoying all this.

The kiss was leisurely, steady, and patient. I moved my hands to the front of his torso again to unbutton his shirt. As the last button gave way, I moved my hands up and down his toned figure.

As if a button’s just been switched, he moved his hands to my butt and carried me to bed. I took my top off, and our lips reunited. This time was different, though, as the pace went from that of a snail to that of a rushed freight train. There was much force, and I reciprocated happily.

We got off the bed briefly, to take the last articles of our clothing off. Then we lay next to each other in bed, on our sides. There, we find ourselves bare, as if without any secrets.

Then, without any warning whatsoever, we heard Paula’s muffled moans all the way from Lorenzo’s bedroom. They seem to have wasted no time, so we just smiled and kissed some more. I’ve seen Lorenzo’s tool once, when we were on a camping trip to Scotland, and went skinny-dipping. I bet she’s enjoying his rocket.

Again, Flo picked up the intensity. I thought I’d also turn the heat up by motioning him to be on his belly. His ass was magnificent. The rotund shape of his buttocks was an art form in and of itself!

I took it in, letting my hands move around it, taking in its size. Then, I planted a kiss on the arch of his back, which elicited a muffled moan from my guest. Finally, my kisses start to move further downwards.

Before I allowed myself the pleasure of what’s between his globes, I made sure to kiss his butt cheeks both left and right, giving them equal love. On top of that, I gave them each a love bite. In a gesture of welcome and approval, he arched his back and moaned.

Then, finally, I’ve earned the pleasure. I spread his cheeks, and breathe in the musky smell of another man. I placed my nose on top of his little fuck hole, and inhaled as deeply as I can. Afterwards, I gave it kisses, which earned even more from the artist. I continue to repeat the process again and again until the pungent smell becomes less and less apparent.

I let my tongue out like a hungry puppy dog, licking his hole from the bottom up. Flo couldn’t hold his moan in, and his right hand pushed my head further in. I firmly planted my face on his butt, pleasuring him with my lips and tongue.

Then, suddenly, we heard Paula cursing in German, and a set of doors opening and closing hard. I lift my head up, as I also heard Lorenzo calling loudly for her name, seemingly in vain. We immediately stopped what we were doing, put on our clothes, and got out.

“Paula? türkçe bahis Paula!” Flo screamed out. She has already disappeared, and did not sound interested in returning. There goes my date for the night.

I turned my gaze towards Lorenzo, who had a puzzling look on his face. Longing, regret, and confusion. I closed the door to our apartment and locked it, knowing damn well neither will hurry back.

I crossed my arms and shrugged my shoulders

“Lo, what the hell happened?”

He threw his hands up in the air, like he had just lost an argument. Without uttering a single word, he went to the kitchen to pull out vodka from the fridge as well as 2 standard-sized drinking cups. He poured to both, not forgetting to add orange juice in mine. He handed me a cup, and motioned for me to sit on the other couch.

“Lorenzo, you wanna tell me about it?”

He shook his head. More and more vodka was poured and eventually we emptied the bottle. Unbothered to move, we slept on the couches for the night.

I woke up the next day, surprisingly without a hangover. My bladder was absolutely bursting, though, so I made my way to the bathroom and relieved myself. With Lorenzo still sleeping, I thought I might as well get started on breakfast. He was in bad shape last night, but he always liked waking up to my cooking.

I opened the doors to the balcony to let the fresh morning sea air in, and fired up the kitchen hood. With the ingredients all lined up, I started to get cooking. A very simple breakfast, but nonetheless scrumptious.

As the eggs hit the pan, I put in crème fraiche, grated parmesan, and chives in it. Immediately stirring, the aroma filled the common area of the apartment. Lorenzo woke up, not sure if it’s from the sound or the smell, maybe both. He glanced at the kitchen before going to the bathroom to empty all the vodka we drank last night.

I decided to heat up the leftover mushy pea soup from yesterday’s lunch in a boiling pot to help him with the hangover. He came out of the bathroom and walked back to the kitchen, leaning on the island counter just about 2 meters behind me. He took off his shirt, and was gleaming in the sun with all the sweat on his body.

“Good morning, sleepyhead. Usual Saturday breakfast setting here.”


As I turned the kitchen hood and the stove off, he slowly began walking toward me. Out of nowhere, he hugged me from behind, even going so far as to rest his head on my shoulder. As close friends, we’ve hugged a million times before, but never like this. I never quite expected it to happen, either.

“I’m so sorry for last night. You were probably having such a good time.” He grunted.

“Nah, don’t even think about it.”

I sure wasn’t, because I was too busy thinking about something even more pressing, quite literally. His morning wood was pressed against the higher end of my butt, and it felt.. electric. The sensation sent all the right signals to all the right nerves and before I knew it, I had a woody, too.

“Come on, let’s sit down for breakfast. You can talk about it, if you want.”

I brought the plates and put them on the island counter.

“The soup is to help with your hangover.”

“Oh, thanks. Hope you don’t mind”

“LoLo, if I did, you’d know.”

“Hah. Okay.”

There was a moment of silence as we enjoyed our foods. It was a well-needed break. Throughout the meal, hard as I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about Lorenzo’s tool pressed against me. I won’t try to reconstruct what happened and risk losing my lifelong friend, but what I’d give to get another taste of it.

I picked up the plates and bowl and put them in the sink. Before I started the water, however, I realised that the dish soap is no more. There’s a convenience store nearby, so it shouldn’t take too long.

“Hey, I need to go down and get a dish soap. We’ve run out.”

Lorenzo waved his hand in a dismissive motion.

“No, no. Let me do it. I have to walk off last night’s incomplete fuck.”

“Okay, but use my money. It’s on the fridge.”

He gave me a thumbs up, put a shirt on, and went out. As he did, though, I took a look around in his room to search for clues as to what might’ve happened last night. Nothing suspicious, but I did notice something alarming. His underwear from last night was still on the floor!

Adrenaline coursed through my veins. He was and still is going commando! I picked it up, observed it, and gave it a good hard sniff right where his crotch is. I don’t know what’s making me do it, it’s probably because I too didn’t cum last night. I sniffed it in different spots, from the front, where the sweat from his balls and penis must’ve been, to the back looking for any hint of ass aroma.

I ran my right hand under my pants, when suddenly the door opened again and Lorenzo came rushing to his room.

“Hey, the store was closed and I forgot my under..”

In shock, I threw his underwear on the ground, and pulled my hand out of my pants. All the blood seemed güvenilir bahis siteleri to run away from my face. My best friend reciprocated the shock.

I had already accepted reality. I was ready for him to unleash all the fury he had and absolutely beat me to a pulp. Or, maybe, with his muscular body, he would pick up my toothpick figure and throw me down the stairs or balcony.

Except that he did none of those things. He gave me a sly smile, and closed the door behind him. He paced to me, cupped my face with his hands, and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

“What the heck.” I thought to myself. Maybe the fighting and argument can happen later, but right now it’s only suitable we both address our unfinished needs from last night.

I reciprocated the intensity and suddenness of the kiss. There was no slow and steady build up like with Flo last night. It felt like a 15-year itch that could only be scratched for the day.

He moved his hands downwards, cupping my butt, before lifting me up then putting me on the bed. It was the perfect balance between strength and gentleness. Afterwards, he took off my clothes before stripping himself.

Of the years we’ve known each other, this is the first time we’re actually doing something to each other’s naked bodies besides looking. We reoriented our positions to align with the bed in his room. Suddenly, he broke the kiss.

“I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like”

As he laid flat on his belly, he directed my head to his butt. I swatted his hand away, laughing.

“Easy there, cowboy. Just enjoy.”

I gave a prolonged kiss to the arch of his back, and gave it a good lick. His body has been calling for me, and now I have the chance to answer. My hands made its rounds around his pair of globes, the same pair I gazed upon yesterday.

The tan line showed stark contrast between his nether regions and the rest of his body. I took it all in, as my hands still make the perpetual circular motions. Finally, I went in.

First, kisses and love bites on each butt cheek. But the ultimate reward for me came when I spread him open. The sharp, musky smell of his butt penetrated my nostrils. It was absolutely euphoric!

Never has a man’s ass had this effect on me, I was absolutely drunk on it! I rewarded his hole with a kiss for the gift it prepared me, which earned a surprised reaction from my bedmate.

“Oh, yeah! C’mon, get in there!”

His lack of patience was becoming evident. His hand tried to control my head, but I swatted it away.

I spent more time breathing in the aroma, and kissing the hole. Then I got around to letting my tongue out to allow it the pleasure of dancing on Lorenzo’s hole. Up and down it went, occasionally penetrating lightly.

“Fuck yeah. More!. Ahh yeahh!”

I smiled, glad it’s all led to this. His virgin hole tasted fantastic. I upped my game a little.

As I kissed his tight hole, my lips formed a ring around it. Then, I began sucking it in, and licking it some more. I took a glance upwards, observing the man to which this butt belongs. His muscular back gleaming in sweat looked fantastic. How he was surrendering his ass to my oral skills.

He continued to moan in pleasure, stroking his rock hard cock with his left hand. It’s a solid 7.5″ with enough girth to break a soda can jealous. After a few minutes, though, he turned around to face me.

He grabbed me by my torso and laid me down. Unafraid, and unabashed, he pushed my legs up, exposing my ass. Then, he looked at me for permission, to which I responded with a nod.

Then, he spat on his hand to lather on his throbbing cock. He spat some more to rub it against my hole before finally beginning the initial attempt. Just the tip of it was enough to make someone as experienced as even me to almost scream.

He bent over with his mouth closed to my ears.

“Don’t worry, I had a condom on last night.” Before kissing my neck.

Then, he straightened his back again as he pushes even deeper. Inch by inch, both length and circumference, I was taking it like a champ. I was his champ, and he was my king.

It all felt right. He pushed it all in, as I was curling my toes and holding back a full-on scream. Oh but it felt so, so good.

Finally, he began a push and pull rhythm, as if playing a violin with my hole. The rhythmic motions felt heavenly, and his intense stare into me indicate that this may not be a one-time affair. It’s like he’s been waiting for this for nearly as long as I have.

We kept it in that position for a good 10 minutes, allowing ourselves to look at each other and taking it all in. Then, he flipped me so that I was straight on my belly. He grabbed another pillow to put under my stomach, lifting my ass up, essentially serving it to him. He lubed his driller some more before penetrating me again.

Like a pair of husbands, our hands were entwined. His head on top of mine, sometimes whispering sweet nothings into me.

“You’ve been waiting for this, huh?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohh fuckk yeahh!!”

“This all feel right to you? I’m doing you good, huh?”

“Fuck, yes! Don’t stop!”

He continued to rearrange my insides for another 30 or so minutes, before I myself got close to finishing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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